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Green Dot Corporation, which issued its first prepaid debit card in 2000, has since grown to become the industry leader in the United States. Over 70k stores throughout the country stock Green Dot MoneyPak.
Customers have the option of using the fast and simple loading, sending, and spending of funds using the Green Dot MoneyPak. Bitcoin can also bought and sold quickly and safely with this OTC payment option.
In the text below, you can find the top 3 exchanges where you can buy crypto with Green Dot MoneyPak:
When it comes to multi-asset investment and social trading, eToro is unrivaled. Some of its customers include large financial institutions, hedge funds, family offices, and affluent people. Established in 2007, the firm now counts equities, commodities, indices, ETFs, FX, and digital currencies among its tradable assets.
More than 60 different cryptos are available on the platform, and more than 20 million registered users reside in 140 different countries.
It supports deposit methods, such as SEPA, PayPal, Online Banking, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, MoneyPak, etc.
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Before the end of 2018, Binance created its own P2P infrastructure to support local currency exchange transactions for Bitcoin. Three years later, the website began to offer other currencies, including BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, DAI, and USDT, using regional currencies through more than 150 payment options worldwide.
You may buy and sell crypto on Binance P2P using various payment methods. Local bank transfers, e-wallet services, SEPA, PayPal, Payoneer, MoneyPak, and local currency are a few of them. Compared to Paxful and Localbitcoins, their P2P market is substantially smaller.
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To facilitate the wider use of Bitcoin, a group of programmers built Paxful, a centralized peer-to-peer exchange network. The service acts as a go-between for those looking to purchase and sell cryptos directly with one another. In almost 190 countries, only Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum are available for purchase.
More than 350 payment options, including several fiat currencies and the aforementioned 3 cryptos, are available on the site. Paxful accepts a variety of currencies and payment methods, including bank transfers, payment applications (like PayPal), gift cards, other cryptos, cash, MoneyPak, and more.
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To buy Bitcoin with MoneyPak, you can do this through some of the crypto exchanges texted above. To explain the step-by-step process, we are using Paxful P2P exchange. Follow these steps:
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Friends and relatives may transfer money to thousands of eligible prepaid or bank debit cards produced in the United States easily and quickly with MoneyPak. Here is the explanation of how Moneypak to use:
Yes, you can buy crypto with Green Dot MoneyPak through crypto exchanges, such as Paxful, LocalBitcoins, eToro, etc., that support MoneyPak as a payment method.
No, a MoneyPak cannot be used to add money to a PayPal account.
Yes, in thousands of locations USA, MoneyPak may be found in the prepaid or gift card department.
To add your Green Dot card to PayPal, follow the steps in the text below:
1. Visit the PayPal website on your web browser. Enter the PayPal password and your email address. Choose “Log In”.
2. Under “My Account,” click “Add Funds”, and choose “Add Funds from MoneyPak.”
3. The back of the GreenDot MoneyPak should be facing you. In addition to entering the MoneyPak Number, ensure you enter the security characters shown in the security box. Click on “Continue”.
4. On the web page that says “Submit Info,” fill out the forms. Your name, address, birth date, and Social Security number should be typed in. Click “Continue.”
5. On the “Get Confirmation” web page, click “OK.” Your email address will get a confirmation email. To finish the setup, launch your email application and click the email.
6. Visit your PayPal account again. Your GreenDot MoneyPak card can now be used to fund your PayPal account.
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