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The easiest way to communicate with the Web3.0 is by using browser extension wallets. The number of such wallets is rapidly growing, but a small list of the top crypto Chrome wallets sets itself apart from the rest of the pack. We will cover these crypto Chrome extensions in this article.
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MetaMask is one of the leading crypto wallet providers and relies on browser integrations and good design to serve its purpose as one of the main gateways to the world of Web 3, DeFi, and NFTs.
MetaMask is a web browser plugin that acts as an Ethereum wallet, similar to installing any other browser plugin. Once it’s installed on your computer, it enables users to store Ether and any other ERC-20 token, enabling them to interact with any Ethereum address. By connecting to MetaMask, users can use their coins to play games, stake tokens in betting applications, and trade them for other cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges (DExs). It also provides users an entry point into the world of decentralized finance, which includes DeFi apps such as Aave, Compound, and many others.
MetaMask supports other popular chains like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc., which need to be added manually to the MetaMask in order to use them.
Coinbase Wallet is a secure, self-custody digital currency wallet that lets you store your cryptocurrencies safely in your own hands. It means that the private keys for your Wallet are stored on your mobile device and never on Coinbase’s servers. You can install it through the Google Chrome web store.
Coinbase Wallet is a wallet for storing cryptocurrencies. It lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, participate in airdrop and ICOs, collect digital art and other collectible items, browse DApps, shop at stores that accept cryptocurrencies, and send cryptocurrencies to anyone around the world using email addresses. 
Guarda Wallet is an online wallet that allows users to safely store over 400,000 digital assets. It is powered by 50+ block­chains and uses a web-based interface for desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) use.
The Guarda Wallet is available for use on any device, and it lets users trade between different cryptocurrencies within its software interface. You can even buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currency through the wallet’​s integrated Simplex.
With Guarda Wallet available via the web, it can be used on almost any device that has a browser. There are several versions of the wallet that you can download on any desktop or mobile device. You can also use a Chrome extension that integrates your wallet with your web browsers.
MathWallet is a multi-platform (mobile/desktop/extension/hardware) universal crypto wallet that allows for storing all Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, EOS, SOLANA, Binance Chain, Cosmos tokens.
Math Wallet also has cross-chain token exchanges and a multi-chain Dapp store.
Math wallet, of course, works with hardware wallets. It is actually quite easy to connect your Math crypto wallet with hardware wallets such as Ledger.
As expected, Math wallet does have a Decentralized Applications (dApp) browser as an option. It offers cross-chain token exchange and a multi-chain dApp store. You can connect your Math wallet with these dApps and swap tokens, trade, buy and sell NFTs, etc. 
Phantom is a digital currency wallet designed for use in the DeFi ecosystem. It makes it safe, easy, and convenient to use, store, transfer, receive, and collect tokens on the Solana blockchain. It is a noncustodial browser extension and crypto-wallet that allows you to interact with multiple blockchains in the Solana ecosystem easily. The wallet comes with a built-in extension that allows users to access cryptocurrencies and tokens, collect nonfungible tokens, and even swap them within the wallet.
Coin98 is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to store, send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies. Coin98 is built to provide a simple user experience while delivering superior smart experiences when using its services.
Moreover, Coin98 Wallet is working towards becoming the best DeFi gateway for everyone, regardless of their experience level.
Coin98 Wallet currently supports all coins/tOKENS on more than 25 blockchains, including BTC, ETH, TOMO, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, Avalanche, Binance Chain, Celo, Avax C- chain + X-chain, Cosmos (+Thor +Terra +Band +Kava + Secret Network), Polygon (Matic), Fantom, Dfinity, Persistence, Helium, Cardano, KardiaChain, xDai Chain, Ronin, and more to come.
Binance Chain Wallet is the official BNB wallet for accessing Binance Chain and Ethereum. You can also use it to securely store BNB and connect to thousands of blockchain projects across different blockchains including EOS, TRON, Stellar, Avalanche, Fantom etc.
You can easily swap your BNB for other tokens using the browser extension wallet. You can also mint NFTs and do yield farming. The Binance Chain wallet currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Brave.
Crypto DeFi Wallet is a decentralized wallet, meaning you own your private keys and are responsible for them. You can create a wallet using your recovery phrase, which you will need to access your funds if you lose your private key.
A custodial wallet is a digital wallet that stores your private keys and provides backup for your assets. This is what the App does today.
You can also use’s DeFi Wallet to stake cryptocurrencies like CRO and DOT to earn passive incomes on your crypto. Wallet is a great place to start if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency. It has everything you need to get started, including an easy-to-use interface, a built-in exchange, and a debit card.
Yoroi is a lightweight wallet for Cardano (ADA) used to send, receive and store ADA, Cardano’s underlying cryptocurrency. It’s easy, fast and secure. Yoroi is the first product developed by EMURGO. There are desktop and mobile apps for Chrome and Firefox, an Android app, and an iOS app.
Sollet Wallet is an open-source browser extension wallet for the SOL network. It allows users to send, receive, and swap SOL tokens. The wallet application is built by the Project Serum development team. Users can access the wallet through the web interface or mobile app.
It’s mainly suited for advanced users who want to develop their own applications.
Go to the Google Chrome web store and search for the wallet you want to install. Check if it is the right version (it must have a lot of downloads and solid ratings also, check the comment section). 
Like any app, Chrome is only as secure as its user allows it to be. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have learned the hard way after their crypto wallets were drained dry. The keys to their cryptocurrency were stolen by malicious Chrome extensions. So make sure to install the actual, official wallet from the webstore.
The best browser wallet is MetaMask, followed by Coinbase Wallet and Math Wallet.
Brave Browser, Firefox,, and Google Chrome are the safest browsers for crypto users.
Yes, has its non-custodial wallet in the form of a Chrome extension. (NOTE – this is not a app that is not available as an extension).
A browser-based wallet is a browser extension that allows you to access decentralized protocols and store your crypto and NFTs via them.
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