good morning good afternoon and good evening this 
is max the curious kryptonian back with another   video and we're on day two of bits gap all right 
so this is one of those platforms that it doesn't   include anyone else it only includes myself my 
money my exchanges my wallets and a trading bot   right and this trading bot is called bits gap 
so please like comment subscribe take a look   at everything in the description i've got all 
the links that you need to the telegram channel   i've got the link to bits gap as well right so 
take a look at the very least right there are   a bunch of us that are we may have went through 
quite a few things right there's platforms that   ask for your money and then they do some stuff 
right there are platforms that ask for your money   and they don't do anything and they all seem to 
end in the same result of where's my money so   this is an effort now again some of those 
platforms actually work i'm a part of a few   that are still paying me and they've been paying 
me so it's all about doing your due diligence   watch out for those percentages and let's see 
what's actually realistic so again like comment   subscribe join the team take a look at everything 
in the description come to the telegram i've got   two telegram channels happening right now i'm only 
posting one in the description i'll give you the   other one when you get there because that one is 
it's a private channel and it's got a little bit   more of i guess fiery information so come on 
through and let's see what's happening but as   you know let's get to the money bits gap all right 
so for those who are just joining in this video   right bits gap what it is is it's a trading bot 
that allows you to do trading it's nothing more   it's nothing less that's all it is okay so you 
know there's some other things that it's saying   here automate your crypto trading so that's 
great because i don't have to manually do this   right i can set and forget theoretically i will 
never ever do that myself i check every day   i am not a financial advisor so you can go 
ahead and never check or you cannot use the   platform at all right completely up to you 
right so there's a seven day free trial here   okay very simple right it's a trading bot 
it's going to be doing trading for you   okay it's 24 7.

It's based on uh on a 
grid you can also back test these grids   so what that means is that i can put 
in settings into the bot and i can see   how it will how it has worked or how it would 
have potentially worked with how the market went   over the past seven days 30 days three days 
things like that by just clicking one button   it's so simple which is incredible right so just 
going through the website for those who don't know   right lots of action here is what 
this means we've got some testimonials   so as i said last time the api key is all that's 
necessary right so they cannot withdraw your funds   at all all right so that's the best part about it 
okay i'm using kucoin right now for my exchange   at some point i'll do a deposit or i'll 
do a an api uh video one that connects   bits gap to kucoin using an api it's super simple 
okay i'll do that at some point all right so free   trial as we know and that's the end of the page 
super simple okay we'll look at the pricing i'll hit the one month pricing all right 29 
a month okay this is fine right you get two   bots i'm using one right now you'll see as we 
get into the platform but what's important is   the trailing up feature so i'm gonna opt for the 
69 one once i get into the actual uh once i get   past my trial i should say okay so trailing up 
what that means is that as the market goes up   the parameters of the bot also go upwards along 
with it it doesn't mean that you're spending   more money right it just means that the settings 
change to accommodate for the market now there's a   trailing down feature as well which i'm not using 
that okay that's all i'm going to say for that   all right so let's get into the platform i just 
want to see the results today that's why i'm here   so there's a couple things that i'm looking at 
one are the demo bots that i set up yesterday   and the other is the live bot that i set up okay 
so this is really interesting all right what are   we seeing here so as you know there's this very 
scary looking graph with a bunch of lines and no   one knows what to look at right but basically what 
this is is that whenever these here let me zoom in okay we're going to continue to approach this way okay 
so whenever they headed out into the green that's   when you make a purchase the bot will make 
a purchase all right you want the bot to buy   when it's low okay and then whenever 
it heads into the red it's going to   sell all right and that's when you make your 
money okay super simple so if we take a look over the last i guess since 6 am this 
morning right it's been trailing down okay trading down i should say or trending down uh   it's also been heading up before that so 
it's doing this nice sideways right so   this is it's doing some purchases it's doing 
some sales now i know that it's heading downwards   but again this bot hasn't been open for very 
long right it's been one day seven hours so you   wanna see this movement right we're gonna 
