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– What are you doing here? Tarek …
– Hi! – You know each other? – Yeah, I help out in the restaurant
sometimes. – And you speak German! – A bit.
I'm doing an audio course. – How long have you been in Germany? – I came to Germany a few weeks ago. – But why?
I mean, what are you doing here? – Nico was looking for you. – But you were in Switzerland. – How do you know that? – It's a long story. – Okay. And I want to hear the
whole story from the beginning. – Listen up, we'll all go to the restaurant,
and I'll cook something and then after we eat, we'll tell you everything. – Yeah. Okay. – Okay. – Thanks, Tarek. Very, very delicious!
– Mm! – I'm glad you liked it! – It's nice to be back.
I almost got homesick. – Homesick?
Did you miss Spain? – No.

Spain is my home country. I come from Spain,
but my home is Germany. And I missed Germany. – Yeah, I get that.
Germany's my home, too. I'm from Turkey,
but I've lived here a long time. – How long have you lived in Germany? – I came here with my parents
30 years ago. – I came to Germany 15 years ago
to work as an au pair. It was a foreign country.
The language, too. I mean, I was happy. I wanted to leave Spain
and study in Germany. But it wasn't always easy.
Everything was new. I was lucky. I had help. It's important to have help
in a situation like that. I had my friend. – You mean Sarah?
– Mm.

– Who's Sarah? – My best friend. She moved to Switzerland
five years ago. A few weeks ago, I got
a phone call from Sarah. Her dad had died. – Oh no. – Mmm. It was awful.
She needed my help. I packed my bags
and flew to Zurich. – Why didn't you say anything? – And what's up with you?
How long are you planning to stay? – My parents don't understand me.
They say I have to continue my studies. But I don't want to go to university
anymore. I hate it. I hate law.
I hate everything about it. I'm not as perfect
as my brother … I want to work with my hands. – I understand that. – And what do you want to do now?
Where will you live? How will you earn money and live? – I definitely don't want
to go back to Spain.

– Yara, please! – You don't even know what you want. What do you want to do here in Germany? And what about your law studies? – I know what I don't want.
I don't want to go to university anymore. – That's not enough.. – You simply left Spain. – And I can tell you
that a new beginning is very difficult! And without German skills
it's a lot tougher! – I can do it! I practice
German every day, Yara! And now I'm learning even more quickly! – You don't have any work. – I'll look for some. – Just like that? Good luck! – You think I won't manage it. Like everyone else. – Okay. But you're responsible
for everything. Apartment, job and so on. I'm not doing it for you. – Okay. – I'll help you a bit.

To start with, you can live with me. – Thanks! – And I want you to … – Voy a hacer todo … – Don't speak Spanish anymore.
From now on, only German. That is the best way to learn the language. Call your parents right away. They have to know that you're with me. – What? Why? – Because they're worried. And I'm not lying to my sister. – My parents don't understand German. – Very funny. Putting it off any longer,
won't make it better. – And? How was your chat
with your parents? – They're very happy to hear
that I'm doing well, they wish me a lot of luck,
and they love me a lot.

– Really? – No. They are … – … very angry …? … furious …?
– Yeah. They're furious
that I don't want to continue my studies. They're furious
that I don't want to come back … – And? – I'm staying here. – Okay.
Let's go home! – Okay. – I have to go to the bank
because I want to open an account. – Very good. There's a lot
you have to take care of now. – I can't go to the bank today, because I have to go to Lisa's
language class. – What time do you have to go to Lisa's? – I'm going to Lisa's at eleven. – Then you can go to the bank afterward.
You'll make it. – Mmm. – Here you go your welcome gift. Now you'll get around faster! – Wow! Thanks! – It's not really difficult.
you go to the bank and say your name. Good day, I'm Nico González
and I'd like to open an account please. – Is that all? – Not everything. The bank will want to know where you're
from. – I'm from Spain, Seville. – Yeah. – You can answer that one
with your eyes shut.

Then you'll have to fill out a form –
your date of birth, your address … You can do it. – I'll simply write … – Tarek? Two schnitzels please! – I'll just write Aunt Yara's
address, right? – Yeah, that's okay. Then they might ask you
where you work. Of course the bank thinks it's better
if you have a steady income. – Can I say that I
don't have a job yet? – Yeah, that's okay. – Good … And then I can open an account? – Yeah. And if there's a problem,
call me. Okay? – Okay.
– Good. – Okay. – Goodbye!
Have a nice day. – You, too! Thanks. – Recipient, IBAN,
reason for payment … 335423. Enter the transaction number,
send it, and done.

And the next … – Hi, Yara. – Hello, Tarek. – Have you got a lot to do? – Yeah. I haven't been here for a while
and have a lot to take care of. Pay invoices, answer e-mails,
place orders … – Okay – The thing with the rent is … Thanks, for taking care
of that for me. I totally forgot
to transfer the rent. – No problem.

– Look, Tarek! – Nico has his own bank account. – Oh! – Hey, Nico! – Selma! What are you doing here? – A bank account? Does that mean you're staying here?
In Germany? – Yeah. – Cool. And what do you want to do?
Go to university? – No, I … I studied law in
Spain for two semesters. I don't want to go to university any more. I want to work with my hands,
learn a trade. – You want to do an apprenticeship? – Yeah, I think so. – Then you have to learn
German fast. I'm going to language class soon.
Do you want to come? – Yeah, sure. – But first I have to stop at
a cash machine for money. – A bank machine … You speak German very well – I've already been here a year.
Can you wait a moment? – Of course. – I'm sorry. – What happened? – First, I put the card in the machine. Then I pressed "withdraw money." Then came an error message. I couldn't even enter my PIN
and the card never came back out. One of the bank clerks had to help me.

– But it worked? – We can go now! – Hello? I'm at my language class. You know that. Yeah, I'll do it. Bye! – Was that your dad on the phone? – No,that was my mother. She's worried because I
haven't called. I told her that I was at my
language class. – Perhaps she just forgot. – Yeah, for the hundredth time. – I know that feeling. My parents
never listen to me either. It doesn't matter to them what I think.

– But you get to be in Germany. – I ran away. Anyway, I'm an adult.
I can be wherever I want to be. You, too. – I would never leave my family. – Okay … – What song is that, Sebastian? – "Silent night." It's a German Christmas song. – It sounds pretty. – Yeah. – We can translate the song in the
next class and learn it. Are you interested? – Sure. – Of course. – These pictures are great! – Yeah, cool pictures. Do you also take  … – Portraits? – Mmm. – No, I … I've got another project, too. It'll be awesome. – What kind of project? – I won't tell you yet.. – Sebastian, can we do the language
exercise with the your new pictures today? – Of course.

Why not? What is it about? – To begin, review. Selma, please describe one of
Sebastian's portraits. – There are two elderly men with gray hair. The man wearing brown pants is tall and he looks a bit sad. The man with the black coat is shorter. – Very good. Nico, can you do that, too? – Not as well! – Try it! Describe your family. Who is part of it? – My grandparents. I have parents, a brother and three aunts. One aunt has two sons. – Your cousins. – My cousins, yeah. – And what does your brother look like? – He has dark hair. – And? – I don't know. He looks perfectly normal. – Okay … Selma? – The picture … – Okay. – Ibrahim? Ibrahim! – My other grandparents live
in a nursing home. They need a lot of help
because they're very old.

My grandpa can't even eat by himself any
more. My grandma has problems because
her eyes are bad. She can't see very well. – Selma? Your cellphone. – Oh no! – What's the matter? – My mother called five times. – Only five? – I have to go! – What happened? – My father is at the doctor's,
because he … He had … circulatory? – He had a circulatory collapse? – Yeah, I don't know, I have to go! – Should I drive you there? I can get you there quickly by car. Oh! Oh, I'm sorry! – Excuse me.

Gosh, young woman!
We know each other, don't we? – Ms. Kohlhaas? – Ah, Inge! How are you my dear? – Not very well.
My dad passed out. – Oh that's awful! I hope that he gets well again soon. – I hope so too. He has too much stress. He has to rest now for a bit. And how are you doing? – Fantastic! I was just at the doctor.
Just some minor ailments … I think I'm as fit
as a fiddle. And what is my son doing? – What is your son doing? – He's looking into retirement homes.
He thinks that would be good for me. He's doing that because he thinks
that I'm lonely. What nonsense!
I'm not lonely! – I'm sure he means well. – Well … – Mrs.

