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I just deposited my quit at the gambling establishment for r$ 500 so I'' m mosting likely to record below what I'' m going to do today let'' s see what ' s going to occur I ' m alcohol consumption a little wine Monday evening in quarantine and after that hey hi let'' s go there and also there and also there the '3191 it ' s you who wear ' t simply want me and also allow ' s see some possibilities here,'bueno I ' m starting so starting then four to twelve o’clock at night for this set to 15 I assume it can be I'' ll see if there ' s time there won ' t be time let ' s take the following one only and then we ' ll take the following one and also'then and right here ' s a really brief time man short seconds i can ' t think straight it needs to be some one in mine about 15 seconds i put on'' t put the pebbles inside and also let'' s choose the bell aid me as well as then as well as there and also let'' s go thursday come which natĂ¡lia see natĂ¡lia to see hi chaiane aid and afterwards and also there hi breno allow'' s see how much time it will certainly change for the length of time and currently yeah allow'' s go which ' s what the entire sound state because they ' re top of the day on the shore as well as if you give the little black one a refund, you'' re ok they were black right here for reimbursement well the high 500 i'' ll be profitable beginning r$ 40 if i head out in red i head out very vocative it was reimbursement and also it was pocket it was already embo hi once more the purchase now it '' s due to the fact that there was no time [__] as well as no it took time for you to go for the little black one and also you'won ' t offer me that ' s what I claim with the flavoring focus I was additionally taking care of sucking sweet with milk it'' ll give you the red one which I won or otherwise and also then allow'' s go there individuals I started with five hundred 820 the idea is to defeat 15 and 20 a thousand times I'' ll wait below for this round because mateus because I'' m going to believe'I ' ll make a little tissue ok let'' s prepare right here that knocking mine in the following one or more in 2 would be great to make sure that'' s what I do is I similar to the initial bet of the day, take the chance of a little ok I run the risk of a little currently making the fat and after that I sort of jesus hand beauty what happened there are 32 once again doing the indication then my father doing this right here to see I place insane in the operation I left exposed the 1 to 12 if it offers absolutely no refund 250 if it gives from 16 to 36 I'' ll go I ' ll declare I practically beat should 66 nearly hit I'think it ' s mosting likely to give 300 is what it gave as well as after that reduced so we started I think 4 o'' clock at twelve o’clock at night it'' s currently seven mins to go, there'' s just 40 [__] at 40 kilometers ok, allow me think below that I'' m going to beat those r$ 40 then leave this round and afterwards take the possibility to promote my program www.jogo.com there teaches about math probability and some strategies but you can utilize what I educate to develop approaches also, good idea, so I'' m mosting likely to encounter it,'I ' m going in, and also you can see that reducing the poor hand just decreasing the hand and after that the first bet for 500 monday 2 hundred and something has now dropped a little bit there, hi goodness, nevertheless nearly like that with once later on you will decrease the hand when I left a blank on 31 36 as well as come out right here oh from 25 to 30 reimbursement right here I leave vocative and below as well I entrusted to you ok, you comprehend 150 brief, just 20reais placed just 20reais only 20reais and also I'' ll post it in the tiniest here dad, that'' s it, I just put it in r $ 40 as well as if you give it right here it will return me 60 if you give me back below 61 lipstick, ok then you go from 25 to 36 and I lose 40 edges one zero you go from 1 to 24 and I struck my objective after that end up the procedure in 9 minutes I currently had this hi and after that what will you offer to help me or otherwise? leading appropriate number or not did not see right still high number the large turn 60 currently to be leaving high number for [__] wait a round and right here is mosting likely to take place there as well as there and there and also there as well as appeared out out out 25 charm face I I'' m sharing right here, I'' m putting an excellent part of the profit there, if I give as well as if I hit the target from 1 to 24024 and also right here from 3836 I'' m virtually striking as well as here I just lose 200 something from 25 to 30 so this right here it'' s a play with an eighty-six percent opportunity appropriate life that'' s just missing out on when currently very low I sanctuary'' t shed one again like you or bring the operation a little bit even more and to return there for what I was as well as even so you know sometimes you can some video clips there the charm if it occurs right here I'' ll come back with the 900 if it takes place right here it will certainly be 76 114 2142 420 then it obtains negative but what if der right here now little distribution 1-24 after that I'' m fine as heck and also I'' ll just kill you was almost in my have I needed to go back to play 17 something gave and after that we return 900 will certainly snap out of time right here until now I ran it with my stop loss two times alright yet I'' m nearly at the target I'' ll try to strike the target without returning my supply in the procedure I would certainly be faster however that'' s ok no worry we only have 100 reais left for us to finish the stop Let'' s see that I ' m trendy and here it'' s interesting, it ' s simply dead if you understand it and also here are three significant sequences the significant ones I can finish operation in one round or two rounds what came out, 4 significant sequences and I'' ll erase allow'' s placed it below, hey charm and also I'' m going against the follow up ncia appeared here four major sequences can go incorrect it'' s evident it was hidden incorrect I put 5 right here but it'' s mosting likely to hold wear'' t let me do it right if it goes from 1 to 24 man I struck the target it'' s exactly a thousand fine you appeared absolutely no or 25 26 I'' m mosting likely to have to do another operation I'' m still okay and also remembering that I'' m playing my quit on Saturday put on'' t ever before put your count on an operation that I shed in this [__] [__] is one again as well as let'' s love you as well as try to eliminate in this one trip right here or else I'' m going to strike my quit hi elegance so I played my insane my my look of the day as well as my quit a procedure that you don'' t like me to remain too lengthy I'' ve put 700 reais and it'' ll provide me a thousand as well as 1,050 I think if I hit one to 24 otherwise I'' ll lowered my stock and also I'' ll come back only tomorrow and also after that it'' s ok with you take the objective of Brazil it '' s done little ladies 1050 objective hit I'' ll do mine here as well as yes, yeah, you intend to earn cash you'' re mosting likely to take a bloody risk you need to think about just how chilly it is there is psychological, you need to believe too It'' s in your heart and also you'' ve seen it occur three times from my stop alone I never placed more than my stop an operation is so long that I put my quit which'' s ok, do the ones here and also'I ' ll message here solution for us there you see there as well as many thanks men

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