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Discord Gambling Bots 2021
In a world where businesses are going through transformative processes, web-based gambling is following a similar path. There are significant leaps in business practices, virtual customer interactive interfaces, App-based casinos, and artificial intelligence algorithms to offer a competitive gaming experience. According to statistics of FreeslotsHUB, 30% regularly play browser demo games trying free online slots on (something like free casino slot games for fun) in 5 months looking for more entertainment ways. And here come Discord casino bots that also allow players to access online free slots, roulette, blackjack with no download and registration. They enable playing 7777 slots the same as freeslotsHUB or Vegasslotsonline; however, do not leave Discord to place a bet using commands. Nevertheless, websites such as SlotsUp and VegasSlotsOnline still have an advantage over casino bots, offering more convenient bonus deals and free spins in their real money or free online slots “for fun” modes.
Discord is a communication app launched exclusively for gamers in 2015 by Jason Citron as the founder. Discord has developed into a spectacular sensation within gambling and gaming circles. It is simply a chat service with a platform that can provide exclusive secure voice and text messaging abilities for internal teams. It’s recognized worldwide, and it already has 250 million active accounts that include operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOs, Android, and practically all existing WEB Browsers. Since the last breaking updates, Discord could be connected from now easily on PS4 and PS5. Now it’s become one step with such giants of online voice chats like Skype, bypassing Viber, and many more. So, Discord became trend #1 of voice chats. Thanks to its globalization into the side of cross-platform enlargement and growing popularity, it will not take a prize in the Game World Outgoing Trends global rating of 2020.
Loosely, it is understood as the chat application for multiple-player mobile games. On the other hand, bots are computer-based programs that can interrelate with human beings (players) and others to execute specific function sets with auto commands. It could be a website with an instant chat option that welcomes you to immediately log into the site. A bot can equally introduce you to the products or services offered. Combining the two concepts, bots help provide a range of features from the Discord server, which is their house. As the Discord operator, you can customize them to your Discord depending on your desired ends. There are moderating bots meant to make your experience extra fun, music-playing bots, or bots that can track your gaming stats. In as much as they are customizable for various purposes, specific ones like MEE6, which is ideal for moderation purposes, and IdleRPG, which is perfect if you want to animate your Discord with fun.
connecting GamblingBot
Have to create a server to connect any bot to Discord
Discord online casinos is a specific gaming communication app that allows to play online casinos in interface of Discord. Discord is becoming an integral part of forward-looking casinos since 2018. It is a simple app that casino server operators leverage to provide extra features. The journey to incorporating bots into gambling platforms was inspired by the need to offer a more personalized experience.
Contextually, a casino Discord bot is a multi-level communication that uses Artificial Intelligence to perform several tasks from the servers as follows
Using Discord bots in online casinos, users can maximize their experience using the right ones for proper purposes. This is why there are diverse bots to afford a wider variety of choices when customizing your server.
Discord casino bot advantages
Every Discord Casino Bot has its purpose, even if it just “passes butter”
Discord casino bot has many advantages to users.
With these benefits, Discord had grown with at least 3 million bots having been created barely since 2016 when it launched. This tremendous growth has inspired Discord to chart new ways of enhancing user experience. Discord plans to release a basketful of tools and verification approaches to aid developers in coming up with extra legit flunky creations.
While highlighting the importance of bots, Discord recognizes that they have not been fully embraced. Based on this, plans are underway to help developers access powerful tools that will likely propel their creations to the desired next level. Eventually, this bot will transform into refined products forming Discord’s integral part as natural extensions. Though choosing legit bots may pose a challenge, Discord mitigates this by developing a basic security check, which will afford every legit bot a verified checkmark. This will significantly downsize bot spamming, which has been on the increase.
2 Basic Casino Bots for Discord

As operators brace themselves for future technologies, players have a chance to play slots online free with interactive, significant others. With bonus rounds, bots can welcome you with further customized information that touches on no deposit offers available, free spins, and even friendly games that you can play for fun. For those willing to try free casino slot games for fun with Discord bots, you may visit is a cool website covering the best Discord bots. While here, you might get the chance to try the best casino Discord bots where to play free casino games, including but not limited to no download no registration games and Vegas Slots, to mention just a few.
In as much as there are diverse bots, some are more likable than others, given their inherent features. Distinctive features that may be used to decide the best Discord bots include: available moderators have more control over the server and the bot has the right tools to afford users greater experiences. Having this in mind, here are some of the best casino Discord bots.
#1 SlotBot: with a server count of 131.4k, this is an exciting bot which among other things, allows you to carry out in-game attacks using geese or get scammed and lose all your dollars earned in SlotBot. This bot became a discovery for Discord users who use similar bots for economy purposes only.
