Boy Who Can Read Girls Minds Creates A Harem

If Her Flag Breaks
The busy community of Hatagaya is swarming with website traffic as crowds.
of people make their means to function and also college. Waiting for the going across signal to transform green, a.
girl named Nanami overhears a matched male speaking regarding just how he’ll be suggesting to his sweetheart.
as soon as his bargain is successful. Behind the businessman is an ordinary-looking child using the.
same attire as Nanami. All in all, it’s a pretty normal day till …
* Gasps * Could it be …? It’s Truck-kun! A vehicle swerves in the group'' s instructions at a.
dangerous speed as it tries to evade an automobile. The young boy in uniform inexplicably whispers something.
to the unsuspecting young male, as well as by chance, the vehicle didn’t crash into them. Nanami is surprised..
Just how is she unhurt? But what’s more perplexing is just how the boy’s simply casually leaving as if he.
didn’t see fatality method him simply one moment ago. Still assuming regarding what occurred, Nanami makes.
her method to Hatagaya Academy.Though the mystical individual goes to the very same college as her, it’ll be hard. to track him down since Hatagaya has everything from kindergarteners to graduate-level pupils. As the course starts, Nanami ' s instructor generates a brand-new pupil as well as presents him as Souta Hatate. Lo. and also see, it’s the enigmatic boy from earlier. While Nanami’s just about melting down over seeing. him, Souta obtains designated to sit behind her.
The day progress with Nanami maintaining close. watch on Souta, and also she notifications a strange behavior of his. Among their schoolmates comes close to Souta,. declaring that he’s one call away if he ever needs assistance with anything.Especially ladies. Nanami. notifications Souta looking over his classmate’s head previously promptly

declining the offer
.” Women currently like me,” he promptly responds to.” But no one likes me!” sobs the Casanova,
. his spirit crushed right into smithereens. Next up! We have actually got a schoolmate informing Souta that. she desires him to be her slave because that’s an entirely regular thing to inform a transfer trainee. At the very least take him bent on dinner, ma’am! She also adds that he ought to feel honored by the deal..
Once more, Souta examines her head before informing her,” I’m sorry, I’m fairly the sadist.”. ”
Two sadists will not get on!” cries the snooty girl, her spirit crushed right into smithereens. Later, the baseball club participants ask him to join the team.He seeks out and, without. doubt, the dastardly Souta tells them he prefers football. Right here exists the broken spirit.

of the baseball team … Crushed right into smithereens. Seeing as Souta’s made a sporting activity out of rejecting. individuals, his classmates ultimately stop approaching him. Not wishing to miss the chance, Nanami. factors at Souta, and with a figured out search her face, she proclaims that they need to talk. Nanami ca n’t stand not solving any kind of mystery that captures her eye, so on the rooftop, she requires. that he tell her whatever. First things first, he faces Souta concerning his behavior of examining. individuals’s heads prior to making a decision.Plus, she saw how he acted throughout the truck event. earlier. She has no idea how he was able to do it, yet she’s quite damn sure that Souta’s linked.

to exactly how they handled to survive the accident.
Try as Souta might to talk his means out. of this, Nanami isn’t buying any one of it, leaving him with no selection however to fess up. He. reveals that he has the capacity to see special “flags” on top of individuals ' s heads that anticipate a. future event for that individual. On top of this, he instinctively recognizes what he needs to “do to “fall”. or damage these flags.He observed the death flag
on the businessman ' s head earlier, so he whispered. that his bargain won’t prosper. “For whatever reason, that’s what ruined the entrepreneur’s flag. It ' s the exact same with their schoolmates when he destroyed their relationship and also love flags. As one would expect, Nanami can not assist yet poke fun at Souta’s little tale. Capturing death. flags, certain … It’s ridiculous, however it’s something she comprehends. Yet why would certainly he damage relationship. as well as romance flags? The lady keeps laughing, while Souta stays unmoved.
He informs. her that she can laugh all she wants, Souta informs her that she can laugh all she.
wants, but he’s severe regarding this. Anybody that obtains close to him gets stricken with.
poor luck.He does not want to see others obtain harmed anymore. Clenching his fist, the kid.
quietly declares that he requires to be alone. Alone. The word activates a melancholic memory within Nanami.

