FIGHT TO TOP 4! | IVA Nov 2022 Playoffs Day 3 | Identity V

gents, we are below today at day three of identification five Field twenty 2-two. I am your wheel Marks and here is my co-caster Lee Chi and today we will be considering round two of the champions bracket. We will certainly be taking a look at GH versus FT. Now, do keep in mind that for precursors as well as FH as a result of unpredicted scenarios, Scout has forfeited the competition. So, hitch will be taking place in the winners winners record and Scott will certainly be removed. So today we will certainly be taking a look at GH and GH and FT if I'' m not wrong. Well, I really feel like these two teams, a great deal of points to anticipate, though, both groups are really, very strong. What do you think, Lychee? Yes, most definitely. I mean, this is the champion'' s brace that we have right here. So, these are the champions from the other day'' s competition. They ' ve currently shown themselves in either yesterday or the day prior to his event and have actually demonstrated how well they can execute under this demanding competition setting right here. So, most definitely anticipating the gameplay that they can bring us in this following round. We'' re visiting once again, champions of the previous days.

So, truly delighted below to see what they need to reveal today and also we are going to take a look here at the tournament brackets. We'' ve already mentioned prior to however gout versus FH there, the lower bracket, Gouch on had actually waived the event so FH will certainly be moving ahead and also then in the top bracket below today, this is what we'' re mosting likely to be starting with today resembles Mark, Mark'' s mentioned, GH versus feet and afterwards later today, we will have MP versus TNG. So, really delighted to see that will progress today. Uh whoever doesn'' t action forward today will then enter into the lower brackets there. Yes, very real. Currently, I do have to that I do have some really exciting news for you. First, we have, like, the free gift of two Skins and one A Skin thanks to Sunny Kim twenty-three.

Now, how tau do you win? Uh well, have a look at Nello Mellow'' s Facebook page as well as you can find the giveaway. Yes as well as we do have a few other free gifts below including the Loyal Givers Free Gift and the NM coins free gift. So, we'' ll advise you regarding those periodically and in the meantime, as we will certainly also have a look at the gamers of each team right here. So, beginning off with GH who we'' ve currently seen. Their Hunter Sechu along with their Survivor lineup right here with Captain Coon, Little Boy, foureightone, Jao Khan, Skyfall, as well as Nine Mammas. So, a group loaded complete of knowledgeable gamers here. I'' m truly delighted to see them play. Yes and also now, we have feet I think. Uh this the hunter right here is Nino Pancake with F T E Y T Hershin. And also for the survivor side we have FTLMM, FT Dragon, FTXP, FEET DDD. Currently all these players below are experts in previous competitions especially GH being the champion in IVC as well as a lot of various other competitors as well.Now extremely to see

what sort of trigger that both teams will offer us. Um for at Teesside the gamers inside is additionally professionals that has experience in previous competitions. Both groups are very extremely solid and also I am very delighted to see how this ends up Vici. Yes, actually excited here and also we are going to jump straight right into the bands as well as pics of round one very first half here. Um appears like this is going to be on ever resting community as the very first map pick and we do see that FT ' s survivors are mosting likely to be up first versus GH S Hunter Sechu. So, let ' s see what these teams choose ahead in here with the bands and choices, Marks.Yes, yes. We have GH as the hunter below, Sage Hugh and also with Feet Survivor, LMM, XB, DDD, as well as Dragon. And now, we are the first band here which is a priestess band. Currently, we do understand that Priestess is a threat in the area and prohibiting it not a negative option, I expect, however quiting the seer choice, that would certainly mean that may not go for solitary hit hunters like Dream Witch, Clark, as well as today the Survivor are sharing ahead and also Barme. Now, what do you think of this pick leeching? Um yep, I ' m curious to see you what feet saw procedure is right here. You know, forward is constantly an extremely solid, typically metapic in tournaments and with bench housemaid being available in below, she is just recently frequently played against specific hunters also coming to mind, certainly, is mosting likely to be Desire Witch and Staff, but likewise in recent tournaments, we have actually seen take out the hermit as well, and also, you know, in round one, no hunters are mosting likely to be prohibited, stay 2 truly can pick from any type of thing that they have in their personality pool.So, I do ask yourself if feet is keeping the hermit in mind as well as some of those other meta hunters that we ' ve seen up until now. Yes, definitely and also today, we are taking a look at acrobat pig right below. I do know that you already been sear in the second 2nd selection. So, they won ' t be selecting a seer right below. Well, with them focusing on ahead and also bombing, it less chance for to be able to prohibit which is another strong survivor for FT of training course and now Seju will certainly be doing his last bend.Now with this entire going on, the last band will be a possibility, an extremely intriguing pick right here.

