Adley found a LOST PUPPY!! Surprising Barbie with Cartoon Magic to visit the Dream House in Roblox

– [Storyteller] This is an advertisement for Mattel. – Okay, allow'' s do it. Ready? Clap. Clap. Hip. Hip. Time for anime magic. – Whoa. This absolutely functioned. I ' m a. animation?- I told you it would function. – Barbie ' s room! – Bunk beds! I obtain the top.- I get'the leading! – No, I get the top!- I get the leading! Ugh. Ah, Puppy! Don ' t take place Adley. Puppy!- Careful. Do not turn off that chair! Ah, what? Come back up. -Puppy! – Uh … -Did my puppy simply go in Livetopia with me in it? Can a person gim me a warm cocoa?- Yes. 2 warm cocoa. Wait, we forgot the pet. -Oh yeah.- We ' re getting distracted. We need to find that pup! Made it. – Ready? Set? Whee! Sprinkle. Yes. Where is the owl'? Wait, where is he?'Where do you say he was? – On your head, Barbie. – I got the cake. – Perfect.

Let ' s have an event. – I ' ll placed it at the table there'. Right? I get the cake out myself. – Hey, no, no, no. I obtain an item.- Aw.- What are you mosting likely to make?- Pasta.- Reptile nunya? I put on ' t like reptile! – No, lasagna.- Oh, lasagna. Gotcha.- Yeah. That ' s like the sort of pie. The swing! Whoo! It ' s high. This is the most effective day ever before!'- Is that– shock– your very own'young puppy? (letters pop )('letters chime) (letters stomp) -The pup! We got it. Where ' s our young puppy? -I ' m opening it. I don ' t know!- What is it?- It ' s the puppy!( pet cat meows )Oh cat. It ' s all right, feline. Begin, Cat. What do you wan na do
? Okay, let ' s provide you some kitty food.So, include some food in it.'There you go. You enjoy your kitty food. I ' m gon na examine all the other family pets. Exactly how you doing today? Oh, tortoise. You can ' t also talk. You just chew throughout the day. Mr. Hamster, are you running faster than you constantly do? Well, keep it'up, little man.( buzzer rings) Ding-dong! Oh, a shipment. What ' s inside?( Adley barks) Oh, it ' s an adorable little young puppy.
Aww, put on ' t worry little person. I ' ll take care of you until you reach find an owner. Aww', you ' re so cute. Oh, you look like you require some food. Allow ' s obtain you some bones. One, 2. Below go. Aww. What your food, little man.
Perhaps I should take you to see all the various other family pets? That will make you'really feel so not-lonely in this center. So -( door knocks) Ooh, somebody ' s at the door. – [Barbie Doll] Hey there.
– Hello there? Stay there guys. – Hi.- Hi.- I was questioning, do you have any young puppies available? -Yes, I simply got a new young puppy. – No other way! Really? -Yeah. – Yes. Can I see him? -Yes. He ' s just right over right here. -Oh my benefits. He ' s so adorable. Oh. Oh. So, wait, when did he obtain below? – Simply today. Right before you came. – Oh my goodness. Consider you, little guy. Do you think I could take him house?- Yeah, certain. If you intend to – That would certainly be perfect. My buddy Barbie actually desires a puppy and I think I ' m gon na shock her.- Ooh, that seems enjoyable. -Okay, tell me what I need due to the fact that I have no concept how to. look after a puppy – So you ' ll most likely simply need bones.
– Okay. Do you have 'like a bag I can put this stuff in'?- Oh, yes. I have this little pup. bag you can place ' em in. – Oh, that ' s best.- You ' ll require some bone. A little collar for him. – Oh, that'' s so
adorable.- Possibly we ' ll pack him a little covering.- Okay. What concerning this hair shampoo up here?- Yes. He

' ll desire … You ' ll. require to take him lots of baths. -Okay.- And also then a brush to clean his fur.And after that, lastly, he ' ll require a canine bowl so he can eat. Okay.
Here ' s your bag. -Oh, thanks a lot. I ' m so excited. Bye! – Wait, you neglected your puppy.