She was a youngster. then, and also she spilled her milk on the flooring. But no one picked up her. All the covert individuals. that bordered her simply maintained passing her by. She breaks out of her reverie with Souta advising her.
to allow him be. It should not matter to her whether he’s a loner or not. Frustrated, Nanami adamantly. rejects this and also shouts that he can not simply prevent everybody trying to strategy and also befriend him.
In a last-ditch attempt to obtain her off his back, Souta reveals her a newspaper article regarding the current. Premium Ambriel disaster.It was an ocean liner that sank at all-time low of the sea, where all the. guests ended up missing out on, conserve for one. That ' s that single survivor? It was Souta, of training course.
While this must’ve sufficed

to drive his factor residence, Nanami simply gets annoyed at him. Unprompted, the woman jabs his eyeballs and snaps that she’s getting exhausted'of his obsession. with his misfortunes. She’s likewise inflamed at the kid for making her keep in mind things she. doesn ' t intend to remember! Nanami orders Souta to consider her head and also look for a banner,. but there ' s absolutely nothing.
According to Nanami, this lack of a flag verifies that she doesn ' t feeling. the requirement for love or friendship with Souta. Also if one does obtain raised, Souta ' s personality. would certainly just push her to the verge and also topple it. She ' ll nag at his face whenever she disapproval.
anything regarding him. As well as similarly, Souta must do the exact same for Nanami. In short, he requires.
to stop looking so depressed in front of her. Ultimately, Souta smiles as well as states that he’s.
thankful for her kindness. Nanami after that presents herself completely as Nanami Knight. Bladefield, yet she doesn ' t desire to be called by her last name nor add honorifics to her. first name.Souta ' s similarly just as fine with her calling him Souta, no formalities needed. At lunch, Souta as well as Nanami
are disrupted by Akane Mahougasawa, who Souta notifications has a. bright relationship flag in addition to her head.

She asks Souta if she can sign up with the pair for lunch,. to which he promptly declines, destroying her flag rapidly. Nonetheless, it reappears as she informs. him she won ' t be a trouble. Souta refuses once again,
and the flag breaks. Till it shows up again. and also again, with Akane always locating a
method to try and join them without being an annoyance. It ' s simply so adorable exactly how this girl truly desires to make pals with them! Akane doesn ' t stop as. her flag remains to restore, leaving Souta no choice but to finally consent to her terms. While Akane happily consumes her lunch, Nanami gossips to Souta that the lady is the successor of the. Mahougasawa team, a.k.a. She ' s rich. Akane downplays her status, dropping that Nanami is much. wealthier, considering she ' s the 13th princess of the Bladefield Principality. Nanami argues. that while she might be component of a royal household, it just rules a little European bayou.
country.They have ten royal princes and fourteen princesses in a small, cramped castle. Although they ' re a poor principality, she'was still offered a possibility to examine overseas. Akane favorably holds Nanami ' s hand, exclaiming that there are far better points. than money.
She additionally takes