What do you consider this Yeah, we have seen Prospector appear a fair bit lately also and on FT side, they do have some prospector mains on their team, some extremely upper-level miners on their team. So I can see why SageU could be careful of that miner. I know in yesterday ' s matches, we have actually seen Prospector do really well in either assisting their teammates rebound kite or I assume there was a circumstances where cpus, miners, magnets actually permitted the survivor to struggle off the balloon and the group to stand out the cipher. So, it was a very amazing moment that we saw the other day and also appears like for FT ' s last choice below, they are going to be available in with an entomologist here.So, being available in with a personality that can collaborate with the rest of their survivor group compensation to truly offer extra support and likewise assist with their own kiting too. So, we ' ll need to see

. I think this lineup can go well against a number of different seekers yet stay real below coming in with a Bonbon pick here on the Ever before Sleeping community map. Wow. Great pick from Seju right below. Now, I was going to state that the entomologist right here is most likely a counter to hunters like her because she can pull a huge range however, for seekers like Bon Bon, he can easily wipe out entomologist simply because he has those bombs that can conveniently damage the pests and also right now, with this group called I feel like Bombon has rather a big benefit since he has a few choices that he can pick on like bench companion, the entomologist, no, as well as with ahead being there for, like, for the bug, Bonbon is not so terrified too So, I assume total Bonbon might have a, have an opportunity of like, you recognize, might have a large, bigger possibilities in this pair up, yet we will see what occurs because ah, in the long run all of it, like becomes the efficiency of the players, that ' s most important, best? And also now, we will certainly be looking at the generate place here with ahead remaining in the middle and Acrobat Ento, as well as Barme, surrounding the ahead, as well as today we will certainly see what the seeker picks.She might be selecting dual tale or maybe he will certainly be selecting someplace like not certain what a seeker will pick below, we are waiting, and also now we do see the hunter is sharing a double tale pay. Currently with Acrobat as well as Bombay as the potential target here, Lichi, who do you think that he should go after as

the initial target? Yeah, that is, that is a truly excellent inquiry right here. We ' ll need to see because often the survivors do make use of the two-story to their advantage to stay clear of the bombs. So, I assume pursuing the acrobat, maybe little bit of an obstacle below however Bar House cleaning you know sometimes likewise with the white wine it ' s not nearly as simple to recover up versus a container of some other seekers yet we ' ll have to see exactly how they decide to do here as we really go right into the suit right below Bonbon right here with apprehension as well as Trump card as their characteristics coming in below I think it appears like a blink as their trade too as well as actually going after the bar house cleaning potentially as their front runner'right here as they loophole around the building I would certainly say very good selection from the right here going for because is quite weak when versus the so it it ' s quite it ' s quite good for the to select as the very first target and also right now we are seeing the is trapped at removed double story right here and also today drinking a beer right away since he can ah obtain the blood although like if he obtains bomb afterward and also right currently getting the bomb here ah Barmit blood is already back to normal.So, it is looking great for the below and also today increasing'to 2nd tale, getting one hit. Excellent work from all the bombs and today, he ' s simply going to proceed knotting on dual story and also right currently, Bombo leaping down, vaulting the pallet, really excellent task from both side. Right currently, we have the web link yet the the bug is there to nullify the blink strike as well as today, Bami has begin a lot of distance as well as today, he ' s going to continue jumping, continue looping.This is looking great, Lichi. Yeah that ' s an exceptional job from the entomologist to come in and also support at a truly crucial minute here. Uh being able to connect where the Bonbon is in between the staff member so that the entomologists might send out the there as well as walk off that blink recognizing when that blink was going to occur too. I assume they most likely predicted it may happen during that time point.

