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Providing advanced trading capabilities, Bitcoin 360 AI positions itself as a crypto trading bot that invests on behalf of users. By leveraging AI-driven algorithmic software, Bitcoin 360 AI automatically scans the crypto markets to execute regular trades 24/7. 
This guide reviews the Bitcoin 360 AI crypto bot by discussing its key characteristics, features, advantages and disadvantages. We also discuss whether the platform is a scam or legit. 
To get a brief idea of some of the main characteristics this trading bot crypto project offers, we have provided an overview of the available tokens, deposits and more below. 
The cryptocurrency markets have been known to attract high levels of volatility and risk to investors. In 2022 alone, large cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have lost more than 50% of their valuations. 
In such a volatile market scenario, crypto trading attracts high risk and often leads to portfolio collapses. However, Bitcoin 360 AI offers a trading platform that deploys its cutting-technology software to scan the markets and make potentially profitable trades. 
All investors must do is create an account, deposit a minimum of $250 and begin trading. This software is highly beneficial for new investors and traders looking to invest in digital assets with little to no effort. According to the Bitcoin 360 AI website, investors can withdraw their funds at any time, which will be processed and appear on the account within 12-14 hours. 
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The Bitcoin 360 AI platform offers two trading options – the fully automated robot mode and a manual trading mode. With the first option, Bitcoin 360 AI uses advanced technology to deploy an AI-based software which scans the cryptocurrency markets. All trading responsibilities have been given from the investor to the robot, allowing the software to automatically buy and sell new open positions. 
The second option is the manual trading setting – where investors can initiate new trades independently. However, depending on the setting preferences, investors can still be suggested new trades and positions by the auto trading robot. 
On the Bitcoin 360 AI website, the platform claims to access ultra-modern technology that scans the cryptos 0.01 seconds faster than the market. This information is used to analyze price movements and predict the future prices of large cap cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. 
The Bitcoin 360 AI platform functions 24/7 with a single click of a button. All investors need to do is create an account, deposit funds and set the software live. The crypto bot keeps making new trades daily, by using technical and fundamental analysis at its disposal. 
The sections below take a closer look at some of the most important features that Bitcoin 360 AI has to offer: 
The Bitcoin 360 AI website suggests that the investors’ and traders’ data is 100% safe. The platform has set several advanced security protocols and measures to protect consumer data, such as SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. 
Furthermore, the accounts are password protected as well. 
Bitcoin 360 AI claims to possess one of the best crypto trading tools available in the industry. This trading bot provides a simple user interface, making trading easily accessible to investors. Furthermore, the platform claims to use an award-winning algorithm, which scans the various crypto markets to generate successful trades. 
Bitcoin 360 AI states that it has a 99.6% success rate, which is definitely a positive for many traders. However, there is no real concrete data that can confirm this number. Furthermore, we were not able to verify the claims since all the features can only be accessed after making the initial deposit of $250.
Due to the volatile nature of cryptos, prices change every second. Therefore, even one second can end up making a huge difference when entering/exiting a trade. While achieving success using human intervention may be hard in this scenario, Bitcoin 360 AI claims to track the markets 0.01 seconds before any other platform. 
By doing so, the autotrading robot can make potentially profitable trades daily. Again, we have no concrete data that can support this claim, due to the lack of transparency provided on the website. 
According to the Bitcoin 360 AI site, the crypto trading robot does not charge additional fees or subscription costs. After creating an account and depositing $250 or more, traders get free access to the AI software that begins tracking the cryptocurrency markets. 
After further research, we were not able to identify any additional trading fees that this crypto platform charges. Due to the limited information available before making a deposit, we suggest that investors do their own research before investing in any exchange. 
The Bitcoin 360 AI crypto trading bot claims it offers a high-speed autotrading bot that can provide high success rates to traders. Moreover, the platform states that new investors can access demo accounts to discover trading features and withdraw their investment anytime. 
However, the lack of information make these claims hard to verify. After making a minimum deposit of $250, investors can access the free software and begin trading and learning about the accuracy of this crypto robot. We recommend interested readers to conduct their own research and properly evaluate the platform prior to depositing any funds. 
After researching this crypto trading platform, readers can decide on whether to begin trading with Bitcoin360 AI. Should you choose to invest, we have listed a step-by-step process to begin trading with the platform below: 
Firstly, traders can visit the Bitcoin 360 Ai website and fill in the simple sign-up form on the right of the screen.
Details include entering your full name, phone number and email address. Click on ‘Register Now’ to continue. 
2: Deposit Funds
After the account is created, investors can now make a minimum deposit of $250. It is recommended not to make a higher deposit before testing out the strategies and trading software. 
3: Demo Trading
According to Bitcoin 360 AI, the platform offers a demo account. This can be used to access the proprietary software without trading any real funds. 
4: Start Trading
Finally, investors can access the standard trading account. Traders can customize their trading settings by choosing their risk parameters. Furthermore, the platform claims to offer investors the choice to decide how much autonomy they want the AI algorithm to have.
Traders can choose to invest manually, or set an automatic feature which will set the software live and allow it to make trades on their behalf. However, we were not able to verify any of these claims. 
This guide has reviewed Bitcoin 360 AI – a crypto trading robot that automatically scans the cryptocurrency markets to look for potentially profitable trades. According to this robot, it has high levels of accuracy and opens/closes daily positions on behalf of the user. However, we were not able to verify these claims. 
We recommend interested readers to conduct their own research and decide whether Bitcoin 360 AI is a scam or legit. 
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What is Bitcoin 360 AI? 
Bitcoin 360 AI is a crypto trading robot that makes crypto trades on behalf of the investor. The platform deploys its own AI algorithm, which can scan markets quickly to determine potentially profitable trades. 
Will I Make Money with Bitcoin 360 AI?
According to the Bitcoin 360 AI website, it has a high success rate of more than 99%. However, these claims cannot be verified. The platform requires investors to deposit fiat currency before getting full transparency and access to its features. 
Who are the founders of Bitcoin 360 AI? 
After researching the platform, we found no information on the creators or developers. The platform team is anonymous, and there is not much known about Bitcoin 360 AI founders. 
How do I Begin Trading with Bitcoin 360 AI?
According to the platform’s website, investors can complete a quick registration process and proceed to deposit $250 or more. Afterwards, they are given access to the free trading software, which will start scanning the markets and making new cryptocurrency trades.

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