#2 NightLemur’s Casino bot: As the name goes, this bot was designed by a renowned video game developer, NightLemur. Its users have access to a cool collection of casino games, including baccarat, Texas Hold ’em, 7 Stud Poker, Roulette, blackjack, and video slots. Dissimilar with other Discord bots, users enjoy newer versions regularly owing to monthly updates. It uniquely operates a Patreon feature that gives you access to exclusive and customized perks. For instance, players enjoy customized decks of cards and imperturbable game modes.
#3 Gambling bot: This is a hugely popular Discord among the gambling community. It currently enjoys over users in more than 100 000 servers. Those who use it on their servers enjoy a range of benefits with a collection of enjoyable games (slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette). This Discord bot gives users a chance to buy cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, DASH, and Etherium via credits.
#4 Chewey bot: It enjoys users in more than 2.9k servers. Users love its customizable features, a web dashboard, auto roles, and Invite Tracking. It gives the user full control of the server and fastens interaction with casinos by auto mode features. It features some interesting miscellaneous commands such as ‘coin-flip’ that flips a coin or ‘advice’ that gives some random advice. The casino player can use Chewey bot to earn more with credits in terms of economy, check the balance, claim free credit daily, and claim every 3 hours for a reward.
#5 Casino Queen: With a package that features a host of casino games, this bot also has 10+ casino games, four roleplay games, and nine mini-games to play with other users on the server. It also gives access to global and local slot leaderboards to compete with other players. Besides, this bot package contains economy features, PVP Features, shoppable items, and Roleplay Jobs. If it is your first time using the Discord bot, Casino Queen will please the gamer with a unique and straightforward interface.
Getting the right bot depends on what you are looking for. It could be for moderation purposes, fun-adding, or music/art bots. Multiple sites cover ideal bots for you, given your preferences. Among these websites, is perhaps the best. This website ranks bots through various parameters such as newness, ratings, subject, and certification by respective platforms. After finding the best bot, it is time to customize and create your own.
getting the right casino bot via external sources
Users could find 40+ Discord bot categories on top gg website
Before settling on features you want to include in your server bot, you should consider certain factors. Do you want a moderation one, flare-adding, or a musical? Here are a few examples of gambling bots that are meant for specific tasks with so much to choose from.
Blackjack Bot for Discord. Blackjack bot is a purely fun bot that features friendly gambling commands. With a server count of at least 43.3k, users can navigate the +help command and get a message with all commands. In case you have depleted your chips, this bot offers you a kit through which you can claim more chips hourly/daily/weekly. Choose among 7 casino games Coinflip, BlackJack, Lottery, Slots, Spin, SnakeEyes, and Dice. And do not forget to vote every 12 hours to earn epic rewards with this Blackjack Bot.
Roulette Bot for Discord via ChipsChips『Gamble Bot』. New Chips Gamble Bot is a perfect Discord bot that is now testing visual roulette. Users can play with generated images of the roulette wheel or just a less complex inserted GUI. By using leveling and leaderboards features, players can compete with others and compare overall results. For the Roulette game, use Bet and Freeplay commands. If you are still learning how to play with Discord bots, there is a basic Help command.
While the basic understanding of a Discord casino bot is a less-complex app that enables extra features to their casino sites, using it requires a knowledgeable approach. You ought to know how to navigate through command layers that control the Casino bot:
There are two ways you can add a Discord bot to a server, through a Discord bot maker on a web-based bot list or via a creator’s website. Either way, you should click on the invite key, which will redirect you to the Discord browser app. This is where you choose the server to invite the bot. Nonetheless, you can only request a bot to a server where you are a moderator of admin. You will then need to authorize access, after which a bot shows up on the server ready for use.

Creating a Bot Account
Before working with the Discord Application Programming Interface (API) and its library, you need to create a Discord Bot account through the following process.
Casino bot Discord commands are in-server controls that are used in performing specific tasks. To use a command in a casino Discord bot or any other bot, you will have to type on a text channel and then hit the enter button. The bot will prompt you to all Discord commands, which include the following table.
If you do not like the functions of a particular bot, you can easily remove it from the server through the following steps.
max benefit from Casino Discord Bot
What Casino Discord Bot Secrets & Cheats you should be aware of
Using a casino Discord bot will be fruitful if you master some of these tricks.
Considered as the best multi-level communication of our times, Discord has lived up to modern-day gamers’ expectations. Since its launch in 2015, Discord has undergone unprecedented growth pace surpassing a record of over 250 million registered users in 2019. Within a few years, Discord has outpaced both Skype and Slack, which were previously viewed as the best professional and casual conversation platforms with texting, video, and voice abilities.
Discord has confirmed raising $100M at its valuation double to $7 billion in 2020. Chat platform provider promises even better things in 2021 through to the future. Averaging above 14 million daily active users, Discord has made public its intention to enter into the business communication space to compete with Skype and Slack’s likes. As it continues to grow into a global sensation app, Discord is also expected to amplify its partnerships with Xbox, Esports, and Spotify to leverage maximum customer reach.
Discord in 2021
Discord in 2021
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