… Inge, excuse me … – Of course! You want to get to your
father. I'm fine! No worries. Go on! – Thanks! – Selma writes:
"My father is doing well. He can go home tomorrow.
Best, Selma." – Luckily … – Hi. – Hey.
– Hello. – Nico, how nice it is to see you. Tell me, you can't be serious? – About what? – About this! This mess. – Can I tidy up later maybe? – Oh, like in a month? – Now calm down. – No! You've been wanting to vacuum for
weeks and I haven't seen it happen yet. You haven't taken out the trash again.
Come on, people! I told you yesterday: "Please, please take the trash out,
tidy up, clean the bathroom! And someone has to return
the deposit bottles." But no!
I can do it all.

No big deal. – Yeah, Nina, we're sorry.
We didn't have any time. – Can I help? – No, Nico. We live here.
We can do it ourselves. – But we also have a vacant room, don't
we? – That's a good idea! – What is? – Nico, would you like to move in? – Good day!
How are you today? – Good day! Look at that there! The garbage can
is lying in front of my store again. The neighbor, Mr. Murz, keeps
putting it directly in front of my window! – And? – Yeah well …
You're the landlord here. Couldn't you please just tell him
that it's not right and that he should be considerate towards his
neighbors? He doesn't listen to me. – It's not that bad. Don't get so upset about it
all the time! – I'm not getting upset about it. But I need customers
to pay my rent. That's something that would be in
your interest, too, right? – I … will speak to him.

I don't want quarrels here
between neighbors. – I don't want to quarrel with him either, but he's asking for it! He parks his car in front of the store,
listens to very loud music, is impolite and … – Yeah, yeah, we've all got problems. I have to talk to you about something, but …
it's not urgent. We'll do it another time. Glad to have you back,
Ms. González! – Hello.
– Hello. – Good afternoon.
– Goodbye. – Who was that? – My landlord, Mr. Friese. I just complained to him
about my neighbor. He's always putting his trash
in front of my store. – You've become very German! – No I haven't! – But you have! – Mm, that smells good!
May I try it? – Yes, of course. – What's the matter? Is everything okay? – Yeah, why? – Why? I can see that
you're not doing well. – Yeah, I know.
I overreacted a bit just now.

– That wasn't what I asked. – Lisa … I'm pregnant. – Wow! – Yeah, wow.
What am I supposed to do now? – Yeah, Nina, you should be happy!
You're having a kid, that's great! You can't lose your nerves now. – Oh, well. – Who's the father? – Dario. – But you've only been together
for a few weeks. – Yeah. – You have to tell him. – I don't even know
how this kid … How am I supposed to do it all? I can't raise a kid right now, man.
I'm still doing my job training.

– Come on, Nina. There are
day cares, nanny shares. Other mothers get it done, too. You shouldn't be so worried. I know that you'll
be a great mother. – And … here you go! – To Nico's new apartment!
– Cheers! – Cheers! – Congratulations, Nico. – Thank you, Inge. – Where do you live now? – I'm living in an apartment
with Lisa, Nina and Sebastian. – A shared apartment, right? It was different in my day.
We lived with our families. It was cheaper. – Most people today move to another city after high school for their
studies or job training. – Or even to another country. Yeah, people today move much
more often than they used to. – But you can also live alone. – That's expensive. – Most of the time, too expensive. – Is there really such a big difference? – A lot of times, yes. Besides that, it's nicer
to not have to live alone. – That's true. Living together with other people
is what I like best. And I'd rather live in a small room
than at my parents' house! I enjoyed living with you, of course.

– Hola, Nico. – Pepe! – Who is Pepe? – Pepe is my older brother. – Oh! – Ven, Nico. – I don't speak Spanish here. – Suit yourself! Come on!
We're flying back to Spain. – No, I'm not going with you.
I'm staying here in Germany. – I came all the way from Munich. First I wanted to fly
but the flight was cancelled. Then I took the bus here
and couldn't sleep the whole way. I'm really tired. So please,
let's just go! – No. Feel free to go.
I spoke to Dad on the phone. – I don't think you understand. Dad told me that I'm supposed
to bring you back. The next flight to Seville via Madrid or Barcelona is
probably tomorrow morning.

Okay? – Alright, have a nice flight. – Listen, I don't really care what
you do! But our parents are very worried! You only cause problems, Nico! – I'm asking you nicely to go now. – We'll clear this up tomorrow! – In spite of it all – cheers! – Good evening, what can I do for you? – Have you got a vacant room? – Will you be taking the room
for just one night or longer? – For now, just one night.
I may stay longer. – I assume you're taking a single room?
Is that correct? – Yes please. A single room. – Would you like the room
with breakfast or without? Breakfast is not included in the price. – Without breakfast, please. – Then I just need your
ID or passport. The room is on the fourth floor. That'll be 139 euros for one night
without breakfast. Will you be paying cash or credit card? – I'll be paying with a credit card.

– My apologies but your
card has not been accepted. Thanks. Apologies for the inconvenience. As I said, your room is on the fourth floor.
The elevator is just ahead to the right. I hope you have a pleasant stay! – Yes, thank you. Me, too! – Are you doing okay, Inge? – Me? Of course. Ah … Apartment shares and trips … I just sit around all day.
Either at home or here. – Why? You're fit. You've got time. Why don't you go away?
Take a vacation! – That's too complicated.

– Oh nonsense! Tarek?
Can you bring your laptop here? – What? Why? – Because we're booking a
a short trip together. – Yeah! Wait! Stop! Just a minute! That sounds
good! Offers for seniors' groups: a train ride through Rheintal
to Bingen am Rhein, with lunch and city tour. – Where does the train leave from? – Cologne's main station. – And when? – Departure is at 9:45
from platform 7. – How much does it cost? – It costs 50 Euros round trip
and you don't have to switch trains.

You arrive in Bingen am Rhein
at quarter to twelve. You return at
half past six that evening. – Mmm, great! But it's all on one day?
That would be too stressful for me. – True. – You could also stay the night in Bingen. We're sure to find a hotel room
for you. Should we book it? – Yeah! – Yeah! – Okay! That’s that. Now we'll print out the train connections
and look for a hotel room. – Oh that's great! You guys are incredible!
I'm so excited! – Excuse me!
Which tram line stops at the hospital? – The 66 stops at the hospital. Are you sick? Should I call a taxi instead? – Thank you very much but I just left my ID there.

– How annoying! – The 64? Does that also stop at the
hospital? – The 64 goes a different
direction, to the airport. That won't help you. – Okay. Do I need a regular ticket?
Do you know? – To get to the hospital, you'll need
a ticket that costs 3.80 euros. Just a minute, I'll help you! Oh, there's a faster connection
with the 16. The route is shorter,
but you'll have to switch once. – How long is the trip
without switching? – 15 minutes longer. – Then without switching. – Here you are. – Thank you very much! Have a nice evening. – You're welcome. You, too! – What's left outside? – The furniture. – You have furniture? – Yeah, I have a wardrobe,
a bed and a mattress. – Everything from the secondhand store. – Carrying furniture …
I'm going to have to shower again soon. – Oh, Nico and I can do it, right? – Yeah! – Really? – Yes, but on one condition.

– Aha! – You help with my photo project. – Which project? – Ok, listen up. I want to show
German figures of speech as photographs. – Wow. – Wait. I want to show it all
literally, word for word. – That sounds cool. Can I use the
photos for my language exercises? – Of course! So does that mean you're in? – Yeah, right now I have enough spare
time. It suits me. I look forward to it! – Super. – Then you can think about which
figures of speech are important and especially interesting
and then decide. And we'll talk about it tomorrow. – Okay. – Perfect! – And the wardrobe? – Hello, Nico! – Hello, Inge! – I only have a bit of time. I wanted to bring you a few things
for the move – little things.
You can really use them. Sorry, I have to go. I've booked this day trip. I mean, Tarek and Max have booked
this day trip for me. I'd prefer to cancel it. I'm getting five e-mails a day
for recreational activities, tickets, ads. I don't even know what I'm
supposed to do with it all. It's probably all advertising. There are so many offers: I can
go hiking, sailing, surfing.

