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For crypto investors and traders, it is crucial to stay up to date with the market. However, the main challenge is that there is an overabundance of information in the online space – which can make things confusing for beginners. 
This is why investors might want to consider using a crypto Telegram group that can offer real-time price alerts and trading signals. In our guide, we review the best crypto Telegram groups for investors to keep up with market trends and find potential investment opportunities.
Listed below are the top 12 crypto Telegram groups to consider joining today: 
While crypto Telegram groups can be great sources of information, not every channel offers solid investment guidance. 
This is why investors should be sure to do due diligence before following any trading suggestions suggested by Telegram channels.
Investing in the crypto market can be complex, especially for beginners. 
In this regard, crypto Telegram groups can be of great assistance – especially those that offer real-time price alerts, trading signals, and regular market updates. 
After considering the many providers in this market, we have rounded up a list of the best crypto Telegram groups to join in 2022. 
B2C, or Business2Community, is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms used by investors and traders alike. 
It offers everything from investment guides to software reviews. The platform posts high-quality content from experienced investors, tech experts, and financial consultants on a daily basis. 
B2C also has a Telegram group that delivers crypto news directly to channel subscribers. The channel’s content includes price predictions of various digital tokens and overviews of new cryptocurrencies that are being launched in the market. 
Investors can also join the B2C group in order to find out about the best upcoming ICOs and new DEX listings. We noticed that this was one of the few Telegram groups to offer in-depth information about Tamadage, one of the latest digital tokens to take the crypto world by storm. 
The B2C channel sends alerts multiple times a day, making sure that followers are notified of important news in real-time. One of the key contributors to the B2C Telegram group is Jacob Bury, a crypto influencer who runs the best crypto YouTube channels with over 6.5k subscribers. He also offers one of the best crypto TikTok accounts
Overall, the B2C Telegram group offers the valuable information necessary for crypto investors to stay on top of the market. And what’s more, the Telegram group is also completely free to join. 
Visit B2C Telegram Group 
Cryptosignals.org is one of the best crypto Telegram groups for trading signals. Founded in 2014, this platform uses artificial intelligence to gather market data and analyze it. 
On top of this, the platform also has a team of expert crypto traders who conducts fundamental and technical analysis in order to send optimized trading signals. 
For those unaware, crypto signals are trading ideas that indicate which digital token to buy or sell based on market conditions. The signals provided by Cryptosignals.org include details such as at what price to open a position and at which level to exit the trade. 
Along with the signals, the channel also sends an overview of the analysis identified – which explains the reasoning behind the trading idea. 
Apart from trading signals, this Telegram group also alerts its users of trending crypto news. Cryptosignals.org has over 50k followers in its free Telegram group. However, the free channel only offers three to five signals per week. 
Serious traders might want to consider the VIP Telegram group – which sends two to five signals every day. The paid plan starts at £42, or about $45 a month. 
As of writing, CryptoSignals.org is focused on the best cryptocurrencies in the industry – which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, Binance Coin, Polkadot, and Cardano. 
Join CryptoSignals.org Now
Next up, we have Learn2Trade, another prominent crypto Telegram group known for its trading signals. It sends daily technical analyses of various cryptocurrencies and real-time alerts on important economic events. 
Like the majority of the best crypto Telegram groups in the market, Learn2Trade also offers both free and paid access to its signals.  The free version delivers up to three signals per week. 
However, through the paid channel, investors can not only receive a higher number of trading signals but also gain access to weekly webinars – which we found to be very insightful.
To identify suitable trading opportunities, Learn2Trade utilizes over 90+ technical indicators, such as session volume, parabolic star, Ichimoku, MACD, and more. Signals are available for Bitcoin and many of the best altcoins in the crypto market. 
According to the Learm2Trade website, its trading signals have a verifiable success rate of 76%. The VIP membership costs just £40 (about $53 a month). In addition to cryptocurrencies, Learn2Trade also offers trading signals for forex. 
Join the Learn2Trade Telegram Group
ICO Analytics is the best Telegram crypto group to follow to learn more about the latest digital tokens emerging in the market. This Telegram channel provides information regarding new coin listings, crypto ICOs, and presales. 
More importantly, ICO Analytics sends alerts almost right after the official announcement was made. Meaning, by joining this free Telegram group, crypto investors have the chance to get ahead of the curve and make early purchases. 
ICO Analytics is also a great channel to follow to identify the cryptocurrencies that stay under the radar – but have the potential to grow in the future. 
Crypto enthusiasts can also check out the website of ICO Analytics to find the best crypto to buy. The platform also has a list of VC funds and the projects they have invested in. 
