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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) saw a massive boom in the year 2021—the same year when the broader crypto market achieved its ATH of over 3 trillion USD in market cap. In contrast, the whole crypto industry including major cryptocurrencies and NFTs have seen drastic drops this year due to heavy market downturn. Yet popular NFT collections like CryptoPunks often seem to register notable performance. 
Recently one such CryptoPunk NFT is reported to have sold for an impressive price. On 29th September, 2022, CryptoPunks Bot informed via Twitter about buying of CryptoPunk NFT #2924 for 3,300 ETH. The purchase accounted for approx 4.45 million USD. 
Given the size of CryptoPunk NFT’s sale, it is one of the biggest amounts paid for a non-fungible token. According to CryptoPunks(dot)app, the sale of CryptoPunk #2924 is the fourth biggest sale in terms of ETH. However, in terms of sales in USD, it stayed relatively lower. For instance, CryptoPunk #5577 is sixth in respect to sales in ETH but accounts for 7.7 million USD. 
Buyer of the digital collectible piece is unknown yet as it goes by pseudonym on Twitter as @seedphrase. 
The recent sale of CryptoPunk NFT is one of the biggest, not the only one though. On 27th September, 2022, CryptoPunk #6869 reported to sell for 102.50 ETH. Sale of the non-fungible token is equivalent to approx 136.3K USD. 
CryptoPunks are among the top NFT collections across the NFT industry. It holds the top position in NFT marketplace OpenSea with volume of about 1 million ETH. The NFT project was created by Larva Labs and launched in the year 2017. Overall, the NFT collection accounts for 10,000 Cryptopunks. 
Traits and attributes of these Punks is what make them different from each other and determine their value too. For instance, CryptoPunk #6869 has a character with hoodie, beanie and a pilot helmet. 
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