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(OFF) Large order being available in, people! (Grumbling REACT).
Hey. Chill out, man. Mammoth … Saber? (Angry REACT).
( BACK) Hey! (ON) Uh, what'' s taking place right here?( Curious REACT).
Saber was being mean, saying he'' s much better at providing pizza than us! (Quick jeer REACT) It isn'' t mean if it ' s. real! You said that I was so slow-moving, individuals would
. instead eat veggies than wait for my shipment! (Unpleasant REACTS).
( BACK) Yo! It'' s all right if your distributions are sluggish, long.
as we defeat Vito! As well as, talking of Vito and battle experience,.
we'' ve won every battle without you. “” Look right here, ruffian,.
my degree'' s sky high. Your combating design'' s old school, fool. (OFF).
I'' m an established a ground rule, No ridicule!”” Yeah! Woo! Wonderful! (Chuckle REACT).
( Enjoying REACT) Hey.Whose side

are you on? When his songs plays, I got ta step! (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (Groan REACT).
( OFF to ON) Master! Allow me make this delivery. Hmm … Please. I believe this is a work for us. Yeah! To relocate a big order you need to assume quick.
and also things, in situation, uh … Well we can think quickly, also! Yeah, I presume you'' re right!( Laugh REACT
). Well. Possibly we ought to simply see that'' s quicker. What? Like how? “”( BACK) Ooh! We'' ll have a competition! (Laugh REACT) (ON) A lot enjoyable! (Laugh REACT). Akan, begun! Allow ' s race!”( Sigh REACT) A shipment … competition? My time is much more valuable than–.
( Mocking REACT) You'' re terrified we ' d win! Ha ha. What?'Win? Heh, I ' m the real Dino Master. There ' s no other way we ' d shed to you guys. (Sigh REACT) This is leaving hand. Hm. Just one way to see! Rexy, win! Ha! Hey wait, Akan. You'' re gon na stroll? Hmph.( OFF )Initiate Dino Tires! Woah! Neato! (Quick grin REACT) I'' ll adjustment also! Tuning launch!( Chuckle REACT ). Can we begin yet? Oh yeah! We go, on three.

( OFF) One. 2. (ON) 3, go! Aghh, you counted too quick! Allow'' s go!( Laugh REACT) Nothing like fighting among.
themselves. Shall we go include a brand-new aspect to their race,.
Kaya? (Assuming REACTS).
( OFF) (Riding REACTS) Great point web traffic'' s light today! Ha ha! Don ' t choke on our exhaust! Those beginner brats. Rex, throw me those pizzas! Okay! Allow them attempt this! Electric … drive! (Laugh REACT when driving by).
Ah! So he'' s utilizing his ability. Allow'' s go!( Roar REACT). Our team'' s just better. Laser (OFF) Claw! Huh?( Grumble REACT).( Surprised/about to sneeze REACTS)( Flailing REACTS). (Sneeze REACT) Agh!( Startled/unsteady REACTS).
( Anxious REACT) Rex … Ahh! I'' m sorry! Sorry! (OFF )If( ON') that ' s exactly how you desire it! I assure it wasn ' t intentional! Certain! Cerato!( OFF) Flash Light Beam!( Screaming/unsteady REACTS).( Screaming/unsteady REACTS)(
Screaming/unsteady REACTS). Hmph.That wasn'' t deliberate either! Monstrous, Tri, allow'' s go! Okay. Tri, use your claw! Yeah! Got it!( OFF) Hyper Sound! (Hurt REACT).
( Unstable REACTS )Hey! Stego! (Drawing REACT ). (Effort REACTS )Hmph. Why, those cheaters! Takes one'to recognize one! (Laugh REACT) This is enjoyable! Tyranno, Saber. Let ' s aid Stego! Yes! ('OFF?) Let ' s go! You ' re quiting? Guess I am the genuine Dino Master!'Master Rex! I ' m sorry I ' m so slow … (Laugh REACT) It ' s all good! We ' ll help. This is enjoyable! Woohoo! Flame … Electric … Drive! Drive!( Laugh REACT )Oh?( OFF )The town water fountain ' s up ahead.( ON) Now ' s our chance! Stego, you ' re up! Yes Master. Stone … Plate Barrier! Hmph! Not”even close!” (Laugh REACT) Just wait! Go, go”!( “Aaaah” billing REACT). Yeah!!( “Aaaah” billing REACT). (” Aaaah” charging REACT )Huh? Woooo! Hey people! How ' s it going? Hm. He ' s tolerable. Ha

