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The LCS 2022 Summer Split enters Week 3 with a triple-tie for 1st place.  So far, all the teams have played five games each with Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid tied on top with four wins each. Immortals and Dignitas sit at the bottom of the table with only one win so far. 10 matches will be taking place this week, which should see lead to another exciting weekend.
Let’s break down all the narratives going on in the LCS.
CLG LCS Summer 2022
We dont know what year we teleported back into, but Counter Logic Gaming are atop the LCS standings. After disposing of champions Evil Geniuses in a tight series last weekend, they enter an even more challenging week where they have to likely beat both Cloud9 and Team Liquid to retain 1st.
Something with this roster just clicked. They can bleed leads the entire game and still ultimately prevail and win out in the end. Tough to beat down roster are always fun to watch, as they always slowly develop during a split. CLG manages to win from behind a lot and I cant even imagine how dominant they will be with a serious outdraft and lead.
Against both Cloud9 and Team Liquid they will need a solid draft and some magic to prevail. Their win against EG last week was shaky at best, and it’s not going to be as easy to turn a fight versus TL or C9. Honestly both their matches are toss-ups but if CLG goes 2-0 this week, they will definitely be considered the best in the LCS.
The spring champions have made a great start to this campaign, and should continue that run when they face TSM on Saturday.
TSM were one of the poorest sides in the series in Spring, registering only five wins from 18 games. They have not been the most convincing this time around either but have at least notched up two wins. They only need three more to tie their record from last time. They are currently tied on 5th spot in the league and will be hoping to at least qualify to the next stage, which they failed to do last time around.
Evil Geniuses counts on bot laner, Danny, to do the business. He has averaged 4.73 kills, 1.97 deaths, 4.96 assists and 4.91 KDA this year. For TSM, Spica will have to turn up to equalize EG’s bot dominance. He averaged 2.58 kills, 3.26 deaths, 6.26 assists and a KDA of 2.71.
Honestly, Evil Geniuses should have little to worry about the upcoming opponent. They didn’t have the best record in last split, but still managed to beat TSM the two times they met each other.
Cracking match-up ahead between two of the strongest teams in the league. Team Liquid were on top in the round robin stage last season with 14 wins and four losses. 100 Thieves didn’t do too bad themselves 12 wins and six losses. The two then faced each other in Round 2 with 100 Thieves winning narrowly with a score of 3-2.
When the two sides met in the league last split, they won a game each. There’s very little between these two sides but Team Liquid head into this match as slight favorites. They’ve won four of their five matches compared to 100 Thieves’ three wins. Both teams made no changes during the LCS Mid-Season roster shuffle, and we can expect an equally tied matches this Split between both.
If Team Liquid are going to win this, Hans Sama has to lead the way. He has averaged 3.95 kills, 1.84 deaths, 5.47 assists and a KDA of 5.13. For 100 Thieves, FBI will once again have to show up. He has averaged 3.69 kills, 1.86 deaths, 5.69 assists and a KDA of 5.04.
This weekend is all about building momentum towards earning a spot in Playoffs, expect all teams will push extremely hard.
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