Coolest Cat Tech ever! Self cleaning Litter box?! Litter-Robot 4 by Whisker Unboxing!

– Hey individuals, it'' s Justine. And today I am so ecstatic because before me is the most recent
as well as best in pet cat innovation. This is the new Clutter Robotic 4 as well as this is a self
cleansing cat can. Currently you'' re possibly saying Justine, we know that you do not have a pet cat. So why would you be unboxing
this and also showing it to us? Well, my pal Ed has
two pet cats, Link and also Gus as well as I have generally
watched these felines mature from the day that he got them to now. And I'' m so excited since he really has one of the older variations of this. A huge thank you to Trash Robotic 4 for partnering with me on this video clip. I am so fired up to unbox this as well as take it over to my buddy Ed'' s residence and also get his kitties a can upgrade. Here we go. I just love finding truly cool animal technology, because I seem like so
most of us have pets and anything that can
make our lives less complicated I'' m a huge follower of.Oh I enjoy this, it states finest day ever
for you as well as your pet cats. I additionally sense, recognizing Ed'' s pet cats, that they would probably
truly love this box. So this is the white version, there is actually 2 shades. I asked Ed what color he
wanted as well as he chose the white. So I'' m really delighted
to see what this looks like in his place. We'' ve obtained the power adapter right here. Below it is. I'' m so fired up for his feline to get this. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.Look at this. It'' s type of remarkable since you place the cat trash in, and after that when your feline utilizes it and it goes to the washroom, it after that spins and turns and obtains the potty all clumpy. As well as after that it could just empty it right below in the tray. That is so hassle-free. – [Jen] Spaceship for pet cats. – It does appear like a little spaceship. Well, since it'' s unboxed, allow ' s go head to Ed ' s house and also see what his cats assume.
You all set, Jen? – Yeah.- Okay.
Let ' s go.- I love that this has an application for your phone that'you can link to as well as keep track of waste.
It ' s self cleaning, so there ' ll. be a clean bed of trash every time your cat utilizes it. It also has smell control. as well as a carbon filter to decrease any type of undesirable scents. This is appropriate for as much as 4 felines so if you do have even more than one after that this is great for sharing. I enjoy that it has a risk-free cat system so it ensures your feline is secure when using the Clutter Robot.It ' s

super quiet, very easy to tidy and minimizes air-borne.
and also surface trash dirt. Ed, your shock is right here. It'' s in fact 'not a surprise ' reason I told him I was coming as well as I told him exactly. what I was bringing. I ' m so thrilled for you to inspect this out. Hi Web link.
– He'' s so afraid.- Oh my gosh, don ' t'be scared.
It ' s a spacecraf, you. have the old variation.- [Jen] I believe he ' s scared of you. -[ Ed]. Yeah, what ' s what he ' s frightened. – Yeah. Oh me? – Because he enjoys the trash — Yeah, he likes the clutter.- I was trying to make justifications. It ' s great, since in the starting they did have a little introduction of exactly how to acclimate your cats to this. So we actually require to put.
some feline trash in below which I think you have. I forgot to bring you some. – No, that'' s– Okay, allow me obtain my phone.
and connect it to the application. What should we call it? How about Ed'' s Potty? I ' m linking a feline Clutter Robotic. Your robot is linked and will certainly be all set, so a tidy cycle is gon na start shortly.Okay, I believe we require to probably put some kitty trash in here. This is great since Ed has. one of the older variations, so he ' s primarily a specialist at this. We'' re just updating his crib. Well, the pet cat'' s baby crib. Should we load it up? – Allow'' s do
it. – Okay.- Do you think we can get. them to pee or poo on command? (both laughing) – [Jen] Can you pee or poo on command? – No! – I indicate, we could definitely try. – [Jen] Should we take a wager.
on who'' s gon na do it initially? Look at Gus.- Oh, most likely – -Web link or Gus?- You people have to meet Link as well as Gus? They are so freaking cute, like they'' re the coolest.
felines I'' ve ever

