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The North American home crowd was definitely cheating for 100 Thieves, but the North American fans left disappointed after CFO Flying Oysters pulled off a dominant victory to start off their 2022 League of Legends World Championship campaign.
Expectations were absolutely high for 100 Thieves after they reached the 2022 LCS Championship with series wins against super team Team Liquid and previous NA LCS champions Evil Geniuses. Although they eventually lost to Cloud 9 in the Finals, they had enough firepower and experience to give the LCS faithful a lot of hope in their chances to win the coveted Summoner’s Cup.
CFO on the other hand, made a miraculous run through the 2022 Summer Split. After finishing as the region’s 4th seed through the regular season with a 12-6 scoreline, the team astonished everyone by defeating PSG Talon, Frank Esports, and Beyond Gaming to capture their first official regional trophy. Fans still felt the Oysters were gonna lose heading into this match against 100 Thieves, CFO managed to stun all viewers again by taking the win.
Right from the start of the match, CFO showed control and aggression that 100 Thieves was definitely not expecting. They drafted an extremely strong all in composition including Aatrox, Kai’Sa, and Viego that was simply too hard to control once they were able to dive into the back line. 100 Thieves couldn’t find any successful skirmishes, even attempting cheese strats like death brushes to hopefully catch CFO off guard. Nevertheless, CFO simply were able to power through any unexpected picks and at last pushed for the victory at lightning speed.
It might be his debutant year in the League of Legends competitive scene, but youngster AD carry Chao “Shunn” Ying-Shun looked like an absolute powerhouse in this game. The young talent had a pretty good summer being the pillar for CFO’s success, but against his first major region enemy, he became a monster on Kai’sa.
CFO gave resources for Shunn to carry the team by getting a couple of kills in the bot lane. His patient positioning and fearless style of play at the correct times, was then assisted by his team with fearless engagements to provide him space. Shunn ended the game with 10 kills and one assist, registering 0 deaths.
Kai’Sa isn’t a champion that many people have seen Shunn play in his own regional league. Across his short playing time with CFO, he only played Kai’Sa twice during the 2022 Spring Playoffs. Outside of that, he has picked a smaller pool with picks like Aphelios, Zeri, Kalista, and Draven.
Teams are still warming up after such a long break away from competitive play, and for NA representatives, there’s still plenty of time to get confidence and some wins. However, there are a lot of incredible teams in both Cloud 9 and 100 Thieves’ respective groups, with the first battling against Edward Gaming and T1 while the latter takes on Gen.G and Royal Never Give Up.
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