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Immutable X’s Layer-2 Solution to Solve & Scale Some of The MMORPG-World’s Toughest Pain Points, Power Tatsumeeko’s ‘Aethereal Parcels’ Virtual Land Sale
SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tatsumeeko, the community-based ‘MMORPG-lite’ built by the team behind market-leading Discord chatbot,, today announced a partnership and integration with leading Layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution and GameFi powerhouse, Immutable X. In addition to facilitating Tatsumeeko’s much-anticipated virtual land sale, Aethereal Parcels, on October 20th, the integration with the ZK-Snark-powered, ETH layer-2 solution will also empower Tatsumeeko developers with on-chain tools to enhance front-end gameplay experience. Unlike other GameFi projects, Tatsumeeko’s Web3 integration with Immutable’s low-cost, scalable solution is designed to streamline gameplay and enhance the player experience as opposed to drive play-to-earn mechanisms, addressing several pain points that have affected role-playing games and gamers since the origin of the MMORPG genre.

Born out of, a robust, RPG-inspired chatbot boasting over 1.4 million unique communities across Discord, Tatsumeeko is an accessible and innovative “MMORPG-Lite” designed for community engagement and individual gameplay across web, mobile and Discord. Tatsumeeko found success in 2021 with their Solana-based Meekolony Passes and is now expanding to Ethereum with the help of Immutable X’s robust developer environment, low gas fees and instant-confirmation scaling solution.
Initially formed as in 2015 by a group of dedicated MMORPG enthusiasts intent on enhancing the Discord community experience, the Tatsumeeko team’s integration of NFTs into their forthcoming ‘MMORPG-lite’ will power a dynamic and streamlined gameplay experience. In contrast to other GameFi games that are often built around a token economy model designed to promote value-extraction, Tatsumeeko CEO, David Lim, notes that his teams’ unique integration of multiple blockchain solutions are, first and foremost, designed to enhance gameplay and value retention, while also tackling the transfer and ownership of in-game assets for Web3-native users and non-Web3-native users, alike.
“While other game companies are suffering from a huge backlash surrounding a pivot into the NFT ecosystem, [Tatsumeeko’s] gamers have been very supportive and open to the idea of NFT integration,” Lim says of the partnership with Immutable X. “As long as our features remain player-centric and we stay focused on a compelling and streamlined user experience, our community, primarily comprised of MMORPG-native gamers, is ready and willing to onboard into the Web3 ecosystem.”
Tatsumeeko’s choice to integrate blockchain and Web3 solutions into their forthcoming MMORPG game is distinct in the ‘GameFi’ space. Tatsumeeko’s gamer and community-focused experience integrates Web3 technology designed to solve long-standing ownership and asset transfer issues that have plagued the MMORPG space for over a decade. As opposed to attracting a Web3 audience to gaming, Tatsumeeko’s focus on gamers shows the true utility of blockchain and the broader NFT ecosystem.
Tatsumeeko also opens the door for users to create a highly customized experience with options to hide the crypto layer of the game, use credit cards for NFT purchases, as well as own, trade and sell their items directly through the platform thus avoiding high-risk, ‘gray market’ asset trading or peer-to-peer methods traditionally used by dedicated MMORPG gamers.
“I am very excited for Tatsumeeko to be launching on Immutable X. Tatsumeeko is focused on engaging with gamers and active community members where they already are,” says Robbie Ferguson, Co-founder of Immutable X. “Tatsumeeko is using blockchain technology creatively to streamline their gameplay and player experience. I’m looking forward to partnering with Tatsumeeko as Immutable X brings the next billion players to Web3.”
For more information about Tatsumeeko, visit and join the Tatsumeeko community on Twitter and Discord. Learn more about Tatsumeeko’s Aethereal Parcels land sale at
To learn more about Immutable X, visit Follow Immutable X on Twitter or join the community Discord for their latest updates.
About Immutable X
Immutable X is the #1 layer-2 trading platform designed for games building in Web3. Known for its profound scaling technology, zero gas fees and user-friendly APIs, projects can scale their games on immutable X within hours and instantly distribute to multiple marketplaces with their global order book. Supporting up to 9,000 transactions per second, Immutable X powers some of the largest games in the space including Planet Quest, Deviants’ Factions, Guild of Guardians, and more.
About Tatsumeeko
Tatsumeeko is a modern MMORPG-lite immersive fantasy world that features a blend of eastern and western gaming with more than 1.4 million unique communities worldwide. More than the average play-to-earn game, the Tatsumeeko ecosystem serves as a platform and infrastructure that allows other games, companies and communities to integrate into the Discord ecosystem to build their communities. Known for its versatility, users can immediately join Tatsumeeko via Discord or mobile without having to create a wallet, buy NFTs or purchase crypto.

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