EA SOPHIA V2 BOTGRATIS12 ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ’ฒ Robot para mercados Boom 500 y Boom 1000. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค–๐Ÿค‘

and greetings to all, welcome once again to another free debut session 12 this time I am going to present the second version of the post sofia the ea for trading sofia we already have a first version you can go look for the youtube channel and the channel tele is the first version that works with trent candles and that has been a version that some have served them well on this occasion I am going to present the second version that is a strategy that several people have insisted on me within the gran tele channel but one in particular but it was quite insistent quite motivated it gave me some tests they were going to I wanted to please that member of the channel so that I could then create the second version of sofia that I am going to be presenting with a strategy or two rather strategy so that you can draw between 5 and 10 percent of your account per day I will present it for a 100 dollar account and later you will adapt it to your capital then depending on the capital you have so in the suits' that we are going to work for now for the minimum suit it can be less than 100 dollars if if they are going to ask me for how many 57 yes they serve but you would not go for 10% if they have 50 but for the 5% , that is, 2.5 dollars, so in the case of the conservatives who go for 5%, then it would be 5 dollars and 100 for the 10 dollars a day, so then they can do it very easily through this with the strategy always and when we follow a strategy that we are going to thank those people who are on the channel that have signed me up and I will keep telling them that I am going to please them and I am going to be carrying out their strategies but little by little because they are too many they write to me a lot people and they go little by little we will solve all those strategies that I see more profitable well we go directly to the graph and present the good here we already have the other version sofia and well we already know how to load the bots simply drag let's say the bots this is the second version think that I am clarifying here that it is for the market with 500 and 2000 unlike Sofia's bot that was for the version of points 500 only or for the market with 500 only between the input parameters no there is a lot to modify, note that in the input parameters we have the batch status I brought it that you are going to change here according to your capital in this batch I recommend that you leave it that way because you already have our internal batch that I have right now I explain, leave the order in 15 minutes at the most, but really it will be closing in less than that time and right now we are going to explain why and people with a profit of 100 because they are going to leave it for prospecting, remember that in the classic market They do not respect the store, they do not respect the take profit either, therefore, if you leave him that minimum, well, a space that will be in his favor, there is no problem, he will take his profit to where the space closes, so I recommend them that at least I give you the advice that they have this just as it is the only thing that will change is in what I brought depending on its capital , for the rest Sofia well it stays like this today we are going to do a test to see if We are going to do a test to see what that test is going to consist of, well, we are going to go to the market first one thousand and then we give it to 500 to create the great difference that there is and think that we are going to work on it here in a minute I am going to show you and I am going to give you that test that shows me the market , I am going to give you a break here to try to configure this so that the grid is not visible and well, in the balance it is 100 dollars and we are going to see what happens in the first strategy, let's go for 10 percent in a thousand market note that here we already have a first spa and it is activated we already have 1.5 profit here it continues to be activated when we get there we have 5 percent we can easily stop the bot and then we go with our 5% and that was more than s enough because because the pot actually what it does I am going to remove this what it does is open operations in favor of the spaces for one above one of 55 which was the strategy that the person told me and that in turn that management of capital out when the 30 candles cross a lot, I well cross the 55 and it closes at least here an operation is opened if it will be closed here and this came up to this point because it is already in profit do not think that we have this of profit because the opening after the espai above 55 here it closed again it lasted it stole already to open and he is collecting profit you decide whether to close here at 5% when he collected this profit or to close here with a profit level e lower I recommend that it is the first strategy that collects its profit and when it reaches 5% it stops ready tomorrow we will trade again my problem or go for 10% is my recommendation my advice better said in this in this with this but let 's go to v er what happens look here he does not close the operation because the saw at this moment and there he returns to opening look kakรก we have located we already have 10 percent easily with this amount of space here it closed and once it opened here the good space land at once opening is collecting its profit it is closing and it will last immediately because it closes because we have a this is not adjusted if they see sorry together and own adjusted if they see that the closing immediately collects its profit but the prof did not collect and here the As a teacher, he picked it up because remember that the sprays do not respect the take profits, so just as they do not respect the banner, someone says, but I have this, because the Petrov is not going to respect it either, and so here it is in this way that here we already have our 10%, let's go let's see what happens with him instead of having a boss 1000 let's see that he has 1500 here we have some 500 we do the same operation let's try it first I'm going to pause it here start the grid and we are going to see what happens think that with 1500 this teacher as I am leaving it from 100 is going to be a little further away but nothing happens nothing happens because he is not going to respect that is the teacher he is simply going to last and it is going to close according to the parameters that it has, notice that it was liked but here it closed immediately because some train candles already came and we would avoid all these losses and all these losses if we did not have operations nor opening because it is against the strategy that our friend proposed to me on the telegraaf bus channel free binary and forensic base here we have 9.36 look at everything we have already here he won he won he does not close he does not close he wins again we already have two dollars remember to be a little more less aggressive than the min and we already have three it's already 4 and we 'll see if a spain comes in our favor we don't know not the hill we only have 2 percent of the opening and closing account here we already have almost 4 percent Now we have 4 percent and we are going to see what happens if we easily reach 5 percent I do not close think that we have only 2% and we did not win or split and we would have closed at 4% and waiting for one or the other would be another strategy that would be very good and very profitable it does not open operations it is against it it is in a downward trend it is not convenient for us to open but close opening and close it is not convenient for us and there we have 3% it is not convenient for us to be lateralized therefore if you see a very lateralized market like here well then you are not going to win and you are going to lose here opening once and for all saw and he maintains a management says that opening of the lock they say or this continues despite the fact that there was a high because here there is a lower high and it did not go in favor like that that there is no market structure as such in the market of this that we have 1500 we have 3% the idea is to reach 5 percent no more than 0.7 dollars was risked in this operation and the idea and get to that now you can open ar and the last thing to close the video is that you can open both markets with the pot if you can do it and that way you arrive faster and spend less time in the market and manage your account here we have 4.5 percent again come on to wait five clues we arrived think here we already reached our 5 percent on the bus 500 51 thousand and we already have our our 10 percent that is, it is not necessary that you spend tomorrow afternoon and night on that but in these minutes that we dedicate that it was 10 8 7 minutes and easily then I liked it had a 5 percent with a marked and a 5 percent with the other market ready operational closes and see you the next day I hope that this bot with these strategies will serve you and they can then if we please our friend in the channel already has his voice as he wanted it he is going to manage it account and well those accounts that he manages the best share your experience within the free Bots channel well I inform you that he sees it I'm going to be uploading to the botgratis12 channel and the Botgratis12BinariasyForex channel ok in both channels so there will be no problem getting this one it was sold to everyone and we got it again because the channel of having

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