Can you imagine that? Surfing? What are they even thinking? At my age!
Alright … No, no, no, go on.
I don't want to keep you from your work. I don't even have time. I have to go shopping and I have to
ask Tarek and Max if they've found a hotel for me. It's all so
stressful … – Can I help you? – No, you've already done enough. – Ok, my dears, take care.
And come visit me, Nico, hm? – Thanks, Inge, I will.

many thanks for the things. – Yeah … – She really doesn't have time. – No time. – Your brother works in Germany? – Yeah, for a few years now.
He has his own firm. – And why does he want you to go
back to Spain? – He always does what my parents want
him to. Pepe isn't really interested in me.
He doesn't care about me … – He doesn't care about you. – He doesn't care about me. – Your brother annoys you
right? – Annoys? Yeah. I get annoyed
at my brother a lot.

– Come on, don't get so upset
about him now. He isn't welcome here. – Thanks.
– Yeah. What was in the mail? – A letter from the night school. – Oh, an answer? – Well then, open it! – I'm scared to. – It's an acceptance letter for sure. – This … Nina? This is a letter. Hm? – Right. This is an envelope. And this here is a postage stamp. Then you write the address
on the envelope and put the letter in the mailbox. – Okay. I understand. – An acceptance! – Awesome! I hope you'll still have
time for my photography project? – Of course.

I'm excited about
your project. I'm in! – That's my girl! – A celebratory pizza? – I'd like to have a pizza with pepperoni. – What an idiot! – Oh! I hope you don't mean me. – Oh, no, sorry. Have you spoken with Mr. Murz? I'm still frustrated about that …
– Yeah, yeah, all right. Ms. González, have you got
a moment? I wanted to speak to you
about something. – Yes! There will be a rent increase next year.
Rent will be more expensive in January. – You can't be serious. – Did you think that you would
always pay the same price? The market is changing, the prices, too. – I pay enough. And you already raised my rent
two years ago. – I can understand that you aren't happy about the rent increase,

González, but … I won't discuss it with you. – Do you know that many people who
run such small businesses have to close their shops because
the rents keep increasing? – That's tragic.
But it doesn't interest me. – Yeah, I'm not surprised. People like you are only think
about themselves. I will not be paying higher rent
under any circumstance! – We have time to clarify that. Goodbye, Ms. González! – So, Nico. What are you interested in? – I'm interested in soccer. – Aw, he's interested in soccer.
Another one! – Yeah, sorry. I like soccer. – As all men do. – You can also ask Nico, if he's interested in other things. – Okay. Are you interested in … literature? – Literature? – Yeah. Do you like to read?
Or have you got a lot of books? For example, novels or detective stories … – Of course.

I have … – … always …? – I've always been interested in books. – You're very interested in
politics, too, right? – Politics? Me? Why? – Because politicians lie so much. – Last question:
Selma, what are you especially good at? – Hm … – Can you ride a bicycle? – I can't ride a bicycle. – Really? – Yeah. – But that's impossible.
Everyone here rides bikes! I'll teach you.
I promise. Have you got time tomorrow? – Okay … – Wait, Selma! Nico first has to say what
he can't do well. I think he can't sing well? – You said you'd teach us
a Christmas song. Hm? – Yeah … – Well, then … – Why don't we go fishing more often? – Hm? – I'd like to eat another fish
that I caught myself. – Oh, please, no! – Why, "please no"? – We've gone fishing at least ten
times and only caught one fish. – Yeah, but the fish was a big one. – And it tasted terrible. We're really terrible fishermen, Max. – We're also terrible at soccer. – What?
That's not at all true! – Nico? – You're very bad soccer players.

– I don't even want to remember
that last game. – What about volleyball?
You could play volleyball. – No one likes volleyball. – I like volleyball! – I love volleyball. – Okay. Let's just say:
Not everyone hates volleyball, but only a few of us like volleyball. – Okay, what about horseback riding? You like horses. – Riding? Just how am I supposed
to ride without a horse? – There must be a
riding club in the area. – Yes and no. I like horses,
but I can't ride them. And I don't want to learn. – I'm just saying we could
do something together again. Oh. – You can leave right away. – Can we talk, Nico? Please give me a chance!
I'd like you to at least listen to me. – I believe you
said everything already yesterday. – He's your brother, Nico. At least listen to what he wants
to tell you. – Nico, I know that Dad
isn't always easy. – No, you don't know that.
You always do what you want. No problem. Pepe, our great son,
he has his own business in Germany and earns a lot of money.
You don't know. – And? You want to start your own
business here, too? I can help you!
I can support you.

– No thanks. – Nico, I respect your decision. But I don't think it will work out. – Why not? – I can't imagine that you can do it without help
from Mom and Dad. And I'm worried, too. – It doesn't matter to me what you think. And I don't believe that you worry. – I do, Nico. – No, you just want to have your peace. – No, I want you all to stop fighting. I thought about something. I'll stay here. – How long? – A few days, a few weeks.
Maybe longer. I'll help you. – I don't know. I'll think about it. – Nico, where do you want to go? – Home. – Ladies, cleaning the bathroom
every two weeks is enough.

– Every two weeks?
– Yeah! – Forget it!
We have to clean more often. – Congatulations, Lisa.
You have another job. You can clean the bathroom every day. – Funny! – Knock it off! I really don't know
how I'm supposed to do it all. – What then? – The language classes,
the volunteer work. I want to be involved.
I like the work, but I don't have time anymore
because of the job. – Sorry,
I'm a bit late. – Yeah, no problem. We don't have
a say anyway, Nico. – Here: the new apartment schedule. – The plan looks fair. – See? Lisa, how can we help you? – I don't know. – Okay, well maybe we can take on your
chores here at home – for the first few weeks. Sebastian can clean the bathroom for you. – What? – Ah, it wouldn't hurt. And
with some more practice, you'll get faster. – Very funny! – Nico, what do you have to say about it? – Yes! Of course! – Nico, why …? – Thanks, you guys!
It's just be a few weeks.

I'll pay you back. – Glad to help! – There's nothing better than riding
a bike. Total freedom! – Pure Leidenschaft! – Pure Körperkraft! – Pure Körperkraft! – Ah! – Ah … Ha? – Es gibt doch nichts Schöneres als
Radfahren. Pure … Freiheit! – Pure Leidenschaft! – Es gibt doch nichts Schöneres als
Radfahren. Pure Freiheit! – Total passion! – Total physical strength! – Ah! – Total physical strength! – Oh no, did anything happen to you? – No, not me. But my bike … – Oh no! – Do I have to repair a bicycle? – Amazing! Yara is … – … thg bicycle specialist! – Because I love bikes. Yeah, you like that, huh? – Yeah! I repair bicycles, broken brakes,
defective lights, flat tires, broken hearts. – Stop, Max!
That's terrible wording. – I don't know what's wrong.
You said you need advertising. – Yeah. I need good,
imaginative advertising. Mr. Friese is raising my rent.
So I need more customers.

Or else I'll have to close the shop. – Maybe you can hire an ad agency. – Do you know how much that costs?
That's far too expensive. I'd rather do it myself. I need … ten percent more customers. – That's quite a lot, isn't it? – Exactly.
And where can you reach a lot of people? – On the internet! – Yes! – Your company builds websites. – We design digital solutions:
Marketing concepts, blogs … – Yeah, okay. I'd like to know,
if you can help me. I need more customers. Would it happen with a new website? – Yara, a website alone is not enough. You have to be active on
social media networks. People have to like your page. You have to have to be able to post with a smart phone, tablet, laptop –
at all times, from anywhere.

– I just have a small bike shop. I think an updated website
is enough to start with. I mean, I never use
social media. – Well, maybe you should start to. – But you know so much about it. Can't you just build a website for me? Pepe? – What? – I asked you if you could build
a website for me. – I have employees who do that stuff. – Yeah, could they do it? – Yara, we get orders from
huge companies. And your shop here is simply too small.
It's not worth it. – But it's my bike shop.
And I'm your aunt. Maybe Nico was right. You aren't
interested in your family at all. – Sorry. – Where are you going, Selma? – Where am I going? To my language class. – But you were there yesterday. – Yeah, that's true.
And today I have lessons again. Honestly, Mama,
you don't have to worry. – Okay. See you later. – I'll text you when I'm done! – Hey, Selma! I'm here. How long do you still need? I'm waiting for you. Wait, how did that go again? LG …
Liebe Grüße! Yeah! Liebe Grüße.