fulfilled. -[ Jen] If we just back up and let them- what-. – Okay. -[ Jen] Like all-natural instincts take over. – Okay, let'' s
see. -Okay'. So we ' re just gon na deal with our service. – You obtained a customer. – [Justine] We'' ve a consumer. Oh my God. -[ Jen] First customer. -[ Justine] This is the. best day of my life. Oh my he ' s excavating. Oh my God. Do we have a potty? Do you believe he gon na do -. -Oh yeah. – I ' m gon na quit talking.- [Ed] Great boy Web link -[ Justine] No way.I feel so unpleasant, absolutely no privacy. Do you believe he ' s making a turd? -[ Ed] Nah, pee. -[ Justine] Oh'my gosh,. there it is.
There ' s pee. He ' s covering it up. This is, this is like some. type of like nature program.- [Ed] Yeah, how do they know
to do that? Like exactly how ' d you obtain clutter on– Great task.- Awe!( applauding praise). -Excellent task pal!-
[Justine] Great task,. we ' re so pleased with you! – [Jen] That ' s an excellent work. – [Justine] We ' re so pleased with you. -[ Jen] You feel light? – [Justine] So Ed, we.
had our very first consumer. – Yeah', it was pretty exciting- So interesting. So'it also takes the pet dog.
weight, (gasps) 9.24 extra pounds. -That ' s amazing. -Feline discovered inside world at 3:48. It ' s even revealing how complete. the cabinet degree is, 33 % full. Now, when you, when they pee like you
just type of allow it go, right?- Yeah. It just dries out up. And when that starts to. followed a few mins, when it understands the pet cat ' s not in there, it waits a couple of mins,.
that allows it type of obtain a little soaked up.And when it turns, a pee.
will end up being simply as much of like a, you know, thing.
as a, as a little turd as well as it simply obtains filtered. right out of the screen.- Do you believe that we. can obtain a turd today? So I seem like I fulfilled Web link and Gus like when they were children. – Yeah. After relocating out.
right here, I would call my moms and dads or FaceTime them just to see my cat. I, you know, was really lonesome. I wished to have pet cats.
again, I'' m a pet cat person.It just so taken place after.
about 9 months of looking, I lucked out and also located Web link as well as Gus. They were born within the exact same.
week, 2 separate litters two different sorts of felines,.
yet they knew each other. Which implied a great deal to me. And 11 years later, I think.
it suggests a whole lot to them, so. – They'' re so wonderful, they'' re my fave. I indicate, I just take a look at.
this as easy to clean as well. It'' s like, right here you go. All of your waste is here.
You have the clutter lining,. you can simply throw that away
. Yeah, this simply pops off. as well so you can clean up that.
I just can ' t think that. we got a pee as needed.- Yeah. Connect you ' re a wonderful individual. – Thanks so much for your service. I was just actually thrilled.
when they got to out as well as told me that they had this coming out because I'' m a big follower.
of like an animal products.Like there ' s so

numerous. cool'things out there. As well as the fact that this one has actually been around for some time and they have this,.
it'' s all new, all updated. As well as the fact that you can check this from an application is so amazing. We have the moment, we have the weight of your feline that entered, which is excellent since- they both-.
– That'' s outstanding. – Consider a various quantity.
– Yeah. – So you'' ll be able to inform.- So I ' ll have the ability to know who — Did a number one or a number.
two based on their weight '' cause Gus considers like two extra pounds or regarding a pound as well as.
a half more than Link.And that aids

me to understand.
that the pet cats are going to the restroom and if they'' re. not, they may be stressed out or there may be an issue. And also since it has the weight, I can tell which one has actually gone. – Well, thanks people.
so much for watching as well as Ed, thanks so.
a lot for participating in our little testimonial video here. – Thank you. This is so interesting. You individuals wan na obtain more details regarding the Litter Robotic 4 by Whisker I'' ll put a web link in the description and also keeping that I'' ll see you individuals later. You got ta keep us upgraded when you when you obtain a second. – Oh yeah. I'' ll text you every single time. – Okay, terrific. Yeah. Just send me some.
screenshots of, of the application. – I'' ll send you the weight as well. – All right. Bye guys, thanks. – Ed simply so happens.
to have some phony poo, so for the trial,.
we'' re gon na evaluate it out.It ' s likewise cool down due to the fact that you can manually do a cycle with these switches. There it goes. I didn'' t even think that.
we were gon na have the ability to test the turd as well as here, right here we are. There it is. Oh my gosh, It'' s going away! There it goes! (both laughing) I wear'' t know why I ' m so. entertained however this is incredible. -[ Ed] Yeah, it ' s pretty wonderful. – [Justine] Wow!.

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