Dead By Daylight Mobile Parody 1 – Trapper Makes a Game

This video is sponsored by Dead by Daylight Mobile and filmed before a live studio audience. Ugh. This basement is so dusty! STUDIO AUDIENCE LAUGHS LOUDLY What was so funny about that? Oh hey everybody, look what I made! Trapper, If this is another song, I swear… No, I made a video game about our lives I call it… Dead By Before The Sun Rises… or DBBTSR as the cool kids will probably call it. I’m cool! I love DBBSS… whatever else you said, but will it play on my phone? Why would I want to play my life in a game? Because you can sit on your ass and still kill those entitled little snots.

Hah! Got another. Stupid twat. My phone keeps shorting out. (laughs) Is this how you play? Yuck! Your game tastes terrible. Okay, wait. How did YOU learn to program a video game on a mobile phone and also, what is a video game and a mobile phone? Well, my cousin, The Crapper did most of the- Boring! Nevermind, I’ll just play the stupid thing. Oh. Where am I? Oooh! A broken generator! I bet if I fix this I can get out of here. Aw, now I wish I had paid more attention in school… TEACHER: Now class, here’s how to repair a generator- Teacher: Dwight, wake up! This is important stuff.

(Half asleep) Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Fix the genera- LOUD SNORING Well, here goes nothing! Oh no! It’s checking my skill!! Ah! Hey. I heard you explode. Wait… maybe we can come to an agreement? Agree what? Instead of you hooking me, I help you out. Oh… A-green-mints! Hmmm… Where is the David? I haven’t seen him the whole match. He's right over there… Jake: Tea-bagging you. Hey! That’s really toxic! Oh, very mature! Just one more gen to go! Yes. Just one more. Uh, Meg? Are you okay? Can’t chat. Must find and do gens. Must gen rush. Must gen rush… Huh, Meg has turned into a bot. Must apply pressure. Must apply pressure. The killer’s a bot too! No, that’s just how I always sound. Oh, you found me, well go
ahead and stab me and run away. I won’t be doing the stabbing today, meet my girlfriend… Susie! Shut-up Frank! I’m not your girlfriend! But, I thought you know, we sort of
liked each other… in that special way.

No, you’re like a brother to me. Pshhh. Well, there’s always Julie I guess. Yeah, I don’t think she likes you that way either. What about Joey? I’m sorry, but can one of you just stab me already? Okay…Phew! Now there's no way anyone can get out! ALARM GOES OFF Sorry big guy, but that’s a breach of the rules. The real rules anyway. Match win to survivors! Well, you have to admit, this was a smart idea.
Even for me! Meh. Um, you know you're totally camping, right? No I’m not. No I’m not. I'm just patrolling. You could at least throw me a marshmallow. Quiet! A Meg’s going to show up any second now. CRUNCH CHEWING SOUNDS So what did you all think about my game? Eh, it's okay. It just needs a button that hooks all 4 survivors,
to be honest. Naw, it’s already too killer sided. If anything it’s survivor sided. You should remove the generators. Uh, those are all… suggestions. But pretty good job so far! Huh?! CRICKET SOUNDS Do the survivors really need perks? Why should those scum survivors
even get a chance to escape? Let us down them in one hit, even if we miss! Nea: I don't remember authorizing this.

EVERYONE TALKS AT THE SAME TIME Now we get serious… Dead by Daylight Mobile is available almost worldwide! And it free! So throw away your computer and go play it now! Unless you already on mobile device… Then, don't throw that away. Keep it..

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