– Nico? – And then coffee at Max and Tarek's? I look forward to seeing you! – I'm sorry, but I can't come. – What? – Voice mail: save So, the next … – Yeah? – Good day, González here … – Finally! Do you know how often I
called today? – I'm sorry, I was busy. – I hope so.
I have a complaint. – Yes, that's what you wrote
in your mail. – I'm extremely unhappy. The app doesn't work.
The website is too confusing. How can you find anything on it? – I understand your problem. We can change your website to
meet your wishes. – You won't be changing anything.
Our cooperation is over.

– But Mr. Troyzig … – The tablets you recommended
are also crap! They're much too slow.
I'd like to exchange them. I still have the invoices. – You have every right to … – What's that supposd to mean?
I'll get my money back, right? I have a warranty for the return. – Unfortunately, that's not
possible, Mr. Troyzig. – Not possible?
We'll see about that! – Next … – Hi!
– Hi! – May I take your coat? – Yes, please. – Your scarf as well?
– Yes! – Thanks. – I don't want to give away too much, but in the end, the woman meets the her prince. – And I thought the author would
come up with something better. – Unfortunately not. May I take the seat next to you? – Because the pub's full? – I don't like to eat alone. A good meal is one that you eat in the company of nice people. – Please do! – Thanks. My name, by the way, is Jacques. – Inge. – My pleasure, Inge.

– Are you also doing the day trip? – No, I'm on a stopover. You might say that I'm working here. I test German restaurants. – You test German restaurants? Who do you work for?
For television? – No. No, I own three restaurants
in France and I now want
to open a restaurant in Germany. – But? – Well, the standard German dishes
are always so simple: Bratwurst, Currywurst,
it's always about the sausage. You know, Inge, I enjoy cooking. And for me, a good dish is one
that is truly delicious. It doesn't hurt to be elaborate. – I agree with you there. But I wouldn't agree that we only eat
sausages in Germany. The French don't always eat just
baguettes, do they? – No, of course you're right! But my restaurants are
for foodies. I have the best chefs. Chefs should be people
who are innovative. Are you a foodie, Inge? – I don't know. – I think you are. I'm certain that you have great taste. Alright, shall we order?
– Yes. – Here you go.
– Thank you. – Here you go.
– Thanks. – My parents are from France.

That's why I have
a French name. – I thought as much.
You speak German without an accent. My parents are from Klein-Hellersdorf.
That's why I'm called Inge. – You've got a sense of humor, Inge. – Not many would say that. – Well, not many are paying attention. Have you chosen something
from the menu? – Oh how could I?
I haven't had a chance to look. – Germans always eat the same thing
anyway. – Oh what nonsense! – Of course. I'll show you. That man over there … Yesterday that man had the Wiener
schnitzel with croquettes and vegetables. He'll order the same today. Perhaps with French fries this time. And the lady likes tomato soup. She'll take a mixed salad
with grilled chicken as well. – I'll bet that woman orders something
different. – You want to bet? – I want to bet. – If you lose then you have to
meet me again. – You're on. – Hi! What can I bring you? – I'll take the pork liver
with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

A small portion please. – Yes, gladly. – And I'll take the sausage platter. I've also got an appetite
for a bit of goat's cheese as a starter. – Of course. – Oh, and a glass of water, please. – Coming straightaway. – Thanks. – Alright, one roulade with boiled
potatoes and red cabbage. – Did it taste good? – Thanks, it was very good. And yours? – Yeah, it was okay. – Oh, you're a moaner. – That's not true! The goat's cheese
was delicious. Wonderfully intensive. But the spicy sausage didn't
taste good. Pretty boring. It was missing
the right spices. And overall, it was missing a
delicate sauce, which one simply needs for such a dish. – Yeah well, you're a chef yourself.
That's why you are more critical.

– To be honest, I am a pastry chef.
I used to have my own pastry shop. – Ah, so you're the person
one sees in the bakery every morning. The man who bakes bread and rolls
and decorates wedding cakes? – Yes! But I haven't done that in a long
time. But I used to bake the best
pies and cakes in town. Whether it was sweet or savory:
the dough I made was always perfect. – That sounds interesting. – But I'm sure you love to bake, too. – Yes. Of course. – What kind of cake can you bake the
best? – Marble cake. – Awesome! Marble cake is the kind
I loved to eat as a kid! – Me, too! – Would you like to have dessert? – Choose something! – Please bring us two pieces of
lemon cake as well. And two glasses of the champagne
that you recommended yesterday. – Jacques! – Yes, well why not? – To you, Inge! – To good company and good food! – Good company is something that
I highly value. And good food, too.

And now I have both. – So by profession, you were
a pastry chef. Why do you now own restaurants? – Well, my parents had a small
bistro in Hamburg. My father was a man
who loved food. Later, I was allowed to cook and bake
by myself and then I was trained as a pastry chef. – But then, baking the same cakes all the
time wasn't enough for you? – Precisely.

Along with my job as a pastry chef,
I worked as a restaurant critic and traveled throughout the country.
And even in France. Do you know, France is a country I love. – You love a lot of things … – I think, at some point I just
didn't want to criticize anymore. I wanted to do it better. So I opened my first restaurant. – That sounds really exciting. – Well, sounds more romantic than it is. We'd like to pay please! Of course, it's on me! – But … – No objections!
It's on me, of course. You're a woman who deserves to
be treated. – Is everything okay? – My wallet … I forgot it in my hotel. – No problem, I'll take care of it. – Well this is …
this is really embarrassing! I'll pay you back, of course.

– Keep the change. – Thanks. – But when?
You lost the bet. – Did you forget?
Goodbye, Jacques! – Here you are! – Thanks. – Now. – I'll call you on this cellphone, Inge. – So: "bringing it all under one hat."
(juggling many things) – Have you got such a big hat? – I work with perspective. "Pull someone across the table"
(to rip off someone) "To have thick skin" and "In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed is the
king." – Those are really good idioms. Have you got ideas for pictures? – I've got everything organized.
I'll take the pictures today.

– Really? You didn't even tell us. – I did! I … told you last week. I'm taking the pictures here. Are you with me? – I don't have the whole day,
but a few hours … maybe. – Okay. Nico? Can you help me? – Of course I'll help you. – I'm meeting Dario. I promised him that I'd come. – Okay. No Problem. Then …
then I'll call a few friends.

I need models. Hi, Beatrice!
Yeah, we're taking pictures today. Come on over! Do you want to come over?
We're taking pictures today. Yes, it'll be fun. Okay, cool! Yeah, super! Around noon. Okay! See you then. Bye! – Now you have two subjects in one. – So, three, two, one and go! Let's go! Quick, quick! Now pull her across the table with all
your might. Stay there like that! – Cheers! – Thanks. – Inge! You're back.. – Hi! Oh, my table is free. – Your coat. – Yes. – Thanks. What would you like? – I don't want to eat meat today. I would … – I'll bring you the menu. Max! Menu! – Tell me, how was your short trip? – Well, okay. – What? Why just okay? – It was disorganized,
the weather was awful and the rest of the group
had one foot in the grave.

– Oh, Inge … – I'm just saying. … I enjoyed it nonetheless. – Did you meet someone? I mean, the best way to meet people
is when you travel. – We both met each other
while traveling. – Yeah. But the others in the group were
really not all that interesting. – Why weren't they interesting? – Because the pensioners' club only
talked about illnesses. – Okay, that is really annoying. – Nice smart phone. I didn't know you had one of those. – It doesn't belong to me. It's Jacques'. – Inge? Who is Jacques? – Inge! Answer me! – Oh I don't know … – But you already said that Jacques
is a nice, charming man. – Yes, that's all true. And we had a nice evening together. – And? – Jacques reminds me so much of
Günther. – He reminds you of your husband? – Günther wasn't just my husband.
He was my best friend, too. We were friends at first and then we fell in love. And we had a wonderful time together. – When did you marry? – Relatively late. We were engaged for a very long time.

