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A thread to all non-devs ❤️#TheMerge milestones are not always easy to follow. The Nethermind Forta Merge Bots are one way to track when the big event is due.

Let’s look at the dashboard ↓#MergeMonitoringBots 🧵1/10
🤖 One Merge Bot tracks milestones in TTD (Total Terminal Difficulty), which is the pre-determined threshold at which the transition from PoW to PoS will occur.

The bot will emit an alert when there are 15 days, 10 days, 5,4,3,2,1 days to the Merge, as well as for the official transition block at TTD 58,750,000,000,000,000,000,000. …3/10
After TTD is reached or exceeded, the next block will be produced by PoS – the consensus algorithm Ethereum will use post Merge.

More about PoS here:

🤖 The other Merge Bot calculates a moving average of the difficulty from the last 100 blocks. Alerts will be triggered when a block’s difficulty surpasses or drops below that average by 1.5%.

Why track this? 🤔 ↓ ..5/10
If this number were to fluctuate substantially, it would affect the date of the Merge. If the difficulty increases, we arrive at the merge date sooner. If it decreases, the merge date will be somewhat pushed back. 6/10
This may seem counterintuitive, but the math does not lie 🙂Let us know if you’d like to see a future thread on this. 7/10
The recent alerts are showing the block difficulty increased more than 1.5% compared to the moving average which means the Merge transition could happen somewhat sooner.

You can subscribe to the alerts so that, even with fluctuating estimates, you don’t miss the big event. 8/10
And the squiggly lines?@FortaNetwork is decentralized and uses independent node operators to scan blocks (think, batches of transactions, which are instructions for the Ethereum network) sent from node operators to the bots. The graph is a visualisation of that. 9/10
Following the successful completion & extensive testing of all core components, plus confirmed community readiness, we along with @cardanostiftung can today announce 22nd September for the #Vasil upgrade on the #Cardano mainnet. 🧵$ADA
#Vasil is the most significant #Cardano upgrade to date, bringing increased network capacity and lower cost transactions. The upgrade will also bring enhancements to #Plutus to enable devs to create more powerful and efficient #blockchain-based applications.

We’ve been tracking well against all three metrics we & @cardanostiftung set for launch:

📈75% mainnet blocks being created by the final Vasil node candidate (1.35.3)
📈Approx. 25 exchanges upgraded (c. 80% of ada liquidity)
📈Top 10 DApps by TVL confirming readiness

This is a significant undertaking for the whole technical #Cardano community. So in the past 24 hours, we’ve polled members of the SPO and Dapp communities and they have given us full confidence they will be #ReadyForVasil on the 22nd. 💪

The majority of leading exchanges have now started their update process. Based on current trajectory & previous experience, @CardanoStiftung has every confidence in them completing their updates & meeting the 80% liquidity metric set. ✅

Thanks to #Cardano’s unique hard fork combinator, we anticipate a seamless technical transition, with no disruption for its users or a break in block production. Users need take no action.

The #Vasil upgrade is a testament not just to the hard work of the core development team, but to the many technical contributions of the wider #CardanoCommunity. Many of the #Vasil improvements stem from community-driven #Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs).

As some of you may already know this upgrade is named in honor of @VStDabov, a #Cardano ambassador & community member who passed away, leaving a remarkable legacy with over 10,000 trees planted in his lifetime.🌳 6/7

Here’s to you, #Vasil 🙏



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