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There are many crypto trading bots in the world. It isn’t an easy task to choose a crypto trading bot.  One of them, BitiCodes, claims to offer quick and easy access to popular cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at BitiCodes to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.  It is a complete crypto auto-trading software designed to help both beginner and expert traders make accurate as well as profitable trades. 
As stated above, it offers quick and easy access to some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It has more than 560,000 current active users. According to BitiCodes, it is regarded as one of the most reliable and accurate auto-trading software. For example, this Bitcoin robot, unlike some on the market, can also trade Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more popular big cap altcoins using its proprietary algorithms.  Its website also states that it isn’t mandatory to have the prior trading experience to make a profit.
Importantly, the software is designed to catch opportunities in the market, and thanks to its highly accurate technology, BitiCodes is considered much safer compared to trading on our own.
How does it work?
Its website states that: it implements sophisticated algorithms based on the entry, exit, stop-loss, and other rules to maximize profit or achieve pre-set trading goals. It is worth mentioning that BitiCodes is linked to the broker account and trading platform like MetaTrader to execute trading rules.
What’s interesting is that the system analyses technical indicators like moving averages, historical data, relative strength index (RSI), and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and executes the trade without the direct involvement of the trader.
Similarly, traders have the opportunity to establish specific rules based on the mentioned above technical indicators. For instance, start selling off if cryptocurrency prices go below a particular level. Furthermore, various trading strategies are applicable and customizable – one can apply their own trading style.
What Makes BitiCodes so interesting?
 First of all, if you want to gather more information about its activities, just type ‘ free’.  Users don’t have to worry about (account opening fees and deposit/withdrawal fees.) Hint: there are no such fees.  Hopefully, a trader or an investor doesn’t need to spend hours studying as well as analyzing charts. 
You don’t have to worry about emotions either. Just remember algorithms make decisions based on data rather than emotions, so the panic element is excluded. Sometimes even the most experienced traders can make mistakes because of emotions.  We shouldn’t forget about diversification. The platform enables users to implement multiple trading strategies applicable to a particular cryptocurrency at a time. 
As stated earlier, no experience is needed as the algorithms execute trades for you; it is much easier than manual trading. Moreover, trading rules are applied to historical market data and technical indicators, so false interpretations, and misleading guesses are omitted. And what about speed? As human factors are excluded, BitiCodes immediately responds to market fluctuations and changes market conditions without any emotions and doubts.
Customer support is simply brilliant. No need to worry; you will have support from the moment you register. To sum up, BitiCodes isn’t a scam. Furthermore, as you can see, it has several advantages over its rivals. 
Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.
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