well, greetings to all, welcome as soon as again to an additional session today free of charge 2 in this situation on this celebration I am going to offer a robotic to bring a phone call mh but it is a robotic that functions with the method of a robot it is not an authoring robotic it is a robot that uploaded on the channel of murat is 12 wilson informed me to view it and well I made some renovations inside the robotic to make sure that it might be safe entries low losses entries that have security most importantly greater than all protection and also will stay clear of the well-known market cycles of came in the meantime what I am going to be showing will be a simple configuration as well as this will be a rather brief video I want to give thanks to all those people that have been creating to me and also sending me technique and voice we will continue posting yet this week particularly will be a week of procedures live of procedures on by means of sur where we will certainly be connected to ensure that we can after that make those entrances and also we can be operating real-time as well as see how I am making the entrances doing scalping even showing some operations that I carry out in the long-term so we are going to be doing this now later on I am going to claim how you are going to obtain the link of these of this is a that we are going to do Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday there is no a certain time at the time of zooming I wish to clarify that will certainly rely on other elements however I will certainly be introducing throughout the video clip how in this situation you will have the web link to make sure that you can operate real-time and also make tickets with me well that said allow'' s go to the presentation of the mhp crawler well below we have the mhp robot the initial point we are mosting likely to do is established the artificial markets market today I am going to inform you the markets that for me have or are mostly fulfilled what is the mhp that is the technique and also for me the 10 1s market accomplishes a lot it remains in this method this is one we are mosting likely to be dealing with 2 markets I will inform you the various other market here well let'' s see the very same it is going to be appropriate area in emea yes but and this voice p ues it is set up in the following method I am mosting likely to leave the new martingale excuse 0.8 if not one or double not even if what is here is very important the digital time is mosting likely to be 15 however the variety of virtual logs is 3 we are mosting likely to place it a virtual those of 3 ok here I already have we are already running because the performance is 4 to 1 as well as it is 3 the digital what he is going to location has a virtual he has actually added in this situation by wilson and there is absolutely nothing more to transform here than we push play as well as ready we fill the other m to make sure that they understand which ones in a second we have to fill the page well right here it is we pack it and the other market that we are mosting likely to be working with the m is going to be a synthetic market and also it is mosting likely to be the index of volatility 100 that we configure normal we leave it here and we leave it running this is all that has actually to be performed with lm hy own it is not no absolutely nothing needs to be set up internally it functions with some choices that the maker which'' s just how he later desired it I put on'' t know who is the creator of the robotics just says to make some adjustments to make them a little more secure and also look exactly how good it is that right here we have outcomes of cali boots cali putt 2 and 1 can run the synchronised if I assume it is hassle-free to run the synchronised in the two markets that is currently possible the very best thing is that he can reach the goal a lot faster with 2 synchronised markets I intend to clear up that it takes some time to make tickets okay since up until all the problems are met and also at the exact same time it is a virtual of 3 he will certainly not stop closed tickets considering that the conditions are rather demanding, yet the outcomes for me are fairly well balanced and stable, particularly so that this situation can go into the one at which we are mosting likely to do this week, I will certainly be posting the YouTube remarks of this video.To be uploading the link to the south that you have to go there, click on it and also it will go into lotion as well as we will be in between 15 20 60 minutes a day today from Monday to Friday to make sure that we can do those real-time entrances and also online analysis well perhaps upload those analyzes to youtube well yes however the idea is that you capitalize on the access they are mosting likely to signify us yet instead they are mosting likely to get in all at once with me and they give me the technique that I am using and also the different methods that we are going to be seeing throughout the week and also find out to tweak, above all, the analyzes that we are going to offer this week with free of cost exactly how we give every little thing in burgos completely free 2 all completely free and also thus be able to do the Tickets will not be signals and I desire to clear up that fact would certainly come well till it was an especially useful video clip and also I wished to offer you this robot however you recognize after that just how we are going to make the tickets today well I want you all a nice day as well as I wish you have an excellent day ultimately if kakรก already opened it closed because it shut and also enclosed this case why let me see if it is a minute away I intend to make clear that due to the fact that it is a 2nd away as well as if that is the instance it will need to You additionally have to configure it as part of the arrangement, all the problems are fulfilled, it is a rather demanding break-in in the analyzes and we are going to see it is to suggestions here is the big issue we configure it is to min that it is not mosting likely to leave it to ideas which'' s it to be an inconvenience for everyone due to the fact that if they wear'' t modification it here it won ' t have the results that we expect so what do we do we prepare right here and also play it now, although in an evaluation directly after a couple of mins, which is what we are seeking with this robot ok having stated that I am mosting likely to leave the video until here I desire a monitor for everyone as well as attempt to set up that to avoid shedding it as we see it below joy

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