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Fidenza is a generative Ethereum non-fungible token owned by Tyler Hobbs, a famous artist. The token has mirrored a hike in the last few days. 
Since the last few days, it has been seen that a wallet is continuously snapping Fidenza and has up to eight Fidenza valued at nearly $1 million.     
On Wednesday morning, an automated Twitter bot that scans OpenSea for Fidenza Sales and a series of back-to-back purchases by the Fidenza bot were pointed out. Specifically, three transactions occurred within 12 minutes, totaling 280.50 ETH, valued at around 367633.99 U.S dollars at an average price of 93.50 ETH valued at nearly 122920.78 U.S dollars.   
According to data, all the NFTs are purchased from the same wallet -808450- and appear to be out of the blue much higher than their previous sales. For example, Fidenza #459 was the recent NFT, and its selling price was 0.29ETH or approximately $687 on June 11, 2021. Fidenza #726 was last sold on June 14, 2021, for 1.2 wrapped Ether (WETH), approximately $3,098, and Fidenza #18 was sold on July 15, 2021, for around 8.5 ETH.      
There were 3 sales in the last 12 minutes:

Fidenza #459, 97.50 ETH ($131,918)
Fidenza #18, 95.00 ETH ($128,535)
Fidenza #726, 88.00 ETH ($119,064)#fidenza
The transaction brought the Fidenza market cap to 90,609.30 ETH, around 121 million U.S dollars, and also helped the minimum price to 94 ETH, about 116,154 U.S dollars. The purchase was also done on Thursday morning for 17 minutes, and each NFT was sold for at least 98 ETH, valued at around 128555.16 U.S Dollars.
There were 4 sales in the last 17 minutes:

Fidenza #946, 99.00 ETH ($126,522)
Fidenza #604, 98.00 ETH ($125,244)
Fidenza #196, 104.75 ETH ($133,871)
Fidenza #12, 100.00 ETH ($127,800)#fidenza
On Friday afternoon, another NFT, Fidenza #136, was successfully transferred to wallet number 808450, leaving the affluent investor with approximately eight Fidenza for a total sum of around 689.95 ETH, around 893467.29 U.S Dollars.  
On Thursday, a wallet 0×9B67e purchased Fidenza #4 for 94 ETH($121731.32), adding 781.25 ETH(1011213.78 U.S Dollars) to the NFT project in the last 48 hours.      
"Who's buying?" always runs through my head when I see these types of sweeps, so I dug in a bit. Prepare for some rampant speculation…
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