So, truly excellent task there on the survivor side. We do see that the bar maid has obtained damaged and remains in risk of decreasing right here to a couple of bombs at the has continuing to be does have the first below and is really using a fundamental strike to down the bar housemaid. So, bar housemaid below is down. Uh Bonbon is putting some bombs down to avoid the forward can be found in right here from the stun and also will just grab this varmaid as well as placed her up in the chair. For her currently, it appears like he ' s coming in for the stun rescue but actually, the Bonbon there had the ability to obtain an appeal the onward who still managed to draw off that rescue of the bar housemaid however no tie turner here.So, allow ' s see if the can kite this out. Oh, obtaining that hit after being rescued. Very unfavorable from the survival side here. Doing a terrific task right into burrowing the and also not letting onward into that stunt. Uh extremely great task on the side and also right currently I suppose they are opting for a sell as right now forwards health and wellness is not so healthy and also acrobat and Enzo will be stating that and decode.Um checking out the scenario now forward is attempting to offer to

the bombers to ensure that he doesn ' t head out and also harass various other cyphers. As well as now with obtaining sell we have Bon Bon looking for his second target right here. Well, As the situation progression, who do you think will be the second target this year? Yeah, you know, Bonbon, I indicate, ahead there still has half a football left. So, we do see that below is really going to go in the direction of LMM ' s entomologist who formerly utilized up a great piece of the with the supporting.So, does still have a little bit of bees left however not nearly as much as well as will certainly tire those fairly rapidly. So, I I could do see why SHU is altering the target right here. Um meanwhile, we do see there ' s in fact one cypher staying though. So, we ' ll need to see if Seshu can do their best to try to obtain this entomologist for an additional chance at camping prior to the survivors stand out that last cypher right here. We do see Blink is up in just a'minute but it ' s approximately Statu to decide whether they want to use that web link to down the entomologist or they if they wish to save that profession for endgame here.Whoa, making use of the link straight to get the kill on the entomologist. Great work from side here as well as we have a cellar. This will certainly be a basement chair lychee'. Oh my god, that scenario is looking really typical right here. Although the last cypher is really much away from the chair yet we have a cellar that could be the factor of winning below as well as with Bonbon trying to lay as many bombs as he can in the cellar, he will be preparing for the camp below. Right now, onward is still decoding, I expect acrobat is waiting for the cypher to be

prime and also decreasing for a rescue, yet this is a really hard rescue for the acrobat, what do you believe, Richie? Yeah, I do assume it ' s a little hard for the acrobat, yet thankfully, until now, he hasn ' t been discovered since if he was discovered early, that can have been even also extra harmful scenario there. I do think that, you recognize, acrobat does have Ty Turner below, is already taking a chip.So, it does have to be rather dangerous. We ' ll see if he can make it in time due to the fact that it resembles he might obtain struck prior to the cypher is in advance as well as they ' ll need to pop the cipher for him to in fact turn up and make this rescue here. Rescue and also trigger the tie terminal. Oh my benefits. Yes. Wow. Excellent job from the acrobat side below getting the rescue. Wow. And also obtain obtaining the rescue 20 twenty-second title is on and also right now, Endo is making a run for it. Acrobat down however it ' s fine and also we will certainly see the length of time can the endo last. The tiding is extremely important here because it ' s, it ' s the deciding variable of if they can have a connection or a tree,'like, or, a one-minute escape, and also right currently, Ento is actually doing an extremely good task, but after that still gets getting a down, and also get in would certainly be dead on chair, I think, and also now, the question is, would acrobat have sufficient time to recover up as well as obtain to eviction in time, as well as we see that the dungeon is at center as well, so today, this could be anyone ' s pc gaming cheat. Yes, most definitely however I believe this will certainly depend if Sechu knows where, which area the acrobat drops in, situ with apprehension below and teleport, does still have a chance to down the acrobat prior to they make it'to the gate.So I believe potentially having the ability to spot out the acrobat here, it resembles maybe with that home window. Uh, that space in the wall surface. Um, yet also has to carefully position himself however the bombard needs to position himself between the dungeon and the acrobat along with in between the acrobat and the gate. So, a bit of a predicament below for both sides to determine this and entering a little of a slight delay in this sort of situation right here as well.Now things are looking extremely, this is, this is looking very, let ' s claim, it is, on, truthfully, this can be any person ' s video game due to the fact that like they are

caught in the building there, so, like, if Bomong goes to over, then Acrobat will be mosting likely to the gate, yet now, Bomb Bomb being extremely, really, person on not letting the acrobat go right into the dungeon, as well as now, Acrobat simply awaiting that opportunity, that chance that he might draw his range and jump to the dungeon.This is good, very interesting to be sincere and also right now ah Bombard is simply attempting to put as much bomb as he can to stop the acrobat from ah mosting likely to dungeon and acrobat attempting to just transition away from dungeon ah a button of services right here currently for Acrobat he has 2'options which is Dungeon and Gateway and today Bombon needs to safeguard all these 2 to avoid the acrobat from escaping we see that FDXP has crows on it this is this is a long match to be sincere and also today is points are just staying that means. I seem like it depends upon the survivors to consider what the next step ought to be. What do you think concerning Elvici? Yeah, it ' s a really complicated scenario here and you recognize, onward is still at half health with half of football.So, we could be seeing XB can be found in right here to at the very least pressure Sechu yet if not, also been available in below to support. Yet here ' s the important things against Abandon is that it ' s actually tough to body block versus the Bonbon because he can simply use the bombs to bomb the survivor down. So, despite being an ahead with half football at full wellness, I assume XP is likewise a little terrified to come in entirely to protect the teammate below yet we may be seeing that if Sechu gives enough leeway in regards to distance. Um the various other point that might happen is that if they do stalemate long enough, the dungeon may additionally rejuvenate either to the phony entrance or to that'graveyard river area there.So, if that does occur, we could see something very intriguing also.