Souta ' s hand, before cheerfully asserts their relationship. is solid. Damn. Who would’ve assumed that making good friends is this easy? Later on in class, Nanami and also Souta track Akane, perplexed regarding why her flag keeps continuing. in spite of Souta ' s numerous efforts to topple it. Nanami hunches that it ' s because she has. everything Souta doesn ' t; Akane is simple and friendly although she ' s an abundant heiress,. and she ' s constantly bordered by close friends. At the end of the day, Souta lastly challenges. Akane, asking why she ' s being so friendly with him.Innocently, Akane says she really feels pity. for felines and dogs asking for assistance, so … So? So what, Akane? Is Souta a pet dog ?! Akane even more clarifies that he feels.
Souta ' s howling louder than any kind of pet cat or pet dog. Which is an even worse analogy, by the.
way. Nevertheless, Nanami discovers this enjoyable, telling Souta that having a jolly, bubbly. buddy is perfect for a dismal person like him. After Souta accepts be her acquaintance,. Akane decides that she desires to see'their home. Souta originally declines her, discussing. that his place is unpleasant, but Akane
assures to aid clean up. Don ' t most of us want a buddy. that ' ll simply volunteer to clean your residence? After traveling for a long while, they. ultimately reach Souta ' s home, which is primarily a dilapidated building. with lots of openings in the flooring and worn-out paneling. Despite the fact that he ' s residing in. such hazardous, rickety conditions, Souta ' s still thankful for having a location to remain. While Souta ' s out of range, Nanami once again asks Akane why she demands making close friends with. Souta. Akane remembers a moment in her youth when she felt separated from other individuals, being. the granddaughter of the elite Mahougasawa Group ' s leader.Akane ' s family sent her to a'library to. broaden her expertise, and also there, she fulfilled another girl that seemed like her equivalent. They traded. individual valuables they deeply valued to share their relationship, however the grownups saw their. trading in different ways as well as took Akane ' s pal away from her, also going as much to step on her poor. friend ' s barrette. The Mahougasawa Group

called the girl “pitiable” and turned nose up at her standing. Akane wasn ' t able to shield her close friend, so she ' s really hoping that currently ' s the opportunity. to save someone like Souta and, in turn, herself. That ' s why her self-indulgent wishes aren ' t. love. Akane'can ' t permit them to become love. Nanami reacts that Souta pointed out
something. comparable about misery resulting in any person that “obtains near them. The blonde clarified that. if they made every effort to prioritize other individuals ' s joy rather than their own, perhaps they. would come to be pleased regardless. Akane is astonished by the various other lady ' s poetic details of wisdom,.
as well as she roughly trembles Nanami out of pure excitement.Entering the room and also observing the. pair in each other ' s arms, or much more
properly, Nanami in Akane ' s arms, Souta becomes. perplexed about what ' s just happened. Prior to they go home, Akane remembers she failed to remember. something in Souta ' s room.
While strolling up the staircases, Souta unexpectedly sees a fatality flag on the top.'of her head. Worrying, he swiftly presses Nanami concerning their conversation previously so

he ' ll. understand exactly how to ruin the flag. Apparently, discussing the previous generates among'the. most tough types
of banners to fall, which ' s precisely what Akane had been doing. Souta quickly goes to his room as Akane retrieves the hairpin her youth friend gave her. The child. reaches Akane, however with a solitary misstep, the flooring disintegrates, and Akane falls.Souta. misses out on the chance to grab her hand, yet he swiftly descends and lets Akane hinge on his lap. Akane heartbreakingly asks Souta whether her childhood years friend really feels a lot hate for her,. simply permitting her to be up to the ground. Souta rejects her claims as well as informs her she will certainly meet that. girl soon. However whatever Souta claims to Akane, her fatality flag simply isn ' t going away.
He. plans to call an ambulance, yet Akane refuses, as well as she utters that Souta needs to let himself be

