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greetings to all welcome once again to another session of free puig 2 this time I am going to offer a robot for trading called zeus is a robot that they asked me over as well as over again on the totally free bus channel 12 as well as they contacted me independently of three people in recent weeks and also well one was persistent and also patient to make sure that I could make this zeus road house robotic very comparable to what the neptune robotic is however with the method that our buddy on the telegraph channel contacted us after that well I wanted to provide him this robotic because, well, they are participants who are constantly joining the cost-free bus channel 12 as well as the suggestion is to be able to take the robotic with the robot method due to the fact that we are going to need to configure it and also I assume it is a good robot, nevertheless, since I will certainly always provide robots with approach and the suggestion is always to offer technique so that they can utilize the robots I likewise wish to say thanks to all the individuals who have actually contacted me on the private telegram this week we did va A number of tickets, some excellent, some over $300, yesterday'' s operations were not so excellent, they were only 3 tickets, $ 85, however something can be taken out, and keep in mind that I constantly put these favorable ones, and with that stated, well, we are going to be giving tickets I don'' t understand how commonly we are going to be giving it due to the fact that I put on ' t agree with giving indications because well, every person has to find out, everyone has to live from this as well as for that most of us function as a neighborhood so that every person can learn I wear'' t understand if I give indicators Well, they are going to get made use of to the signals as well as they are going to intend to get rewards from it as well as not intend to examine which is not what this channel is looking for.Well, we are going to present the major robotic and in this way we can already provide this device. Well, here we already have it. al robotic seus is a relatively simple burglary however it does intricate evaluation as when it comes to the neptune robotic that we carry the totally free channel 12 that we had currently delivered what the estra contains The technique of this individual as well as for which I was interested in having the ability to make this robotic is that they initially do a log analysis the analysis we do not recognize that it does digit evaluation even other robots like apple which is a robot that is not available as a matter of fact I have a 2nd version of apple that I will be providing later yet apolo we are supplying, as an example, to the mail directly to the participants of the network to whom they compose to me privately on telegram because they ask me I provided them but also for devoid of program however in what does the method of this individual include, the individual thinks takes into consideration as well as has currently checked the reality that when a number in this situation I have number 8 selected right now we are going to set up all of it as well as if you want to change numbers actually in one more number also this method goes better is that when the figure is in a high portion go into the area assume that here I have a great deal of various numbers and also results are good here as well as 26 dollars it ' s roughly see that you pay over the 800 percent earnings margin there is that there are 26 bucks as long as and also I stated it I always state when it is this sort of voice of crawlers as long as it is above in this instance a ratio of 10 percent make note that 6 of 47 operations here there are basically 53 procedures and also the earnings margin is above 10 %this will not always let you win as long as it is like this due to the fact that we are collaborating with a voice of illegal chance so this robot notification that and also here I am mosting likely to even offer some tips believe that this robotic from below to right here did not also get to did not also get to ten dollars but it offers an earnings margin of 12 bucks for this investment and this appears to me enough in terms of probability as well as capital monitoring appears fine to me if an individual currently has a profit of 26 dollars, they should contend the very least an account of 250 dollars because they will always opt for 5 per 10 percent, that is, no or do we need to wait to reach this amount so as not to shut voice the negative thing concerning these types of voice is that people believe that it is a machine for making money as well as that it must be on morning, mid-day and night 24/7 as well as if it can be The issue is just how much funding you have, so if there are people that have little capital and also are going to look for 100 bucks a day with a sort of robot such as this, then let me tell you that these are not the robots that you require if you desire to opt for 100 dollars.With 50 bucks the capital, well, he is mosting likely to have to look for various other kinds of methods and, well, let ' s see the operations, look here since he ate very little, look that once he gave me eight dollars when that offers me eight bucks, I should be'the market, yes I have a 50-dollar account or if I have a 100-dollar account, well, I ' ll go out and also give way for an additional 12 dollars, to ensure that ' s where I wish to note this, if here and also it ' s curious, it won at 1.54 investment, that is, there are 123456789 9 losses that'it could adapt to provide an instance watson to this robot and also I assume it would be good if we put a digital where 9 since we would certainly win it and also we would certainly claim as a little extra sure that being the canary we never ever see it either since they would happen however we would certainly additionally win it with just one loss if they come and it exists we would likewise win it without having to be taking the chance of so a lot so this robotic appears extremely good to me and I assume that when assessing the likelihoods then we have a better earnings margin by specifying well what I am going to do currently we are going to configure what I am going to do Well, we are going to shut below well, what am I mosting likely to do? I am going to fill the robot.I am mosting likely to fill the robot. You see this set who is right here in fee. Currently I will certainly inform you how I am mosting likely to deliver outs and where I am going to supply them.