! Triumph smells like … Pepperoni as well as cheese! But this isn'' t over yet.
Go!( Applauding REACT).( OFF )We ' re virtually to the gallery!'( ON )We ' re near the end. Allow ' s go! Simply confess I won! Oh.
Huh? (Scream REACT ). (Scream REACT) Huh! Really, we won. Ah! There are mech dinos! You suggest before us? Haha,
oh yes. Oh! However the race–. This is our race now! We have to beat them initially! Oh! Okay! (OFF) Tuning launch!( OFF )Tuning start up!( OFF) Dino Fusion! (OFF) Dino Fusion! (OFF) Dinosaur Union! (OFF) Dinosaur Union! (OFF )Ultra D Buster! (OFF) Ultra D Kaiser! This ends today! Pinacosaurus! (Terrified REACTS).( Scared REACTS)( Nervous REACT) What do we do?( Nervous REACT) This is not fantastic.( OFF) Fire Breath! (Blocking REACT).
( OFF )Flash Beam!('Obstructing REACT )Also easy! (Laugh REACT).'What the? It didn ' t do
anything! (Laugh REACT) I ' ve made a couple of changes. to the Mech Golem. (OFF )Readjust this!( Jump REACT)( ON )Laser Claw! (OFF) Hmph. (ON) Have you 2 learned absolutely nothing by currently?( Pained REACT ). (OFF) Woah! Akan!( Groan REACT) That hammer is simply method to quick. Hit him once more! (OFF )Oh no. We require more protection! (ON) A guard! Appears excellent! Core change! Core adjustment! Core adjustment, Mammoth. Core adjustment, Stego.'( OFF) Stone Plate Barrier!( OFF) Sonic Guard!( Effort Responds ). (Initiative REACTS) Rex! That '
s a Pinacosaurus. His tail is a huge hammer, and he fires.'rockets from his back! I despise Kaya ' s silly face so a lot! Ahh! Simply aid me! Rex
! No'!( Thrown REACT). You ' re welcome. Akan! Just how dare you harm Rexy! Emily, Akan was obtaining'Rex out of harm ' s. means. After that they need to work with each other! Not kick him in the face! Together … like magnets! He needs to obtain the (OFF) Magnetic Mammoth.

disc.Then he can utilize the Magnet Photon Cannon! Right. They'' re decreasing!( OFF )Magnetic Mammoth! Magnetic Massive ignition. That'' s just silly. Obtain it! (OFF) (Having A Hard Time REACTS) Hand it over! (OFF) I can save your life also! (Jump REACT).
( Shocked REACT) (OFF) Ah! (ON) We need that component! On it! (Getting REACT) Oh yes. (ON) (Grin REACT).
Hey. We each need to fire at the same time. Ooh. Works for me. Get ready! Okay! Hah. I really question you can obstruct this. Pinacosaurus! (OFF) (Effort REACT) Fee! Currently! (Preparing REACT).
( OFF) Power, times two! Magnetic Cannon! Magnetic Cannon! Huh? (Panicked REACT) What is this? (OFF) They can'' t. no no no no no no! You ' re not escaping! (Screaming REACTS). Ah! No other way!( OFF) Extremely great!( OFF) We sure are. (High-five REACT).
( Giggle REACT) Foolish Rex. And Akan.
Later on!( Laugh REACT).( OFF )Rexy! (Satisfied REACT).( OFF) Rex! (Laugh REACTS). Magnets are so remarkable! Hey, Akan! I recognize, we ought to collaborate! (Laugh REACT).
( OFF) (Laugh REACT) (ON )I win! Ha ha! That ' s right. I ' m the most effective. (Laugh Responds ).( Cheering REACT )( Groan REACT) We shed. I believed you as well as Saber were on a team. Ah

