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The notion of metaverse, is itself an overwhelming concept, what would be your reaction when similar will be employed to cure disease?
Currently, all of us are standing on the verge of a digital revolution. From here, we are possibly going to witness life changing concepts. Like the Metaverse, Web3 and all sorts of similar stuff. And it will not be limited only to general purpose, for entertainment or informational advantage. Rather it will also be securing its place in non-conventional spaces. 
Common notion is that when technology develops, it brings more opportunities to bring more health facilities. Growing technological advancements result in medical infrastructure developments. So, the medical field is also ready to take advantage of the digital space boom. 
Californian medical robotics company—Endiatx—is one such initiative which is solely dedicated to bringing cutting edge technology to medical space. Endiatx is following its goal to develop the technique to place microrobotics inside the human body. And following this, the company has come up with ‘PillBot’.
Endiatx has developed this tiny, pill sized micro-robotic drone. Once a person swallows it, this PillBot can enter into the body and it can be made to reach internal body parts such as the stomach and other digestive parts. Doctors can operate and pilot it from outside with the help of dedicated controller systems. 
PillBot could change the third person perspective even in the medical space. Until today, doctors and health experts took help from some X-Ray machines like scanners. Sometimes a patient needs to go multiple times and take sedatives. This takes too much time to diagnose the actual problem. However, with this tiny drone, floating inside the body, sending real-time footage to the doctors can bring significant change. 
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This way, doctors can have a better view and understanding of the problem. That will let them reach the proper solution and in relatively less time. Endiatx said that this kit of PillBot might cost hundreds of dollars but once it starts operating, it will end up saving thousands of dollars in the medical industry. 
Endiatx was consistently testing and doing trials of their tiny robotic tech. Initially they have tested it on corpses, and then alive humans. Talking about the same, CEO Torrey Smith himself took part in the first human trial and eventually, became the first person of the earth to let the PillBot flow in his body. 
The company is involved in multiple testings with doctors and medical facilities like Mayo Clinic. Meanwhile, they are also seeking approval from the FDA. Endiatx anticipates that they would be able to launch PillBot in the market by 2024. 
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