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Who’s going to win EU Masters Summer 2022? Will it be the undefeated Team BDS Academy or Team Heretics who will leave for the LEC next season? It’s time to break the two teams down ahead of their finals.
On one hand, Team BDS Academy had one of the best runs they ever had in EU Masters. Despite being the second seed from the LFL, the French team went first 6-0 in their group, prevailing over Team Heretics, by the way, then proceeded to dominate the other two French representatives Vitality.Bee and Gameward. They are currently 12-0 and are definitely looking like the favorites for this EU Masters.
On the other hand, Team Heretics had a much rougher run since they finished second in their group and had to go up against strong contenders like Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition and LDLC OL. Nevertheless, they were able to overcome those hurdles and worked their way until the finals.
The Spanish team’s most comfortable playstyle is through their bot lane. The jungler bluerzor loves to hover around the bottom side of the map and give the resources to Jackspektra. Top laner iBo is left playing weakside for the majority, even though he found great success on Aatrox, with a 100% win rate in 5 games.
BDSA, similarly, also plays through Crownie and its bot lane. With that being said, the Slovenian ADC is not really the big carry of the team. Instead, it’s the former MAD Lions mid-laner Reeker carrying the team on his back, dealing almost one-third of the team’s total damage output.
Adam is also known for playing strong counters to weakside top laners like Darius and Olaf, so he’ll probably find a draft edge over iBo in the top lane.
The team is very proactive in the early game, with Erdote being the key player in making actions on the map. Together with Sheo, they take objectives and make sure they get the right priority to set them up. Statistically, they are peaking in almost every department, with an insane CS diff at 15 of 31.4. Their only small flaw is their First Blood %, which is about 40%.Other than that, Team BDS Academy has all the odds in their favor. Team Heretics will have to put in their best performance ever if they want a shot at the title, but chances will be slim. With the finals being right around the corner, make sure to check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!


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