All Beta Boss Artifacts | ARK: Crystal Isles #33

Hey, just how'' s it going. Invite back to some Ark Crystal Isles. We'' re out below on the plesi We ' re gon na be getting a few of the artefacts that we require for the beta employer fight And the very first one we need is type of out here on a deep rack. This is the artifact of the shrewd Allow'' s proceed as well as'see if we can ' t reach it before, see dude there are many eels as well as every little thing around below Divine crap We absolutely need a whale male But this set, oh he obtained us Get out of it. Obtain out of it, man. I didn'' t bring a crossbow Oh, guy All right. We need to rush up Get this one as well as leave right here due to the fact that it is right below Oh, I don'' t have my fins. Oh, he ' s on us O man, oh this ain ' t good. Oh we could be dead here Divine crap do not head out in the ocean without a crossbow and also fins. I forgot my fins.Boy I inform

you what Let'' s go on as well as just take him out. There you go flee man Guy Well that ' s an amazing beginning to this episode All right, let'' s go on as well as grab this genuine fast So there we go artifact of the shrewd. I'' ll show you the collaborates of it real quick. So taking a look at regarding 83 25 Allowed'' s go in advance as well as get out of this water Good buddy, allow'' s put you in the cryo pod for now oh man, dude Yet yeah, so anyways, anyways, there are what do you acted? Oh, I think it'' s just meat as well as things Yeah, we wear ' t respect any of that So we need six artefacts complete for the beta employer And two of them remain in water and I think 1 or 2 of them are up in the snow area Which is mosting likely to be type of fascinating due to the fact that we place'' t been up there whatsoever really, given that we'' ve been on this map'I ' ve been desiring to explore it we simply Man, there'' s a lot to do.I haven'' t had time Let ' s go on and also get our normal equipment back on Toss out our lion as well as we'' ll head to the following one So I think the next one we'' re going to do is going to be the artefact of the devourer Which one ' s a quite easy one. It ' s simply up on top of a top So we'' re gon na head that way as well as we ' ll see you back in a few All right, so this one '

s up on among these peaks.I wear ' t recognize if it ' s this one or the other one May be the various other one Let ' s have a look at our coordinates.'We ' re looking for. Yeah. We ' re not rather there 15 45 Is the peak this will be on I think that ' s gon na be it right there Is that it ahead? No it is not. Ah there it is. You can'see it ahead there, purple color container So i ' ve got plenty of wyverns that are raised up as well as I just require a couple extra to get some eggs hatch out and after that do some Do some progressing to get some statistics up and afterwards we ' ll await the one in charge fight.So 15 45-ish is where this one is Really nice, very great Following one we'' re gon na go for is um Artifact of the seeker and also it'' s also on a'top, yet this ' s over in Kind of like the desert area All right, so the for the works with for the artefact of the seeker you ' re seeking 66 40 which will place us right down there on that particular height there Allows get a little dive bomb action going on here. A little bit more rate As well as with any luck, yeah i'' ve seen this set at evening a pair times when I was doing supply runs I simply didn'' t mess with it.I desired to wait for this video There'' s the coordinates for it once again in situation you need them Remarkable Halfway there. So this following one'' s quite close here.'It ' s really ideal over here by some red crystals as well as it ' s actually in a cave you can in fact reach it from I believe this side below All right, so the most convenient way to obtain to this is try to find the location with the red crystals It'' s right over by the desert biome show you on the map where we'' re at.We ' re near to 60 30 there But the entryway is kind of hidden This is it right below We'' ll proceed and also leave the lion out right here. I'' ll reveal you the works with for the entryway right here So we'' re checking out regarding 58 33 and that'' ll put you below Inform you what the audios in right here male are crazy No opponents or nothing a great deal of crystal though And also it'' s a straight shot as much as run and grab it So there we go artifact of the brilliant Oh, we opened some things too. Facial hairdo and also oh, all right okay.A little bit of barber stuff that we put on'' t ever before mess with All right, next one we ' re gon na head to is up near the redwood woodland It'' s in fact in the same cavern where we went to obtain the aspect ore. I did not understand there was an artefact in there So we'' re gon na direct in the direction of the giant bee cave and also we'' ll see back in a couple of Good lengthy as we put on'' t mess with the honey or the we'' ll be fine So we will certainly be needing the scuba diving container as well as a water mount for this set, too I did bring, oh i'' m going the upside-down. That'' s the other entryway I did bring the bary just in situation. I wear'' t know if the plesi will certainly fit in here I know the bary will certainly create that'' s what I utilize to find down as well as obtain element ore So I believe we'' re gon na leave him here As well as we'' ll take the bary down I'' m type of nervous around simply leaving him resting up right here, but I think, I believe he'' ll be great And also allow ' s proceed as well as obtain our diving container on It'' s gon na be means down here in the passage Rather a, quite a little bit of a swim.This passage in fact copulates bent on the sea Which is kind of cool So in situation you didn'' t see the video clip This is where you pertain to obtain component ore at. I believe it'' s among the areas Yet that ' s what they appear like right there. The little black rock with the purple type of radiant in it That right there is all you require. You can make aspect sheets and also male have I undergone a whole lot of that stuff recently That'' s why i ' m wishing to obtain these boss fights done be a great deal much easier to get obtain element Transcend the oil fields that are down here.Very great area