designated if the dungeon modification location to near the graveyard, this will be excellent for the survivors due to the fact that the survivors can actually simply leap the dungeon because the acrobat is right there and now, I assume that may be what the survivor is preparing to do. He ' s just waiting there, waiting on the dungeon to switch place as well as now ahead is going out to bring in the bomb on as well and also right now, Acrobat simply thinking of one to 2 but still going back to his corner and I assume the bomber is going for it right now.Can you do it before it ' s heading out to body block as well as today, not getting a bomb. Extremely great job from Acrobat right here. This can be a huge moment individuals and also today, 4 is mosting likely to go for a feat however falling short the stunt yet having sufficient range to go. Will he teleport? No, he will be going for the 4 and four. It ' s going to the dungeon today. Will he make it? Can pay for make it to the dungeon? Having the last sphere and also jumping the dungeon, this is a Thai lead. Oh my god. What a turn of below. Very good task from both side. Both sides did a remarkable task Lichi. This is so wonderful. Yeah, that was such an outstanding end game below. we do see the data being set up here with the forward and also the bar maid and the various other survivors too actually doing rather long kites throughout the suit. but Bonbon doing a great job as well as well as which endgame scenario marks was that was such a predicament for both the hunters as well as the survivors there since although Sechu did have teleport ultimately, if the Bonbon teleported to eviction, that Ford was waiting neighboring with the football and might just stun the Bonbon as quickly as they teleported to the gate to provide the acrobat time to go to the dungeon while the forward escapes with the gate.So, you know, that could have been a tough situation there for the Bonbon. I think perhaps why Statu chose not to simply push Acrobat in the direction of eviction and also after that teleport and instead choosing to place themselves between the acrobat and also eviction as well as the dungeon. But ultimately, both the acrobat and the forward were able to make it out afterwards fight of nerves. So, really exciting to see that can be found in from the survivors there, simply that patience that they had to beat the Bonbon as well as at the very least transform this into a tie for their group. Yes, from the situation that we ' ve seen just now, I intend that the survivor was having like, was having like the top hand here. So, great task on the survival side yet not neglecting to have proclaim on this say.The Hunter Safe fit quite possibly as well as well as right currently, ladies and gents, we will certainly be heading to a time-out. So, we will certainly see you after

. Keep silent when you hear this sound. The static bits start to shake with the acoustic waves. Indicating they have gotten power. It might be a small quantity. Yet it ' s sufficient to correct my ideas. But the energy can likewise be significant. As the setup sun shown upon the last rest, I saw a music note glimmering in gold and dancing in the air equally as activities spread my life energy as well as pushed me up a pedestal until I can smell the scent of talent in the air.Roma was me. However it ' s me. Once it discolored, it cast me right into the abyss. Where the light from my eyes snuffed out. The light sparkles through my fingers as well as onto the white tricks as I continue creating, really hoping the tune points me in an instructions in the reflection. I see what need to have taken place.

