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TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, July 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BOT Planet is expanding its DeFi ecosystem with a blazing fast, secure and convenient non-custodial crypto wallet dedicated to become the one-door gateway to all services and platforms of the company.

BOT Wallet is a user-friendly and multifunctional tool for digital assets management. Most GameFi projects rely on third-party wallets and payment infrastructure, which results in data leaks or technical difficulties. BOT Planet is independent from this point of view. Besides several minor products, the company is developing its own DEX, NFT Marketplace, messenger, and flagman blockchain Play-to-earn game – Nexus Shift.
“This way we are responsible for each product, feature and functionality inside the ecosystem. We aim to create a decentralized heaven for crypto lovers and gamers,” – comments the team of BOT Planet.
The BOT Planet team is a combination of crypto natives, international serial tech entrepreneurs, and investors with backgrounds in blockchain & crypto, deeptech & IT startups, crypto analytics, fintech, crypto assets management, real estate development, art and design.
Bot Wallet’s features:
In the future:
Decentralized BOT Wallet has an in-app browser so that staking, farming, trading and other functions can be used through third-party exchanges such as PancakeSwap.
BOT Wallet generates passwords and keys on every device, so only the user personally has access to his or her accounts and data. This is always a choice between what to share and what to keep private.
BOT Wallet has its mini predecessor – a Telegram decentralized wallet launched by BOT Planet earlier this year. It is available right now and enables secure and fast crypto transactions.
BOT Planet is a multichain DeFi ecosystem with a UX of an NFT-backed Play-and-Earn (P&E) immersive virtual game. BOT Planet is a one-stop shop of profitable, secure and communication products based on DeFi, GameFi and NFTs – made for blockchain and Web3 enthusiasts with love.
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Media Queries
Artemiy Akopov, Media Office
Email: [email protected]
Add: Asia Leading Chambers, P.O. Box 986, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Registered Number: NO 2081832
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