, oh yes!( Laugh REACT) Really, most of us kinda win! Since all of us get pizza! Okay … (Laugh REACT) However, really, (OFF) I do win,.
right? I technically won. So, you know, just I won. (Pleased REACTS) Oh?( Pleased REACTS). (Pleased REACTS)( Supporting REACTS) (Satisfied REACTS).
( Thoughtful REACTS )Hmph.( Satisfied REACTS ).( Satisfied REACTS) (Pleased REACTS). Ha, my job below is done! All the deliveries are. (OFF) Move,'please. (Surprised REACT )You'frightened me. Uh … huh? You ' re tidying up? ('Laugh REACT) I ' m proficient at that! That ' s good.
I ' m already looking after it. Hey, I'' ll assistance! Please don ' t. Ah, gim me that! (Pulling Back REACTS).
( Sharp sigh REACT) Rex.
I wear ' t need your assistance. Ha ha, , yep. You get … the gift of my existence!( Laugh REACT).( Sigh REACT )( Laugh REACT ). You ' re in good luck! Another delivery! I ' ll take this set. Oh! Huh? Why isn ' t it working? Woah! Did you break your point? No, this is your mistake. (Sheepish REACT ). Well, do you intend to take my bike? Uh, take your bike? Darkno?( OFF) Kaya? Darkno! You ' re back. (OFF )( Groggy REACT) I. delay. Why are you up there? Wait. (ON) Augh! What is taking place? (OFF) (Laugh REACT)( ON) Darkno! Don ' t have such a short temper. Vito? What are “you doing here? I ' ll skip the “little” talk! Remember being defeated? By Dino Master Rex? Dino Master Rex …

Kaya! We shall ruin him! Oh ho, Darkno! I'' m scared we ' re a little short staffed. Cosmosaurus has offered me authority. But you made the list! She works for you? Kaya? (Unpleasant REACT).
( Shocked REACT) And also you benefit me too currently! You'' ll begin by cleansing the room. Why … you … you'' ll spend for your effrontery! (Having A Hard Time REACT) (Falling REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (OFF) Oh I'' m sorry, is that too tall an order? (Furiously striking REACTS) (Tossed REACTS).
Darkno! You will certainly do as I inform you! You'' re now under my command! (OFF) Right here, your brand-new devices of evil. (Groan REACT).
What? Additionally … wear'' t you attempt miss a single edge! Do you require … a feces? (Seething REACT) Vito! (Seething REACT).
Yes sir … comprehended … (OFF) Kaya, (ON) let him be in the meantime! Don'' t trouble our fun-size cleaning person. (OFF) Go prepare the Mech Golem. (Effort Responds).
( Believing REACT) (OFF) He didn'' t find out just how to ride a bike? What, is he from one more world?( OFF )Yes, Emily, he is. Remember Dinoplant? Akan, wan na provide this a shot? Hmph. Obviously. It'' s such a simple machine. This will be simple. (Preparing REACTS) Right here goes–.
Ooh! (Wincing REACT).
( Wincing REACT) (Recoiling REACT) (Small laugh REACT).
( Dropping REACT) (Giggle REACT) Aha! Not so very easy currently! What? Something …

