EBE OLie:LIVE CZECH EXOPOLITICS – Podhrazska Ivana, ILona 2014-4-12, Subtitles CC.-

12. April– 2014 -UFO – Conference.-Together
with Czech Exopolitics recording video camera. Spiritism Communication with Ebe – Olie. Telepathic, spiritism tool contactee Ivana
Podhrazska as well as Ilona Podhrazska, writing. In the Czech republic community Chotebor more
ufologists as well as researchers … Spiritism Interaction with Ebe – Olie. Telepathic contactee Ivana Podhrazska and also
Ilona Podhrazska, which creates. In the Czech town Chotebor much more ufologists
and also researchers ALeluja OO! ALeluia oo! I welcome you with each other. It'' s complete of power, Ivana. EBE is an additional location that you can not see. It'' s the law area.
It ' s. a situation. Politics have wonderful chaos. He recognizes just how to adjust the earthlings.It ' s turmoil

, as Location 51. Such chaos is for you and in national politics in America.
Scientists and authorities in various countries are in the hands of confirming the fact of.
extraterrestrial entities. Every person recognizes enough about them, yet.
they have to hide. This is the basis, it is wrong. It must go to the light and also do not hide.
it. The ambience is at an angle, I presume, “” FoLio.
“” is little oxygen for you on Earth.

. Every little thing is presently shooting in our.
winding system. I have been viewing the political atmosphere. Our ship is in the state on a different basis. The ship can not see, but might you see if.
they joined pressures as it would go. Force energy that flows from your hearts,.
hands as well as all that strange, which is the structure of your existence. In the hands you have the power. The brain regulates the spirit of your heart,.
your hands. The first was to create the basis for the.
human heart, after that there'' s physical body, which is essential. They control the fate, however as a result of the spirit. HuMan is a creature to a huge range. It is a resource kind POWER ELECTRICAL ENERGY. Every little thing.
carries its relevance in the history of the Planet. Your nation has a different name. Nation is not right here by mishap. It is brought to your higher powers of other.
systems of heredity. Cells are hereditary. Whatever is similar with the cosmos. Love unifies all of us. BEING unlimited cosmos. GOD IS NOT BEING, HUMAN, BUT IS TO LOVE ALL.It births the name “” cosmic legislations””. Either somebody.
selects the method there or back and realistically move away from its fate. Surrendering the chance of survival. Chances of survival are primitive turmoil. Our basics are enclosed as much power.
for others, in addition to various other animals of the world and the aircraft was going to happen.
yet several secrets. The airplane remains in another round, however so.
much people live. They keep it a key. It will certainly jevo that he discovered the wreckage but.
found. Somehow we should speak.

. It is their duty stupid. They do not extend reptilians that go blind. They are blind, so blind. It is incomprehensible race that is dealing with.
the obstacle of the government also muffle up. They are almost everywhere. Ivana indeed, he knows civil dimension ZON. Yes they are in your area, yet another measurement. Yes, they have blonde hair and also their choice.
is harsh, when among them starts to act. It'' s vicious, encountered with the self-respect that people.
are losing within. It is so. We are neutral, we are worthy as well as we have.
a leader who manages us, as your hearts of people who passed away. Anybody who passes away and also brings a commander and also.
he understands it five minutes before he passes away. It might also be the day. The.
man prior to death is currently educated concerning his transition.And either will exist or there. Either or. As well as when you have to deliver what is provided.
to you, what task you have. There is no need to transform or dissemble. After that it has consequences in various other measurements.
changes. Without a doubt the heart is before the demise notified.
and intimidated over or otherwise. We have a whole lot of job, we obtain a great deal of product,.
the obtaining data from your government as well as all countries. We must thoroughly examine the ravages of.
what had actually left factor. Need to regulate higher reason gotten in touch with various other.
measurements. Then open your eyes. People are blind, it'' s the impression of this.
life, however love needs to be.Goal -contact. We understand a whole lot, yet we can not speak as well much. It is a planetary legislation. IT'' S DANGEROUS. We understand where the airplane is, however it'' s dangerous. We know it is another dimension and room.
under the sea, but likewise in Hydrosphere. It is at on the world, as a measurement Zon,.
it'' s as well inhabited. It is also much. WE THINK MY CALCULATOR. We will know price FOR SURE PRODUCTS AND.
is a brand name that mind. Individuals are always good values with each other. Job, power, love and chaos. I think a.
significant'' m told. Even the transportation of souls, it ja ta.
ship what you saw. Ivana.
and ILona saw it.That was

the watercraft 2 bars luminescent and also moving.
to area. Occasionally it reveals. Ivana heart appeal, is not usual. Given that time immemorial, her spirit discharged.
on the exact same regularity. Just body adjustments in every life. It was an officer. Monalíza also. She had prosperity, deluxe. Its arrangements are on a different level. It went to the Castle.Ivana He stayed briefly.
in Sweden, France, Italy, Czech, America. He remained there soon prior to she passed away. She had been sent to a planet that is habitable,.
yet there was an illness that impacted the nerve system. Damaged nerves in the physical.
body. It was.
not an issue to escape, but the innovation had long since disappeared.It was experiencing

the illness. The earth is not there any longer. Deliberate surge. I think it ' s all energy by Ivana. Love EBE ending. You will certainly good and grow. in. putting on great.
This is. the structure of wellness. The cells will certainly be great. Suffice Just any type of harm or disgust of a cell that brings life until her phase where.
he does not deserve to serve.EBE end.

ALeLuia oo! april 2014.

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