the [Songs] your cheaters are all right with you Cristiano right here on the Binary Investor channel today we are going to an additional video clip of day-trade with the robot Sorry regarding repeat the other day I currently made a crawler is a video clip such as this right with Day profession using robotic only it'' s currently 6:30 it'' s evening I obtained home late had numerous appointments there as well as I couldn'' t make one new hand-operated approach video clip stays for the rest of the week it'' s after that for that doesn ' t run out of video clips today I I ' m mosting likely to utilize a robot men currently after that grandpa that I wear'' t use really well ok he is very hazardous Ok yet only that I use it extra calculated to bring me a pro the greatest hit city Ok then you will see how I use it there as well as I'' ll look for an earnings on the market I I leave this early morning that mine will certainly appointments and also left the snipper watercraft helping me in my bankroll of trainees thus far it'' s mobile ok arriving already 10.25 bucks and likewise already I got my right beginning on this one right here from the 0.11 barrier to the about 4 and 6 pm yet 2.5 to financial institution who began with $100 right doing this single access is currently 100 175 quite much later I provide a peek to update ok after that Sniper is functioning constantly there we go after that for this bot Maroto Aí Que is a robot crazy I'' m already right here in mine system is this regular storage tank I have great votes, right the Costs ones as well as also the votes that is the market different I do the release I go utilize these below or Linux and provide a com Quit Overall I'' ll put it'here is what it ' s really filled below and I ' m going clarify first exactly how this market it works ok I ' m right here individuals who if dedicates tasks without always above always below Just how do you obtain the its the yin here if you put 2 tigers here men that the door constantly above the marketplace needs to provide 2 ticks straight up for you to win if want a ticket down soon in the beginning you shed you have to give a ticket up and a ticket down you lose or always over if you always bet under or is it the other means around constantly below would certainly be two Tic straight down the more you increase the variety of tics we this and it will run subsequently your very own will certainly be bigger for example right here is the constantly over with 2 children I have a return of 281 by 100 when I switch to three styx my return goes up to 663 for 100 is an exceptionally bot high-risk Can you see it due to return portion but the my Martin Me will likewise get low me I can have greater than 10 chances there access making use of a money of $150 $120 is what I'' m mosting likely to put right here to test today ok I ' ll put 2 XIX currently played below on my calculator of ivory i with 035 of speak Initial 0/35 m and also Trace 277 percent I begin the calculator right here men O 035 love Vocalist Hello, forty is coming 277 percent very own I have a financial institution exposure on my negative if it'' s constantly$90 entry that is me I have 17 is 16 market access for obtain a poor one after that you can talk damn It ' s a great deal of possibility however take care because if you push it ' s hazardous Ok I ' m going do it in a critical way attempt to bring a little much more hit science to my side there so come on it'' s 16 entrances or Martin gay the 1.4 I'will certainly see I ' ll see below on my robotic let ' s go right here 0 3 5 x 6 entrances and I go right here on martingal put 10.4 because it will certainly constantly include another unit Then a price my Martin won is mosting likely to be 1.4 now it'' s to'do currently men He ' s functioning without up ie he will be constantly wagering on admiration since I ' ll enjoy the marketplace at Denise at Drift below has a faster chart to be running to discharge change right here okbetween the possessions finished task of this one minute remains in this loss here that I can i make put in volatility 10 right here from active bearing in mind changed energetic has to place the marketplace back right here remedy ideal and put the market right glasses without down has 2 chips there allow'' s see a play right here now individuals is the adhering to how do you will work combining your strategy even if you are a robot you function one little guidebook on that particular from right here the initial one or chance of one that I have in this market here in my operation the Stop taste in the watercraft, he has to catch two XIX in a row down ok I'' m decreasing since the marketplace here I was just recognize that you can see as soon as possible he has his crush can urges to what the Bosque needs to do post that adhered to down Allow'' s attend this particular day they are currently quite straight I have 16 entrances, it'' s currently 7 8, I wear ' t recognize, allow ' s go wait there first bad possibility I have to get out of this market get out now 10:42 see below it offered me 2.05 I took one 2 three 4 five six 7 los i had i'' m 16 in I came out in