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Cool Cats recently announced a collaboration with Polygon in Arc8. The development will see the NFT collection offering premium rewards to users.
These rewards will include Cool Cats NFTs, Cool Cats Bot Starters, Cool Cats merch, and 10,000 MATIC tokens. Launching on September 8, Cool Cats is a game with tiles, explosions, and cats. 
Cools Cats Combinations requires players to take Cool Cats on picnics while leaving fishes at home. It also involves numbered tiles, and players must combine the tiles of the same number with earning points and combo bonuses.
The game will also open three competitions for different player categories. These categories are:-
Regardless of the eligibility, every player competes for three sets of the same rewards. However, this does not negate the advantage of owning a Cool Pets or Cool Cats NFT. Players with these NFTs will get more draws and better chances to score a guaranteed reward by entering the top scorers.
Their winning chances will be higher since the competition in their respective categories will be less fierce. During the first launch week, from September 8 to 12, users can compete for rewards in Cool Cats Combinations.
The rewards will include 60 Cool Cats G-Bot Starters and three Cool Cats NFTs. Besides this, thirty skilled users can also win Cool merch, such as a plushie and a t-shirt. Polygon’s involvement in the collaboration means participants can also win over 10,000 MATIC tokens.
After the game’s opening week, Arc8 will offer Cool Cats Combinations as a regular game until its fourth season ends. The latest post by Cool Cats also shared information regarding players’ eligibility to win rewards in the competition.
Given the success Arc8 has witnessed in recent times, the collaboration between Polygon and Cool Cats is also expected to follow a similar path.
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