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Well, greetings to all, welcome as soon as again to this session of Botgratis12, well this time around we are opting for day 6 of the trading marathon today we are mosting likely to do a forecasted analysis of the V75 as well as we are mosting likely to analyze a robot that they sent me on telegram, a bot in this instance xml for binary since it is interesting and I would such as to reveal it to you as well as I wish to provide you a type of overview to be able to take better advantage of that kind of ballot the ballot looks good and great today although the bonus offer is I do not understand polished designed in an extremely organized means but the assesses it does make a little bit of feeling and today we are mosting likely to recognize the watercraft and we are mosting likely to offer it a bit more feeling while they link to Wilson the initial one that verifies if you listen to me after that proceed in this situation with a transmission and also do the V75 evaluation meanwhile I am also introducing what we are pending just how great we are pending to continue in this instance forward with the WhatsApp team where Wilson is incidentally we have been doing some analysis as quickly as we can do the analysis and well there are some children who are rather active and who are giving their viewpoint I offer my perspective every one provides their factor of sight however the inputs would certainly remain in this case under the duty of Every one of them is great, I am not an individual in showing outcomes anywhere, yet that group particularly are individuals that I take into consideration to be reliable to a specific point in this case of operating in the marketplace because I do not recognize them all, so I pass some results.To pass results to the telegraaf teams I will never pass results of this kind or from that viewpoint I will refrain from doing it and well later on, we will be as I told you, giving a WhatsApp team of signals and it will be when we form a team In this situation we can function the signals will be free for me, as long as I can be offering signals a minimum of 2 signals a day from my perspective as I see the market And in which market stated this, well I will attempt as long as possible to cover whatever that we are excellent afternoon Indra excellent mid-day Juan good mid-day Jean Carlos How good that they are attached I will inform them that what they are linked if they have any kind of kind of questions with Regarding what we are mosting likely to discuss today ask for that for this is the delivery so that they ask me right here and also we can clarify every little thing we can I will also try to reveal initially we are mosting likely to show the vote first this is the ballot now we need to see each various other 35 we are mosting likely to reveal the vote so you recognize what this vote is this is the Bot g Gold standing in the Botgratis network 12 it is a crawler that when you assess it you see something interesting it is not a robot developed by me just in situation however we are mosting likely to develop one technique to this vote the bots as we currently understand if in the course that we have given up the network of Botgratis12 on making crawlers, the very first point to see is exactly how it functions in this instance the vote the ballot has in it in block 2 has An RSI is marked within the block however if we see the pot it collaborates with assistances and resistances and also in this instance it chats about that if the last Tick remains in a resistance as well as in turn the RSI is above 75 which the ema is more than Upher today we enter what cooper is so that he makes a sale seeing that he is not chatting regarding an acquisition being made but a sale being made when it currently reaches a degree now that we can evaluate deeply in an additional day of why this boat is created in this way, or else if the last tick is on a support and subsequently the rc and is less than 25 and the ema is much less than the lower orbit we understand what the reduced one does also when a purchase, sorry then that is what he is making acquisitions he gets target market when he is over or when he is below and also now we will see him between he does refrain any type of procedure that we can apply logic if we are listed below or we are over that we must purchase or offer after that it is or it is an issue of you trying it and making a little adjustment and according to the approach you have, cooper is a Bollinger bands that there are ten durations in this case as well as notice that the vibration is one and lower states that it remains in this case up this band and afterwards in this instance we currently have it right here in block 2 it is additionally a Bollinger bands right here we have an ema and consequently that ema is of three durations they are fairly short the week that if you wish to eliminate all this that is right here this that is revealing the objective you simply remove here and well when you begin the robot once again well it will not have that what I did was replicate ok so we understand exactly how the vote works now let ' s see just how it behaves With a technique, this ballot here is running normal, which is already because of shed gains and is behaving typical at 0.87, he himself is doing the analysis, we can assist the robots as well as if we can not see the resistance, it will sustain all that and also It is incorrect that it is so false if you desire it to assess it because it puts it real and also analyzes it, the various other block would need to see exactly how every one of that system is configured for currently we will not see it in the meantime what I desire the ballot to be which as just how will we can make a method let me see the chat due to the fact that I ' m chatting like crazy here we have another block called below Tick and also is where we have supports the resistance and likewise have pívots and also right here we have if we want to eliminate this We delete this message there as well, so below is the analysis in this block, it is all that we have seen in the course, we are mosting likely to strengthen it in course number four, if in course number four of the program, sorry, how do we make this watercraft job? Better then, let ' s see exactly how the marketplace is as well as allow ' s see