I'' m bad at? Kay, allowed ' s attempt again! I'' ll hold the rear of the bike. Currently just concentrate, and go … ahead! You obtained it! You obtained it! Huh? (Laugh REACT )This is kind of fun! Rex, you can allow–( Panicked REACT).( Laugh REACT)( Cheering REACT).( Applauding REACT) Rex, you said you ' d keep the bike! Yeah! Doing good! Just look ahead! Look forward? Argh … (Unstable REACTS) (BACK) Ah! Finish! Huh? Woah! Woah, hi! (OFF/ON) (Unpleasant REACTS).
( Unsteady REACTS) Oh snap! Ahh! Master! Tri! Get out– (unpredictable REACT).
( BACK) Woah! (ON) Huh? This is … enjoyable! Akan, search for! (Anxious REACT).
( Concerned REACT) What? (Stunned REACT) (OFF) (Unstable REACTS).
( Hurt REACT) Akan! You fine? (Running/concerned REACTS).
Oh! Poor thing! Huh? (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Mister ruffian can'' t ride a bike. You … (Laugh REACT) Don'' t concern, everybody celebrities. off like that! You claimed you were hanging on! Oh? Huh? Mech dino! Mech dino! (Running REACT).
( Running REACT) (Running REACT).
( GROWL) (OFF) Aw, not Kaya once again! Rex, unify! Okay! (OFF) Degree 5 Union! Tuning launch! (OFF) Degree 5 Union! Tuning begin up! Tyranno ignition.Cerato ignition.

( OFF) Dinosaur Union!( OFF )Dinosaur Union! (OFF) Ultra D Buster! (OFF) Ultra D Kaiser! Get them. Bring them down! (HOLLER).
Those horns are massive! Hey! The Carnotaurus has horns that are specifically.
harmful! (OFF) Below he comes. (Struggling REACT).
( Having A Hard Time REACT) (OFF) Nice try! (OFF) Then take this. Carni-boost! (Struggling REACT) It'' s not'working! This man ' s really strong! Even with each other, they ' re not strong sufficient for. it!( Nervous REACTS). (Struggling/thrown REACTS) Flash Light Beam!( Getting Rid Of REACT )( ROAR). (OFF) Struck them again! Run! (Land REACT) Huh? (OFF) Surprise! Rex! Uh-oh. Ahh! Take this! Hey, allow
go of me!( Getting zapped REACT).( Getting zapped REACT) Huh? Release him! Hmph! You must attempt asking perfectly. No! “”( OFF) (Laugh REACT).
( ON) Carnotaurus, allowed'' s see them do the electrical slide!”” (Yelling REACT).
( Shouting REACT) (Shouting REACT).
( Shrieking REACT) Wait! Akan! It'' s draining their power; we need to do something.
currently! Rex truly requires your aid!
( OFF) The Ultra D Buster is decreasing. And also, (ON) you'' re next! (Effort REACT) (Leap REACT )( OFF) Tri, allow ' s. go! Tri ignition. Core modification, Tri! Power Pincers! Quick, Rex, grab it!( Groan REACT )Got it! You ' re not getting away that very easy! Woah! Wheee! Rex! Currently! Whee! I get a bang out of this!
Ha ha!

( Hurt REACT).
Oh … Watch out! (Battling REACTS). Woah! Great job! Wow! Oh wow!( OFF) Obtain him, Akan! (OFF) Don ' t released!( Unstable riding REACTS).
Carnotaurus, obtain those stupid kids! (Unexpectedly extremely unpredictable riding REACTS). (Terrified REACT) (Terrified REACT)
. Oh no! Ahh, not once again! (Running REACT). Ahh, not once more!( Running REACT). Oh no! (Gasp REACT). It ' s like … riding a bike!( Frightened REACT

)( Coughing REACT ). (Frightened REACT )( Cough REACT) Oh … he handled to guide him … (OFF) Great!( ON )Now you mastered it! Ha ha.Hmph. I wouldn ' t( OFF )joy just yet. Rex! Get the Pinaco disc, now. (OFF) I
' ve got a suggestion. Okay. Pinacosaurus! Pinacosaurus ignition. Okay, we ' re all set! I believe this is your own! (Scream REACT).
Currently! Yes!'Pinaco … launch!( OFF )Go!( ROAR)( Laugh REACT ). ('Laugh REACT )( Laugh REACT ). He ' s not the most awful at it. That ' s right.
I ' m the Dino Master. I can do anything.
Hey! Sufficient biking, time for pizza!( Laugh REACT ).( RESPONDS )( OFF/ON) Later On! (Laugh REACT).
He truly likes it, huh? I wear'' t think he understands exactly how to get off of it. (Laugh REACT).
I can ' t.
inform them I put on ' t know just how to come down!( Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (Laugh REACT). (Laugh REACT )( Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT') Don ' t laugh

