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Crypto bots are automated software that complete analysis, research, and even trading processes without any manual intervention.
This potentially enables traders to buy and sell crypto around the clock. In this guide, we take a look at the best crypto bots in 2022.
The list below offers insight into the 9 best crypto bot providers in the market right now:
No two crypto bots are the same.
As per the best crypto trading bot providers listed above, some are tasked with providing professional-grade data points in an autonomous manner while others will trade the digital asset markets on a 24/7 basis.
In this section, we review the 9 best crypto bots in the market. Each review explains in great detail the metrics surrounding features, performance, fees, reputation, security, and more.
Overall, we were most impressed with the Dash 2 Trade terminal – which is still offering its D2T token in a presale launch. This work-in-progress analytics terminal offers everything required to make consistent gains in the crypto trading industry.
Many of the features offered by Dash 2 Trade – which require a monthly subscription that is paid in D2T tokens, are backed by automated crypto bot trading software that functions through AI and machine learning technologies. For example, D2T subscribers have access to on-chain statistics that are monitored by bots on a 24/7 basis.
This means that the automated crypto bots will examine large on-chain transactions across the major blockchains – including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB. This could, for example, be useful in identifying a potential investment or sale from a crypto whale.
Additionally, the Dash 2 Trade bot will scan and analyze social metrics autonomously, which can highlight to D2T subscribers whether a particular project is trending. Another top-rated feature that is backed by automated bots is the Dash 2 Trade signal service. This provides D2T subscribers with daily trading suggestions alongside the appropriate orders.
For instance, the Dash 2 Trade signal might suggest buying ETH/USDT at $1,201, alongside a stop-loss and take-profit order of $1,015 and $1,670, respectively. The Dash 2 Trade terminal even enables D2T subscribers to build their own trading strategies via a backtesting facility. Strategy functions can be taken from Dash 2 Trade signals and data.
There are many other innovative and valuable features being built by the Dash 2 Trade team right now. In the meantime, those looking to obtain a financial position in the growth of the Dash 2 Trade terminal can now invest in D2T tokens via a presale launch. There are nine phases of the presale – each of which increases the token price.
Currently, the presale is in phase two – having raised over $2.6 million in under a week. This prices D2T tokens at $0.05 making it one of the best penny cryptos on the market in 2022. The next phase increases the price to $0.0513. To find out more about the automated features being built, check out the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper. Investors can also join the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel for daily updates from the team.
Note: Dash 2 Trade is also offering a prize draw – where one lucky person will win $150k worth of D2T tokens. Find out how to enter the $150k giveaway here.
Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale Now
Pionex is behind a range of different services, including a crypto exchange, fiat currency deposits, derivatives trading, and custom bots. Regarding the latter, Pionex users have access to a variety of crypto trading bots that can be tailored to the investor.
For example, the DCA bot enables investors to dollar-cost average their favorite coins at a predefined amount and time. The rebalancing bot enables investors to create their own crypto index.

There is also a grid trading bot that can enter buy and sell orders in an autonomous manner, based on the investor’s preferences. For instance, the investor can choose a coin and set of pricing parameters, and when these conditions are met the crypto trading bot will enter a position.
Shrimpy is one of the best crypto bot providers for beginners. Its platform offers a variety of services, inclusive of portfolio optimization.
Through an automated bot, this enables investors to rebalance their crypto portfolio based on broader market conditions and predefined parameters. Shrimpy is also useful for keeping track of multiple wallet and exchange balances in one place.

This enables investors to manage their crypto portfolios seamlessly, rather than needing to log in to many different wallets and exchanges.
Shrimpy also offers automated copy trading strategies. This enables investors to mirror the same investments as the likes of Binance Labs and Coinbase Ventures.
Cryptohopper offers one of the best crypto bots for those that wish to build their own automated strategies from the ground up. Traders do not need to have any coding knowledge to make the most of what Cryptohopper offers, and the platform utilizes a drag ‘n drop system.
This means that it is just a case of setting up the strategy conditions one by one. For instance, traders can elect to buy a specific coin when its price rises or drops by a certain amount within a predetermined time frame.

The bot will then connect to a crypto exchange of the trader’s choosing and follow the designed strategy. Cryptohopper also offers a backtesting facility that mirrors live market conditions. There is a free Cryptohopper account but the available features are limited.
To get full functionality, the hero plan costs $83.25 per month when an annual plan is purchased.
Options can be highly lucrative for crypto traders, not least because this financial instrument supports low-risk, high-return positions. In this regard, 3Commas is one of the best crypto trading bot providers for buying and selling options in an automated manner.
There are several strategies that traders can choose from – including both a long and short straddle. 3Commas offers four different plans that range from $0 to $49.50 per month, with the latter being based on an annual payment.

This offers access to unlimited options, DCA, and GRID bots, in addition to a scalping terminal and paper trading facility.

Cornix offers one of the best crypto bots for experienced traders that have a requirement to enter bespoke orders. The platform enables traders to connect to their preferred exchange via an API before setting up the trading conditions of the bot.
This can include factors such as partial and concurrent stop-loss and take-profit orders, in addition to complex trailing parameters. Cornix also provides integration with TradingView alerts, as well as the ability to view multiple exchange balances in one safe place.
When it comes to pricing, the beginner, intermediate, and pro plans cost $19.90, $26.90, and $38.40 respectively. The chosen plan will determine what features and limits the trader has access to.
Bitsgap offers one of the best crypto bots for creating and deploying grid strategies. For beginners, the flat strategy enables traders to scalp cryptocurrencies that remain in a tight pricing range.
The bot will continue to place buy and sell orders for as long as the predefined range remains in place. Bitsgap also offers a custom grid feature which will appeal to more experienced traders. This enables the trader to build their own automated bot from the ground up.

