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what'' s the very best time ahead to Turkey? which. hotel to pick, where is the finest coastline? just how to utilize taxes as well as public transportation? how to purchase a.
SIM card? what cash to take with you as well as where to look for the very best cost? hey there everybody, my name.
is Olga and also this video is packed with useful tips for travelers. it will help you save cash,.
save time and also have the most effective trip possible.I would say that the most popular months are. July and August.
yet they are additionally the best months and a lot of humid. the majority of the individuals come.
with kids, since it'' s summer season vacations. and all of us, that stay in big cities, throughout.
the summer we do wish to get away to the beach. those are the most prominent months,.
yet the majority of the vacationers are below, the rates are the highest. it'' s very hot, it ' s. extremely damp. so I say, the better months are October and also May. the water could not be as. warm as it is in the summertime months, but there most definitely will be much less travelers and also the costs. at resorts as well as restaurants will certainly be likewise much better. if you desire to see Istanbul
, you can do it in. April, May or September as well as October. as well as in the summertime, especially in the old city, and also.
you do intend to go there when you'' re in Istanbul, but in the summertime time that component of community will certainly be.
very, extremely crowded.I would suggest scheduling hotels as early as feasible if you wish to obtain. a better price. and also so far, we ' ve been living in Turkey for a year,'as well as we do travel from time to. time, yet if we intended to just stroll in in a hotel, we would never ever get a better rate than the cost. that we see online. what to choose? all-inclusive hotel or a smaller Store Resort? everything of. program depends upon what type of tourist you are. if you are like me and also you put on ' t have kids,. as well as you desire to enter into the city to check out, when you ' re on a vacation, then, I would certainly say, go. for a boutique hotel.I would even state wear ' t publication a complete, book morning meal just. because. you will certainly want to go right into the City and examine out the regional dining establishments. and also I myself, I get. tired from the same food
at the resort everyday, which is the situation, specifically with smaller hotels. but also for example, if you ' re a pair with children, and what you ' re looking for is to take your. kids where they can be amused, and also they can delight in water slides, while you can. do some sunbathing at the coastline as well as just kick back, maybe also take pleasure in some computer animation throughout the day as well as. in the evening, after that an all-encompassing resort might be for you. bear in mind that there are naturally. premium complete hotels in Turkey, yet they come with a premium cost, it ' s greater than a 1000. Euro a week.So, as an example if you ' re getting a truly great bargain on a 5 celebrity resort at your trip. company, more than likely it won ' t be a real 5 celebrity, it will be 3,5 or 4 celebrity at finest. so don ' t expect. a premium hotel for an affordable price. that ' s why for couples or single vacationers without kids I.
would recommend to remain at the shop resort. and also possibly if your children are older as well as if you''
re. fine with them entering into the city, after that perhaps also for you a store hotel with just morning meal.
could be much better. likewise remember, that many of the extensive 5 celebrity hotels are a little bit away.
from the town hall. so when you wish to travel, you will certainly require to obtain a taxi.And particularly. taxis in those areas are occasionally not going by the meter, which is unlawful, however they still do. it. so my point of view is that smaller sized store hotels with breakfast just are a far better choice than. extensive big hotels. but of program you have to believe of your situation as well as what would be most. practical for you. where are the finest beaches? I would certainly suggest inspecting out my recent video clip. from Kemer. we went there just a number of weeks back and also I actually enjoyed the beaches there. so. far they are my preferred in Turkey. but you can likewise find excellent beaches in Antalya,
Alanya,. Oludeniz, Kaş and also many various other smaller sized cities. if you wish to snorkel and see some coastlines.
inaccessible by land, I advise going on a boat scenic tour. the boat will take you to a number of. beautiful locations in around 6 hours.You can expect to pay from 25 to 35 USD for it. the. most affordable you can get it is right at the marina in the Old City in almost every coastline city in Turkey. or you can get it at the traveling firm in community, or at your resort. their costs will be a lot more. costly, yet they will provide you a transfer from your resort to the marina, to the boat. just how. to obtain from the airport to the City? at most of the flight terminals there are large practical buses,. there are called Havabus and they are among the most affordable options to get right into the city, particularly.
if you ' re traveling alone.They will certainly take you to the town hall as well as from there you can get a taxi.
that will certainly take you to your resort.