see where this goes when i opened this up   i saw the stop loss was written down and just 
as a note this is not looking at my main choice   this is looking at the ens okay ethereum name 
service i believe is what it is so i'm up 1.54   percent in terms of what the bot has made 
me however the total amount that the coin is   showing is negative 5.1 so it's actually went down 
since i purchased okay so i'm going to open this   up a little bit more and i want to see again was 
this a good choice of coin i mean we'll never know   right what our choices look like until 
we actually run the bot for some time   so if we open this up here i'm gonna go for a one 
month i'll go for a three month as well all right   so you can see where the highs are and part of why 
i chose this bot is because this range right here   it's not unreasonable right it's in 
a range here where we've seen highs   okay we've seen much higher even when it's dipped 
down here right it's still higher than where we're   at right so my hope is that it will continue 
to go up at some point and when this goes up   that's when we start making money okay and 
let's go ahead and head to coin market cap all right because i'm going to show you again 
what i do so i'm going to type in ens in here   ethereum name service i'm going to select it and 
make sure that it hits my parameters so the rank   is 131 which is great above 200 i'll take that 
the volume is above 20 million because we want   to make sure that we're we have the ability to 
make trades happen and i look at 20 million and   up okay so great fantastic okay so we are in our 
volume all right so obviously it's trending down   right so i the reason why i came here is 
because i wanted to look at the one year   i want to see how it's been right so why i liked 
this one right is that okay it was doing well   you know you got some pumps in here and it's 
been trending down ever since november right   just like the entire market pretty much okay 
so when it started to stabilize around here   right 17 or so right january of 2022 we're 
seeing that it goes up a bit it goes down a   bit from there it goes up a bit it goes down a 
bit right we had a little bit of a pump here so   and then and then it dropped off right and this 
here was when we really saw the market crash so if   this is what we're looking at in terms of what a 
market crash looks like my thought process is well   unless this is just going to go to zero 
then this should head back up at some point   will it i guess we'll find out right now this 
bot that i have here this is only in demo mode   so i'm not trading real money with this 
right i mean on the surface you know i'm   i'm happy about it right now but in a few days 
i may have said i wish i was actually trading   with this because we don't know what's going 
to happen right so my thought is that looking   at how the how the graph looks and thinking 
about the fact that yes there was a crash here right in these times move in a little bit closer right so that's april there so in fact if 
we're actually looking at it okay yes that's   correct so in this time this is sort of when 
all that crash was happening okay right so what i'm thinking is it's got 
to go back up at some point   now i'm not going to start trading real money 
with it but i'm interested to see over the next   few days what this looks like because i may 
jump in later all right so let's look at luna   okay cause luna and as you'll see later 
i actually did jump in with real money   but let's continue to look at the bot so 
luna's performing actually quite interesting   right so luna right and for those who don't know 
okay i'm gonna type in luna here luna was in the   news quite heavily right over the last while and 
apparently there's some news that's supposed to   be coming out today uh maybe by the time you 
watch this video it's already come out or   maybe it didn't come out i don't know all right 
so here's luna okay rank 213 it's a little bit   under 200 but the interesting thing about luna is 
that it used to be pegged right to the us dollar   but it has recently been de-pegged there was 
a crash of luna right ust you can check this   out in other videos right just always keep 
up on your crypto news if you're looking to   really make profits here or don't don't be in 
crypto at all right not your financial advisor   i don't have information to help you because i 
don't own your money only you have information   for your own money all right i have information 
for mine you've got info for yours super simple   all right so i'm just looking again at whether 
this luna meets my parameters so 213 it's a little   bit under 200 but because i know about the actual 
coin i'm willing to go ahead and take that risk   the volume definitely hits what i need 642 
million right lots of volume lots of trading okay   let's take a look down here so as you can see 
right there's been a lot that's happened uh if we   open up the let's check out the three month right 
okay so obviously it's doing well it's doing well   you know we're in that range and then we get a 
huge drop off right right in this same time right   may 8th may 9th may 10th may 11th huge drop off 
okay and then it's been sort of stabilized in   that respect since now many people expect for it 
