Cowboy hats, boots, guns and crypto talk with Dan Held – Cointelegraph

Bitcoiner Dan Held takes journalist Nicole Behnam around Austin, Texas as they recount their journeys into the world of cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoiner Dan Held gave journalist Nicole Behnam a true Texan welcome to Austin while the pair discussed their individual paths into the world of crypto.
Dan Held is a household name in the world of Bitcoin (BTC), while Nicole Behnam is a journalist turned cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiast. Together, the pair explored Held’s hometown of Austin, Texas, getting a taste of local life while delving into their journeys into the cryptocurrency space.
Held took Behnam to a local gun range to start things off, with the pair getting the chance to shoot a rare World War II-era German MP40. Behnam then grabbed her first cowboy hat from a local store and matched that with a pair of boots before the pair rounded off their thoughts on the cryptocurrency space.
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The pair finished off the day unpacking the prevailing perception toward Bitcoin as nonfungible tokens and Web3 become more of a focus. Held closed off the interview by giving a broad view of why other blockchain platforms trade off some semblance of decentralization to enable other functionality:
However, Held also stressed that this is a major reason why Bitcoin remains strong against any potential attacks against the network from nation-states.


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