He shines gold. Simply they first anticipated. Remain silent the fixed bits begin to combat it might be a tiny quantity. Great energy compels a change in the trend as well as pushes the world to absurdity. Do you believe? And welcome back women as well as gentlemen.Well welcome back as well as recently we simply finished round round one of ah the first fifty percent of G GH versus FT. Excellent task from both sides simply currently we ' ve seen the survivor trying their finest to obtain a connection and also they obtained it in the end. And also right now GH as well as feet would be 2 to 2 with a really balance advantage from both sides. And right currently we will certainly be taking a look at the later half of the first preliminary.This could be one'' s video game to be straightforward because any type of side obtaining the 3 3 kill or the 3 run they will be obtaining the suit factor for round one. So I do feel that this will be a really amazing pair up to see. What do you consider Ivichi? Yeah marks I'' m truly thrilled for this suit also. Um you know the groups being available in pretty equally in round one first fifty percent but it was still a truly exciting suit there and I think although the survivors did a truly good task of tying it up ultimately, the Bonbon being able to protect the connection, perhaps that'' s exactly what the team really feels like they need if they feel extremely certain in their survivors embracing a three K in the second half.So, we'' ll have to see how this plays out right here however I certainly put on'' t intend to count either side out at the moment due to the fact that there is a lot that might take place in this following half year. Yes, that is extremely true. And also I mean now we have FT Hunter on the play. Feet Hunter, we do know that GH survivors will certainly be up next currently. GH is extremely good, for their survivors, like in IVC and holiday accommodations like COA, we see GH survivors shine a lot, particularly in their priestess system, as well as the means they play out their personalities too, and I remember that miner player in the, in the schedule also, as well as he is extremely, very solid as well.A lot of times we have actually seen them execute really brilliantly and also a whole lot of, a whole lot of excellent moments honestly, and right now, going right into the is still ever sleeping, as well as we have Nino Pancake below, as the seeker for feet as well as GH side, we have Zao Khan, Nehru, Sky 4, Little Kid, All 4 of them are extremely, extremely solid gamers in the SCA, I really feel like every person recognize that well I I would state the top of the top. Yeah, as well as now we will be seeing a priestless band right here as I'' ve stated, recently. Priestess is an extremely dangerous character in ever before resting and also outlawing it would be an extremely excellent choice as well as specifically when the group here include 2 as badge priestesses which is Nehru as well as Little Boy as well as today, GH going in with the 4 as well as postman pick.Very interesting pick right here, Lychee. you think of it? Yeah, we see forward can be found in again comparable to the last suit right here. Um just being such a steady rescuer and also advocate on the group below as well as Mail carrier, you understand, certainly a very all-around assistance personality that can do a great deal for his group. Likewise, make up for the forwards translating reduction in deciphering rate there. So, very beneficial character for sure. Um we ' ll have to see what they choose for the rest of their team structure yet thus far, of training course, not really any type of issues with picking these 2 characters at the moment right here. I ' m actually delighted to see what GH will draw out right here though due to the fact that marks like you discussed, they do have that prospector that they drew out in previous matches with having basically prospector experts on their group here. They ' ve additionally produced some intriguing characters like Professional dancer as well as Toy Seller who we ' ve seen a pair times

in individual voluntary agreement currently. So, you understand, depending upon the possibly a few of those maybe higher priority than others but I am curious to see if, oh, really, dancer obtaining prohibited here. So, you understand, Pancake just removing the professional dancer as a possibility entirely, it resembles. Yes, Raul, right.Denson is an extremely solid personality in a fashion now. So, eliminating the factor that they can use to, you understand, work together as well as

all. Great option from the seeker side and also right currently, we are seeing a client pay from the survivor side. Now, patient is a very, solid and also secure ah Kaida system and at some kind in some kind of methods he can change mercenary as the 2nd ah rescuer as well. So, I really feel like excellent pick however the the team structure for survival now, they ' re lacking supporters.So, perhaps the next choice will certainly be supporters like Toy Vendor or maybe perhaps also a planner that who recognizes but we will need to see what the then will be Yes, certainly. I seem like Nino Pancakes banned thus far. Um haven ' t quite informed us quite of yet but we do see bench maid entering play as a band right here. So, previously, we have actually seen Barmaid play also in the last match too but I ' m interested to see if, you know, Pancake will certainly be playing a character that the Barbie strongly counters right here. Um have they do they have something like a desire which within their'mix or even a clerk? That ' s something that I ' m not however it ' s most definitely something for the survivors to take into consideration. Possibly they have more knowledge about this seeker ' s personality swimming pool right here. Yes, for Nino'Pancake, I'believe there ' s very little data regarding him, so we won ' t understand what seekers that he is really excellent at, however looking at the medal now, Fleur, Greenwich, or perhaps even a carver, could be a'excellent, great decision. Uh, high base seekers like Bon Bon or Geisha, as well as all the options as well.Going in for the acrobat image, it appears that GH intends to go for a one-man kite group com. So, there will certainly be very little collaboration right here. All of it depends on every person ' s personal performance.