– Oh my benefits! I. virtually failed to remember the pup. Okay. Exactly how a lot will all this be? -Oh, it ' ll be $ 5. Right here you go. -Oh, this is the best ever before. Say thanks to you.Here ' s your $ 5. – Thank you. See ya!- Have the most effective day ever! Oh, I can ' t wait to show Barbie! ♪ Ooh ooh. Ooh ooh, ooh ooh. ♪ ♪ What are you doing? ♪ – [Brooklyn] Barbie? Are you there? -Wait, what? – It ' s me, Brooklyn! -Yeah, I ' m back. Coming, coming! Fantasize Home, quit the music.- [Brooklyn] Barbie, I have. a large surprise for you! -Coming, coming, coming! -Okay, transform about.- Reversing.- Okay. Just wait … I obtained you a puppy! – Oh, it ' s so cute! – It ' s just for you. Do you like it?- Yes. I like it, he ' s so cute! I got an'suggestion!- What?- Why don '

t we educate him?-'That ' s an excellent idea. Ooh, and after that we can take him to the canine park and maybe we'' ll fulfill some new pals. – Yeah. – Really, I wear ' t also. know just how to educate a puppy. I'hope you recognize just how. – I do. It takes a whole lot of difficult work. Initially, we ' ll need to educate him.( pet barks)- Sit, rest. – He loves offering kisses. -Sit, rest. Hey, puppy, sit! Okay, I ' ve obtained a concept. – He ' s on your head!- Ah!- I ' ll obtain you down. -Oh look, I obtained a treat. – He ' s paying attention now.( canine barks)- Sit … Excellent kid. Puppy.'Puppy! Don ' t rest on the cage. Pup, ah! Don ' t go on Adley! Pup!
– Come here, pup. Come here. Great boy.
Oh, he likes me! Oh', his kisses!- Sit. – Sitting.- You wan na deal with? Puppy, pup– sit.- What ' s he barking at?'- He ' s barking at the vlog.- Barbie,'I forgot.
I obtained this adorable little. turban for him as well.- Yeah, it ' s gon na be a. collar. Allow ' s put it on. Pup, young puppy. Sit! Rest! – Oh, he ' s such a great pet dog.

He always does crazy tricks when I ' m telling him to rest. Okay, pup, we ' re gon na. learn exactly how to do circles. Can you rotate? You go: whoa, whoa, and after that I ' ll offer you a treat after.- Oh look, I have a bone all set for ya! -Woof! (boings)- Look, he did a flip!- Not a front flip.Not a back flip. – This is'impressive! Your pup can do turns?- Yes. Side flip. – He ' s actually proficient at flips. AH! He jumped 'so high, he consumed. that bone ideal outta my hand! We ought to Certainly place him in like a pet dog program. I bet he ' d do outstanding in that. Oh, hi! You desire this'green little round? – , women?- Yeah.

– Think what I simply discovered. – What? -' Kay, Barbie ' s Dream House. is in Livetopia on Roblox! – Wait!- No other way.
– Yeah. Dead severe. You men believing what I ' m thinking?- Yes, that ' d be so fun. – You individuals wan na play? – Well, we were kinda helping. Barbie train this pet.- Oh yes, we were.- Young puppy!- Uh, what just occurred?- Did my pup simply go in. Livetopia with me in it? -Oh boy.'Exactly how are we gon na get that canine back?- I have an idea! – What ' s your idea?- If we enter Roblox

and seek the dog while the Barbies remain here and see if the pet dog returns.- That ' s an excellent concept. – Wait, wait. Just how do we go right into the iPad?- We can make use of Animation Magic.I ' ve utilized some before with Mommy.- Yeah, yes.
We ' ve done Anime Magic Anime.- Sign me up. I ' m down up. Exactly how do I do Cartoon Magic? -I'' ll show you. First we got ta do our. little Animation Magic dance'– – Animation Magic dance? We ' ll transform into animations, and afterwards we ' ll dive right into the iPad. – That was great. Let ' s do it. -So we ' ll go clap, clap.-” Clap, clap.- Hip, “hip.
– Hip, hip.- Oh, Father!” You ' re too solid with your booty! -I got a solid booty.- You got ta go: hip

', hip. And then you go, “Time for -” Wait, no, you go, “Time. for Cartoon Magic!” And after that we ' ll enjoy cartoons,- And also after that we simply enter?- As well as after that we ' ll enter. ' Kay?- But what does it feel like?- Cartoony. -That sounds awesome. All right, allow ' s do it. Ready?- [Both] Clap, clap. Hip, hip'. Time for Animation Magic! – Whoa
! This totally functioned. I'' m an animation

