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After the first 2 days of the competition, LEC fans have been extremely happy after the region’s organizations won all but one of their games through the group stage at the 2022 World Championship.
Fnatic came with incredible momentum after the playin stage, but their hype has been brought down by the defending champions, Edward Gaming.
Fnatic were satisfied with a win against Korean organization, T1. They hadn’t dropped a game up to this point, even all the way back from the playin stage. Especially after Humanoid found his mojo, becoming the catalyst for Fnatic.
On the other side of the ring, EDG was able to recoup strength after their loss to T1 on the opening day of the group stage. With a come back win against Cloud 9, the superstar roster had a pretty tough game ahead. Nevertheless something was about to happen, Viper reminded everybody why he is considered the best bot laner in the world.
Fnatic started off the game with the wrong foot aka an invasion that ended badly for them, the classic Fnatic death brush was found out by EDG, and the Chinese juggernauts engaged onto Fnatic netting a double kill for Viper’s Sivir.
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As expected, EDG stomped the bot lane without any worries in the world. Viper was able snatch other kills thanks to the advantage he got from the opening invade play. Razork tried to delay the inevitable in the bot side of the map, but he was constantly countered by Jiejie’s Lee Sin. Jiejie also had an impressive game, finding perfectly executed kicks to catch his enemies in rotations or team fights.
By the end of the match, Viper had a total of 10 kills and 8 assists with just 1 death, while Jiejie was part of 12 of his team’s 19 kills.
Even though Fnatic did lose by the end, they tried constantly to find any resources or picks in order to come back. They looked to enable the top side of the map, while focusing on finding an engage opportunity with Renata Glasc, Ornn, and Azir.
As a whole, EDG’s team fighting was extremely decisive and rapid for Fnatic to handle in the latter parts of the game, and although they did stumble a bot in the mid game, Viper, Jiejie, and the rest of EDG got together and grabbed the Baron buff to end the game cleanly.
For EU fans, this loss is rough, but there are still plenty of good thoughts in their future due to their current table standing. EDG is one of the best teams in the tournament, but Fnatic was still able to push through and find plays.
As a result, LEC fans should still feel confident in Fnatic’s ability as the League group stage moves into all play days later on the week.
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