Well, with patient and acrobat being really, extremely solid on the kiting, kiting side and also with offering the translating enthusiast to everybody to make sure that it boosts everybody ' s decoding. I seem like this team com is great yet we we need to see what the hunter will certainly be choosing lychee. Yes, absolutely. Acrobat, as we always claim, he ' s a really all-round character that can bet a wide variety of seekers. So, truly no worry with GH highlighting the acrobat there as well who can additionally serve as a key or secondary rescuer depending upon if onward makes a decision to bring Ty Turner amongst this team.Um we have seen in the previous occasionally teams do focus on the cutting trades over tight turn overs, various other teams depending upon the situation might prioritize the tide turner. So, love to see what the forward chooses to

bring in addition to the acroba right here. Yet they do have a number of alternatives considering that they do have a number of both main and second rescuers in this team here.Um like you claimed Mark ' s Neato Pancake right here though it additionally has a plethora of options to select from for for the the hunter point of view. I do really feel like oh we do have the sculpture appearing recently. So interesting choice here as well. Uh we you understand we ' ll need to see exactly how this location out due to the fact that we have actually seen in fact there have actually been some hunters that recently have actually brought the the sculpture back into the limelight by attaining excellent scores with the sculpture in event gameplay.Uh having the ability to maintain their ability in aiming those statues here. So she likewise is not almost as countered by Flywheel as a few other seekers. That we can think of. So if the survivors have I don ' t know if they understood that the sculpture may be entering play below yet that could be one more element as

that we might see. Um in this. Yes. Yes. Well, this sculpture pick right below, I seem like this can be any person ' s game in fact. Artist relies a great deal on the player ' s performance and with person as well as acrobat being a Kaida, it will be a showdown between the Kaida and the Hunter. After that, we will see that will be the like that will be the one that will talk at this face-off right below and right now, I suppose the survivors are mosting likely to their characters, like you stated, there are a great deal of choices for you to pick from. As you can see'from last round 4, was not bringing a limited turner.So, that might be an opportunity as well, and also maybe that patient, perhaps patient could be the just one to brings tightener and every person bringing kiting identities like busted windows, flying wheel, it could. With ahead bringing flywheel, he can have far better result in the harassing, so may be an added advantage as well as with Postman, he can be bringing identity like broken windows to a complete range and with acrobat, I truthfully assume Acrobat can be both means. He can bring a kiting identity, but also a rescuing identity, well, relying on what the team are mosting likely to choose, and also now for Artist below, Artist has a range of personas too, varying from Trump cars and truck detention, or maybe Ace in the hole, as well as effrontery, effrontery here, will certainly be great for the sculptor because he can, it suggests that he will certainly be opening full visibility pretty quickly as well as that implies that he can such as be a lot stronger of a hunter as well as it will certainly be much more difficult for the survivors to counter.Yes, extremely real. Um you understand, I ' m additionally assuming the postman here has formerly actually also when Carver was more commonly played too. Uh commonly drawn out to respond to the sculpture and as the mail carrier, as a sculptor is a strong camping hunter, Mail carrier can rather respond to that by quickening the decoding yet also on this team, we don ' t have the mercenary here who is the stableist rescuer. Although we do have ahead but no mercenary right here. So, if carvers able to accumulate to complete presence rather early in the game, that could, she can actually bring this game to her benefit by benefiting from the outdoor camping here.But checking out the spawn factors right here, we see the sculpture is generating towards the S taste area closest to the acrobat below. possibly seeing that as a target. At the same time, ahead was type of an essential place there on that map. Perhaps placing positioning himself in to either aid his survivors in a rescue or assistance circumstance right here. Yes, excellent factor as well as I believe we ' re going to go into the game very soon.We will certainly see what the carver will choose as his very first target and today we see sculpture right into the game adopting which is the acrobat. Nope going into center who remains in center. It is the forward round. As well as today we see the hunter ' s profession. It is a blink. So he will certainly be devoting to one survivor instead of ah going around as well as straining people ' s tools. Right now we see the sculpture is trying to make his way to phony gateway as well as right'currently little kid is simply concealing there attempting to