, assist me!( Unsteady REACTS) (Hurt REACT).( Laugh REACT) Ceasing will certainly be the next lesson'. Ha!( Smile REACT)'. Hmph. I wear ' t need your aid.( Laugh REACT).( Laugh REACT )( OFF )Woah! What ' s that? (OFF) It ' s. the galaxy rocks! Hmm … oh?( OFF) What ' s
radiant? Hm? It ' s the meteorite I located.( Laugh REACT )Pretty exactly how it lights up.
( OFF) Wonder what it is. Hmm'… huh? The galaxy stone. It ' s been triggered. (Laugh REACT) I shall return to my former.
magnificence.( Laugh REACT) Hey Father! Why do you look all fancy today?( Humming). Well, it ' s the gallery ' s honor event.
Father ' s got ta appearance dapper, right?( Giggle REACT )I actually enjoy that sparkly.
gem! Allow ' s wish it doesn ' t outperform the honor I. get for my payments to the island!

( Laugh REACT).( Laugh REACT )You ' re so cool. Can my buddies and also I come to praise. you too? It would be my greatest honor to have you
. there.Then, I ' ll see you at the museum later! (OFF) Bye Dad! See you!( Tiny laugh REACT ). Ah, good climate today. Hm. You recognize, I think I ' ll
stroll there today rather. Yes, as you wish. (Singing to himself REACT).( Vocal Singing to himself Respond )Hmm.
( OFF )Absurd human.( ON )What you reject as a quite ornament. will soon be mine … and recover me to my former magnificence
.( Wickedness chuckle REACT). (OFF )Darkno? Darkno'! (ON) Where is my water? Ah. It ' s like he isn ' t even happy to be my. small slave. Darkno! Did you obtain my water? (FAR/OFF) Rrrgh.

Darkno! Where has he gone? (OFF )Oh great. (ON) He mosted likely to Dino Island? Why most likely to Earth alone? (Assuming REACT) ('Running REACT).( OFF) I assure I ' ll tease you much less! Okay, not actually, but I ' ll consider it! Darkno? (Singing to self REACT)( Observing REACT) (Resuming. vocal singing REACT) (Sneaking REACTS)( Ducking REACT).( Scary chuckling REACTS) Huh? What! Just how risk you, dripping brake liquid all over.
me! When I take control of (OFF) this planet, you'' ll–. oh. Uh. Sir. Your tiny spawn was simply … “”( OFF) (Barking REACTS).
( ON) (Panting REACTS)”” (Sad REACTS) (Delighted REACTS).
( Growling REACTS) (Satisfied REACTS) (Growl REACT).
( Yelling REACTS) No! Don'' t consume me! I taste like robot parts and unhappiness! Ahh! (Angry barking REACTS).
( Vocal singing to self REACT) (Shocked REACT) Huh. Also the local wildlife enjoys. (Smile REACT).
Ugh. Distressing creatures. When I am restored to my former self, they.
will certainly be penalized … as well as now I'' ve shed that silly human. Hmm … oh? A-ha! Hey! Watch it, man! (Crossing/startled REACTS) Are you intimidating.
me? (Startled REACTS) You'' ll all pay for your.
insubordination! (Dropping REACTS).
( Grumbling REACTS) (Barking REACTS) (Happy REACTS).
Oh! You again.Listen, I ' m certain we can pertain to some contract. What do you desire, your very own world? A tennis round?( Yelling REACTS). Hmm. Well. He should be somewhere around … oh?( Gasp REACT ).( Screaming REACT)( Barking REACTS).
Darkno! (BACK) This is no time for playing– (Gasp.
REACT) (Pained REACT) Ow … huh? (Awkward REACTS).
( Shrieking REACT) (Lifting REACT) Excuse me! Excuse you indeed! How attempt you face a woman as well as– huh? Akan? (Giggle REACT) Hm. He hasn'' t acknowledged me. I bet I can utilize this. (OFF) (Hurt, moaning REACTS).
Huh? Oh, my inadequate womanly ankle has actually been sprained! (Sigh REACT).
( OFF) Most likely shouldn'' t wear heels after that. Bye.( Surprised REACT) Hey wait! Aren'' t you going to aid me since it'' s your. mistake? (BACK) (Sigh REACT )Fine. It ' s the least a Dino Master can do

