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BitiCodes is an automated crypto trading bot that trades Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on behalf of the user by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the recent volatility being experienced in the digital assets sector, investors are looking for a way to make profits without much experience. 
But is the BitiCodes trading robot a scam or legit? This guide will take a detailed look at the BitiCodes AI crypto trading bot to determine whether it actually provides benefits to investors. 
Before looking into this automatic trading platform, the table below provides an overview of what to expect, according to the BitiCodes website
BitiCodes is an automatic crypto trading platform that provides traders with a new way to invest in cryptocurrencies. The platform uses artificial intelligence to deploy software that can automatically scan volatile crypto markets. 
Based on the analysis conducted by the BitiCodes crypto trading bot, the software suggests the right time to implement new trades and open positions for Bitcoin and other popular cryptos. Since many beginners are looking for a simpler way to invest in cryptos, BitiCodes saves investors a lot of time by taking responsibility and trading on behalf of the traders. 
According to the BitiCodes website, manual intervention is only required while creating an account and initiating a minimum deposit to begin trading. After depositing $250 or more onto the account, the BitiCode software starts doing the work and scans the markets in real-time. However, investors can regularly track the platform and withdraw their funds at any time. 
Crucially, BitiCodes is a free crypto trading bot. There are no sign-up fees or account maintenance fees, allowing investors to take back most of their earnings. 
Now, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of trading with BitiCodes. 
Visit BitiCodes Now
The unique selling point of BitiCodes is its automatic trading bot – which deploys a software that can calculate the right time to open new cryptocurrency trades. According to BitiCodes, it uses cutting-edge technology to actively track the price movements of large cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. 
The powerful AI algorithms that BitiCodes deploys are used to calculate crucial data points by analyzing key market fundamentals and technicals. Once the crypto trading bot identifies potentially profitable trades, it enables new trades on behalf of the investor. Furthermore, the AI software also scans the best time to exit a trade by implementing strong stop/loss protocols to take a profit or avoid further losses. 
Moreover, BitiCodes states that it works with other brokers to maintain and control the platform, but we were not able to verify this claim. BitiCodes also claims that all the orders are conducted by ‘highly precise trading robots’, which heightens the chance to make profits. However, we could not find accurate data to back the claim. 
The next section of BitiCodes crypto trading bot review is to look at the platform’s top features. 
The main feature of the BitiCodes platform is its simple user interface – designed to attract beginners and new crypto investors. With limited to no effort required by the investors, the automatic crypto trading platform will do most of the work on behalf of the user. 
One must simply create and confirm the account to get started. After depositing a minimum of $250 – account users can set the software live. Once this is done, BitiCodes will begin scanning the markets and initiate new trades daily. Traders can access the BitiCodes account via a web browser and only require a stable internet connection to get started. 
Moreover, the BitiCodes website claims to be compatible with all devices. BitiCodes can be accessed via the website, mobile and tablets. This makes the crypto trading bot instantly accessible at any time.
The BitiCodes website claims to provide each new user with their dedicated account managers, once registration is completed. Traders can contact the account managers via Whatsapp, Telegram, email and phone to solve any account-related queries. 
Apart from account managers, BitiCodes members can access customer support 24 hours a day. The customer support department offers the same availability as the account managers – as they are also available in different online mediums such as email, Telegram and more. 
The BitiCodes website claims to offer investors demo account options – allowing one to access the account features and software without investing any real money. A demo account will support the same features as the standard account but uses virtual money to open new trades and invest in assets. 
The demo account feature is beneficial for traders looking to test out a new platform without risking any real assets. 
Since security is a vital issue for any crypto trading platform, BitiCodes claims to have initiated various security protocols to protect investors’ funds. The data stored on BitiCodes’ database is fully encrypted, which makes it immune to potential hackings. 
The platform also states that it uses multiple SSL certificates to protect customer data. 
Most importantly, the crypto trading robot software claims to have a very high success rate. Since the software uses cutting-edge technology to scan the markets to initiate trades at the best time possible, its algorithm manages to make potentially profitable trades. 
The BitiCodes website suggests that the AI algorithm has a success rate of 96%. However, this has not been verified by us. 
One crucial criterion before investing with any crypto platform is to look at the trading costs. However, BitiCodes claims to offer its services without any fees. Interested investors can join BitiCodes and use the automatic software without paying subscription fees or additional trading fees. 
However, BitiCodes does take a commission for the profits made on the site. Due to a lack of transparency, we cannot confirm how much BitiCodes takes as commission. The table below provides an overview of the various fees and costs. 
BitiCodes claims to provide various benefits with safeguard the interests of investors. Traders can easily access the platform after creating an account and signing up. Furthermore, BitiCodes 96% claimed success rate might be lucrative for many investors. 
However, we cannot verify these claims without using the services the platform offers. While the crypto trading bot suggests various security protocols and steps to protect clients’ funds, this cannot be verified again. 
BitiCodes is transparent about its minimum deposit of $250 to begin trading. While the minimum deposit may seem hefty, the software claims to charge no additional trading or account management fees. Furthermore, the demo account is a way to test the platform’s features without risking your real funds. 
To get a more detailed idea of the platform, investors can head over to the BitiCodes site and test out some of the features themselves. 
Visit BitiCodes Website
After reviewing the website, investors can decide on whether they want to begin trading with BitiCodes. The sections below provide a step-by-step guide on how to use BitiCodes right now. 
Visit the BitiCodes website, and begin the registration process. Enter your full names, email addresses and phone numbers to get started. Click on ‘register securely now’ to continue.
After the registration has been completed, investors must deposit funds into their accounts. BitiCodes claims to support fiat currency deposits via credit/debit cards or bank transfers. Deposit a minimum of $250 to get started. 
The demo trading account is an available feature to access before trading on the standard account. New investors can make the most of this feature and begin trading with the BitiCodes trading software without putting any real funds on the line. 
The final step is to begin trading with BitiCodes. Investors can customize their trading preferences by choosing their preferred markets and robot preferences. Investors can set the software on automatic mode and allow the AI technology to begin scanning markets and opening new trades. 
Open a BitiCodes Account
This crypto trading bot review has analyzed the key features and fundamentals of BitiCodes – an automatic trading platform. BitiCodes claims to support automatic trading by scanning crypto markets and trading on behalf of users. 
Interested readers can visit the BitiCodes website to learn more about this cryptocurrency robot trading platform. 
Visit BitiCodes Website
What is BitiCodes?
BitiCodes is an automatic trading bot that deploys cutting-edge technology and AI features to trade on behalf of users. The platform aims to find the best times to open new crypto positions by scanning the markets and using fundamental and technical analysis. 
Is BitiCodes a scam or legit?
The BitiCodes website claims to offer multiple security protocols and limited account fees to provide investors with various benefits. However, we cannot verify these claims as of yet. 
How do you use BitiCodes?
Investors can visit the BitiCodes website and fill out the registration form to get started. After depositing $250 or more, traders can begin trading with BitiCodes.

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