another choice that ' s offered, for instance in Istanbul, in. Izmir and in Antalya, is to take a cable car right from the flight terminal to the town hall. as well as it ' s.
likewise the cheapest option. and obviously you can always take a taxi, every large flight terminal has authorities.
Yellow Taxi. you will see a huge taxi stand and also there will be people queuing for it. you come. as much as them, you tell them where you are going, either a neighborhood or an address or a hotel,. they activate the meter and at the end of your trip you will certainly pay by that meter.And usually.
with taxis never ever consent to go without the meter. I speak a lot more regarding the taxes and how to prevent being. scammed by them in my video clip regarding frauds. all the links will certainly be in the description. where to get the. transportation card to navigate the city? huge cities in Turkey have excellent transportation system,. Metro, ferryboats, buses, trams.
and it ' s fairly simple to get a transport card. the ticket devices. may look a bit different in various cities, yet the procedure itself'is fairly uncomplicated. as well as similar.You can buy your transportation card in every
city in Turkey at a ticket vending. equipment like this, they have them at bus terminals, or often just in prominent touristy locations. as well as. when you come near it, you see there is Turkish yet in the left corner there is English. if you. wish to buy a card, you purchase clever card and also the cost currently for it in. Antalya is 15 Turkish Lira.And after that when you intend to. load the card, placed it here, and the cash you place in right here, and also. once you ' re done you take the card off.
I personally really recommend renting out a vehicle here. in Turkey, particularly driving along the coastline that ' s a truly breathtaking drive. to obtain the ideal.
rate, you should schedule online. and you can reserve with the big firms.- just how far in advance need to you. book it?- publication it a number of months ahead, yet you can reserve, I assume, as much as a year in development
. so. if you reserved your trip you can also already book your auto. you can also get an automobile at.
the airport, there are also the huge business. we simply asked in the High period the rate, and it '
s. right now concerning 850 Turkish Lira. if you go right into the city center, you typically can obtain it cheaper
. costs are between 500 to 700 Turkish Lira. they are basically all over, as well as I can ' t actually. advise one “lease an automobile” in the city, since they are all rather similar.What we lately had here. in Antalya is that we can rent out an automobile for the minimum of 2 days, as well as we can just come at the. day itself to “rent out an automobile”. after that they would certainly tell us the rate, which would certainly be more than

they said. before.
and they all have concerning a similar system. yet it ' s certainly not as poor as we recently.
had in the north of Turkey, where they additionally have the exact same system. come on the day, however there.
the price was 1400 Turkish Lira to rent out an auto. that area was crazy pricey, yeah, we were.
in shock, so that video clip will be appearing soon on the network. so definitely watch it, because. that was one roller rollercoaster of a trip. just how to obtain a SIM card? the easiest way to get a SIM card. is right at the airport. and the major providers are Turkcell, Turk Telecommunications and also Vodafone. at the. flight terminal the rates are usually greater, however even in the city the costs are not as low as you might. anticipate. I directly don ' t have a preference. I utilized all of them, and currently I ' m using Turkcell, I. can not really state if one is far better than the various other, they all essentially work.And what makes.
the price pricey, is that in the start you need to pay an enrollment fee. often people.
think that they are being scammed, yet this is the instance for each SIM card provider, you do have. to pay the tax obligation. yet if you remain longer in Turkey, after that for every single month the rate won ' t be as high. is the Wi-Fi connection good? nowadays a growing number of people function remotely, like myself as well as for a. home Wi-Fi here in Turkey as well as in the cafes many of the time it functions excellent. in the house we are making use of Turkcell as well, as well as it ' s enough to make a video telephone call or to post a video. however when we ' re taking a trip. and also remain in resorts, on a regular basis the Wi-Fi is not so excellent. so you can essentially forget. uploading a video clip. the Wi-Fi will certainly be sufficient to browse the social media sites, however unfortunately not. more than that.So if you actually need a solid link while you go from one place to another,. or remain in hotels, I would certainly advise acquiring a sim card
with a lot of GB as well as you can utilize it. to secure. what kind of money to take with you? in a few of my previous videos, particularly from. Side and Bodrum, you might have seen that some of the restaurants have prices in Euro as well as in Dollar,. not in Turkish Lira. as well as basically what they do is they take your international money,
they exchange. it to Turkish Lira as well as keep what you owe them. if you as an example pay at the dining establishment, the remainder. of the modification you will certainly be given up Turkish Lira. I directly would suggest, if you have Euros,. Bucks, British pounds, take that money with you and take your charge card.
at the airport terminal you will see money exchanges, yet they won ' t give you an excellent rate. so you could desire to. exchange a bit for the taxi, because that ' s the main point that you need cash money for.And then in. the city enter into an exchange, or at the bank. there you will see the prices, you will have the ability to inspect. them if they are'good. that method you can obtain cash money. I additionally can advise using
Halk Bank ATMs. as well as if. your financial institution gives you a good currency exchange rate, then Halk financial institution will certainly not bill you extra.

