Chantal Goya, critiquée, oubliée mais toujours debout

Chantal Goya has a desire: to end up being the
children'' s favorite singer. Today she attempts an amazing
return, a show throughout France, to commemorate his three decades occupation. In the 80s, Chantal Goya was
youngsters'' s vocal singing celebrity, with hits that have come to be cults. Tubes that unite, today,
3 generations of fans. – Today, a rabbit killed a hunter. – I'' m 33, I'seem like I ' m 8! – I know all the tunes.- It has to proceed as long as feasible! Nonetheless, Chantal Goya has actually come a lengthy means. Along with her hubby, Jean-Jacques
Standing, she has actually known triumphs, however likewise years of challenge. In 1985, when she went to the top, her occupation was smashed, over night. For Chantal Goya, the fairytale turns right into a problem; the vocalist then experiences oblivion and destroy.

– I underwent challenging times,
in my life. So my life, I know it, it'' s made from ups and downs, so
I understand what it'' s like to be down there. You know, I wasn'' t shot. I will certainly never be shot. So how, at 66, did Chantal Goya locate the toughness to return to the top of the expense? We adhered to the begin of his
new excursion, via France. Greater than two decades after his last
success, the vocalist of Bécassine intends to dominate a new generation. We are at Chantal Goya. In his Parisian residence, memories of his occupation. In the very early 80s, Chantal
Goya is a social phenomenon, regularly featured in magazines. – There, it'' s the 81s, so between 75 as well as 87, we can state I went to the top of the bill, given that there were all the magazines calling us. There you go: Johnny, Sylvie, the galette des rois. Right here, there is still a page
wonderful in the Figaro, that'' s when even substantial! There you go, paf. Because, at the time, Chantal Goya had no equivalent; 40 million cds sold as well as victorious tours across France, greater than 5 million spectators. – I seem like it'' s in a. another life.And, this various other

life is, today, regarding to begin once more. Visit on a television set, to advertise his brand-new show. A few minutes from the antenna, Chantal is tranquil; and also yet, it got on television that his profession broke down, on Friday, December 13, 1985. that day the youngsters'' s vocalist. join the game of reality feeling attacked by the inquiries.
of an audience she loses her footing and ridicules herself.
attitude that will certainly earn him disavowal consentaneous viewpoint of the press as well as its public in.
a program chantal has actually lost whatever well you understand i understand all the crap.
I understand the awesome side of television strange side as well as trust fund me currently i.
am well armed I understand precisely match I anticipate currently.
wrecked much more troubles but at the time i was 25 me my 25 years later on.
at each meeting it'' s always the exact same thing. the vocalist needs to return to this service which placed a stop to.
his occupation today chantal looks excellent.
however at the time the program damaged its life.
chantal goya as well as jean jacques standing are so slammed from all sides it'' s hard. because by attacking me we have attacked jean jacques please a lot more.
compose he could no more create he was miserable me I spend never had.
the impact of having composed rowdy songs for for them to make individuals desire.
incorrect or also bad points go into the hearts of children then.
I didn'' t understand why we wanted it more albums a lot more chantal program.
as well as jean jacques are destroyed they offer their ownerships and also sand is caught by the.
tax they are numerous times condemned consisting of in 2015 18 months in jail with.
respite you know the artists and not.
accountants then we make tales of fairies put on'' t make an account of it so as a result. it is true that at the moment when this damage took place there was a lack.
big amount of cash that i can'' t design I always pay all legal rights.
of copyright are created by the tax obligations of the just like copyrights all.
3 months falls, I put on'' t see a dime at all share in taxes.
we'' ll simply try to manage now yet it took years.
to obtain out of it as well as it doesn'' t take place overnight without heading out it passes.
today by the success of a new paris north station excursion chantal goya.
is late, no doubt, nonetheless, of miss his train to lille today.
is a big day for the vocalist a sealed by my excursion sees the tide.
increased discover the scene chantal there is never surrendered.
9 years back at the base of the wave it is the general public of the clubs which.
will relaunch his profession ha ha at in the year 2000 the performances of chantal.
goya happen in clubs his early fans grew up searching.
an obscure nostalgia she makes the rounds discotheques throughout the nation.
France we comply with precisely we'' re going to go from a disc of tunes we.
looks like they are all mad they acquire with the bunny it is not feasible well well that.
walked it'' s madness packages connected in starts playing his hits much to his shock to chantal goya.
also becomes a gay symbol a success with thirty-somethings who enable him.
to relaunch his job in the end it'' s every one of France that we have.
deep france the france of young people who head out that.
like released me I belong to very early childhood years memories of.
wonderful shows they have a little tu always there allow'' s have a nice
party. gold starts his news fact it'' s here that it begins in lille in the direction of the.
zenith since for her huge return the singer has.
chosen to do in huge cinemas in 2009 concerning thirty days.
are currently intended and it works today in lille four.
thousand viewers are anticipated the room is still empty however, for.
chantal some musical notes sufficient for them to enter.
the ambience the stage an acquainted cosmos for the.
singer has me excellent footwear that makes long as repair this set and.
chantal today four times huge mom still has the same power.
he is not my old age stick my old footwear cases if he next off to.
me horn stick his arms much more stand up and i will certainly always be jean jacques.
standing as well as chantal goya had to obtain to put this show with each other then.
they decreased the expenses found out in one stroke concerning forty.
dancers and professionals these three to four times less than during the trips.
80s which'' s not all designs to outfits below only from the healing.
a whole has currently been used in the previous ones vocalist reveals.
particular costumes even date from his launching this is my venice gown we have.
simply a little widened I claim danish connection ruby.
but every little thing else we place'' t transformed anything fuss all that is a medicine that.
date of 1984 is content due to the fact that I find my.
find my cosmos it'' s important last rehearsal for chantal goya.
indeed well right here we are going to establish it up the tune of the footwear in the bodies of the.
Puss in Boots everything need to be perfect for this show which.
celebrates 30 years of occupation for this birthday jean jacques.
standing rewrote part of the program that includes the greatest hits of.
chantal his inspiring muse she was my model kinda like like a.
style designer to a model for him to like draw dresses in an hour.
show needs to start in his clothing area chantal reclaims a few of the feeling of her.
launching almost stunned by numerous mindful.
if it'' s for me with stéphane I had all these beautiful.
blossoms look it'' s lovely that I have so all that outside the spectators.
are starting to stream no much less than 3 generations are.
rejoined the youngest had never ever come across chantal goya.
but today they accompany their parents in semi to children actually.
the passion we call it'' s us that come and after that we have when.
even that our children that its stop individuals to maintain them however there you go.
what the fuck is he making with the frame of the for chantal it'' s virtually time however.
for her not the slightest apprehension in the pair, phase fright is.
jean-jacques is right here come on.
Oh after making up all this now.
I'' m mosting likely to compose myself at the console in praying that every little thing goes as it should.
3 p.m.start of show 1 this moment chantal goya has actually been waiting on it for many years the climbed murmur and also germany where you. you all locate it ' s been 30 years because the practice vs'we are picked. honestly his arsenal the public understands him.
throughout the show parents as well as
youngsters take up in chorus his. tunes youngsters everyone understands not how you
sing enough buying he includes. vs after 2 hrs of chantal show.
goya won his bet touched by the reception of the public it can not. include his feeling you will never ever see chamond the hard years more than. chantal goya intends to finally hold her revenge.

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