to order some oil as well There ' s a bit of every little thing down here. Oil, there ' s silica pearls, there'' s the component ore which also provides you a ton of steel But just stay to the left as well as it'' s type of like a one method one escape on this tunnel. Can ' t actually obtain shed And after that here we are. Right here it is simply in the middle of the passage below So the works with are about 32 24 once you get in the cave occasionally we go. Artefact of the depths So allow'' s see, what have we got? One 2 three, 4 5. Simply another And the next one is really up in the snow area.It ' s in an additional cave. So I'' m not taking any any, uh Shield up there that'' s made for chilly climate. So we'' ll see how that works out. Ideally, I wear'' t freeze With any luck simply snows as well as doesn'' t ice dice A little loot container here could too grab it while we'' re in the area Ah just some glow sticks. It'' s all right, though So this is where we'' re heading currently. I'' ve always sort of questioned what remained in below. Transforms out it'' s an artifact I wear ' t know if we can fly in there Let me reveal you the works with for the entry We'' re taking a look at 32 49 With any luck we can fly in right here. If not we'' ll have to swim. Oh great. That'' s not too poor after that What'' s the temperature in here 41 okay at all Kind of a good remote area. Be great for constructing if you do pvp So for this one, we'' re gon na come in and increase to the left right here I think It'' s sort of on the side of

a wall.Finding it'' s mosting likely to be the issue. Going to head up high Kind of dual back there and afterwards it need to be over this direction I think All right, so there'' s a little small entrance there to undergo. The coordinates we'' re looking for is like 33 55. Ah, here we go So, allow'' s see This area looks insane male Ah there it is right there nice. Man i'' ll tell you what, this thing is It'' s actually difficult to find.This nearly appears like, it reminds me of aberration Like where the rock drakes are however below we go. It ' s the last one. We'need artefact of the strong So that ' s it we have all 6 We obtained the clever, the cunning, the depths the devourer, the seeker and after that the solid All right, so we made it back to base in one item. Allow'' s go on I obtained some Little stands set out again. This way we can toss these out as well as have them on screen momentarily at least Gon na make this bridge or this little dock a lot brighter man.It ' s gon na be remarkable Wait what? That the very same one, I just put in there? Oh man, those 2 look the exact same. I obtained stressed. I resembled oh man there'' s a glitch And after that one more and that ought to be it Nice man those look great. So I assume there'' s like 6 more for the alpha. Guy that'' s a great deal of artifacts to be obtaining I like it though guy. Looks great looks great Well, I wish you liked it. We'' ll be doing the beta boss battle probably in the following one I put on'' t intend to reveal you what I have taking place yet. It'' s a surprise However gon na go in advance as well as leave this here. As constantly, many thanks for viewing as well as we'' ll see in the next one.

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