We got married in 1993. – 93? – I still wear his wedding ring.
I've gotten used to it. – What's with Jacques? – I think he said that he's divorced.
His wife left him. They fought a lot. – So you're both alone.
Inge, life goes on. – Günther always used to say that, too. – Well, then! – Alright! So now, Lisa
is officially part of the restaurant. – Yeah! – To Lisa! – That's quite a few new pictures. – Yeah, we've expanded
the wall a bit. – Tell me, how long has the
restaurant been here? – Oh, it must be around
ten years now. – Yeah. Almost exactly ten years. – Oh wow! That means we'll soon be
having our ten year anniversary! – That means we both nearly forgot
our tenth anniversary! – Never get married.
You'll forget your wedding anniversary. What would you like for your anniversary? – Oh man, I have no idea. – I know what I want:
A party with guests and music. – Hmm. That sounds good. Hey, we forgot something here. A photo of our soccer hero. – That's okay … – Oh we don't mean you. – Oh … – Of course we meant you. Inge! Can you take a picture of
the three of us? – Of course! – Come here in the middle! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

– I'd like to have a coffee.
But to go please. It's too loud for me here. – I understand. I'll get your
coffee ready right away. This city drives me crazy!
Alright, what are you doing here? – I brought you flowers. – Because you have a guilty conscience? – Because I don't want to fight anymore. – Aha … – And? How's it going otherwise? – Well, with this noise, I won't get any more customers than I already have.

It's as loud as a highway here. No, it's as loud as
an airport! I think I'll move to the countryside. Rent is cheaper than here. – Do you really mean it? – I think it's much prettier in the country,
because there's less traffic there. Besides, the air is better and
I'm sure it's much more quiet. No construction, no traffic jams … – I prefer living in the city
to life in the countryside. For me, it's important that I
can easily go out at night and meet friends or go to the cinema. That's a definite advantage in the city. – In the countryside, you can go out at
nightjust as easily as you can here in the city. Then you just go to your neighbors'.

– I don't even know my neighbors. – Yeah, here in the city you don't but
in the country everyone knows each other. – But in the country there are no
cinemas and no theaters, no bars … – Yeah, yeah … 2.30 euros please. – Are you really looking for a new flat? – Of course not. But I'm interested in seeing
what's on the market. We'll see what's out there. – This one is pretty. – Do you think so? – How much does the apartment cost? – 1200 euros rent, without utilities. With utilities,
1500 euros, for sure. – What? Where is it then? In a small suburb. Very quiet area,
with farms nearby … – So it stinks. – It stinks in the city! This apartment is cute: Attic apartment, partly furnished,
60 square meters. – Price? – 550 euros total (including utitilities). – Do you have to pay a deposit? – Definitely. Two months basic rent.

– That sounds good.
Do you want to schedule a showing? – No, I already said
that I'm just looking. – Sometimes you have to seize
the opportunity. – Yeah. And sometimes, the opportunity
also says: "I won't make you a website
because you aren't important enough." – Family is important to me! – Oh really? – Yeah. And I can prove it to you. – How? – I have a job – for Nico. – A job? – Yeah! And I wanted to ask you if …
if you … I mean, well … – … if I tell him? – Yeah. – No way. – He likes you. He doesn't listen to me. – But I think, that you
have to try yourself. If it's a good job,
then he'll listen to you, too. – What? No way! I'll find a job by myself.
I don't need your help.

– Where should we put the shelf? – We can put the shelf
towards the back, on the floor. – Okay. Then we'll put the mattress
next to the shelf. Where should we put the boxes?
Can anything in there break easily? – No, not really.
The boxes can also go towards the back. We'll just put them on the
floor behind the shelf. – Okay. Then we'll put the
small things along the side. – Hey, Selma! – Nico! What are you doing here? – I want to know why you
canceled our meeting. – I didn't cancel our meeting.
It was my mother. – Your mother? – Yes. Of course I wanted to meet you. And then she asked me
where I was going. And I told her that I
was in German class. She caught me lying.

– What? But how? – Nico, I can't explain it to you now. I'm in a lot of trouble with my
parents and can't meet with strangers. – But I'm not a stranger. – To my parents, you are.
They can't see you here. – Selma? – No! My dad! – Selma? – Papa! Is everything okay? – Yes. The helper is very nice. – Papa, don't overdo it! You know you have to take it easy.
You were just in the hospital. – Don't worry. Pardon me, are you helping as well? I didn't even see you. – This guy just walked by and
asked if he can help. – Yes, I'd love to. – That's really very nice of you.

– But you can't just help! – Why not? – Because you aren't insured.
Something could happen to you. – It's not a problem.
Nothing will happen to me. – People always think that. But moving is risky
because you can easily hurt yourself. You head can get injured. A cupboard could fall on your foot. You can stumble on the stairs. You can cut yourself with glass. I've even seen a person get burned
on a heater. – Selma! – Really! – Okay, then … I wish you good luck. – You've settled in well, Selma. – When I was young, you wouldn't have
gotten far with that. –  What? With what? – Well this cellphone deal. – I'm glad that you called me. Yes. And that I got
my phone back. – But 50 years ago? Back then, we were still young
and we didn't have cellphones.

– Yeah. It wasn't as easy back then.
But people had phones then. Our neighbors had one.
We could use it sometimes. But my father wasn't allowed to
use it to call home in France. That was much too expensive. He always had to write letters
to his family and friends. – That's true. Phone calls
were much more expensive in those days. – A lot of things were different when we
were young. – Yeah, we didn't have the internet.
There weren't that many cars. And people had more time. Sometimes I think it's a shame
that everything's so fast today. You're always available and
can get everywhere very fast. – When I was a child, we took
the train when we went on vacation. In those days, we didn't fly.
Those were the days. You could go years sometimes
without seeing each other. But then … meeting again
was truly something special. – Yeah. Sometimes I wish I had
the old days back. – Are 200 years enough? – This is so wonderful.
What a great idea. – Unbelievable how much
the city has changed.

I was last here
40 years ago. Back then, the city center
was much smaller than it is today. – Oh God. Was the new city hall
already there? – Most definitely not. Many
buildings weren't even renovated. – Mm. – The city is much prettier today. – The carriages don't drive past
the ugly places. – That's true. But a lot has really changed. The shopping strip, for example:
It was here the last time I was. But … it all looks
completely different now. It used to be smaller than it is today. – The shops didn't all look the same
before. I liked that better. – I know what you mean. It's so lovely! But I
have to eventually get going home. – Of course. I'll take you home. – No need to! – As you like. Will we see each other again? – Well, you live in France. – But I'd like to open a
restaurant in Germany. And why not do it here? I'll have a look around next week. – Alright. – Oh, pardon me! – Faster! – Wait! – Oh no. Nico! – You can do it.

– No, I can't. Oh God! Thanks. – That was good. You're a … – … a natural! – Yeah. Last week you couldn't even
ride a bike. And that was really good. Awesome! – Thanks … That was fun! – Selma, why … why don't your parents
want us to see each other? – What? No, they … They don't want me to meet
up with men alone. – You're an adult. You can
do what you want! – As a woman in my culture, I can't simply
meet up with someone. It's not permitted. – When my parents were younger, they
weren't allowed to see each other. But today … – It's still the same for us today.
My parents … – I don't get along with my
parents either. – What do you mean 'either'? I love my parents. – But …? – In Syria, men still have different
responsibilities than women in traditional families. Women, for example, have to
look after the household, and men go to work.

My family expects me to
respect our traditions. – Well, yeah. Did you tell them the truth this time? Do your parents know where you are? – Come on! Again! – Slow down! – How?
– Use the brake! – How?
– There! Pull pull pull! – Sorry … – No problem. – And? What do you think? – Perfect. After one week … Do you always learn things so quickly? Did you used to do sports?
I mean, back in Syria. – Well, I used to play a little bit
of basketball with my girlfriends. – Basketball? Isn't that forbidden? – No. But it isn't very common.

