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Bitsgap is an all-in-one crypto trading platform that let you do trading, managing portfolio, access to trading bots, provide signals, and much more. Further, it has integrated over 25 major exchanges, including Coinbase Pro, Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, etc.
The sign-up process won’t take you more than two minutes, it only requires the verification of an email account. Alternatively, users can connect through their Google or Facebook accounts. Moreover, Bitsgap provides a 14-day free trial in which the trader can enjoy several features free of charge.
Inconvenience during trading can cause more losses than profits, something that regular traders resent. A lot of it occurs when traders have to manage multiple trading accounts on their devices. This has now changed as Bitsgap enables all its registered traders to integrate their several crypto exchange accounts under one roof.
The platform, Bitsgap, has till now succeeded in integrating some of the well-known crypto exchanges. These include Coinbase Pro, Binance, and Kraken with 17 more. Bitsgap offers equal coverage to all crypto exchange platforms.
Traders access a crypto trading platform, review the condition, and take a call about buying, selling, or retaining their digital holdings. This sure sounds like a lot of manual work. However, it is about to get easier, courtesy of Bybit Trading Bot, a product by Bitsgap.
The algorithm-based robot operates without any human interference. It functions 24/7, day and night, without taking a break. Bybit Trading Bot has been designed to maximize the efficiency of a trader without his or her involvement.
In other words, Bybit is an entirely automated algorithm-based robot that is capable of trading Cryptocurrency on behalf of the trader.
Bybit Trading Robot manages trading positions to ensure that no cent of a profit is missed in the process.
It is normal for traders to question if certain restrictions can be placed on Bybit Trading Bot. As a matter of fact, the official Bitsgap’s universal platform allows traders to launch and configure modifications to Bybit Trading Bot.
The crypto market is highly volatile. Those who are actively engaged in the trading are well aware of this fact. For newbies, it could be a surprise how quickly tables can turn in a small room called the Crypto industry.
Developers have trained Bybit Trading Bot to act in a customized manner. Traders get an option to launch the grid depending on the market performing at that moment. It is recommended to modify the grid only if a trader is eyeing to go for a long price range.
Traders who have been on the field apply this rule smartly.
It is not really complicated to apply this rule. Statistically speaking, the entire Crypto trading market only goes through two types of ranges, namely sideways and bullish or bearish. The majority of the time, the Crypto market stays in the sideways range, which in terms of percentage comes to 70-75%.
Another range is bullish or bearish, which prevails for the remaining 30-25% of the time.
Apart from the Grid Bybit trading robot, traders can also access Buy The Dip. It is the reverse mode of the Grid that has been designed only for the situations when the market goes down during the correction phase.
Buy The Dip can be turned on if a trader believes that there is something bright on the other side of the lower trend. This will allow them to seize the opportunity of buying the preferred digital assets at the best price and sell them later for a huge margin.
Since the Bot is automatic, it requires no intervention to identify the optimal moment of the trade, even if the correction is temporary. Bybit Trading Bot is backed by technical analysis that is powerful enough to generate profits at every moment.
Some other tools that complement Bybit Trading Bot are Risk Management, Trailing Take Profit, and Stop Loss & Trailing Stop Loss.
Drawn Down Limit has been integrated to give more control over the risk factor. It can operate in absolute mode as well as relative mode. While the absolute mode limits the risk based on maximum equity, the relative mode limits the risk based on the original size of the investment.
Bybit Exchange was founded in 2018. The Crypto exchange is headquartered in Singapore with official registration as the British Virgin Islands. Bybit Exchange is quite a famous marketplace with deep liquidity.
Traders who operate on the exchange remain at the liberty to leverage up to 100x. The portfolio of Bybit Exchange covered a wide range of digital products and Crypto assets.
Bybit Exchange has also succeeded in earning a good reputation in the Crypto derivatives market.
The API of Bitsgap robots is fairly simple. Any trader, irrespective of his or her technological knowledge, can integrate their trading account on the Bybit exchange.
Traders will not have to spare more than 10 minutes. They will be all set to start trading as soon as they successfully integrate their trading account to the platform. Users who have registered on the platform are allotted Trader’s Cabinet, where they will be able to find the instructions in detail.
Users can find Trader’s Cabinet on the official website of Bitsgap.
Traders rely a lot on Bybit Exchange as it emphasizes a lot on security. Users on the platform are allowed to set trading limits independent of each condition. This includes applying the inability to withdraw funds from the trading account.
Also, the platform itself does not access the feature to deposit or withdraw funds from the trading account.
Traders are offered three different types of subscription plans. These are Basic, Advanced, and Pro.
Every subscription plan differs from another in terms of price and features.
Interested traders can register on the official website to avail of the 7-day free trial of Bybit Trading Bot. They will initially have to run the Demo Mode and then Backtesting.
Once traders have become familiar with all the features, they can proceed to make the payment and start live trading on the platform.
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