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Canadian Actor William Sasso’s Twitter account has been compromised, with the hackers using the account to promote an ADA scam. The compromise is the latest of a series of Twitter account hacks in a coordinated attempt to publicize ADA and XRP scams on the aves-themed social platform.
A look at Sasso’s Twitter account reveals a series of changes made in an effort to replicate Cardano’s co-founder Charles Hoskinson’s account. The display name, display picture, bio, and location of the account have seen a change.
The hackers are then using the account to promote a giveaway of 100M ADA. In an extensive effort to promote the scam, the hackers have taken to spamming the message as a reply to several IOHK and Cardano Foundation.

The community should take note that neither Hoskinson nor IOHK is looking to give away 100M ADA. As a consequence, it is ill-advised to click on any links promoted by the account even for curiosity’s sake.
Notwithstanding, it appears several proponents are already aware of the obvious scam, as the majority of the replies suggest. One individual, in particular, advised that anyone who sees the tweet should try reporting the account as hacked. At the time of writing, the account remains compromised, as all scam tweets are intact.
This would not be the first time a notable entity would see their account hacked as an avenue to promote a crypto scam. Last week, hackers took control of the Indian Embassy of Oman’s Twitter account. They used the account to spread XRP scam links after changing the account’s details to give a hint of legitimacy.
On the same day, top Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX saw its account hacked as well. The hackers also used it to promote an XRP scam. The increasing rate of these hacks comes amidst concerns of a bot invasion on Crypto Twitter.
The entire crypto community on Twitter have complained of bots taking over the comment section of tweets. Billionaire Elon Musk terminated his acquisition of Twitter due to the tremendous amount of bots.
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