to go back up i mean i guess we'll find out that's   partly why i'm in it in the first place so lots 
of volatility lots of volatility here okay downs   downs even even within um these time frames 
here right we're seeing lots of downs lots of   ops right coming all the way back up over here 
right and again i mean we like volatility okay   that's what we want when we have these bots 
because we want it to purchase low and then   sell when it goes up right if it wasn't moving 
we wouldn't be able to really make any money   okay so let's head back to bits gap so what 
we're seeing here is that after one day   i'm actually up three percent right minus 
this change right minus the one percent here   that it's down okay so up roughly about 
two percent overall right now okay on this   um on this spot now i do have certain 
settings here and i use the different settings   uh within the live bot so i'm gonna go ahead and 
do that so let's switch to the live this is really   what we want to see right here so as you can see 
i'm on kucoin and let's check out my kucoin bot   well look at this okay because i started a little 
bit later i changed my settings a little bit not   going to talk about settings because it doesn't 
matter right you have to do your homework in   order to really understand settings okay maybe 
come to the telegram channel we can have some   conversation you can copy these settings if you 
want it might not work for you uh yeah that's   all i've got for you to be honest i can help you 
in terms of understanding what each of these mean   maybe i'll do a video on it maybe i won't i don't 
really know because at the end of the day part of   this has to do with you understanding what your 
goals are and what you're trying to achieve   and maybe i can help you with that right so as an 
example right now i'm seeing 1.54 after 16 hours   i mean if this hits 2 after 16 hours or more i'm 
i'm extremely happy with that right you've seen   other platforms right cotp as an example 3 3.3 
3.6 per day right compounding sure i mean you can   compound with this too just take your money and 
put it back in right but i mean they're not here   so maybe they'll be here another time or later 
maybe by the end of this video they'll be back   i don't know but right now they're not here so 
i'll i would be extremely happy with two percent   over 24 hours and from when i started the bot 
with my settings everything's positive so far   now it may go down and i hope it goes down i like 
when these coins go down right if this continues   to head downwards then that means it's just 
going to buy it's going to buy it's going to   buy because my thought is that luna is going to 
go back up as we saw over here and we'll find out   i can easily be wrong this is a large 
large large dip for something that was   you know essentially pegged to the us to 
usd and it's still going it's still alive   i mean it's gamble it might go to zero if it goes 
to zero then my bot will stop it will stop anyway   so that's okay with me as we saw previously 
a stop loss was actually just brought in so   uh we'll see what happens i believe here i 
can also modify i can include a stop loss   and here you can read this as well when the 
price reaches a specified stop loss level   we will sell all base currency used and close the 
bot just to stop the bot stop the movement right   now when it does get out of this range 
here so if i buy buy buy buy buy buy   after this line down here right the bottom green 
it's gonna start saying that it's out of range   right this active will turn to range so that 
means that i can't do anything right i don't   have trailing down on because if trailing down 
was on then it would just continue to go down   and down and down i don't i'm not ready for that 
risk right maybe you are again do whatever you   need to do i'm personally not ready for that 
risk but what i do know is that i'm up 1.54   right the change in the actual coin from 
what i started right 0.47 so i'm doing okay   this is after a day and i have control of 
my money i can stop this bot right now if   i'm like hey 15 bucks is enough i can go and get 
two coffees from you know starbucks great right   i don't know what your coffee store is but maybe 
you know starbucks right then great i'll just go   get a couple coffees right call today pay some 
taxes on this right however you deal with that   and be on your way so i'm going to continue 
to hold this i think i do expect luna to go up   i don't know what other coin pairs i'm gonna 
choose as yet this is just day two it's only   been 16 hours since i started this i'm still doing 
homework as i was mentioning if you're looking for   coins come over to this recommended strategies 
area right check out the last three days and see what what interesting action has been 
happening right this is what i do not saying   that you have to do this but this is what i do 
and when you choose a coin right so like let's   say i'm choosing cara just head to coin market 
cap and make sure that it's a reasonable coin okay rank 3337 probably not that reasonable in terms of what 
i would choose it's got not even half a million   volume i'm thinking next right head down to mls 
what does mls look like okay uh they're not even   on there what does anc look like okay anchor 
