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The LCK Summer Playoffs kick off this Wednesday. Liiv Sandbox take on DRX in round one of the quarterfinals, while DWG KIA will face KT Rolster on Thursday.
Let’s break down some of the LoL odds and markets in the second match.
The winner of this match will then have the unenviable task of meeting the T1 in the semi-finals.
DK underwent a slump in form toward the fag end of the split, winning just two of their last six games. After beating HLE at the start of week seven, the opponents they would face got tougher and tougher.
They were clean swept by KT and Liiv Sandbox, and then lost 2-1 to Gen.G. This must have set off some alarm bells within their unit, but they were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief with a win over Kwangdong Freecs. T1, however, fed them a slice of humble pie in the last game of the split. DK folded in just under 32 minutes across both games, managing 5 kills to 17 in the first one, and only seven in the next as T1 surged ahead with 21.
DK’s bot laner Seo “deokdam” Dae-gil has been the star of the season, not just for his side but in the tournament overall. His guile and smarts have set his gameplay on a cut above the rest, and his kill rate of 4.24 is the fourth highest in the split. Mid Laner Heo ‘ShowMaker’ Su has made sure not to let him down, chipping in with a hefty KDA of 5.96 and 2.9 kills per game himself.
Overall the results of this split have been favourable for DK. Their defense play has been top notch, averaging just 10 deaths per game, those numbers second only to the split toppers Gen.G. Their tower kill rate of 6.9 has been excellent as well. They ended the season fourth on the split rankings, having won 10 series and 24 games in total.
A place among the top two was out of the question considering the form T1 and GG have been in, but they’ve nevertheless turned in strong performances to finish within the top four. DK and KT have both secured one win over each in the split, but DK will be hyper aware of the fact that their loss occurred as recently as three weeks ago.
Despite this, the LoL predictions favour DK because of the fight they’ve shown throughout the entirety of the season. They will have to shake their worrisome string of losses at the end of the split, and collect themselves before the tough battle of the playoffs begins.
Over the last three weeks, KT have been on the receiving end of drubbings handed out by T1, Liiv and Gen.G. After a rough start to the split where they neared the bottom of the standings after winning just one of their first five fixtures, they’ve fought hard to claw their way back into contention.
They were defeated by DK in the early days of the season, but retaliated admirably with a 2-1 triumph just three weeks ago. After lagging behind for most of the first game, KT dragged it on for over 46 minutes and came back bristling in the final minutes of the game. The next one was more straightforward, and despite brilliance from ShowMaker and deokdam DK could manage only nine kills in total. This was another marathon game that went for more than 45 minutes, but KT forged ahead in the end with 18 kills.
KT’s GPM count at the end of the split averaged 1817. THeir kill-to-death ratio stands at 1.20, with a kill and death per game count of 12.3 and 10.3 respectively. They ended their season with a sobering loss to GEN. The opponents who took them down 2-0  in their split opener dealt the same treatment to close it out. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram, who has been exceptional all season, had a rare off game as KT went down nine kills to GEN’s 19.
Aiming has a kill rate of 4.44 and an impressive KDA of 6.02, standing tall among the top four players in the tournament across both categories. The League of Legends betting tips indicate that KT are the underdogs in this contest, but don’t by any stretch imagine that they won’t give DK a run for their money.
At Midnite, you get odds of x1.60 for a DWG Kia win, which isn’t that bad considering how strong the team has been over the last few seasons. Not just strength but also consistency. Remember, this is a best of five as the playoffs move into longer territory. Checking other markets at Midnite, you get the following odds and our predicitons:
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