how the chart is, we see that it is functioning in a volatility index'of 75 are they being or Surge fall is set up to just do invade that what We can change ourselves according to our experience as well as additionally according to exactly how we see the market as well as to grab rice as well as fall, that is, think it does both points that we are trying to find here we transform to candle after that I want seeing the market as it remains in a minute candle light and Here we have we make certain that it is the volatility index 75 there is plainly it claims that it is the volatility index 75 I am not checking out if it is revealing guys if it is not revealing tell me please or validate if I recognize if it is revealing why Other times they have informed me that it was not showing to verify, please verify if there is return and also thirst and view of the market, due to the fact that thanks to you what happens if we have an experience of the marketplace we recognize that the Bollinger bands are appreciated yes or no Not when they are, or I indicate that there are Bollinger bands as well as this Bollinger bands that is developed in this watercraft is an extremely tight Bollinger band to ensure that when here it damages the bands of Bollinger that states the crawler is mosting likely to be what is mosting likely to get or when it damages the band that that happens a whole lot in the Bollinger bands that is, we look for trend markets, either in this instance up because we do not have procedures down in the pot when the bot has this this market down for the bonus will work out unless you configure the crawler to make sure that in this situation it will also make entries down that we will refrain it only by studying a tip when it works well Bollinger bands additionally when there is a variety that is when there is a range, consider each opening an upward profession and also he is working at 10 pointers what takes place when there is a breakout he likewise assumes that he is mosting likely to play they wash the band and also leave to return after that you have to provide what the robot is doing is playing as well as there it is mosting likely to lose it is playing that the bollinger bands turn upwards which subsequently when the downside is broken it makes a hideaway which is usual then that what i see of ma it in the crawler since that which is only taking into consideration a market aspect this is something that you need to consider when it is going to be and activate this bot that I will be in the channel of you absolutely free 12 that they sent it to me to the private one as well as they asked me for an evaluation I am doing evaluation of them of each of the woodlands they are visiting which I consider to be good that it is human I consider this to be a bot that is excellent as long as it is done with the strategy with what is the approach you think you opened a trade up and also we have 2 very solid bearish candles this method does not help us unless we change that to be down because because you must have won 2 rather of having shed 2 because It would certainly function in similarly as they are working with the advantage with the break down of the Bollinger bands, below it recouped and also we have what we have here 1.8 the dollar done that after that I encourage you to use this technique, whether you l a is altering in block number 2 when it goes down instead of making rise in this situation as necessary or vice versa or it is mosting likely to be approved by doing this that I am showing it or it is mosting likely to evaluate inverted rise right here, what is it? usual and also fell short here that is usual with bollinger bands that then I leave them there so that then you can check them I am not going to discuss it any longer I am only going to attempt to reveal you currently the evaluation in the 75 well concerning the 75 there is several points I have to state possibly 75 is an advancing market this is constantly favorable but there was a confirmation here below several several lots of that I believe includes me we fell at this level due to the fact that we believed it would certainly be its decrease in this degree and also that subsequently it was mosting likely to go to a greater high however there was no break the reduced when there is this break there is a reduced today but at a reduced high as well as consequently there is a reduced reduced than the previous one, we currently understand that the marketplace is mosting likely to decrease the matter and s establish to what level it is mosting likely to drop here I am determining it in one-day markets however in markets with better quantity in a month of a week I had currently significant exactly how much this market is going to reach I have actually established below some At these degrees I already passed this this entry to the network I likewise passed it to the Wall Road signals as well as they likewise make these entrances pass there this entrance is noted at this moment essentially I am taking the chance of notification that I am examining in a day therefore these Candles take a very long time below there is a great deal of money I can adjust the entries indeed however I do not wish to run the risk of due to the fact that in this situation I desire to go up again due to the fact that the marketplace is bullish unless this level has actually been broken and also it marked it unless it has been broken this level then I will certainly await a setback to begin making a down entry to this level not right here due to the fact that certainly it can get below below I would drop to this level down and while they are being marked in a long term not by going with a great deal of course I can do a whole lot of scalping everyday of course but I also risk that at least I enter favor of the fad I will certainly examine the conversation however the screen is very wide in my If I do not see it, the graph is not fully appreciated when the full screen is seen I wish to know now how or exactly how far the display is seen, at least the arrow is seen since or else I would need to readjust the resolution of the video since it is highly likely not adjusted to the resolution of the video clip can be verified please ' ll attempt to work in the cosmos show the best thing that can occur when I show well now I ' m doing only entryway to the ok down to this level only entry the decline I made access here and centered right here on all the troubles there are even troubles that were duplicated below because since they got to the exact same point but in h4 I assume or it was a considerably marked range consequently To me, I was dropping at that expected degree, it can use up to a day and also it could take a lengthy time.I don ' t understand. I made the first access, I made it at this level as well as focused below as well as centered below and focused right here as well as centered here as well as the last. I think it was at this level that I did a total amount of seven access down, all of them very productive of course with marginal tally I did not place a very high shoot