!- I'told you it would certainly work. – Uh, so exactly how do we get in the iPad?- We simply jump in. Come on, allow ' s go. – Okay. -One! – One.- 2!-'Wait, hold on,'hang on! I ' m nervous.You ' re sure concerning this? Okay.
– [Both] One. Two'. Three! -Whoa!- Whoa. -Whoa. This is remarkable! -Look, it ' s Barbie ' s Fantasize Residence. -Maybe the puppy entered. there. Allow ' s go inspect it out. -Let ' s go, begin. – Whoa. There ' s a slide. This is much like the genuine dream residence. -Whoa.- Hi, Barbie Malibu. Hi, Barbie Brooklyn.- Hi!- It ' s an additional celebration guest. Welcome to Barbie ' s Dream House. I am Malibu, as well as this is. my ideal friend, Brooklyn. Thanks Barbie. We ' re simply gon na go inside. Hey, just how ' d you enter? Oh, the door ' s open. – The swing! It ' s high! Whoo! Whoa …- This is the ideal day ever! Uh, I got ta stop.'- Uh, buddy? – What? -I might use a little

aid over right here. -Oopsies!- Assist me! I ' m literally stuck. -Dive out
.- Okay. That was a'little excessive enjoyable. Ooh, food. Don ' t mind if I do. – Mmm.- Oh, hello there, tasty. Okay.Oh, girl. Check this out. What? It Takes 2 ' s on television. You. assuming what I ' m reasoning? You wan na watch it?- Oh yes. – Oh, I like this episode. – Wait, the puppy!- Oh yep, the puppy. Okay, let ' s keep looking.- Oh, and incidentally, Chef, next time we want corn on the cob. – Yes, we like corn on the cob!- Successive, flooring 2. Oh, yay. We ' re right here!- Barbie ' s area! Bunk beds! I get the top. -I obtain the top!- No, I get the top. – No, I'obtain the leading! -I want'to go to sleep. – Okay. Goodnight. Me also. Oh, I had the worst problem. that we lost the canine and also we needed to locate it. – That ' s not a headache! As well as we ' re

moving! -Careful, do not turn off that chair! – I ' m okay! – Return up here! -I ' m boiling down the slide. I imply up, not down.I imply up the slide. Whee! Hey there.- Wait, you came up the slide'? – Allow ' s go. – Let ' s try it. -Whee! You made me drop in'.
– Oh that ' s awesome. There ' s a rubber ducky. -Rubber ducky.- Ooh. As well as there ' s. locations to relax out below.- I ' m going to relax. Can a person gim me a warm cocoa? – Yes. 2 warm chocolate. Wait, we neglected regarding the dog!- Oh yeah.- We ' re getting sidetracked. We need to discover that puppy! Ought to we go back up
. the slide? Where'' s the – -'I ' m taking the lift. – I ' m taking the elevator, too. Pet food. -Where?- As well as it ' s empty. Excuse me, did you see a charming little puppy run with below?- You did! Okay, he should be upstairs!- Okay, let ' s attempt the. 3rd floor this time around. – Third floor. Third, 3rd.
– We ' re here. – Hey, this is simply like. the actual Dream Home.- I ' m playing the disco. I ' m playing the disco. – Help us discover this puppy, pup, pup.- I'got a
track, I got a track.- Okay. Play it. ♪ I'' m a turkey'! I ' m a. turkey, turkey, turkey! ♪'♪ I ' m a turkey.'♪- Okay, let ' s go. Hi. Have you seen a puppy? They ' re having a housewarming celebration. It ' s even cooler than you believed. For Barbie ' s 60th wedding anniversary? Naturally, Barbie tosses the most effective parties! Go have a look at the front grass. Do you understand where the front lawn is'>?- Yeah, I think it ' s in the front yard. -That makes feeling. Okay. Exactly how do you -'♪ I ' m a dancing turkey, whoo hoo hoo. ♪ – Where'' s the lift?'Allow ' s obtain an elevator. We obtained ta go down. – I see it! I see it, look!- Where? That looks awesome. Wait, “does that say, “For Adley?”-'Allow ' s see. I ' m taking the slide. (vocalizes)- Made it.- Ready? Establish. Woo! Sprinkle! Oh, I leapt onto the edge. – Good task. Okay, what'' s taking place over here? Adley? – It'' s me!- Wait, I ' m seeing double.Is that 2 Adleys? – Yes. – Shock! Your own pup? The pup. We obtained it. Where'' s my young puppy? Just how do I obtain it? -Yes. Yes. -Shock. Your very own young puppy. Just how do I obtain it? Click the here and now. Appreciate your extremely own young puppy. There it is, we discovered the missing young puppy. – Let'' s obtain it. Or I ' m. opening it, I wear ' t understand.-'What is it? – It'' s the pup. – It ' s the young puppy. – Good work. You discovered it. -Puppy, where are you? -Thank you, Adley

