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With the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) have come various niches such as play-to-earn and move-to-earn. As time has gone on, these niches have expanded, but platforms like AMAZY have taken steps to change how the whole space is structured.
AMAZY had launched a mobile application for iOS and Android to help users in their journey to exercise and earn while at it. However, instead of going with the popular move-to-earn model, AMAZY took the move&earn approach. This helps the app to encourage both fitness and a healthy lifestyle while onboarding people to the crypto world. The team also launched the AMAZY Academy, a place where new crypto users can learn about move&earn as well as the crypto market in general.
AMAZY’s growth since it first launched its app has been a rapid one. Currently, interest in the platform is so high that AMAZY has moved to limit the number of activation codes that are available on a daily basis. Users need a code to activate the account and start earning on the platform. AMAZY now provides these codes via a special Telegram bot, making it easier for new users to join. These limits are meant to make sure that not too many people are onboarded at the same time to protect the project’s economic model.
AMAZY also features its own marketplace where users can buy and sell unique in-app NFT collectibles such as Sneakers and Boxes. This ensures that users are always able to get what they need to get started or sell the NFTs if they no longer require them.
There is also the possibility of a rent-2-earn feature coming for AMAZY in future. This way, users can rent out their items to other users if they do not want to sell them, and those who do not want to own NFT can still make use of these collectibles without having to buy them outright. It is another method of earning passive income for AMAZY users.
One thing that has always stood out about AMAZY is the ability of the project team to innovate in a way that no one else has. Its most recent innovation is one that would bring the product into the real world.
The first of these is the launch of the physical fitness trackers (bands). By having these bands, users can run their AMAZY app both indoors and outdoors. It means that wherever a user chooses to exercise, they continue to profit as long as they have the fitness trackers on.
Secondly, the team has announced that they will be launching a blockchain game titled AMAZY: FIGHT CLUB. This app is based on a critically acclaimed and popular mobile game — I, The One. The game is loved by many around the globe and will help to quickly onboard players onto the AMAZY blockchain game.
AMAZY is also taking steps to ensure the success of the game by partnering with more than 350 world-famous celebs, athletes, and bloggers with more than 750 million followers in total. This push will put the game in front of millions of users all over the globe, making it interesting for them.
Last but not least, the products in the AMAZY Metaverse will use the AMT and AZY tokens. This will help to increase the utility of tokens, thereby increasing their value in the process. AZY token is already popular among crypto users, recording more than $20 million in trading volume within the first four hours of listing on exchanges. Their use in AMAZY’s products will further help to boost the ranking of both cryptocurrencies in the market.
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