my eighth to entrance in the center after that I procured out of fifty percent of my access feasible and also got 2.05 threatens and also this bot is insane I will certainly call once again on in devaluation Since the market keep succumbing to me it'' s easier than market capture the night down than two kinds up he'' s on the fall today I'' m working on this set feasible autumn of him Let'' s see what else one undoubtedly pokes fun at the account was best let'' s see right here I obtained an additional one But it took me a while to cover I'' ll stay at loss currently let ' s see I ' ve remained at loss due to the fact that I touched it however already I had captured Maui, let'' s see right here appreciating it one even more one more another playzinho there individuals here this is for blood is for blood 15 if you have heart troubles i don'' t is I do not advise you to utilize this sort of Angela'' s procedure Let ' s see him took another nail there on the exact same course I was mosting likely to strike $10, okay individuals, just $10 then I I currently vase in this market below, obtained three below I stay calm when my Quit loss is individuals since when he hits 16 here my variables they go regard ok, she won'' t remain with in the boat will not continue alone hit 16 batches it will stop ok after that I I can also be calmer however no I'' m right here to give a leading to when you obtain a negative bad after a Los touch too large due to the fact that when it offers a great deal of lo-straight big Most likely the marketplace can be then alternating its positioning as well as it would be interesting I start running what in Rizzi, right, of the appreciation below, they are currently $6.18 I got 5 poor and also 16 lol How is the market going on Quina as well as go get the last individuals You go keep falling Let'' s see Right here it goes proceed, let'' s go, let ' s go, I ' m performed with 6 points $18 right here people is video clip of those that have absolutely nothing to do,'it ' s a watercraft for those that wear ' t truly have anything to do is to gamble like me a mole as it had actually been a while given that I utilized it he doesn'' t have constant individuals right here robots i have one for each and every operation is which is a tiny square I place it there and also clarify every one of them is how they function and has a crawler has two modes for each one with period loss and you will place here and one more one like even more phony Stop loss that when you get to your complete side right, the amount of ions that you discover a thousand he will begin over Day profession once more from First suspicion he won'' t stop the going put appearance right here people are getting one significant straight of ló ahead out should strike bad Hi E after that you try, it'' s complicated here currently huh let'' s see the Hey men and also the pest is going to obtain it now it was the worth of my last state there Opa program Appeal has King plus a Maureen de a late quit but no issue o important was to obtain out of the sequence of Got an additional poor one as well as hit my objective program 10:32 this right here people is the Scriptures who'' s late as well as there ' s absolutely nothing to do okay ok doing here finishing this video no 6:50 I'' m going for a run currently doing more exercise strikes 10:32 with threat is this one here 125 mosted likely to my steak What is 17 and also 25 the worst I obtained to my tenth entrance I leaving the tenth inning then I got it recover I had six even more chances in the marketplace if you shed this one, look, this set is a terrific one really crazy just if you have money left after that you will utilize here for you to use ok I suggest you to use it without a newbie no but how the sphere uses this set operation or Absolutely nothing fairer than me describe just how it functions like me clarify and also placed a watercraft to you function yet beware you have numerous other shit people all these robotics here, there are two for each different market from the belly and also below it comes the lotion bots below come the bots cousin alright cousins is what Sniper Neptune Dracula Invictus is ok, I use the slipper also nowadays yet ok I obtained one Amazing appearance it'' s 10:32 here, allow me go do the sum currently I'' ll close whatever for later during the night I'' m mosting likely to close basic ok, I'' ll do the closing below now I'' ll allow more Sniper job today you currently obtained a great appearance here it was 10:32 and also freak out below or always above without down was one more 10 and 25 here the Sniper to this here at the trainee stand I'' ll come here to the trainee bench tomorrow men I'' m mosting likely to take it to make the video clip of the brand-new worksheet there for Pedro as assistant ok I'' m going to renew the video clip of worksheet or renew steak video Alone is dying egg some courses there concerning the earth primarily open method now that goes enter however he 30 H1 H2 h4n go into more four various Friends group for you use in there on the platform ok after that here I obtained one more 25 collection and also