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A miracle run.
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100Thieves kicked off the last day of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage with a convincing win against CTBC Flying Oyster. The North American team is the last one of their region still in the competition. But to make it to the playoffs stage, they needed to perform a miracle run, and they started their climb to the quarterfinals with a decisive performance.
#100WIN @100T_Esports pick up their first win at #Worlds2022! pic.twitter.com/P4iPeSjnXv
It was a do-or-die situation for 100Thieves as they headed into what could have potentially been their elimination match. But the second seed of LCS gained control of the match from the first minutes on the map. By obtaining the first blood in the bot lane, 100T pressured their opponents under their tower, allowing Closer to get the first drake of the game. 
With a jungle presence on the lower side of the map, CFO pushed back in the bot lane on the first occasion, but they had to give up the first Herald. The two teams exchanged objectives on the map, with CFO prioritizing towers and 100T all the drakes, reaching soul point at only 19 minutes of the game. With a lot of map control but no significant gold lead, 100T looked stronger than their opponents. In a fight in the mid lane, the North American team looked disjointed and not coordinated, as CFO took down two of their members.
Despite the successful outcome of the teamfight, CFO gained no advantage from it, while their opponents increased their map control with ward placement. This was pivotal to 100T win as it allowed them to set up the fights around the dragon’s pit perfectly. The LCS team initiated the fight around the dragon’s soul and flawlessly took down all the members of CFO, executing their first ace of the game.
With the ocean’s dragon soul on their side, 100T moved to push the bot lane until they took down the enemy’s inhibitor, backing down only when their opponents came back to life. CFO needed to find the right opportunity to strike down and look for fights that could overturn the situation. Even when they initiated the battle, it was always 100T who found the right picks to shut down their opponent’s composition.
100T had the game in the palm of their hands. Their map control and teamfight prowess shut down their opponents’ ability to come back, and with one last teamfight in front, the Elder Drake’s pit 100T found the second ace that led them to victory
The last LCS team standing in the international competition executed the perfect game to initiate a miracle run, but whether they will succeed in locking down a spot for the playoffs stage is still undecided. Next they will have to face off against Royal Never Give Up, who has still to lose a game at the 2022 League World Championship.
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