available to people and also surround himself with good friends he can inspire, simply like he did to her. Souta. informs the girl he ' ll do that once she recoups.
With a twinkle of hope, Souta observes a little. romance flag sprouting from Akane ' s head.If he does something special, this may just. subdue the fatality flag. With deep breaths, he apologizes to Akane before carefully kissing her. And much like that, the fatality flag shatters right into tiny pieces and also is replaced by an additional. showing a resting beauty being kissed by her Royal prince Captivating. A true lady in distress. conserved from her own demise. Sadly … Precious Nanami isn ' t as well delighted regarding it. Time passes, and Souta reflects to the moment he took place getaway, throughout which the unfavorable. disaster on the ship
occurred. He remembers his large sis teasing him to go flirt with the girls. on the boat. He chuckled it off, believing that no lady would certainly be interested in him up until a. hat came flying to his grasp.
Seeking out, he uncovered the proprietor was a pink-haired woman named. Sakura. After he returned the hat, she asked him if he intended to play a game. Before Souta could. clear up anything, however, the memory quits there. Back to today in the trio ' s class,. Nanami prompts Akane to avoid a creep
like Souta, who randomly kisses a helpless girl.Akane. blushers and tells her Souta is allowed to be a creep if he wishes to, consistently. hitting Nanami with her lunchbox square on the go out of excitement. Uh, what? Simply after that, Okiku, a childhood friend of Souta, comes barging into their classroom. She ' s so. thrilled to see Souta that she tackles him onto the flooring, leaving the children visibly stunned as well as. jealous. Okiku informs Souta she has actually been stressed, especially considering what occurred to his. parents.
Souta silently discusses her large sis as well, however Okiku is puzzled, assuming he ' s an.
only kid. Guess she doesn ' t keep in mind anything. Nanami angrily interrupts their
mini-reunion. with a flying kick at Souta ' s face, thinking it to be an additional of the kid ' s depraved. antics. However, Okiku hastily clarifies they ' ve understood
each various other considering that they were youngsters. It ' s been. two years given that they ' ve last seen each other, and Okiku remarks on exactly how Souta truly has actually grown. since.Souta asks her why she ' s in the exact same year as hers, taking into consideration that Okiku was older. Okiku reacts that last year, she examined overseas, so her education had actually been postponed. After course, Okiku chooses to head to Souta ' s residence, come with by Nanami and also Akane.
She cries. out of pity when she discovers that Souta ' s living in such a review building. Pertain to consider. it, Okiku realizes that'Souta ' s been obtaining near to girls without her recognizing. Simply when the.'team believes she ' ll strongly react over this, Okiku celebrates out of happiness, understanding that.

Souta remains in excellent business'with Akane and Nanami. Okiku sees Souta ' s lonesome. eyes, so she mentions this as well as assures to keep their friendship.Not intending to make. Souta really feel lonesome, Akane makes them all hold hands as well as dance about in circles. This pal. team obtains weirder every secondly … Tag on your own, people. That'are you in this strange pal group? Nanami asks Souta if Okiku has a flag, and also he passes on that he can see a sibling love. flag. With a huffing tone, Nanami convinces him to remove it, otherwise, Souta would certainly. be treated as a little bro all his life, continuously ruined by Okiku. As Okiku probes. right into their warmed conversation, Souta sternly says that he ' s not a youngster anymore as well as that Okiku need to

. leave him alone.
However as opposed to being damaged, Okiku ' s flag evades the attack at Mach speed,.
thinking that Souta ' s just humiliated to disclose his keys in public. Mission stopped working. The unusual friend group mosts likely to Tsumugi Ryuukishibara, additionally called The Senior, that is. among the institution ' s wisest consultants. They request for aid relating to the state of Souta ' s. house, yet she refutes the demand, as sprucing up the structure would certainly take a great deal of initiative as well as cash. However, Mimori Seiteikouji, the trainee council head of state, crashes right into the room to supply her help. Mimori contacts the institution ' s Design'Study Culture to deal with Souta ' s house,
yet the group. quotes it would certainly take them a month to finish. Suddenly, their schoolmates appear out. of nowhere, ready to assist with all their might.Perhaps the building would be over in.
a week if they maintained their interest. Nanami, Akane, and also Okiku also take part in the job. so they can rebuild
Souta ' s home much faster. The Senior approaches Souta and also tells him that. what they ' re doing isn ' t a support
. Every person ' s volunteering out of their hearts; you don ' t return. a good reputation with a good reputation
. Souta must maintain it in his heart, grow the goodness inside, as well as allow. it to change him. Then eventually, he can likewise come to be a person with a good reputation toward others. When whatever is ended up, everybody cleans up the place and also replaces furniture.Souta asks. a person ' s assist … or

a woman … or an individual? Souta appears confused.
Oh, he claims he ' s in fact a boy. He introduces himself as Megumu Touzoukuyama,
as relationship banners stream out of. his head. He adores Souta a lot, being the only individual in institution who discovered. he ' s a kid. The reason that he puts on a consistent designated to ladies is because his big sis. sought for it, which the institution authorized. Everybody that sees Megumu with Souta,
. from Akane to Okiku as well as even Nanami, believes he ' s a girl, making it more difficult to. explain that there ' s no problem between them. Wow ! The Quest Dorm now looks good and also sparkly

