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Excel is chasing its first LEC playoff appearance in the history of the organization, and a win over SK Gaming could be a crucial step towards reach that goal. 
The last week of the regular 2022 LEC Spring Split is underway and will have a lot of interesting matches and storylines to keep track of. One underrated match going into this week might be Excel against SK Gaming, as it’s two teams that are usually not in the spotlight when it comes to the most anticipated games. 
That shouldn’t be the case for this week, as both teams are currently chasing a playoff spot. Excel is in a prime position to lock in one of the last two spots remaining, while SK Gaming will need something close to a miracle to qualify. This means that this match could be crucial for Excel in particular, who will secure a playoff spot with a win over SK Gaming. 
So far this split, SK Gaming has been benefiting from Erik “Treatz” Wessén having moved back to the support position. The Swedish support has looked more comfortable compared to last year when he had to take over in the jungle. The swap back to his main support role has made Treatz the rock for SK Gaming and a player who seems able to lead them to victory. 
It will also be important that Treatz shows up in his best form for this match, as Excel’s newly acquired support Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle has been helping Excel to reach another level after joining just five weeks back. Since Mikyx joined, Excel has won six out of 10 games and has been a big part of why Excel is now looking to enter the playoff as one of the league’s big dark horses. 
Mikyx has brought a lot of experience and a winning mentality to the Excel roster, which has been much-needed in the organization. With several trophies in the bag from his time at G2 Esports, Mikyx is often the main carry of the team and can make or break a game. 
This puts both supports in focus for this match, as that could be the role that decides it all. Treatz will have to put on an incredible performance to beat out Mikyx, while Mikyx gets another chance to flex his huge champion pool versus SK Gaming.
Excel roster: 
SK Gaming roster:
Based on the team’s shape this split, it’s only logical that Excel will enter this match as the favorite. Despite having struggled to secure a spot in the playoff in previous splits, this looks like the time when Excel will finally make it in. There is always a chance that SK Gaming will be out of playoff contention when this match kicks off, which will only strengthen the reasoning behind backing Excel for this match. Excel is a fairly big favorite on paper and that also reflects in the odds set by bookmakers, but we still believe a bet for Excel is the right choice considering how shaky SK Gaming has been all split. 
Going with Excel to win this match will give odds of 1.45 while a win for SK Gaming has odds at 2.55, which would make up for great profit but would also be risky.
The potentially decisive match between Excel and SK Gaming kicks off on Saturday, March 5.


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