to see'you can just see the top part of the graph with thanks for tell me that I have to readjust it I have to change it actually well what I have to say is that I made entrances in these degrees also some access were duplicated at the very same level virtually, that is, I was seeking these degrees that you see at the suggestions. to put it here at the pointer of the candle I am discussing h4 so I made an access at this degree as well as 100 access at this level I made an entrance at this degree I made an access at this degree in pure levels of the tip of the candle as well as centered all down since I am relying on that it will certainly get to where I marked it let me go again I am relying on that this will drop to levels of essentially there have to do with 75 about degrees 61 ok so I really hope that I a minimum of would be here noting as well as trusting I prefer to risk this for this to make a higher access what happens below this candle light was minimized we already talked regarding mitigation in Smart Money and in Wickoff this was already minimized consequently there are still levels where I think I can go higher If this is a plainly favorable market and also this candle light was minimized and also in this case it involved look for reduction, it is in this instance at these lower levels where there is liquidity, after that I attest and rely on the conjecture that this will certainly get to factor 61 about 10,000 it was going to reach a degree of at the very least at the very least 11 5000 that is, its degree is really high so in my supposition if it is damaged and I shed by claiming something that is all after that I would certainly anticipate a ret I will clarify that to you next week because I aspire for this to arrive there next week or at the very least the weekend so I intended to do it today to see if you might benefit from that level that I would certainly have to position a limited port while more listed below, they are much better for you since this will certainly not be much more enjoyable however I calculate that the state is close to 59 7000 around if you intend to take note of that because that is what I am guessing I have 2 access, one at a high level and the various other a much reduced degree yet he speculated what the marketplace is going to do, let ' s see it temporarily, it ' s a hr to see what it ' s mosting likely to go to least today and tomorrow I ' m visiting the conversation, you see the graph yes or no because is that I am seeing it that the display below is showing it completely allow me see exactly how the indirect of the direct is below if it is appropriate really down well I like it allow me like it in this instance the video outcome the result is currently active I can not make modification would need to finish'in this situation the transmission great and 1.69 carries the vote great a minimum of keep in mind of what I'believe will occur I believe that the marketplace will certainly go back to take liquidity once more an obstacle in this 1 and also it is very most likely that it goes to levels 65 around 65 or 40 it will certainly take and also to return as well as make it drop once again in what I hypothesize if it is broken after that it would choose a much greater degree than I informed the people group of A joke that it would be roughly the levels of 70 where it can conveniently reach the market as well as from there a descending operation would be made in a much safer means, nevertheless we risk that at the level 68 30 roughly, then it returns to the marketplace, consider exactly how I am using any kind of indications although I am talking regarding this degree of this degree that roughly I assume it would be 68 and also something but it would certainly remain at this level from 70 as the degree of biggest possibility myself I would certainly state that of 70 of 70 and also 71 of better probability that the marketplace arrives and also from there it will fire down, but here you will certainly if it comes below as well as the weekend break gets here there on Sunday if the marketplace reaches this degree although in some cases it will certainly be a rise that in an issue of hrs reaches there so if you arrive you get in the degree 70 271 sure 70 and 10000 and make these readjusted blog sites of at the very least 23 dollars that would certainly be roughly 71 71 2000 would be 71 2000 then There I would certainly take the chance of really little however it would be the drop to reach the level that I suggested earlier.I am mosting likely to leave the evaluation until below. I hope you have made note of that. Well, you rate Manuel thanks to you rather many thanks Wilson if he is right I need to readjust in In this instance a minimum of the latency was adjusted, that is, we already have we can engage currently, we only need to adjust in this case the resolution is somewhat complex since after that we have to function according to exactly how YouTube shows us and also co mo our program but well thanks any type of doubt I will be clarifying it on the Wall surface street network if you have uncertainties concerning the year you have actually kept in mind of the entrances when it comes to those that

are below you have to come from the Telegram group Well after that we spoke with each various other for the contribution Elena and I offer you my factor of view of the 75 of what is coming for the weekend as well as well I intend to exchange information with you there on Telegram I truly thank you for participating in and I desire you happy then late all of us fulfill over there.okay.

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