as well as you can just
. obtain cash in Turkish Lira from your financial institution card. also my experience is that charge card are. accepted nearly everywhere, I lately also saw that a street supplier was approving charge card. so all the dining establishments, all the stores, 99 %
of the situations they will certainly accept your financial institution card. so what. regarding the shopping? is it good in Turkey? when you come as a vacationer, you will see markets in the old. city. and also some markets across your resort most likely.
if you ' re like me as well as you ' re not a large fan of. bargaining and also negotiating, then I would certainly recommend instead go to a buying mall.In the malls there. will be very great cooling, and likewise you will certainly see Turkish Brands like LC Waikiki, Koton,. De Facto and also Mavi. all of them are really moderately priced, they are fundamental high quality.
there you can. acquire whatever you require for your holidays: shorts, slippers, beach bags, coastline wear as well as more laid-back.
clothes, everything exists. and also the pro idea is that if you ' re strolling past the store,

and you see.
that the rates there are not in Turkish currency, not in Turkish Lira, if you see it ' s Euro or.
Buck, for instance, after that it ' s a 100 %warranty that they have tourist costs, which.
are gon na be inflated.For grocery stores you can most likely to either a supermarket like Migros or Carrefour,. or you can go to smaller sized stores like A101, BIM, Şok, or there is a 3rd alternative. in each. neighborhood there is an once a week Mart, so I would certainly state put on ' t hesitate to go to a Market,. if you have one in the community. and also if you ' re on a vacation, a pro idea at a small shop like A101,.
BIM, Şok there is no alcohol

. alcohol you require to purchase in a separate shop, it ' s called “Tekel” store.
or. you can most likely to a big Supermarket like Migros, and there they do have alcohol.
what phone apps do we. usage in Turkey ? first of all, taxi.In Istanbul you can make use of BiTaxi or Uber.
so in beach cities like. Antalya, Alanya, or Marmaris you will certainly be able to see a taxi stand, such as this, around the city. or. on the blog posts there will certainly be a taxi switch. you simply press it, after that “you await 10 to 15 minutes
,. and also the taxi will certainly come and also choose you up. if you ' re gon na use buses to see the routes, I utilize the Moovit.
Application. for food shipment we utilize Yemeksepeti.And in some cases it

can be a bit tough to communicate with. shipment individuals, but we just tell them “What ' s Application”, and after that we message them ourselves on the number that. they called from. and also we use Google Translate to communicate. for online buying, like clothing. and electronic devices, and some house devices, we use Trendyol. they have an alternative of supplying to. your door, so you wear ' t really need to interact with the delivery person. so far we never ever had a. issue with the shipment. Turkey is still among the most economical coastline destinations, however you. do need to be prepared for tourist catches, take a look at this
video following to understand what sort of frauds are. popular now in Turkey, and also just how you can prevent them.

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