, for the aid. We truly needed to discover'that puppy. -Oh, he ' s following me! He ' s so adorable. – Oh, hi little puppy. You are so charming.- This time around I want you be great as well as discover exactly how to do a circle. You prepared? Establish. -What?- What? Great pup. Excellent task. Adley, We located the young puppy. How do we get it back to Barbie? How do you do, like, not cartoon magic?- I don ' t recognize. Come on puppy. Let ' s obtain you to Barbie. -Barbie! – Barbie.
Barbie. We discovered your young puppy. – Hi Barbie.
We found your pup.- I believe these are. just the Roblox Barbies.-'Yeah, we need to go. back to the toy Barbies with their– wait, but that '

s not a plaything young puppy. Exactly how do we obtain the …? I ' m confused.- I understand, we do puppy magic. -Puppy magic. Just how do you do puppy magic? – So initially all– hello, pup, return below. Okay, You'all set? – Yep.- Paw, paw. Hip,'hip. Time for Pup Magic. Puppy!- Pup, you ' re back! – There ' s no pup in below. It really'came out. -It in fact functioned. Great job. Roblox, we'' ll be right back. We require to provide this young puppy, and afterwards we ' ll keep playing. -[ Brooklyn] Wait, I believe that ' s

them. Did they discover the pup? -Barbie, we located your young puppy. -[ Male] He was in fact in the video game.-'Goodness.
Thanks, Adley!- As well as Barbie ' s, you got ta. check this game out. It looks much like your Dream House. Like that, yet in a video game. Crazy, huh?- No chance!- It ' s so insane. – We must call'my sis and also play tonight on Roblox.- Yeah! – That ' d be so enjoyable. After that they might play Barbie with us. – Yeah.- All right. I ' m gon na call my sisters.
See you people. – See ya, Father! Since we obtained a pup,.
we just require a good friend. – Oh yes. Let ' s go discover.
some even more pals with family pets. – Yeah', let ' s go.- Did you claim 'you desired. to make new buddies
?- Yeah.- That ' s insane you mention it, ' cause I understand a lady. simply relocated in upstairs.

You ought to go present on your own. – No way.Really?- Yeah. Let'' s go. -Begin, allow ' s go. -I ' m so ecstatic. (canine barks) Woman. Let ' s see who ' s there. – That, who, that ' s there? – It ' s Barbie and Barbie.'- That?- Barbie and also Barbie. -Yeah, Barbie Brooklyn. Barbie Malibu. We ' re both named Barbie.