it was there for 4/89 individuals What is the my revenue percentage in the month of June or right here let'' s see the ordinary 3.33 percent I'' m above mine average is one to three percent Currently I only have 9 more days of month this week I still do a Day manual profession such as this one I motion picture i captured 43 hrs that will play much more in this team of mine well after that That'' s it people below from mine ordinary gain back I bear in mind in mine new worksheet will currently have this here for you are this concern that you will certainly computing here you will certainly see yours advancement your profits inquiry Look like 17 18 and 19 was short because the approach a BR took few access, just what 026 can you see below where is Raquel 3 days making 1026 which was entered by method open there when you contrast below you if you didn'' t leave it in area yet at CRO bit the activity was small right however it still serves to get in the your take advantage of is alright and also what do i do here now also my entry of 2.05 I play in the sniper boat difficulty and also currently you will certainly additionally have it in the worksheet ok here the 2.05 today is the day below June 21 or below coming right here yesterday was Day below I I put it wrong appropriate Today is the 20th below yesterday was the 20th as well as the police are below new days are still wrong here right here is June 21st these dates I go remove due to the fact that it'' s not daily you get boat takes an entry because it goes extremely accurate, appropriate here, I obtained one more 1.18 I come below on the 21st I place it on right here 2126 my result was this right here and right here we have my month of june with this bot Right Zinho has this setup Sure I started there, let me see with than the worth I began in June with he I was with 136 dollars I currently obtained it inJune R$ 205 with this one little access and it'' s obtaining a percent my goal at the start was 3 by cent only as payment transformed way too much turning also much I wound up consolidating the obstacle at 0.11 is another great feature of this worksheet is this precisely the very first tab you will certainly play the buck price today it will certainly change to your worksheet completely you are currently going know just how much you earned you you places a dollar appeal but all that you require to see reals currently go also upgrade here on their own details the spread sheet is so 5/18 should be around this home right there I am right here i go challenge sniper watercraft i left of without I'' m with 175, 70 and the buck is leveraged seventy-five leverage percent out of whom this r$ 18 is already I have 910 nearly doubling mine band with this little entrance Elegance so I'' m going to shut this one as well closes by itself due to the fact that he takes one entry already struck the goal to do this so people beware with this boat here it is great Ri Happy ok ok it'' s a Light Down constantly above always below is to utilize meticulously attempted to capture a market that is in a validated uptrend or fall and also operates in her favor good but that'' s it people i have you I saw nearly my Quit loss there, right or tava tava answer me while $180 there I opened it below 180 the crowdfunding configuration 16 inputs won'' t address me if I placed a back here is 0/35 277 right here it was alright right here 16 needs to 89 dollars to my bankroll have 450 is virtually 190 folds at 190 bucks on screen It'' s ok yet it is that ' s it folks any type of doubts that if you have, leave it in the comments I will answer every person as I constantly do I do and you can send out an e-mail also follows on Instagram an additional in binary today not it was a day of me doing the Day handbook trade since it truly was out of your home however still I see just how much is today'' s lookinho right here today is the 21st is the 21st, below'' s a little earnings there that I haven'' t also worked practically today already there'' s$75 there'di Luca there ' s something I I chose people to start doing even more is show the profit table ok i know that the personnel is reveals Abbott programs result however asks to reveal this here individuals the revenue display this is what makes a lot of individuals drop is ok so now i will start revealing more beginning showing and also you can make outcome once you works great I like hands-on favor pot Sniper approach FR powder method the BR primarily the Sniper boat I immediate recognizing that you can one hour or one more take them is I understand I can one after that you get me a deal two for certain as well as can take three in a row can any type of boat can do this so I much prefer hands-on today also being a slow day here i I barely made Day trade yet I drop $75 there from revenues today elegance after that That'' s it men any kind of questions simply enter contact large hug to all there I'' m going to tuesday watch masterchef today tu it'' s truly messed up, really, you shed that poise that had much more after that And after that And after that [Songs]

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