For instance, through ICO Analytics, an investor will learn that Coinbase Ventures has a stake in 132 digital tokens, which include Cashmere, Merge, Entropy, and more.
This can offer further insight when choosing cryptocurrencies to invest in. However, the one notable downside of this Telegram group is that it does not post every day. 
When searching for the best cryptocurrency signals on Telegram, traders should also take into account their strategy and risk appetite. After all, the signals for short-term traders might not work well for long-term investors. 
WOLFX Signals is a platform that caters primarily to intraday traders. Those joining the WOLFX Telegram group can expect two to five signals a day, all focusing on short-term positions. 
WOLFX sends its signals via Telegram live alerts so that there will not be any delay – which makes sense as timing is of utmost importance with short-term strategies. Moreover, WOLFX also offers support for auto trading using its signals. 
All that being said, we found WOLFX Signals to be somewhat expensive – especially when compared to the likes of Learn2Trade and CryptoSignals.org. The monthly price for crypto VIP signals comes to $89 a month. 
There is, however, a free Telegram group offered by WOLFX Signals – albeit the frequency of the alerts will be much lower. 
The next crypto Telegram group on our list is 100eyes Crypto Scanner. In simple terms, this provider uses a trading bot that automatically tracks the price movement of cryptocurrencies. 
It uses technical indicators such as RSI Divergences, Horizontal Support, and Fibonacci Retracements in order to identify price trends. So, if the price of a specific cryptocurrency makes a sudden jump within a predetermined time frame, the scanner will send an alert. 
This alert will include an image of the indicator that shows the price movement of the cryptocurrency. And importantly, the scanner can be customized to suit each trader’s strategies. 
Needless to say, this can save a significant amount of time for traders. The scanner supports several technical indicators such as the MACD, Bollinger Bands, EMA’s, and Stochastics. However, to get access to the customizable alerts, users will have to sign up for the paid Telegram group. 
And in order to know the price, investors will have to contact the team directly and send a request. However, 100eyes Crypto Scanners offers a free trial for 24 hours, which provides a chance for users to try out the scanner. 
On the free Telegram group, alerts are automated – and are offered only for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS. 
As with cryptocurrencies, new NFTs are being launched almost on a daily basis  As such, investors in this space often struggle to find quality NFT news from the mainstream media in order to locate the best buying opportunities. 
As the name suggests, NFT Signals is one of the leading providers to offer signals for investing in non-fungible tokens. 
The signals are devised based on a combination of technical analysis and market trends. Crucially, this is one of the best crypto Telegram groups to join to gain info about the best NFTs in the space.
Traders can expect a minimum of five trading signals a week from the NFT Signals Telegram Group. The signals offered can be used for both long and short-term positions, which will be indicated in the alert. 
Along with signals, the platform also offers tips about new NFTs coming up in the market. Access to the VIP Telegram group comes at a price of £50 per month (around $55). A free group is also available; however, users will receive fewer NFT signals. 
Visit NFT Signals Today
Whale Alert can be described as a bot that tracks large transactions that can affect the price of a cryptocurrency. And when such a transaction is identified, the bot will send alerts via its Telegram group. So, why is ‘whale watching’ important to crypto investors?
Let’s suppose that an alert signals that someone is sending a large number of cryptocurrencies to an exchange. This could mean that they are looking to sell. 
On the contrary, if there is a large transaction from an exchange to a private digital wallet, this indicates that a big purchase was completed. 
Put otherwise, alerts of this nature can be a predictor of whether the price of a cryptocurrency is about to go up or down. Investors can join the Whale Alert Telegram group to get a general sense of the market direction. 
Moreover, the Telegram group is free to join – and as such, investors won’t need to have to pay anything to receive the alerts straight to their phones. 
Coin Bureau is best known for its YouTube channel, which has over 2 million followers. However, YouTube videos take time to write, film, and edit. As such, Coin Bureau uses its Telegram channel in order to send out market news and insights in real-time. 
Every day, the channel sends out a roundup of the most important headlines related to the crypto industry. In addition to this, Coin Bureau also posts price predictions of various digital coins and discusses economic news that could affect the fastest growing cryptocurrencies

Moreover, the posts often include external links to the original news article, which helps crypto investors to do their own research. In a nutshell, the channel is focused on keeping its subscribers informed about the crypto space. And crucially, the Coin Bureau Telegram group is free to access. 
As the name implies, DeFi Million is a crypto Telegram channel best suited for following the decentralized finance market. With more than 140k followers, this is one of the go-to platforms for investors to learn more about the DeFi space. 
This Telegram channel not only sends market news but also delivers alerts about the best crypto presales and new coin listings on decentralized exchanges. On top of this, DeFi Million even sends reviews of apps and platforms that are new in the DeFi sector. 
