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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2022 / Intelfin Global Group LTD (Intelfin), a multi-platform cryptocurrency investment company, today announces that the launch of their new Level One blockchain to expand its capabilities and maintain its decentralized structure is on schedule for a Q1 2023 launch. Intelfin Global Group is currently developing the technology based on the Cosmos SDK. This important step aimed at improving security for its customers, reflects the team’s far-reaching plans and the seriousness of the Intelfin’ s strategy.
The progress on the new feature follows a successful launch of the Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform in Q3 of 2020. Their technology continues to be under active development, including Intelfin DAO, Intelfin NFT, Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications. With future updates, Intelfin Trust protocol will add native tokenization, output types, layer 2 smart contract networks, and eventually full decentralization through a leaderless consensus algorithm.
The Intelfin leadership team is pleased with the company’s hard work to stay on schedule: “Since inflation is rising, as documented by financial institutions worldwide, it is no longer enough to have a bank account to keep your wealth. The money you invest needs to continue to generate profits on a regular basis in order to be profitable. This is where Intelfin (IFGT) comes into play, offering cutting-edge crypto products as well as blockchain, Web3 and trading skills to help its users profit from a bearish market,” an ecosystem representative said.
Part of the Intelfin Global Group’s philosophy is that because of today’s economic realities, if you do not earn, you lose. As a result of rising inflation, which is being documented in financial institutions around the world, it is no longer enough to possess a bank account to maintain the wealth you have earned through hard work. It is necessary that the money you invest continues to generate profits on a regular basis. In addition to ensuring the safety of your funds, how can you increase your savings significantly? Look forward to the future with confidence by following the example of Intelfin Global platform users who have already found the solution.
Members of the ARBITRAGE BOT pool have earned 103.1% cumulative income over the past 6 months. If you had activated the membership in the arbitrage bot pool at the end of December 2021, you would now have twice as much money as you had invested! For the same period, the return on the HYBRID BOT pool was 74.1%, which is also an excellent result.
In addition to the Liquidity pools, the Intelfin ecosystem (IFGT) is a decentralized ecosystem built on the internal tokens of each product or membership, the total value of which is expressed in the main internal token of the platform – $IFGT. A special focus should be placed on the fundamental direction of the ecosystem – Intelfin Trust, a decentralized insurance fund of Intelfin Global Group, valued at $83kk USD as of 2022, which protects assets of ecosystem participants. To protect the interests of users and the stability of ecosystem development, Intelfin Trust was established by Intelfin Global Group in Q3 2018. An allocation of 10% of all trading commissions is made to the fund by Intelfin Global multiplatform. An estimate of $83 million US dollars was made based on prices as of August 28, 2022.
A network like Intelfin Trust is going to be innovative. The first integration of these new developments will an update that enables smart contract chain tokenization and deployment (including EVM and WASM compatibility) on the underlying protocol, unlocking previously unforeseen levels of utility. These are the core system layers of ecosystem insurance that apply to the Intelfin Global platform and all future ecosystem projects. The company also offers answers to users’ questions about cryptocurrency through their extensive knowledge base.
Among the Intelfin Ecosystem’s accolades are “Trusted Vendor,” “Top Performer,” and “User Awards” from Sourceforge, as well as the “Users Love Us” banner from Slashdot. Contact us and ask an Intelfin specialist for advice or reach out through social media.
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SOURCE: Intelfin Global Group LTD.
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