They visit themselves with this arrangement however you wear ' t need to function with it the earnings the interest because 10 to 20 dollars whatever you want depending on your total the loss margin previous calculation in the demo the much more or m enos takes in zeus in the red that you are mosting likely to pick you can transform the digit as well as rita clarified it so we are mosting likely to place that it consumes 15 or 18 dollars if it takes in 18 dollars try 20 for 20 that arriving individually the preliminary resources is 0.35 here we contend the degree of martín gas the level of martingale I determine that it is 1 factor 15 1.16 it is basically recovering and leaving some profit nevertheless if you reduced the level of martingale actually if they put one it will not be martingale that is It ' s going to be operating, try it like this, yet you can ' t put 1.5 on it either, due to the fact that although it ' s going to win a lot since it ' s mosting likely to be taking greater than what can be recuperated in the gala martín, well, also if it ' s 9 successive losses, then you ' ll have to have a really high capital, so we are going to leave it'at 1.16, which I believe is a good margin and that it does not take in as much Gala Martingale the number of Martingale you can transform it, I have 30 right here, but I believe it is excessive As a matter of fact, if you want absolutely nothing else to do 2 martingales, the plow martingale and go back to the initial operation, that is, with 0.35 prepared compound interest 0 due to the fact that we are not going to work with substance interest in this in this article, what as well as it is a robot that it offers a profit margin in the return of over 800 percent of the financial investment with a substance in itself it is currently fairly high in the return of the resources or of what is invested I have a percentage of 26 believe that we right here have 24 as well as it opens higher operations at 24%if we start to see it is over note that the percentage is 24 the entrance is verified as well as it begins to be entered when the level of the portion of the picked number 38 is over 24 or equivalent to 24 you you need to see it I ' m going to give 26 because I ' m going to reveal procedures with 26 where I assume he taken into consideration that there are likewise great outcomes above the higher the percent the less entrance it will be but it will be a little more secure to enter because once he drops listed below that portion he is not going to open up an access given that if I select 26 now it goes to 24 it is that I would not be opening up an entry this access due to the fact that he was likewise shedding 4 years, as an example, so the concept is that we search for a portion of according to the digit that we are going to work on as well as here it is at 20 it does closed procedures due to the fact that here I put it over 24 and also there it will remain when it returns up he will open up the entryway however notification that he remained at 24 where can I have far better results note that right here I have one that just has 4 procedures yet it is at 28 with the figure 8 because it is rather high and also this has not opened up procedures below you are functioning now since I have another arrangement there that is excellent where seen we are going to then await him to do his operations once more so I ' m going to leave it at 26 it could also be 28 because this outcome of 28 is great appearance just how great it is now functional period however it is much safer 1 2 figures to change, considering that almost every person is mosting likely to select the number, well, teacher, I believe that number two in the subject appears as number 7, it is the one that is repeated the most, it is an issue of everyone, but if we are going to transform the number, we are not mosting likely to leave the 8 since a person informed me, well, I assume that with the 8, yet it can be any type of figure, so 26 percent right here, if we transform the number here in the number 8, we are mosting likely to need to transform various other inner things because notice that below the forecast is mosting likely to be the golden number of the gold number grain number 8 since you can place each 5 for example and also if you are mosting likely to place the number 5 because you assume you take into consideration that the 5 of the theme is duplicated after that you are going to have to change internal setups not right here this is more right here the evaluation is not there since the analysis is right here honey in the meaning of the trade that we are mosting likely to connect this and also and here well we are going to have to go to this component assume if you can place 5 well to ensure that they can send you a little message here 5 this is area the 5 below and below you are going to select the digit if it is 35 you choose 5 you click on it you select the number 5 and it is mosting likely to be the computation of the number 5 if this is where the confirmation of the operation is mosting likely to enter you need to place the digit 5 adheres to the digits that you are picking, it has to be above the percentage that you are saying since this instance is 26 and also when that is configured you inform