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CryptoHopper is a joint creation by a web designer and a day trader, two brothers. They collaborated to develop this cryptocurrency bot that can conduct trades on one’s behalf 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even while one is not in front of a computer. CryptoHopper is now a very popular and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. It is an intriguing automated trading bot that offers a number of features and pricing options, as well as a free trial, so that users may test the bot before purchasing it. 
How CryptoHopper Functions 
CryptoHopper essentially functions by completing trades for people on whichever trading account they connect it to. To connect an exchange account to a CryptoHopper account, traders must enter their API key within their CryptoHopper account. This key can be located in the exchange account’s configuration. The method may vary from exchange to exchange, but CryptoHopper’s tutorials page gives comprehensive information on integrating one’s account to numerous exchanges. 
Once the exchange account has been linked to the CryptoHopper bot, it will execute transactions according to the parameters that the trader has specified. It will conduct a technical analysis depending on market conditions and then purchase or sell bitcoins based on the predetermined trading techniques. It will continue to trade cryptocurrencies in this manner until the trader disables it or modifies the settings. While the process is automated, they must still maintain monitoring, as a sudden bear market could cause the bot to execute trades that end in a loss. With this information in mind, there are a few things to consider before adopting CryptoHopper.
Features of CryptoHopper 
CryptoHopper is an effective tool for anyone looking to enter the cryptocurrency trading market. While some of these characteristics were mentioned earlier in this article, the following is a comprehensive summary of the most important CryptoHopper features with brief explanations of each: 
Similar Trades 
This pertains to the CryptoHopper marketplace, which offers both free and paid choices. Traders can essentially mimic the trading tactics of experienced traders. Their templates, methods, and signals can be purchased. Templates contain their choice of coins, configuration settings, etc., and they are typically provided as a complement to tactics. Strategies are a set of technical indicators and criteria that determine the bot’s buying and selling decisions. They are built and vetted by authorized traders. Signals are a notification of a coin that may be on the increase, so they can pay a third party to tell them when to invest in a coin.
Paper Trading 
Paper trading is included free of charge with every package and enables traders to trade without holding any cryptocurrencies or having an exchange account. By investing up to $100,000 worth of any cryptocurrency, they can test out different ideas without taking actual risks. Once they are satisfied with their paper trading technique, they can apply it to a real trading bot. 
Strategy Designer 
More than 130 indicators and candle patterns are available in the CryptoHopper strategy creator, allowing traders to create their own technical analysis and obtain the best buy and sell signals from their strategy. Although it is possible to alter the strategy, most traders prefer to utilize the visual designer to develop a strategy by dragging and dropping indicators. They can then load the strategy into their backtesting tool to determine whether or not it delivers profitable buy or sell signals. When satisfied, traders may next implement the strategy on their actual trading bot. 
Trading Automation 
The primary characteristic of CryptoHopper and all trading bots, automatic trading, implies that the bot will trade for people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It incorporates data and uses the methods and parameters that the trader has selected to attempt to create a profit by buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Automated trading performs trades instantaneously by working 24 hours a day and tracking all coins concurrently, whereas a human is likely to miss the opportunity. 
Trailing Stop Loss 
The three trailing tools offered by CryptoHopper are Trailing Stop Loss, Stop Buy, and Stop Short. If users configure Trailing Stop Loss, the bot will activate a stop loss if they have earned a specified profit, or they can sell an asset if its price falls by a specified amount. At the first indication of an uptrend, Trailing Stop Buy places a buy order, guaranteeing that they buy before the market begins to rise again. Trailing Stop Short follows the price down and closes the short position as soon as the price begins an upswing. 
=> Read Honest Customer Reviews of CryptoHopper on its official website
Other Features 
●    Social Trading – Buying and Selling Like a Professional 
●    Trailing Orders – The Easy Way to Make Better Purchases and Sales 
●    DCA – Do not worry about purchasing at the wrong time. 
Expert Tools 
1. Dollar Cost Averaging 

Traders can utilize DCA to invest gradually over time to reduce risk or offset a losing position. Extra purchases on a losing position will reduce the average purchase price. 
2. Short selling 
Traders can short sell their coins to protect against a sudden decline. Follow the coins until the bottom of the market and repurchase them only when they show indications of recovery. 