– And you didn't do sports otherwise? – I did. I danced for many years. – Danced?
– Yeah. – Come on, show me a dance! – What? Here? – Yes, of course! – No way. It wouldn't be good without music anyway. What are you doing? – I'll make music. – I have to go. – Okay. … When will we practice again? – I'll be in touch. – Did it taste good? – Very good, thank you very much! – That's okay. It's on the house. – But I'm the evil brother.
Have you forgotten? – But not my evil brother. – Thanks. – Were you able to speak with Nico? – More or less. We've had very
little contact for years. – Why not? – It's a long story. – Hm. I've got time. – I'm the oldest and somehow have
always been my parents' favorite son. Unlike Nico, I went to university
after high school and completed my studies with very good grades. Then I went to Germany,
to found my own company. – Wow. – Our parents were very proud, because they wanted a doctor, a lawyer,
or an exective in the family.

My father always said: "You have to study medicine, engineering
or law. That's where the future is." – And Nico didn't want that. – Nico is not an academic. Nico is a hands-on person –
professionally and personally. He always wanted to learn a trade. – I understand. But that's not the
reason he isn't speaking to you. – No. The reason is that I never
supported him. – And now you want to make up for it? – I have no idea … – You can't build trust from one
day to the next. – I know. I can wait. – Your company, what does it do? – We develop apps. And essentially
everything digital. – Really? – Yeah. Why? – I've had an idea for a long time … – Okay, what information
belongs in your CV? – Name and address? – Very good. What else? – Where I learned? – Yes, exactly.

Your education. Did you attend a Gymnasium
or a Realschule in Germany? Or whatever the types of schools
are called in your home country. Along with that, the highest level of
education attained. Do you have an Abitur or another high school
diploma? Write it down. – Are Praktikums {sic} important? – The plural of "Praktikum" is "Praktika."
It's a Latin word. But yes, "Praktika" are also important. Professional experience also belongs in
there. Have you done a traineeship? You can also include a semester
abroad on your CV . That's always good. – Okay, knowledge of German. – Yes! Perfect. Very important! Please write down all of the
languages you've studied under "Languages" on your CV. Computer skills are also important. You can also include your hobbies
in your CV, but that's not really a requirement. What's important is that one can see
what you can do well. Okay, then you can begin. By the end of the lesson, I'd
like to see your CVs. And if you've got any questions,
just let me know. "Hello, Lisa, my father and I
need your help. Do you have time?" I'll call you back in a half hour.

– Alright, you want to apply
for a job. – That's right. – Where? – At a fast food restaurant. – Okay. – Dad's actually a doctor but he still has to pass a language exam in order to work in Germany. – Selma … – What then? – That doesn't matter to anyone. – Lisa wants to help you, Dad. – Okay, first you have to call them and then there's an interview
in person. Right? – Yeah, right. – Good. First, you get a phone call.
What would you say? – Hello, this is Ibrahim Al-Pascha. – Mm. – I'm calling because I'd like
to apply for a job. – For which position? – Restaurant employee. – Okay. Ask for an appointment
for an interview. – I'd like to know if I can have an
appointment for an interview. – It's better to say: Could you tell me how I can get an appointment
for a job interview? That sounds more polite. –  Okay. Should I … my quali… – … Tell them about your qualifications? Only if they ask for them. Otherwise that's something you discuss
during the interview. – We still have to prepare
for that. Do you happen to know anyone
who knows how interviews are run? – Maybe I know a manager
who often has to conduct job interviews.

– Okay, Mr. Al-Pascha.
I have fifty other applicants. Why should I hire you?
What are your strengths? – I'm reliable. I'd be very happy
to work for your company. – Are you a team player? – Sorry, could you repeat that,
please? – Do you work well in a team? – Yes, in Syria, I always
worked in a team. – What did you do there? – I'm a doctor. – A doctor? Then you are probably
are a specialist, right? – I'm a urologist. – Aha. Do you have experience with shift work? – Of course. But I'd prefer to work in the afternoon
and evening because I attend a language course
in the mornings. – That's not a problem. Would you like to work full-time or
part-time? – I'd like to work full-time. – Hm … I'll see you Monday at 2 p.m.
at work. We'll discuss further details then. – Does that mean …? – You've got the job.

At first,
it will only be a three-month contract. Welcome to the team, Mr. Al-Pascha. – Thanks!
– Well done! You'll be fine. – Do you like to go to the theater? – Actually, I do. But I rarely have time. – Oh … Excuse me, I was just repeating. – Ach so. The subject of the lesson is theater? – Arts and culture. It's about literature,
the theater and painting, but it's also about … poems and novels.

– Cool. – Well … – You're not interested in culture? – I really like to go to the cinema,
but I find the theater boring. – What about music? Are you interested
in music, too? – Yeah, totally! – Have you been to a festival yet? – No. But I really want to go to
an open air festival next year. – Mm. The band canceled. – What, now? Our guests are coming in just
a few hours. – Yeah, I know.
But the singer is sick. – What band? – The restaurant is celebrating
its tenth anniversary and we  hired a band. – And now we don't have a show? – We won't find a replacement … at such short notice. – Ah … – Oh! No! No, no way! – Nico? – [No.] – Come on. – [No.] – Yeah, okay, in two hours. I'll pick you up! I'm looking forward to it, too! Bye! This can't be real – Morning! – Good morning.

Do you see that? I don't want the garbage can
in front of my shop. How often do I have to say it? – I think that you should
just relax and … – Relax? – Yeah.
Besides, I wanted to see you because … – I don't have any time
right now for discussions. I'm expecting visitors and need
to plan a tour of the city. – Oh, maybe I can help you with that
and give you a few tips. You should really visit the
city's palace – a museum. The Dürer exhibition on at the
moment is really wonderful. – Thanks, but I … – There's a new program at the
little theater as well. I'm really curious about
the interpretation of Faust. You know "Faust" by Goethe, right? – Yes, of course. But I have …
– Here, look: A critic wrote in the newspaper – here: "Goethe's Faust excited theatergoers
already on its first night." Yeah.

The applause lasted long. "The actors returned to the stage
for three curtain calls." – Yes, very nice. But … The paintings from the Middle Ages
in the city's museum are also an insider tip. Very beautiful paintings! They're not in any city travel guide. But whatever you do, don't go
to the modern art museum. It's not worth it. – And what did you think of the exhibition? – It was okay. The city's palace
was impressive, but the exhibition was
relatively dull. – You've barely been here
four hours and it already feels like when we were in school together. – That's true! – How long are you staying? – Not long. I'm traveling around and thought I'd
just visit as a quick hello. – It's good to see that you're doing better. – I really miss my father, Yara. But … he always wanted me to see the
world and now … I'm doing it.

Thanks for the past weeks. I'm so happy that you were there. What are we going to see now? – There's a little museum here
that you'll surely like. A well-known composer from
the city used to live there. He wrote a lot of pieces for
violin and piano and he, uh, died a few years ago. I've never been there.
Should we have a look together? – Yeah, okay. – Alright, there are a few events
on tonight. There's German folk music at the
Heimathaus … – No way! – Then here … rock music in a club.

– That sounds better. – Yeah, but the singer's quite popular. I think the tickets are sold out. – Aren't there tickets at the door? – I don't think so … – Too bad. What else is there? – There's also a musical or we
can go to the theater. There are surely still
tickets at the box office. – Sounds good. – Would you  be interested in
meeting my nephew, Nico? – Yeah. Why not? – Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry …
– Lisa! – Dear guests, now here's a little concert from
our good friends: Lisa, Sebastian and Nico! Enjoy! – Go your own way.
Tell me where you come from and … – … where you're going.
Where is your path? – Go your own way. Tell me where you come from and where you're going.

What is your goal? What is your goal? – Nico, that was incredible! – Super, great, really! – Thanks! – Nico, this is Sarah. I was with Sarah in Zurich,
when you were looking for me. – Oh, okay.
It's a pleasure to meet you. – We want to throw little
parties like this more often. Like next year, for Halloween. – Oh, then you're going to have to
get a lot of pumpkins … – Yeah. – … because Halloween without pumpkins
isn't Halloween, is it? I remember:
In the fall, we used to cook lots of pumpkin dishes. Like, pumpkin soup,
pumpkin cake, pumpkin jam, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread,
pumpkin beer, pumpkin … – Yeah, we'll manage the pumpkins.