delay the artist, carver ' s time to prolong the kite, as well as today, Carver is entering to look at fade gain, as well as I assume he can notice the mail carrier in fact, yes, and right currently, Mail carrier is going to get sought by the artist, going in for one statue and today, Little Kid evading it with simplicity, adopting an additional sculpture here, and still'dodging it extremely, really nicely, great job from Little Kid below, and also now, he ' s going to transition to Center, obtaining a statue hit, yet very little of a trouble, rising to 2nd story, as well as allow ' s what the mail carrier would do.He will be leaping down. Great work on the mind video game here. Leaping down first to ensure that the ah hunter doesn ' t chase up to him, bringing a big range below. As well as today Sculptor doing a great job on the statue and now I believe the mail carrier will be obtaining one hit. Oh, excellent job from an ahead doing the feat. And now I believe this will offer space to the mail carrier to cut it to a better location as well as right now he ' s mosting likely to go to fake gateway. Really great task from the team here bringing a great deal of cooperation as well as today he ' s going to get a hit and also this will be a down for the carver very good work on this on the sculptures right there now this will be a chair and also what do you think? Would it be a sell? Would certainly it be a rescue? Um yeah looking at what characteristics the various other survivors have actually generated, we see that actually acrobat inpatient both have connected turners on their side there whereas the forward does not and oh really, presently, we do see among them coming in right here for the rescue with this is Skyfalls person who ' s already gotten damaged and is simply trying'to make sculptor waste additional sculptures there, had the ability to pull off that Ty Turner there. Patient did obtain hit ahead right here coming in for a stun to ensure that a minimum of the postman can get away a little bit more. Um so, we did see the coordination being available in below yet at the expense of the individual dropping after the connection turner mores than. I do really feel like they did have in regards to the choice to make that rescue. They did have area to make a rescue simply because although the carver did a really good task in very early game as well as questioning the mail carrier here also. So, we ' ll be chairing the mail carrier but although the sculpture did a truly great task very early video game, I seem like the survivors weren ' t necessarily still on their decoding also they obtained two ciphers done in addition to one which I think at the very least a couple of that currently still have fairly a little bit of progress on them as well.Uh the only downside there was that after the rescue of the person, however, got double down which takes some time to heal them back up. So, it is remained to be seen whether or not they make any attempt at a 2nd rescue. I feel like they might really go in just simply to turn on ringing in the ears and choose the the sell or the sacrifice rather this time around. Yes as well as we can see clearly right here the survivors are assuming of a cell and also today Sculptor not squandering whenever going with the second target already. Acrobat right here happening with the chase yet not going in for Sky four which is half assistance. Great pick right here on the sculpture and now attempting to snipe Skyfall down with the statue.

Excellent task here getting that chip hit and also getting the various other statue hit and now this will certainly lead to an extremely great task. With three cyphers left as well as one survivor on chair. Currently what do you believe this will transform since I seem like this is very great for the seeker right now.Yes, definitely not a bad position for the seeker to be in. We do recognize that the various other survivors are still at complete health with a good amount of progress on several of the cyphers there. So, we can ' t matter them out simply yet. After that, it ' s going to adopt a rescue but it it does have a tie turner if he ' s able to take care of to draw this off however it is a full-present artist here. The mind video games come in. Client is the one taking this hit here and also Acrobat has the ability to obtain away with way too much damage luckily yet it ' s going to be the target of the carver right now right here. So, we ' ll see if the sculptors able to snag another down before Ty Turner finishes however it looks like she ' s actually mosting likely to alter target on the ahead below to include additional pressure to the cyphers rather than going after the survivors right here. Notice that she does have blink too. So, we could potentially be seeing'that if she is able to enter a setting where forward goes to half health.Yes, as well as obtaining a hit from the mind game. They ' re great task from the sculpture and going back to middle to prevent the cypher from obtaining pop and also today making a for it. Obtaining the fifty percent aid from the statuary. Now, this could be anyone ' s video game because forward having so little health and wellness as well as acrobat not being too healthy and balanced also with client underground. Currently, what is this sculpture mosting likely to do? Sculptor is mosting likely to continue to'pursue. No, trying to defeat the forward to return and also now, we could be seeing a downhill girls as well as gentlemen.Oh my god, making use of the flywheel to dodge this really good job ahead lower here and today waiting for the statue to be done. Playing the the forward place and also now going back to make certain that no person ' s decoding the cypher but as we can see, everyone is'trying to recover up. Now, this is a huge chance for the survivor due to the fact that the hunter has picked the safe course as well as they went to recover as well and today, this will remain in a state where every person will be doing their own things.What do you think regarding this conference? What do you believe? That is going to be the advantage right below? Yeah. So, we do see that the survivors, if, you recognize, I feel like it, it ' s a good point for the survivors that they were not found while they were healing and were able to recover up and also regroup on

their end there. Uh I I assume that you recognize, an ahead below really boiling down to the statues. So, Carver will certainly be chairing the onward there however this does provide the survivors a bit of a possibility to decipher the cypher although it ' s fairly near to where the forwards chaired. So, I assume yeah, they they sculpture is going to attempt to scare them off the cypher in the meantime however you know, we do see it ' s very near to being done really. So, onward right here in fact obtaining rescued the chair.