after'everyone ' s completed setting up everything in the building.But suddenly, Mimori informs. Souta he can ' t online alone in a huge dorm. She points out school policy that there should.
go to the very least 5 people staying in it, or they would be compelled to shut the dormitory
. Speak about all that tough work for absolutely nothing. Akane is the first to volunteer, to.
which Souta instantly declines, recommending that a man and also a woman living. alone may not be very ideal. To this, Okiku instantaneously elevates her hand as well as. tells them she will accompany them, which Souta says makes it also worse. Megumu. timidly provides himself to ensure that Souta would certainly at least have a guy friend, even if they. still see him as a girl. Finally, Nanami blushes in

your normal tsundere style after
. the team jokingly acts to forget about her, and she promptly comes to be protective when they invite.
her to stay.She doesn ' t also intend to live there, she shrieks, unless she gets the corner area on. the second flooring. They have no concern with that said, obviously. That ' s one, 2,
three,. four, 5 individuals. Trouble addressed! Given that they ' re still unclear just how they.
will cohabit, they at first collect in Souta ' s space. Prior to picking.
anything like designated tasks, Okiku welcomes the women to very first take a cozy, kicking back bath. As the girls are washing off, Souta takes heed of a “manly action” flag on Megumu ' s head. Megumu encourages him to peek at the women together because, obviously, young boys do that.Yeah,.
put on ' t think so, Megumu. Prior to he can do anything, Souta is forcefully pulled by Megumu
to the.

bathroom,'as well as he hastily informs Megumu that men wear ' t do this sort of stuff.
Megumu instantly. panics as well as pushes Souta inside the bathroom. Stumbling via the shower drape, he ' s forced to. see Okiku, Akane, and also Nanami.
After being struck by Nanami on the head with. a basin, Souta strolls away and heads back to his space. However, at night hallway, he manages. to identify an odd shadow floating around. He follows the “apparition and also sees what appears to. be a fatality flag swing in addition to a breast. Didn ' t recognize flags could manifest on'items, as well!. He opens the situation as well as sees a letter inside. As soon as Souta checks out it, he finally. recalls his video game with Sakura.'It was like chess but with some odd characters
.– mage, samurai, burglar, ninja, as well as more. As he might recall, the loser had to adhere to a.'condition: they
had to do anything the victor requested.Sakura, that won the game, informed him. that she didn ' t win due to the fact that she was a good player; she won due to the “success” flag on her head,. contrary to Souta ' s that signified “loss.” Souta was clearly perplexed by this, yet previously. he could claim anything, Sakura obtained closer to her as well as murmured that she would bless Souta. with'her power. In exchange, he would need to discover
the ultimate reality behind this world. Princess Knight … Magician … Clergyman … Ninja … Flags … The Costs Ambriel ship … His. forgotten older sibling … Sakura … The utmost truth of the globe … there ' s most definitely a heap of. secret abound in Souta ' s life that needs fixing. The adhering to day, Souta awakens with. Akane ' s face peering straight right into his face.He ' s surprised, yet no one ' s a lot more surprised. than Nanami seeing them together. Akane tries to make an excuse that she was simply “protecting. a'freedom,” to which “Nanami skillfully quips, “not in my monarchy!”. Extra notably, though,
. Souta ' s interested about exactly how Nanami can enter his room when he vows that he locked it last evening. Akane responds that Okiku offered her the spare secret. Why does she have a spare key to Souta ' s. space? Evidently, “large sis benefits.” Unexpectedly, they see a minor bump under Souta ' s
. covering. They gradually pull the covers, exposing Megumu sleeping comfortably alongside Souta.Waking. as much as their outburst, Megumu blushers and also safeguards himself by stating this is what men do. He remembers. bowel movement late during the night but came to be as well drowsy to go back to his room,

so'Okiku guided. him below. It seems a particular big sis is drawing all the strings here, as Okiku happily smiles. at the view of them “completely in one area. Not too long after, a helicopter comes. quickly ” flying over their dormitory. As the team looks outside from the window, they see the. airplane decline a heavy steel box on the ground. The container opens by itself, disclosing what.
shows up to be an android lady. She introduces herself as Ruri Ninjabayashi, sent out by the. Mahougasawa Group to aid Akane with her life in Pursuit Dorm.Akane can completely control her … so she understood the password. The group believes that Ruri
was delivered there to protect Akane. because she ' s dealing with 2 children.