Where did you celebrate
Halloween this year? – Us? We didn't celebrate
Halloween at all this year. – No. – What? Next year, you're celebrating
here! – Yeah!
– Apart from that, we want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine's Day. – I like Valentine's Day. – Who do you want to celebrate
Valentine's Day with? – Who do I …?
– Yeah. – We'll see.

– Aha … – St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in
Ireland, and Halloween's from the USA. We have to celebrate a few German
folk festivals, too. – You mean Carnival? Everyone who comes in a costume
gets a free drink. – Or a wine festival.
We could do that in the spring. For an entire week, we'll offer
new wines from the region. – What about an Oktoberfest? – Yeah, but then you'll have to come in

Or put on a stylish Dirndl. – That's more like a costume
for Halloween … – Yeah. – Alright,
that's for you two beauties. – Thanks. – And … Sarah, Yara, Lisa, come over
here! Nico! Nico! To ten years of Marek. To your health! – Cheers. To your health! – What? – Are you crazy? – Tell me, are you nuts? – You're pregnant!
You're not supposed to drink anything! – Lisa, stay out of it!
It's none of your business! – I absolutely will not stay out of it
when you're being so irresponsible. – Oh! But when it comes to coming with
me to my doctor's appointments, then you stay out of it.
You said that you'd help me. – Nina, I have a job.
I don't have time. – Can you imagine that other people
who also have careers. Go to work and yet still have time.
And some of them even have children. – Yeah, and some people are more careful
when they have sex so that they don't have to spend so much time at
their obstetrician's. I'm sorry, that was crappy of me! – Nina … Nina, are you … you … you pregnant? – Yes. – Yes, well, congratulations! – I can't have a child now.

– Nina … – Do you know what?
Dario left me! – What? – Yes! Ooh! Crazy how interested
you are in my life. – What does pregnant mean? – That was the best night in a long time. – I agree. Do you remember the awesome
parties back in the day? – Oh ja. Our neighbors really
had to put up with a lot Luckily, they didn't get too worked up
over the loud music. – The parties at Pudelclub,
those were the greatest. We never went home before sunrise. – And we never went home alone
after a good party. – Maybe you didn't. I always behaved
myself – I miss the old days. – Yeah, I miss some of it
but some of it I don't miss.

– What do you mean? – Well, I'm happy. Why should I miss
something else? – You can only be happy
if there's something to miss. – Yeah, you were always
the smarter one of us. – Ridiculous. I like your shop. – Me, too.
– Take care. – Look at this here: Who gives whom what
as a present? I'll give you an example:
I'm giving you a pen as a present.

– Okay, now me. I'm giving you…
a dictionary as a present. – Many thanks. You did that well. Let's continue: What will you give your
father as a gift? – Just a moment … Okay. "Der Vater" is a masculine noun. The personal pronoun is "er". Now I need the dative form of "er" –
Exactly: "ihm". So: I'm giving him – ihm – a ticket
for the theater. – Perfect! Go on. What are you giving
your mother for her birthday? – I'm giving her a DVD. – Very good. And what are you giving
Nico? – Good afternoon. – Hi, Mama.
– Hi, Selma. – Alright, Selma, one last question:
Who are you inviting to your birthday? – "Einladen" … Just a moment.
With "einladen," you use accusative. So: I am inviting you – dich. – Very good. And many thanks. – I can now write invitations
for my birthday.

– When's your birthday? – In a few weeks. – Oh really! Have you got something
planned? – I'd like to go ice skating. – Ice skating? – Yeah, I've never done that before.
I'd like to try it. – Selma's father still has to say yes. – Oh really? How is he doing?
Did he get the job? – Yeah. He's working now. – Oh, very nice. Yeah, we're finished for today.
See you next time. You can be very proud of your daughter. – I know. – Yara? – Yeah? – Lisa told me that
Selma's birthday is coming up. – Selma? – A friend of mine.
I'd like to give her a gift. – Aha. – I'd like to give her a bicycle as a present. – What? You can't afford that. – It doesn't have to be a new bike. – You mean a used one? – Yeah, I'll give her a used
bike as a gift. – That's still pretty expensive
for a birthday present. – I'd like to surprise Selma. – That's really nice of you. But maybe you should spend a bit more
time looking for a job. – You don't need to worry.
I'll find something soon.

– Sure. But until then, you'll have to buy your
girlfriend an affordable gift. – Please, Aunt Yara.
You can surely find a … used bicycle. I'll pay you back as soon as possible. – When's the birthday? – Soon.
I'll find out today when! – Ok, fine. – Thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you! – Yeah. Yeah, fine. Now get to work! – But you don't even know him. Nico hates his brother. – Nico doesn't hate his brother. It's complicated but really,
Pepe's alright. – Of course … – And he knows what he's doing.
It's a chance for my idea. – Exactly. Your idea!
I'm not impressed! – Boys, I need your help! – Inge, what's the matter? – Oh, I have a big problem. – Yeah, but first sit down … – Oh. I've got a date with Jacques. – Oh … – It's not funny! I invited him
to my house. – Yeah, and? – I said that I'd cook. – Oh … – Jacques doesn't know just
how badly I cook. He owns restaurants. I'm certain he won't want to see me
again after the meal. – Oh, Inge. He's not that dumb. Besides, all you have to do is heat
the food up.

We'll prepare everything. – Roulade with red cabbage and dumplings? – You two are such dears! – Hm … Inge, this tastes fantastic.
Reminds me of Easter. – Easter? – Yeah. In our family, we often
ate roulade on Easter for lunch. – There was no roast rabbit? – Once. I was little back then and I
thought we were eating the Easter bunny. I cried so hard that my parents never made rabbit again to this day. Easter was always a great holiday
for me as a child. My parents hid colored eggs throughout our yard –
sometimes chocolate, too, that I had to look for.

Did you also have colored
eggs for Easter? – Of course. But my favorite holiday
was always Christmas. – Who brought the presents to your
house? Santa Claus or the Christkind? – The Christkind. – Yes, to ours, too. – But the presents were not the
most important thing. Together with my husband, Günther, I
always decorated the Christmas tree. During Advent every year, we always
ate Stollen fruitcake and lit the candles on the Advent wreath. – That sounds lovely. – It was lovely. But alone? Christmas is not a nice holiday
when you're on your own. – Then let's celebrate together. Not here … Let's go away together! A Christmas adventure. – Do you really mean it? – Totally serious! – That would be lovely. – Hola, Nico! – Pepe! – How are you? – Okay … You said … – I have a job for you, that's right.

But you just hung up. – Sorry about that. You called in a
… stupid … situation . – Okay. – Is the job still available? – Yeah. – And … what kind of work is it? – It's an internship on a film set. – A film? – Yeah. A team is filming
television series here soon, and you can work on it. – Really? – Yeah, really. The series is pretty funny. – And … what am I supposed to do? – Well, you help out where you can. You bring the team coffee. You make
sure no one walks into the set. Stuff like that. – Brilliant! I love tv series! – Well. I like documentaries the best.

– Could you …? – I had to tell the people I spoke
with that I'd give them an answer today. Otherwise the offer is gone. So? – Okay! Thanks! – My pleasure. – Sounds good. That's how we'll do it.
Many, many thanks! Yeah, you, too! Ciao. – And? – You're officially a part of the film
industry as of next week. – Cool.
And you said it's a series. Do you know more about it?
What's it about? – It's a detective series,
but not really serious. More like a detective comedy. – A detective comedy. – Yeah, a comedy. Una comedia. The series is about an inspector who has to work together
with his rival. Most of the time, it's really funny.
But also tragic sometimes. I actually like watching the series –
when there are no documentaries on.

– That sounds exciting. – I think the script is even
based on a novel. So the series is a book adaptation. – Where does the series run? – On television.
And on the internet, I think. – Good. Then I'll start watching
the series soon. – Very good! Preparation is important. – Film industry … – Hi there! – Hey! – Shooting for the series is over. – Nico, Congratulations! – And what's this? – It's a clapperboard. I got it
from my boss as a gift. The team signed the clapperboard Light technician, actor, recording
engineer, sound, even the director. – That's really a cool
going away gift. – When I was a driver for a
film production, I never got anything like that. – Maybe you just weren't good enough
and everyone was happy when you were gone again? – Thanks for washing up
tonight, Max.