3. Triggers 
People should respond to the rise and fall of coinage and be sure to react to early negative market indicators. They should create individualized actions ranging from alerts to sell orders to safeguard the safety of the portfolio around-the-clock.
The CryptoHopper Market 
After selecting the pricing tier, traders are free to configure their bot as they see fit. Alternatively, they can use the CryptoHopper marketplace to acquire an algorithm that has already been developed by another trader. There are some free trading tactics. However, the majority of them cost money. This is an interesting and beneficial choice for novice traders, as they may employ a pre-built automated trading strategy and check user reviews, a track record, and a detailed description of the bot’s intended actions. This is not a profit guarantee, but it definitely is a handy tool. Additionally, traders can modify the purchase strategy, allowing them to use it as a template and tailor it to their trading needs.
Currently, CryptoHopper is compatible with 13 exchanges, the majority of which are large. Here is a complete list of CryptoHopper-compatible exchanges: 
●    OKEX
●    HitBTC
●    KuCoin
●    BitPanda Pro
●    Bitvavo
●    Binance US
●    Binance
●    Bittrex
●    Bitfinex
●    Coinbase Pro
●    Poloniex
●    Kraken
●    Huobi
Why Should Individuals Select CryptoHopper? 
Mechanical Trading 
Bots don’t need sleep. 24/7 crypto trading is available. Likewise, so is the bot. Traders must give themselves the advantage of using this bot, and they will never miss a beat while everyone else sleeps. 
Social Commerce 
Trade like a pro Despite not being one. 
Traders do not have to be a professional to trade like one. They can improve their performance by copying expert traders on our marketplace. Trading signals inform the bot when to purchase or sell. Utilize professional market scanning tactics and download pre-configured bot template files. 
Analyze automatically 
Identify the optimal trading opportunity. 24/7, automatically. 
Fear of a market upheaval should not keep one awake at night. With its artificial intelligence, the bot may automatically identify patterns and adapt to a better approach, allowing traders to relax. Create or download trading methods, then let the bot monitor the markets and buy or sell based on one’s specifications. 
Acceptable at any time and anywhere. 
Cloud-hosted CryptoHopper is accessible 24/7. Even when traders are not logged in, their assets are secured and monitored. They may access the platform from any device, including the web, a mobile phone, a tablet, and even a smartwatch. 
CryptoHopper Pricing 
The following table details CryptoHopper’s four pricing options for its bot. Additionally, CryptoHopper discount codes are frequently available and people can use the platform at discounted prices. Here are the current pricing options.
Pioneer: Free bundle (7-day trial) 
●    20 positions 
●    Portfolio management 
●    Manual trading 
●    On all accessible exchanges 
●    Explorer: $19/Month (Try for seven days for free) 
●    80 positions 
●    Maximum of 15 chosen coins/assets 
●    Max of 2 triggers 
●    Technical Analysis (TA) at an interval of 10 minutes 
●    1 Simulated Trading Bot 
Adventurer: $49 Per Month 
●    Maximum of 50 coins/assets 
●    Maximum of 5 TA triggers with a 5 minute interval 
●    1 Simulated Trading Bot Exchange 
Arbitrage Hero: $99 per Month 
●    500 positions. 
●    Maximum of 75 chosen coins/assets 
●    Ten maximum triggers 
●    TA with a 2 minute gap 
●    All coins for signals 
●    Market arbitrage Market making Algorithm intelligence (Beta)
●    Available on the majority of major exchanges 
●    Simple to set up and employ 
●    Good instructional materials 
●    Strategy for the market 
●    Dependable and secure 
●    Privacy safeguarded 
●    Paid for additional signals 
Fear of a market upheaval should not keep one awake at night. With its artificial intelligence, the bot may automatically detect trends and switch to a more effective strategy. 
It is the most recent and greatest invention in E-trading, allowing traders to employ their own trading techniques while having a bot execute them.
CryptoHopper is among the finest trading bots for both novice and experienced traders since it allows for a great deal of personalization yet is still straightforward to operate. Its trigger function is one of its useful aspects. It enables users to trade automatically using any technical indicators or even educate an artificial intelligence to decide whether to buy. Having a trigger in place will prevent the trader from selling at a low price. Anybody interested in auto trading should definitely give CryptoHopper a try.
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