Nanami asks Souta if Ruri has a flag, but he doesn ' t think. robots can have them. Or at the very least he hopes not, anyway.Leaving them no choice, Souta as well as the.
remainder of the group accept Ruri into the group, that makes Okiku even better as Souta.
comes to be bordered by much more ladies. As they'' re all set to attend class, Akane asks Ruri.
to guard your home, however they'' re surprised to see her likewise in attire. She'' ll accompany them to.
college to confirm that she is completely useful. While eating lunch, Mimori reveals that.
there will certainly be an occasion called Track Meet Week. It'' s a week-long competitors with.
various activities from morning to night, and also the very best group will certainly be awarded the MVP..
Conserve for Souta and Nanami, everybody is excited concerning this and also battles who among them.
will certainly join the three-legged race with Souta. Souta might be smiling outside, but he'' s. bothered by numerous things in his head, specifically the death flag as well as the puzzling letter.
inside the chest.What did all

of it even suggest? Unexpectedly, Mimori approaches them,.
introducing the possibility that Pursuit Dormitory could get closed down nevertheless. Mimori assembled with the college board as they went over how the dorm might not.
be a good idea nevertheless, seeing that it'' s co-ed. They were envious– oh, they indicated it'' s. unacceptable. Mimori instantly rupture into splits, however she immediately took her crocodile splits back as.
she informed the bumbling institution authorities it was unfortunate they were taking their problems out on a person.
else simply since they didn'' t have enjoyable when they were more youthful. She additionally informed the males that they.
permitted it to be co-ed because the male dormitories were already full.Besides, the residents of Pursuit. Dorm had such a solid bond that it wouldn ' t be a shock for'Mimori if they won MVP at the. institution meet.
The board differed on this, as no co-ed dorm has actually ever before won MVP with all.
their time apparently invested in teasing. Intending to prove her factor, Mimori made a.
senseless wager, declaring that she consented to close down Mission Dorm and also remove Souta if they wouldn'' t. become MVP– also though the board never ever also recommended that.In short

, every little thing is Mimori'' s. fault. However, she did ask a person to help them get in shape and come to be the very best feasible team..
We simply put on'' t understand if this would certainly work out. While Akane, Megumu, and Okiku pledge their love.
as well as loyalty (or something of that kind) to Souta, an arrow blazes toward them as a lady.
yells, “” Discipline is necessary!”” The aggressive lady offers herself as.
Rin Eiyuuzaki from Class 2-F.

Usually, Rin wouldn'' t obtain included with some coward.
conveniently being bossed around, but she'' s returning a support to Mimori. Souta considers her.
“” disapproval men”” flag however isn'' t shocked by it. Obviously, Okiku is close with Rin, having actually been.
schoolmates in 2015. They'' ve ended up being close as Okiku shares lots of points with her, specifically.
concerning her sibling. Identifying Souta'' s name, Rin is surprised that he is the brother Okiku was. continuously referring to.Souta likewise clarifies that he isn ' t the only male in the team, as they. have Megumu.
Rin is astounded by such cuteness, and also the other girls finally start setting up.
in their minds the truth that Megumu is a person. The following day, Rin wakes them up early for.
training. They do lots of difficult tasks like running, working out, and also acting.
like rabbits hopping on stairs. It'' s a tedious day, however Rin reveals no tiredness.
as well as invites Souta to take a run with her. They pause for a while in a verdant area, and also Rin.
scolds Souta for rapidly getting tired, asking yourself why every person'' s ready to function so hard for him. Souta responds that he honestly doesn'' t understand and'isn ' t utilized to it either, having actually lived alone.
for so long.Souta after that poses

his own inquiry, asking what type of individual Rin likes anyhow. Rin recalls the only child she ever suched as. This kid was the only person who can take. her on and see her as an equal, allowing their link to establish from the most awful of enemies. to be the very best of buddies.
However, the moment came when her buddy needed to relocate away, and she. couldn ' t do anything about it.
She definitely bears in mind calling her friend Souda. Souta glimpses at Rin and informs her it ' s a coincidence that a person from his past additionally.'called him Souda. Rin is shocked, and she mentions that she still texts her buddy also if. they don ' t really interact anymore.Suddenly, Souta ' s phone beeps, revealing a message from.