protocol some people were talking about this one   right this one's kind of interesting i remember 
this this had some some interesting amount of   views right so anchor protocol 187 right 
this is trading 1 billion 1.3 billion okay it's definitely doing its thing right 
people are always asking can i go to   one dollar i mean we don't know 
if it's gonna go to one dollar right go to the seven day something clearly 
happened here so i'm interested to maybe do   some homework and find out why there was a bump 
and why were all of a sudden positive let's look   at the one month same time we had that dip so 
this one might actually be kind of interesting i may take a look at this one now obviously 
we had a high up here if we're looking at the   three month this is back in february right and i'm 
just looking at the trend this is when we expected   that everything would go down now we've got our 
down and we were in it and now we're up again   right and maybe it's starting to stable uh 
stabilize i mean who knows maybe it'll go to   zero we don't know right that's the risk so i 
mean hey take money that you don't really need   and try it out that's that's what i'm thinking 
to myself i'm not saying that you need to do that   right if i head over to right once i kind 
of take a look and i say all right 187 is   reasonable 1.3 billion volume is reasonable 
let's see what this is do i care about this right this is an app sorry about that sorry something 
to do with borrowing and earning   right i can go into my own 
page this is just showing right clearly this is it looks 
like it's a coin of some sort something to do with luna so this is a pretty 
risky bet because luna already had its issues so this is just going to require some research 
from me right and you're you're seeing this   with me right this clearly has something 
to do with tara and luna and all of that   and that's why we're seeing such volatility right within here so i don't know if i want two coins in 
my portfolio that have to do with luna   so i'm not sure i'm not i'm not really you know 
when i see green i'm not thinking wow this must   be great right when i see green i'm thinking okay 
well what did it look like previously right and   one thing we can also do is we can do a back test 
right so if i head over here and i select a and c and let's say i'm just going to put in you 
know some amount right so cool right let's say   i'm going to put in around 500 514 and i'm just 
gonna leave the settings just for the sake of it   uh i'll pull this down all right i'll just do some 
just some stuff that i don't mind doing just for   the time being again not explaining any of this 
because i don't don't really care to might be a   little bit high i'm just going to put this 
here just because i want to see what a back   test is going to look like and i'll hit back test 
right so what this is saying is that it expects   you know almost four percent a day based on 
these settings right over the three days right   27 percent going over seven days 118 so some 
of this might be attractive to some of you um you know this is what has happened right   over this last period of time you can see 
the range you can also change the range right just seeing what happened 
here you can just take a look   right if it's giving you a 13 day result right 
so just based on those settings and again i   i did not vet these settings right so if you 
decide to use these because you're watching   i mean again you can do whatever you want right 
i'm not i'm i may not even go in with this i'm   not sure i need to do some more homework 
okay i really want to always believe it in   what i'm in the coin that i'm purchasing okay 
if it's if it's a coin based off of another coin   i mean i just i don't know right so we'll see uh 
either way i know that this has been in the news   i know that it's doing well right now we'll 
see how it continues to do right and again   all of this takes homework i'm just giving you 
an update on how things are going on my end   i'm having a great time with this i love seeing 
profits i love trying things and it works   right so again not your financial advisor right if 
you're going to use settings it's all at your own   risk that's it all right so you can like you can 
comment subscribe do the whole thing again doesn't   matter much to me because it's not my money 
but it is your money so it should matter to you   and we'll see what happens so just a little 
update join the telegram please lots of action   happening right now in both the channels 
right we've got quite a few characters and   everyone is is having a great time so i know 
you know this market has been a little bit   volatile over the last little bit 
it's been quite down trending but   this is the time right at least that's how i'm 
seeing it so like comment subscribe take a look   in the description for whatever you need i've 
got the telegram link i've got a link to bits gap   just please keep control your money this is 
an opportunity to actually take control of it   and bits gap at least is doing that 
for me right now over the last 16 hours   that's about all the data that i have so 
we'll keep going on this day too and then   i'll see you on day three so let's make 
some money i'll see you on the next one

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