In other words, this Telegram channel covers all necessary information about the DeFi sector and keeps its subscribers updated. As with all other Telegram groups, it is up to the investor to do their own due diligence before investing in any DeFi projects featured on this channel. 
As many of our readers might already know, an airdrop is a promotional activity through which free cryptocurrencies are distributed. 
Usually, airdrops are offered in return for completing certain tasks – such as following a crypto project’s Twitter account, sharing details of the digital token on TikTok, or even holding a certain number of coins in the wallet. 
Nevertheless, airdrops can be a great way to obtain top trending cryptos in the market without risking any money. In this regard, Airdrop is one of the best crypto Telegram groups to follow in order to keep track of new campaigns. 
However, this channel does not offer alerts of every single airdrop happening in the crypto space – after all, there are dozens of projects running such kinds of promotions. More often than not, the channel covers up-and-coming cryptocurrencies that are not yet hugely popular. 
The last crypto Telegram channel on our list is Glassnode. This is an on-chain analytics platform that features dozens of indicators. For those unaware, on-chain analysis is an emerging field that involves examining the utility and transaction activity of a digital token and its blockchain data. 
In other words, Glassnode can be used to analyze market data in order to make better trading decisions. Not so surprisingly. Glassnode’s crypto Telegram group sends out messages containing data derived from on-chain analytics. 
Additionally, the channel offers explanations of what the analytical data means for the crypto market. Sometimes, the Telegram alerts include links to detailed Glassnode reports that can offer further insight into the topic. 
In a nutshell, Glassnode is one of the best cryptocurrency Telegram groups for traders who rely on economic indicators. 
The reviews above highlight what Telegram crypto groups can offer to investors and traders. 
However, no two Telegram channels are the same, especially when it comes to the end-service offered.  
In this section, we take a closer look at the advantages of following crypto Telegram groups. 
With the number of crypto projects growing regularly, it is challenging to assess which ones are worth investing in. 
However, keeping tabs on all new cryptocurrencies in the market is virtually impossible. Instead, crypto investors can turn to the best Telegram cryptocurrency groups to garner valuable information. 
And the chances are that reliable accounts can lead investors to potentially profitable opportunities. 
For example, Tamadoge, a new metaverse token launched in 2022, had one of the most successful presales of this year. The project went on to raise $19 million during its presale campaign. 
As we noted above, the B2C platform was of the first providers to introduce this token to its followers. 
B2C’s Telegram group sent an alert during the different stages of the Tamadoge presale. And the channel’s followers who managed to invest in the token during the presale would have managed to make the purchase at a discounted price. 
For those looking to add Tamadoge, the most undervalued crypto on the market in 2022, TAMA recently listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX. This new P2E gaming crypto is available to purchase on the OKX DEX and CEX.
Buy Tamadoge on OKX CEX
Buy Tamadoge on OKX DEX 
As is evident, the best crypto Telegram groups can be valuable sources to spot the next crypto to explode.
One of the most popular categories of crypto Telegram groups is focused on crypto trading signals. 
In essence, these are trading ideas that contain the following information:
In addition to this, some of the best crypto signals Telegram groups we discussed above also include additional details – such as the risk-reward ratio and even the amount to stake. 
This saves investors from having to do extensive research and analysis. Instead, they can streamline their trading process and save time. 
Another advantage of crypto Telegram groups is that the investor has the option to choose between different types of services. 
For instance, there are crypto Telegram groups that offer crypto trading signals, and there are those that focus solely on market news and updates. 
Additionally, there are also platforms that send crypto price and indicator alerts via their Telegram channel. 
In other words, Telegram channels are not simply about engaging with other investors. Instead, choosing the right Telegram group can help investors identify cryptos with the most potential for both long-term investing or short-term trading. 
Crypto Telegram groups can be a strong tool in the arsenal of investors and traders. 
The best crypto Telegram groups can help investors with their trading decisions, identity investment opportunities, track market movements, and more. 
While there are many Telegram groups available, we find that B2C does a great job of offering everything necessary to outperform the broader crypto market. 
This channel covers everything from crypto market insights, blockchain-related news, upcoming presales, new coin listings, and more. 
Visit B2C Telegram Group 
What is the best crypto Telegram group?
We found that one of the best crypto Telegram groups is B2C. This channel offers a free Telegram service that covers market news, signals, and price alerts. 
What group has the best crypto signals on Telegram?
Based on our findings, Cryptosignals.org is the best provider of Telegram crypto signals. The signals include the crypto pair, entry/exit price levels, as well as the risk-reward ratio. Moreover, the trading signals are available via both free and paid Telegram groups. 
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