Rin that captures both of them off-guard. Blood drains from their body as they realize. Souda is actually Souta, but Rin is in rejection as Souta appears so gloomy as well as clinically depressed,. unlike the energised Souda she made use of to recognize. Rin ' s flag suddenly portrays her ending up being violent. as she realizes just how insufferable she is. Souta needs to do something concerning it quickly, so he. gleefully tells her that their friendship wouldn ' t modification just because of her attitude.Upon. hearing that, Rin ' s state of mind instantaneously comes to be cheerful as her flag become “occupation complete.”. Not really sure if Souta did the best point or otherwise. Yet most of us understand that another. “girl with a crush on Souta has
been included in the group conversation. Sorry Souta,. you’re the protagonist of a harem anime! The day of the school meet ultimately shows up,. and the citizens of Pursuit Dorm are anxious to win the MVP title to conserve their home and. maintain Souta from being expelled.To win, they should accomplish a high rating as well as gain unique. factors from synergy. Generally, whoever stands apart the most success.
Being an experienced leader,.

Rin has actually already made a list of video games they can join.
A proper routine is the essential to victory! Mimori as well as the Senior citizen host the occasion together.
While Mimori is her merry as well as pleased old self,. the Senior is as ironical as she can obtain. In the Martial Arts occasion, Rin rises as the. champ, beating all her tough competitors.
In the heavyweight cat-gathering competitors,. yes, you heard cat-gathering right, Ruri used the audio speaker in her mouth to draw the. felines, branding her the winner.
Mimori cheers and praises Pursuit Dorm for a strong. head beginning, which might just be prejudiced considering
her sense of guilt, yet it ' s commend, nonetheless. Meanwhile, an additional Pursuit Dormitory competitor grabs
initial place; this time, it ' s Nanami in. the princess race, that slays the field on her heels.Souta also obtains lucky in the fine. kick competitors as he can plainly see his opponent '
s flag in addition to the ball ' s instructions. On top of all this, Megumu has established a brand-new course record in track-and-field, while Akane wins the. horse-riding competitors, proceeding'to ride the horse as if it ' s one of the most normal thing to do. That night, Rin announces that they ' re in initial area, but they still have a long way to go. if they want to accomplish the MVP. However, also if it ' s tiring, Megumu feels they'' re. on a journey with each other, to which Nanami concurs and also expresses that it ' s like a “relationship. strengthening” camp. Rin approves, stating they'place their friendship on the line for this,. but Okiku butts in, insinuating they can like Souta more “than a friend.Rin, Megumu,
and also Akane. flush, trying to push Souta away from themselves as Nanami stares blankly at them. Amidst the.
disorderly supper, Souta leaves the eating location, and Ruri notifications there ' s something off with him.
This loss of focus clearly reveals in his game the following day as Souta misses out on catching the sphere,.
making the opposing group strike a goal. In general, the Quest Dormitory drops brief of its. goals as the participants get to 8th place, leaving tomorrow, the last day of the satisfy, as. the only chance to recover triumph. Souta sits down alone, yet Ruri approaches him and defines.
her evaluation. Ruri observes that Akane and the others ' spirits have fluctuated due to the fact that Souta '
s. own spirits has also fallen.She asks Souta if this suggests he ' s currently accepted loss.
Souta. checks out her and also asks to chat' somewhere exclusive. Coming to the greenhouse, Souta informs Ruri.