Bitsgap is somewhat expensive when compared to other crypto trading bot platforms. Its cheapest plan costs $23 per month when purchased annually, albeit, this is limited to just two active grid bots.
The pro plan costs $119 per month when purchased annually and this permits 20 active grid bots and unlimited smart orders.
Traders looking for complete flexibility might consider Bitsgap the best crypto trading bot in the market right now. Its code-free strategy builder comes packed with more than 200 individual rules.
Those without any prior experiences can choose from a pre-built strategy – each of which comes with its own goals and risk levels. There is a free plan offered by Coinrule, but this is limited to just two live and demo rules.

This won’t be sufficient to enter suitable strategies. To access up to 50 live and demo rules at any given time, the pro plan costs $449.99 per month when purchased annually.
The final option to consider when searching for the best crypto trading bots is TradeSanta. This trading bot enables investors to build a custom strategy that is determined by technical indicators.
For example, the bot can be tasked with buying or selling a coin based on the RSI or MACD readings. The bot can trade 24/7 through popular exchanges like Kraken, Binance, OKX, and FTX.

Fees are competitive, with TradeSanta offering four plans that range from $0 to $42 per month. The $42 option supports an unlimited number of bots.
Crypto trading bots are tasked with completing tasks on behalf of traders in an automated manner. There are many different types of trading bots, so traders will first need to evaluate their goals.
For example, the Dash 2 Trade terminal is backed by bots that scan the crypto markets for D2T token subscribers.
This provides a significant level of high-value data, such as trading signals, on-chain statistics, social media metrics, and new exchange listing announcements. It is then up to the trader to go and place the suggested orders at their preferred exchanges.

Alternatively, some crypto arbitrage bots are programmed to trade around the clock. The open source crypto bot will be preprogrammed with a variety of conditions which, when triggered, will result in the bot placing entry and exit orders. In essence, this promotes a passive trading strategy.
However, do note that it can be risky to trust a crypto trading bot without supervision, as they are known to make considerable losses in a short period of time.
In terms of the fundamentals, cryptocurrency robots are built via software that enables automated analysis and/or trading. However, the crypto robot is only as good as the person that programmed it.
Moreover, many of the leading platforms in this space require traders to build their own bot strategy. This means entering ‘what-if’ conditions, which the bot will follow.
The main premise of crypto trading bots is that they follow what-if conditions. The ‘what’ refers to the action that the bot will take when the ‘if’ is triggered by the crypto markets.
For example, let’s say that the trader wishes to program the bot to go short on XRP/USD when daily trading volume falls below $1 billion.
The above example is simplistic in nature, as the best crypto trading bots will often have dozens of rules to follow. For example, the bot might take into account metrics surrounding price action, technical indicators, and short-selling interest.
The overarching objective for those searching for the best crypto bot is to make a profit. There are, of course, both benefits and drawbacks to using a bot for this purpose.
On the one hand, traders will appreciate that crypto bot software can scan the markets and subsequently enter orders on a 24/7 basis. The bot can essentially follow an unlimited number of rules and trade without emotion, fear, and greed.
However, it is important to remember that the bot will only be as profitable as the strategy it has been tasked with following. In other words, if the bot follows a pre-built strategy that consistently makes inaccurate predictions, the bot will lose money.
Moreover, another huge drawback with crypto trading bots is that they cannot comprehend fundamental data. For example, if the SEC approved a Bitcoin ETF and this resulted in a huge bull run, the bot would not have the capacity to know why prices are rising.
This is why investors might prefer the Dash 2 Trade terminal. Not only does the terminal utilize automated bots that are backed by AI and machine learning, but it also has a team of in-house analysts. This means that subscribers have access to the best of both manual and automated data.
There are hundreds of crypto trading bots in this marketplace. Although our crypto trading bot reviews covered nine leading players in the space, traders are advised to do their own research.
Below, we explore some of the key ways to find suitable cryptocurrency bots.
The first metric to explore when choosing the best crypto bot is the features on offer.
For instance, does the crypto robot trading software place buy and sell orders on behalf of the investor, or is it tasked with providing high-level data?
Be sure to evaluate exactly what the bot provider is able to do before proceeding.
It is also important to stick with bot providers that offer an in-house backtesting facility. This requirement should be non-negotiable, as otherwise, there would be no way of knowing if the strategy has the potential to outperform the market.

For example, the strategy builder offered by Dash 2 Trade comes alongside a backtesting platform that mirrors live market conditions. This enables subscribers to test the strategy before risking any capital.
Investors should also consider how user-friendly the respective crypto bot platform is.
For instance, while some platforms are aimed at beginners, others are more suited for professional traders. It is important to choose a platform that aligns with the investor’s skillset.
It goes without saying that investors should also be sure to check out what fees will apply at their chosen crypto bot platform.
Many of the providers discussed today offer multiple plans. Each plan will provide access to certain features and oftentimes, limits. The latter refers to limits on the number of bots or rules that can be entered at any given time.
The Dash 2 Trade premium plan, for example, offers unfettered access to all of the features offered by its terminal – which not only include social metrics, on-chain data, and exchange listing announcements, but crypto signals and upcoming ICO ratings.

Once the Dash 2 Trade terminal completes its beta launch phase, investors will be able to pay for their chosen subscription plan in D2T tokens.
In summary, the best crypto trading bots in the market offer a variety of features and tools that aid investors in making smart, automated decisions.
The overall best provider that we came across during our review process is Dash 2 Trade. This project is building an analytics terminal that is backed by automated AI bots, machine learning, and in-house analytics.
Subscribers will have access to everything from trading signals and social metrics to project ratings and new exchange listing announcements.
Investors can gain exposure to the success of Dash 2 Trade by purchasing its D2T token via a recently launched presale.
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