– Ah … – I even got to act in one scene. – What, really? – Mm. It was just a small role,
but it was a lot of fun and I'm really talented. – Nico, the star. – It was at the end of a police chase. The inspector is exhausted and runs into
a pedestrian. I'm the pedestrian. – Have you got lines? – Mm, yup. Look out! Then I help the inspector
to his feet, he continues running and at the end, catches the gangster
thanks to me. What's that for? – I want an autograph before
you become famous. – For the bicycle. – You got paid – Mm. And a very good
reference letter for the internship. – Wow. Congratulations! Well done! – Thanks. I thought about it and I'd
like to continue working in film. – Okay. – I could be an actor.

There are pretty good acting
schools here in Germany. – Wait a moment! Have you thought hard about it? – Well yeah, it … it's a lot of fun. – I have a friend who is an actor. He's even pretty famous and won a film prize for
a role. – Wow, really? – Yeah. And in the past year, he
hasn't had any new parts. – What? – Most actors earn so little money that they have to do lots of different jobs. I support you, Nico. If that's what you want to do, then … But is that what you want? – Selma! – Hi, Nico. What's the matter? I had to tell my parents again
that I was at a language class. – I'm sorry. – They'd be very angry if they discovered
where I really am. – I'm happy you came anyway. – I'm happy to see you, too. – Just a minute! Don't move! Happy birthday! – Oh my God! – I had a feeling you could use it. – I'm so happy! Such a beautiful bicycle! Is it really for me? – Mm. – The bicycle is great! And if my parents ask
where I got it from? – If your parents ask where
you got it from, then just say that
it's from Lisa.

– But if my parents thank her
for the bike, then she'll wonder why. – Lisa already knows. – This is fantastic! And this afternoon, I get to go
ice skating. It'll be so cool! – Your father's allowing it? – This is the best birthday in a long time! – I know that you're frustrated
about the new appointment. Yes, but if you want something good, then sometimes it takes a bit longer. But it's worth the wait. You have to understand me as well. No. Okay, you don't have to.
But please don't get so upset. We'll manage it! The new deadline's set. Thanks, Thank you very much! Oh, this is driving me nuts. Hello, Pepe González. Mr. Al-Pascha!
Happy to hear from you. You've had the job for two weeks? Yes, that's fabulous! But I'm not
surprised. You were well prepared. Of course, happy to. Anytime. Ah, Mr. Al-Pascha, that's funny, I see your daughter here with my
brother in the park. Should I greet the two
lovebirds for you? They'll certainly be surprised. Yes, of course.

We'll speak later. That's alright. Talk to you soon again. All
the best! – Is it the right height? – Yes, perfect! Just a second … Oh no! – What's the matter? – My father. He somehow found out that I'm not
at a language class. He's totally angry! – What? But … how? – No idea, Nico. I have to go. – I don't think that he knows anything. – I do think so. I'm so sorry! – Hey, Nico. Where's Selma off to? I'm supposed to send her greetings from …
Mr. Al-Pascha, her father. I was just on the phone with him. – You did what? – I spoke to Selma's father on the phone. – And told him that we're here.

– Yes. – You have no idea what you've done!
You are such an idiot! – Are you crazy? – Everything was fine. Then you come along and Selma's in
a lot of trouble and it's your fault! – I don't think I'm guilty of
anything. What's the problem? – Selma's parents think that
she's at German lessons. She's not supposed to meet me. – Are you two … together? – No, we're just friends, but that's probably all over now. – Nico, that's really …
I'm really sorry. I didn't know. – Just stay out of my life! – Come on! Send the ball over.

Come on! Ah! But that made for an
absolutely fantastic game today. – Müller is totally on the ball today. Yeah, come on, shoot!
– Yes! – Ah … – A huge chance … – And back!
Come on, run, boys, run! You're not going to become world
champions like that! – Don't give up now! – Selma's father knows that
she meets up with me. – Yeah, so what? She's an adult. Besides, you're just friends, right? – It's not as simple as that.
Her parents are very strict. They get angry when she
meets up with me. And if they're angry, then
Selma doesn't get to go out.

And if Selma doesn't go out,
I don't get to see her. – Ah … – And if you don't see her, then …
I get it. You lost today
but you'll win again tomorrow, okay? – Ice skating is canceled.
Everything else, too. Sorry, Nico. – Goal! – Offside, offside, offside! – Alright: what have you got planned? – It's actually quite simple.
We'd like our restaurant to add a delivery service. – You've been wanting to for a while. – But now I've found someone
to help me. – Pepe. Seriously? – It could be very profitable! – I understand.
And what do I have to do with it? – I'd like the delivery service
to be environmentally-friendly. – That's why we deliver
with bicycles. It's environmentally-friendly
and saves the gas costs. – It won't work when it snows
but otherwise almost any time.

– And you want to have my bikes. – Yes, but not just bicycles. The business should be
worth your while. – How then? – Well, you would join the project
as a business partner and then you get a part of the profit. – The risks will also be shared. – If the proposal is too risky for you for you, then we'll just rent the
your bikes. And then we would place ads for
your shop on flyers and on the app.

– It's a good idea. But I can't take out a loan now. – That's probably not even necessary. – Why? – I know an investor
who's interested. – An investor? How big is the delivery business
supposed to be? – Well, as big as possible. – And in the end
people just have to order. – To put it briefly: First your company
develops an app for our offering. – Right. And we'll create a flyer
and set up a website. But … yeah, the dishes would be
ordered by customers via the app. – Okay. The people order using the app and then it will be delivered by
Yara's bicycles. – That's right, in theory. – But what's unusual is: People can decide if they want to
order a cooked meal or just the ingredients. – Do you really think that people
will go for that? – Of course. Apart from that, the app will show which
dishes there are for vegetarians, vegans or people who are lactose intolerant.
People look for things like that.

– I actually haven't
seen that before. – Yes, that's great.
But … what do we need an investor for? I mean the whole thing isn't that expensive. – If the idea works, other
restaurants can join in. So we could deliver across the entire city and sometime maybe even
the whole country. – I don't know … – Tarek, come on.
This is our chance! – This investor, when can we meet him? – If you want to and have the time, right
away. – Alright! – Are you finished? – Yup. I'm going to the print shop tomorrow
to get a quote. – Perfect. Then after tomorrow you can
clean up again. You can't count on Lisa this
year anyway. – You still haven't made up
with each other? – How should we? – Nico! Wonderful.
Now we're all here. Then I can make a proposal. – I have to study German. – Cool,
someone here is losing it. – What's your proposal, then? – Okay: It's obvious that no one
has time for household chores. – No one? – Yeah, at least
we all don't have the same amount of time. I think we should buy a robot
to vacuum, to save us the work.

– A robot vacuum cleaner? – Yes. It's insanely expensive,
but we can split the cost in four. I think we should invest in it
so that the mood here lightens up. – Okay, I think we have enough robots
here in the apartment. – Man, Nina, that's enough! And this robot vacuum cleaner thing
is a totally dumb idea. – You haven't even
looked at it. Then make a better suggestion,
young lady. – My proposal is that I clean the
bathroom now and you, the kitchen. – Okay. Are we open to a discussion
about a robot that mops? – Are you expecting someone? – The entire system is
thoroughly planned. The orders have to be processed
quickly and efficiently. We'll need to have a stable app
and additional staff. – We might also need to expand
the kitchen. – Right. The delivery service has
to be perfect right from the start. Otherwise, no one will order twice. – I agree. – That … is good.
Have you got any other questions? – For now, no. – And what do you think? – I have to think about it. I'll let you know in the
next few days. – What? That's it? – Yes.

Now we have to wait. – I don't trust it at all. – Tarek … – Yes, yes, we'll wait.
Who wants a drink? – Yeah. – Selma! Pardon me, I … – Nico … Nico … – What are you doing here? Do your parents know
that you're here? Selma … – I had to tell you in person. – What …
what do you have to tell me in person? – We can't see each other anymore, Nico. I'm so sorry. I … like you. – Selma!.

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