that he is regarding to die quickly. Souta'hesitates he ' ll only give extra sadness
to the individuals that. respect him when he leaves. If he leaves the college, possibly the pain wouldn ' t be that. deep. Ruri asks if there ' s no other way he can avoid his demise, and Souta answers he constantly handles. to discover a method to destroy the death flags of other individuals, however not his. Instantly, he keeps in mind. the file he located in the strange box, articulating out the very first few words found in the. letter. Princess knight, mage, cleric, ninja … Ruri bursts into a great radiance. upon the utterance of these words, proclaiming that she has actually decoded the very first. flag secret code through her system. She asks Souta whether he wishes to unlock the keys of. this world, providing him a verification entrance to a details door.According to her, this is the initial. gate that will certainly be opened up by 4 heroes that fly the Royal Banner. A person that can topple fatality. flags awaits behind this door.

He then remembers Sakura and asks Ruri if she happens to know her. However, Ruri has hardly any kind of info regarding Sakura. Souta asks for the area of the. first entrance rather, and also Ruri takes him there. They reach what shows up to be the Mission Dormitory,. however Nanami is clothed in a different way in equipment that combines that of a Princess and a Knight.
Nanami. informs Souta that he is the Royal Banner, Akane is the Illusionist, and Ruri is the Ninja.
Behind. them is the cleric whom Souta does not understand of. Nanami leads them inside the dormitory, finally. getting to a tall door within a below ground cave, probably the initial entrance in question.As.
the door opens up, Souta hears Sakura ' s voice, yet he instantly wakes up from the hologram. The android tells Souta that the record was produced in 1983 by a certain Ruri
Ninjabayashi. Nevertheless, it ' s not the very same Ruri we understand today; both simply have the same names. Souta asks. if anyone in Hatagaya Academy has a cleric for a name, however Ruri finds absolutely no results. If that ' s. the situation, he plans to stay in Quest Dormitory and also settle things accordingly to prevent his death. Souta requests Ruri ' s aid, and the robotic woman is touched as a flag sprouts on her head. The last day of the satisfy commences, and also the last task is an obstacle. relay around the school.If they win, they ' ll get the placement of MVP. However, Nanami. is skeptical of their win as the last runners are in handcuffs, but Souta tells him there ' s no demand. to worry as the success flag has actually been elevated. To motivate his teammates, Souta gives words. of encouragement to every of them. Akane is pumped up because of Souta ' s assure;
Okiku is. being the huge sis she is; Megumu enjoys with the easy fistbump from Souta, and Rin is. motivated as Souta tells her that she ' s his hero. Everybody ' s success flag is raised with the exception of. Nanami, which makes Souta curious because they ' ve currently been with each other for a long time,
yet. he still hasn ' t seen any kind of'flag on her.However,'there ' s no time for interest as Rin. races to pass the ribbon to them. Souta as well as Nanami run as quick as they can while.
lugging a giant ice dice.

They ' re in the first location, and also all they have to do is position it on one. of the workdesks that work as a goal stand.
Nonetheless, their rope obtains stuck as well as pushes on the workdesk,. creating it to drop right down on Nanami ' s legs. Souta promptly lifts it up, yet Nanami is hurt. Souta intends to bring Nanami to the infirmary, however the lady firmly insists on finishing what they. begun. They run as swiftly as possible, yet the various other groups have currently surpassed. them. Nanami apologizes to Souta, claiming that if she only had a victory.
flag, perhaps they could ' ve won the race. Not wishing to offer up, Souta lugs. Nanami as well as goes to the goal. Despite just how badly he thinks about himself, he. desires to proceed life with everybody at the Pursuit Dorm, and nobody ' s stopping him.
Souta overtakes the various other groups, but sadly, they land. second to the baseball group.
The Mission Dormitory group is dissatisfied, particularly. because Souta will get removed, but the boy remains grateful for all their hard work.However,. the board interrupts to inform them that they are relocated by their collaboration as well as teamwork.
As. such, Souta and also the gang are hailed as the MVP, and they can maintain remaining at the Quest.

That’s right, people! With the power of friendship( * coughing * and also enchanting obsession ). by your side, there’s no other way you’ll lose!.

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