AI bot that wrote a paper about ITSELF could trigger WW3 unless governments immediately curb growing… – The US Sun

A "MALICIOUS" artificial intelligence bot that wrote a paper about itself could trigger World War III unless governments immediately curb its growing power, an expert has warned.
AI and blockchain technology expert Herbert Sim said that the creation of GPT-3 – a program that can produce text indistinguishable from human writing – in 2020 had “opened Pandora’s box”.
The tech expert warned that while certain groups and political oppositions could tap into using “troll bots” to undermine governments and spread fake news, their risks stretched much further.
However, left unchecked, Sims claims the programs could use their “intelligence” to write malware and even weaponize drones and bioweapons, becoming lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs).
“AI has helped technology shift forward hugely in recent decades, and undoubtedly there are lots of benefits to be reaped from it," he said.
“But like with any great advancement, checks and balances need to be put in place to ensure that it doesn’t backfire.
“The chance of that happening with AI on a large scale is slim at the moment, but it is a possibility and needs to therefore be looked at.
“It is astonishingly unlikely that a conflict could be triggered solely by AI, but taken together with other factors, it is not beyond the realms of possibility."
Sim added: “As ridiculous as sci-fi films like The Terminator may seem, there is always a risk that things can backfire, which is why governments and agencies need to ensure there are fail-safes in place.
“In the worst-case scenario, malware could trigger a conflict which could quickly escalate into a global war.
“No one wants that, which is why they need to act immediately to remove any risk.”
Sim, commonly known by the name of his venture capital fund, was keen to point out that he is not against AI and has recently invested in Solidus AI Tech – the project behind the world’s first artificial intelligence utility token – that can be used as a payment gateway to purchase AI services and High-Performance Computing (HPC) power directly from the eco-friendly data center based in Bucharest, Romania.
The project is also entering the Metaverse & Play2Earn gaming space, which according to a Bloomberg report, was $800billion in 2020 with huge growth predictions.
Solidus AI Tech is currently strategizing the creation of a next-generation Play2Earn Metaverse platform developed on Unreal Engine 5, which will feature 3D AI Meta Battlebots.
Swedish researcher Almira Osmanovic Thunström tasked the AI algorithm GPT-3 to write a 500-word academic thesis about itself and admitted that she was "in awe" when the program began to create the content, she recounted for Scientific American in June.
"Here was novel content written in academic language, with well-grounded references cited in the right places and in relation to the right context," she said.
In fact, the thesis was so good that Thunström hoped to publish it in a peer-reviewed academic journal.
However, this task presented many ethical and legal questions for the scientist.
Before scientific articles can be peer-reviewed, authors need to consent to publish.
She noted that philosophical arguments about nonhuman authorship also began to plague her thoughts.
"All we know is, we opened a gate," Thunström wrote. "We just hope we didn't open a Pandora's box."
When Thunström reached this stage, she admitted that she "panicked for a second."
"How would I know? It’s not human! I had no intention of breaking the law or my own ethics," she added.
She then asked the program directly if it agreed to be the first author of a paper together with herself and her colleague Steinn Steingrimsson.
Once it answered and wrote back "Yes," Thunström said she was relieved.
"If it had said no, my conscience could not have allowed me to go on further," Thunström added.
The researchers also asked the AI if it had any conflicts of interest, to which the algorithm replied "no."
At that point, the process had gotten a bit funny for Thunström and her colleague, as they were beginning to treat GPT-3 as a sentient being, even though they "fully" understood it's not, she said.
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