– Yeah.'- Oh my goodness. She ' s an owl! – Yeah. You'' re an owl?- My name ' s Owlie.So you ' re both called Barbie?- Yeah, rather insane.- I ' m Barbie Brooklyn as well as. this'is Barbie Malibu.- Yeah, I ' m Barbie Malibu, And this is our brand-new pet. And also we ' re actually searching for a friend that has a family pet, so'we can be pals as well as the pups can be pals'. -Whoa, I can ' t think you stated that. Cause I ' m not actually an owl.- Oh. -Oh, your hair. It ' s beautiful! – Thanks. However I do'have a family pet owl. Do you wan na meet him? – Oh'yep. – He ' s in below. You can open him up. -Oh, I
like that. -It ' s a surprise. -Oh, he ' s so charming. -I enjoy purple. It ' s,. like, my preferred color.( owl hoots) Oh, it ' s on your head.- Hey, where is the owl? Wait, where is he? Where did you'claim he was? -On your head,'Barbie. (owl hoots) -Boil down, little Owlie. – Oh wait, that'' s your name. Wait, what ' s your family pet '
s name?- My family pet ' s name is Hoot Hoot.- Oh, I enjoy that. (owl hoots) Oh, so sweet.- Okay, below ' s your owl.- Thank you. – Do you assume our puppy. and owl wan na play with each other? – Yes! Hoot Hoot enjoys play dates. (dog licks)'( owl hoots) -Do you need assist unpacking anything since you just relocated?- Please. I have so numerous packages. Can you assist me open some? – Yeah, we ' ll aid you. Begin, allow ' s go. Hm, which good friend should we do? -Possibly that initial pink one right here. – Okay.- Many thanks Barbie. – You ' re welcome.
– Wow.- Whoa. – It ' s a truly appealing brush. -Thank you. It ' s purple,. simply like my hair.- Ooh, let ' s examination it. It functions perfectly. As well as it really feels great also. Here you try.- Oh, many thanks Barbie. Well, we better get the puppy back to bed. Can we come see tomorrow?- Please do.

I ' ll be right here all the time. -Okay. See ya. -Bye.- Bye! And also bye to you also! Thanks for watching, bye!- Bye!( panting) Papa, Papa, Dad. I just listened to that in,. in Barbie ' s Dream Home there ' s hidden points that we could locate, – Oh, so we obtained ta go discover some things?- Yeah', allow ' s go. Begin, in Barbie ' s Fantasize House. Is anything on bilk program? Reserve shelf. It ' s not, book shelf.
Why am I relaxing where. I wan na discover things? Anything hidden.What in the( mumbles).- Ooh. Secret door. – Was that a secret door? – I assume it was a key. Ooh. Picnic table. – Barbecue table. Evaluate there. Orange tree. – That- – Was, Oh, is there something back here? Oh, that'' s the lift. All right. Back within. – Ooh. Lift. I believe I recognize a shortcut. – So this is survive on Livetopia. from September 30th to.
the very end of October. The very first week they opened this, like, kitchen area living.
room area right below. – Where'' s, where'' s, where ' s all the playthings? Come on. -Let ' s go view the second floor. And after that the following week,. the 2nd floor opened. Let'us reveal you that'.
Enter below. -I ' m coming. -Which ' s the washroom. and the slide. Ooh, appearance. Perhaps these are keys. So there ' s lights, songs. – Wait. – Hi, close friend. Take a look at. this beautiful room. I enjoy the shades.- You can alter the lights.
– You can change the lights?- It ' s similar to in the. genuine Barbie Desire Home. ♪ Boop boop boop boop. ♪ – Wait, you can open the dressers. Look at this. Look! Click the doors. A little robotic sandals. – That would be amazing.
if you could clothe up. – Yeah. What'' s your slide present? Wan na see my slide pose? Ready? Ooh, cannon ball! – Ooh. Allow'' s see my slide pose. -'I ' m jumping back up the slide.

– I want see what this infant chair does. – Ah! Cautious. And after that up there is the 3rd.
level, which, the recently- Oh, wrong door. So the third.
week is the third floor, which has the disco party. It'' s a dancing event. You can DJ. I ' m concerning to toss down some DJ. Many thanks for watching this video clip! – And the last week,.
you get to come hang out with me as well as get a shock pup! – Shock pup. – Father, I'' m gon na make a birthday cake. It'' s gon na be a strawberry one. I got the cake. – A cake? Perfect. Allow'' s have an event. – I'' ll put it at the table, there we go. – Alright? Join us in Roblox. The dream home is a wonderful location to make close friends as well as explore.

– I get the cake all to myself. – Hey, no, no, no. I obtain a piece. – Aww. (pronounces chewing) That was tasty. – That was so good. – Ah, kick back. – Oh. Well, I assume I'' m gon na go take a great swim in the pool. – Okay. – See ya. – Bye. Woo. Like, I'' ve entered. – It says “” Adley”” right.
below. It says my name. Daddy, appearance. It says “” A For Adley””. – Aww, you'' ve matured.
so quickly in a Roblox video game. I'' m so happy with you. – No I'' m not, no I ' m not.