it to collapse and also instantly provide it play it will pack the numbers accordingly right now that you are the one that is mosting likely to be loading that figure, it is mosting likely to be an interior mathematical estimation that for those of us that program robots we are going to get it there is going to be a collection of departments and reproductions to be able to obtain a percentage as well as once it has been done this calculation of percentages that are 25 numbers when that well believe that 5 is at 8% then in the calculation of its last 25 numbers according to the new robotics according to binner as well as just in instance then according to the calc The variety of robots right here is going up to 16, which suggests that number 5 is appearing for the estimation as well as once it gets to number 26, which is the one we select right here and it will begin to open procedures, after that with number 5 if you are mosting likely to transforming each digit needs to do all this that I am discussing to you and also as a matter of fact the percentage for me is extremely essential due to the fact that I am not so thinking about input quantities I want input top quality so for that I am mosting likely to reveal this setup that I have below assume that this brand-new arrangement two as well as two yet I have virtually 6 bucks in earnings one won one loss after that yet giving pomegranates lost what occurs this setup is the one that suits me I am functioning with the number 2 here because I consider that the 2 is great for it and with the percentage of 26 I made all the changes I am testing your level keep the 1.16 as well as in turn check out the results you provide me with this setup you are going to try to find your pros pious arrangements and ultimately you are mosting likely to choose how you are going to stick with the seus robot configuration how think it is the most effective configuration and also you are going to need to be doing it I will place out a 2nd variation of zeus later where I will make access in any numbers over the portion yes however, for currently I ' m not mosting likely to be taking it out I ' ll see exactly how it ends up how it goes with zeus and also examination every little thing they can and also I wear ' t recognize in a month two months depending we ' ll see when we get zeus with the percentage estimation in the entrance of all the digits above all the portions in the meantime we are not mosting likely to do it if somebody dares as well as wants to adjust it as well as watson there is watson watson ' s video clip and adapt them to zeus can do it why so I would certainly then prevent this kind of operation that can get to up to 910 consecutive functional losses that we would certainly require an amount of 15 18 bucks so to be able to'have that if you can prevent all these points and also p Think that below it goes to 24 and it opens a great deal of procedures, the problem is to open up many procedures, assume that right here it rose to 28 and that would certainly be fine, yet it continues doing procedures and it'proceeds doing for possessions, so on 24 I do not understand if it would certainly be convenient for number 8 for by multiple elements so we are visiting exactly how far it can most likely to shut the video clip this is verified at 28 as well as it is fairly high at 28 however there it remains there it stays repeatedly in the meantime at 1.54 in the next operation it is where nearly constantly the crawlers arrive and also also once it came by the leading appearance that it was below 3 successive times as well as that was great because it is on a roll what we wish to look for so open it at 24 %I put on ' t understand how convenient it is for everybody if we have it although it is real we have a really favorable one since it remains to climb since it opens far more operations the idea is to search for the possibilities in this situation as well as below it comes out and also right here 19 bucks and also we already have 46 once more it recuperated for a little bit ent once you can stop the crawler when you assume the likelihood of yes is mosting likely to lower but as long as it is over 24 hrs it'will be opening up professions one after an additional right here we recoup we have 19 dollars with just 2.41 invested but we don ' t look for it I ' ll returned as well as say amount I assume it will the very best we can do is seek high quality of tickets or tickets a bit a lot more specific and below the percentage there will disappear operations this means it works I ' m mosting likely to leave this video up until here I wish it can be of use to you well I ' m mosting likely to be delivering zeus in what means or Exactly how could we use it? Well, I assume we can upload Zeus to the Botgratis12 network as well as please disperse Zeus anywhere so they don ' t sell this robot.available on the free bus network, that is, free of cost, but the concept of this network will always be to be able to offer every little thing completely free as well as for this we require in this situation to expand er as a community well fail to remember those until you give everybody a great day and also we fulfill there in the conversation.

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