.( Closed sigh REACT).
Is this actually essential, miss out on? Yes, I require to be able to see every little thing. To see? Why? It'' s, uh … pet dog! Lost my pet. (Unpleasant laugh REACT) Oh where might that.
cheat be? Huh? (Hurt REACT) Do you mind, sir? You need to view where you'' re going. Not my mistake you intended to be up there. (OFF) (Laugh REACT).
( Shocked REACT) (OFF/ON) (Laugh REACT).
( OFF/ON) (Laugh REACT) Rex–( being drew REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Your father'' s obtaining an award? That'' s super cool.( BACK) Yeah! (Giggle REACT).
( Eased REACT) (Surprised REACT) Huh? What'' s your deal? Ha! What'' d I claim before? Constantly watch where you'' re going. Just how around you see! (Unsteady REACTS) Hey, I can'' t see!( Laugh Responds) Oh, I ' m sorry, I can ' t hear.
you, what was that? (Laugh REACT).( BACK)( Humming REACTS )( Laugh REACT)
How good to see the fruit of. my life ' s operate in this stunning gallery.

( Laugh REACT) (OFF) Ah, I love me. Finally, I have you cornered. I shall restore my former splendor– oh? (OFF) Father! Hello, sir. Hi! You'' re extremely cool! Oh, my little princess! Bah. I need to act swiftly. (Leap REACT).
( Surprised REACT) What is this? (OFF) (Battling REACTS).
Huh? What is that thing? Oh! What is that? Huh? Hmm. Hand it over, you useless Planet creature! Ah! I assume it'' s showing affection! Innovation'' s gone too much! Your pet better remain in this park, woman. Aw! Don'' t grumble. It ' s your mistake I injure my ankle joint.( BACK) Darkno? (Battling REACTS)
. Offer it to me!( Battling REACT). Hey'! (Battle REACT) That ' s mine! (Stunned REACT).
Kaya! Hand me that gemstone, now! Kaya?( Pushed REACT). Psh!( Leap/land REACT').( Laugh REACT) Darkno, don ' t tell me you came all the method.

below for jewelry.That– is so a lot greater than you assume. (Laugh REACT).
Kaya? Darkno? Kaya? Darkno? Kaya? Darkno? Kaya? I'' ve been aiding you all the time trying to locate.
your canine? Hey There Akan!! (Laugh REACT) There is no pet, Dino Master.
brilliant! (Laugh REACT) You fell for it too? I recognize! She looks totally various! (Shrug REACT).
( Seething REACT) You'' re dropping! Kaya, Darkno! (Run REACT).
Hmph!( Leap/fight REACTS). (Battling Responds )Oh! My breastpin.( Gasp REACT) Is that … Kaya, take that breastpin from him, now! Hmph.
Begin, Baryonyx! (ROAR).( Startled/coughing REACTS)( Startled/coughing REACTS).( Startled/coughing REACTS) Don ' t concern, we ' re right here! Don ' t fear, we ' re below! Don ' t concern, we ' re right here! Don ' t fear, we ' re below! Okay.Okay.