– Oh, look. Look what it claims.- Hi. I ' m Adley! I enjoy vlogging my fun journeys on YouTube. I'' m dealing with my pal Barbie to expose a DreamHouse shock. Do you like surprises? – Yes. – Yes. – Struck yes. – Yes. Me too. I love surprises. Examine the ground for a.
unique shock now. – Ooh, that'' s yay. – Okay, thanks Adley! – Okay. I will.I got a young puppy! – Aw, you'' re a little young puppy. – He'' s consuming a sausage. Hehe.'- He ' s a sausage pet dog. He resembles Koopa. Oh, he loves you. – Wait. It suches as to eat sausages.'- Oh, that ' s charming. Okay. I ' m getting a young puppy. – Many thanks, Adley, for the young puppy. -Many thanks Adley, bye. – Bye, me. Bye, me. Bye, me. -Bye, Adley'. Bye, Adley. Bye vlog. -Ooh,'I ' m dropping the slide. Wait,'no, I ' m not going down it. I'' m increasing it. No

, I ' m going down. What?- I assume you ' re supposed to drop slides.- Yeah, but I ' m increasing it.Ooh, I wan na enter the spinny chair. ♪ Spinny! Spinny. ♪ Papa, I ' m on the spinny chair. Papa, do you see me rotating? Pass the– I do.'- Decrease and also pass the
Adley as well as see if you can see me rotating.- Adley. Allow ' s see if we can see Adley rotating. Hello, Adley, we can see you. (laughs) She ' s introducing right into room. – One', 2, 3. Fly!- You arrived at Barbie. (laughs)- Allow ' s go attempt the spinny chairs inside. Those ones are a lot more enjoyable. – We will.- Woo!- Dad, you must– Papa,. you must attempt mine. You should try mine. – Okay, attempt mine. I never ever tried this set. Don ' t obtain stuck on that shelf. (indistinct) – Mine'' s way much more spinnier. – Woo! – I'' m gon na go bake some food. -Bake me some food, beloved. Your Father is starving.- What do you wan na have? – Cereal. – There'' s no cereal. – Cooked grain.

– There is no cooked cereal.
– Fried cereal.- There is no fried. cereal. There ' s no cereal! -Waffles?- Allow me see if there'' s waffles. We ' re out of waffles! – Bacon!- Now we ' re having prepared fish. -Mommy, we constantly have actually cooked fish. Wait, you ' re not my mommy. -Prepared fish, sweetheart. – I ' m full.
– No, consume. You need to consume.- Okay. Got ta try brand-new. things cuz they may be– (pronounces eating)- Okay. As well as currently your mom ' s.
gon na make some treat. – Wait a mummy? Where? I don'' t like mummies. – No, me. I'' m going to cook some dessert. -What are you mosting likely to make? – Pasta. – Reptile nunya? I put on'' t like reptiles. – Ugh. Pasta. – Oh, pasta. Gotcha. – Yeah.That '

s like a kind of pie. A Pie. – A pie. You indicate, a pie-asta? – No, a pie. – Okay. – And I, your Mother'' s,. gon na have some'pizza.- Mama, I ' m going up to my room to play Roblox with my close friend.- No.- No, no, no, no! You need to eat pizza. – Mother. I'' m complete. You ' ve made me 3 suppers. – I made pizza. – Mommy, can I please simply go.
play Roblox with my close friends? We intend to go explore Adley'' s Dream House. – Sorry, I'' m already. going upstairs to play. – You left me. Hi. Made it. Wait, where'' d you go, mother? I'' m terrified! Okay. I'' m going up to my space. to play Roblox with Adley. Bye. – Sorry, however I'' m already swinging about in the remarkable chair. One, two- – Don'' t do it! I wish this existing was real.Oh, wait. Present Magic. Boom, boom. Clap, clap. Something about existing magic. – Where'' s a pup? – No, I desire today. – Oh …- Existing Magic? – Yeah. Attempt it one even more time. -Boom, boom. Clap, clap. Dive, hip, Time for Present Magic! Existing Magic? Hello there. Existing Magic? (Adley barking) Is it Adley a Young puppy? Oh, thanks. Existing Magic Help. Aww, look just how adorable. Below pup. Got you a brand-new good friend. Good pup, let'' s open these up. Young puppy will you in the vlog for me? (Adley barks) Take a look at this. – This is an ad for Mattel.

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