( OFF) Adjusting, begin up! (OFF) Tuning, launch! (OFF) Mighty Dinosaur Union! (OFF) Mighty Dinosaur Union! Ultra D Buster! Ultra D Kaiser! Hey, that'' s a Baryonyx!( Concerned REACTS)
.( Concerned REACTS) (OFF) Look into its arms. (ON) Look Out For the blade blades on its.
arms, Rex! Assault, Baryonyx! Strike! Huh ?! What? (OFF) (Protecting REACTS) (ON) Woah! (OFF) (Pained REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Get the brooch! Ahh! He'' s coming!( Scream REACT
). Ahh! He ' s coming
! (Scream REACT). Ahh! He ' s coming!( Scream REACT). We got ta assistance! Hmph! (OFF) Quit! (Battle REACT) Oh no you put on ' t, pal!( OFF) Run, children!( ON) (Running REACTS).( Running/panicked REACTS)(
Running/panicked REACTS)( Attacking REACT ). Well then, Kaya. This ends now! Hah. Attempt me. Ooh, yay. Obtain him! Fine. Go!( OFF)( Fighting Responds ).( Battle Responds )Hey, knives threaten! (Averting REACTS) Ow, my face! (ON) Ugh.What was that?

” Rex! He has a knife side boomerang. Modification to Tyranno and make use of the Carno disc!” Obtained it!( OFF )Core change Tyranno!” (ON) Let ' s go Carnosaurus! Carnosaurus ignition. Woah! (Land REACT) (Battle REACT) Why is it … a million extra pounds? The Carno sword is … super hefty since.
it'' s so packed with power! Go Rexy! “” I really should have eaten extra spinach … (Battle/struggling REACTS).
( ON) So hefty … (Power REACTS).
Woah, no no no no! (Dropping backwards REACTS)””.
( Shrieking REACT) Rex! (Combating REACTS).
( Shocked REACT) (Scream REACT).
( Scream REACT) (Stunned REACTS).
Rex! Allow'' s finish them! You wager! (OFF) Let me aid you out with this. Yeah! Aw man, I get the pink one? (HOLLER).
Strike them! (Defending REACTS) (OFF) Tackling your (ON).
troubles, is easy, (OFF) with some assistance from pals! (Attacking REACTS).
( Assaulting REACT) Psh! (Attacking REACT).
( Attacking REACT) (Scream REACT).
Rex! (OFF) Allowed'' s go! (OFF )Okay!('ON )Allow ' s do

this. (OFF) You ' re going down! Since one plus one is … 3– I indicate, triumph! Triumph! (HOLLER)/ (Giggle REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Hi honey! (Laugh REACT).
( BACK) (Laugh REACT) Go Papa! (Laugh REACT) I'' d like to share this award.
today, with 2 heroes that shielded the island. Let'' s hear it for them! (Laugh REACT).
( Supporting REACT) (Cheering REACT).
( Satisfied REACTS) (Pleased REACTS).
Could that … be the galaxy stone? (Laugh REACT).
He'' s not the most awful at'it. That ' s right. I ' m the Dino Master. I can do anything. Hey! Sufficient biking, time for pizza! (Laugh REACT).
( RESPONDS) (OFF/ON) Later! (Laugh REACT).
He truly likes it, huh? I wear'' t think he understands how to leave of it.

( Laugh REACT).
I can'' t. tell them I wear'' t recognize how to come down! (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Don'' t laugh, assist me! (Unsteady REACTS) (Hurt REACT).
( Laugh REACT) Ceasing will be the following lesson. Ha! (Smile REACT).
Hmph. I put on'' t need your assistance. (Laugh REACT).
( Laugh REACT) (OFF) Woah! What'' s that? (OFF) It'' s. the galaxy stones! Hmm … oh? (OFF) What'' s beautiful? Hm? It'' s the meteorite I found. (Laugh REACT) Pretty exactly how it illuminate. (OFF) Wonder what it is. Hmm … huh? The galaxy stone. It'' s been turned on. (Laugh REACT) I shall go back to my former.

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