If this acrobat can pull the sculpture away from this cypher with a lot progress on it below, the survivors do still have an opportunity to pop the cipher and possibly have up to 3 survivors'to life at Endgame here.Yes, as and as you can see, like, recently, everybody remained in fifty percent heck, 75 health and wellness, and today, survivors are obtaining their they are obtaining much stable and stabler with them recovery over and over once more and today, it is in the where the cypher is practically expecting. Everyone is fairly healthy and balanced to be honest. And I believe we will certainly be more than likely seeing a 3 men in late video game. Great task on the survival side below and now we see the forward is trying to open the breast. Ah Artist still searching for some chances.Just finding for that chance for the survivor to be down and also getting the chair. Now ah entering into pursue the person as well as going right into graveyard using his last hook. So right currently individual has no tools as well as I publish that he will go as well as locate some devices in the chest and we can see from bench listed below. He is opening a chest as well as now ahead having an elbow pad here. Ah decoding another cipher at removed double tale as well as right currently ahead escaping from the seeker as well as obtaining the hit on the statue. This would be a possible downhill lychee as well as now going in for one more statue hit. Would certainly the 4 be done? No. Miraculous yet the pellet hit. Wow. Very excellent task from both sides to be honest. I was anticipate the routine to strike the phone but no, it did not but the pellet struck it. Wow. Yup and we see a sculpture right here simply proceeding and also sharing the ahead over by the graveyard.Uh this does allow the

other survivors to rescue and really pop that cypher as we saw that the acrobat there was at the Prime Cypher when the rescue took place. So, very quickly below, we do have three survivors at Endgame yet Sculpture able to capture up as well as down that onward here ideal in the graveyard. Does have Blink utilizes the blink to venture out and is now going after the forward in the middle that is already chipped.Talk concerning so nearby incapable to open eviction given that they ' re all crowded around this area below. My goodness, Marks, this is quite a situation right here for the survivors. Uh resembles they ' re going to attempt to recover up the patient who does not have departure course left. At the same time, forward is mosting likely to make a charge to escape at the crawler actually aided to open up below. I go up onward obtaining away from the gate with that flywheel. Wow, that is so remarkable and now, the two survivors are in graveyard trying to make that getaway. The bomb was there to open eviction. So, everyone can do their own

points and now we see the acrobat is obtaining chased after by the ah the sculptor and attempting to ah wait for the most effective opportunity to jump the dungeon as well as I assume Skyfall will certainly be going Skyfall is still managing the board that he obtained from his upper body and also now ah there ' s a lot of options that you can do you can either most likely to the other gate or perhaps attempt to eliminate for this gate ah this is looking respectable for the survivor as they have a great deal of choices to

just with Wilder Seeker just can camp at this entrance due to the fact that with the ability like he has there ' s no chance for him to like guard both sides. So, the only point he can do today is to'just wait, wait on the survivors to make mistakes as well as obtaining the mistakes to make sure that he can get one more kill. Right? As well as we do see that. There was one extra chip on the individual right here. But the artist seems to be focusing mainly the focus on the client at this moment which permits the acrobat to go on and go out eviction. Uh this does enable the dungeon to be open over below yet skyfall in a bit of a hard setting. Only one chip from going down. Um Sculptor does not have quality up yet. And Skyfall is quickly escaping. Yet this is a client without any things right here. So virtually all approximately his individual skill and also if he ' s able to the hunter yet we do see that you understand, sculpture just have the autoing sculptures that she can use to attempt to discover the individual as well as eventually, the client if he ' s extremely much away will be having crows on them also.So, we'' ll see what occurs as they play this out right here yet I do predict Skyfall ultimately decreasing to a statue or probably up as well as simply winds up going down to a statue however and the survivors pick to give up yet at that factor, it was actually left all The skyfall in the end.So, the colleagues did at the very least obtain a tie on their side as well as this is really mosting likely to be a two to two circumstance where both groups bring out a tie versus connection in the preliminary of the event. Yes, excellent task from both sides right here as well as person like those three survivors trying to use treatment getaway. I think during late games, Sculptor didn'' t understand that there was a open eviction. That'' s why he was attempting his best to catch the forward but when the ahead mosted likely to eviction, it was all GG because like the round already opened the gateway and he was able to make an escape and the various other 2 survivors were simply looking for their way and also to see if there'' s any possibility for a tree retreat. Now, Lichi, every little thing was going so well and what do you assume about this suit? Yeah, I assume, you recognize, the sculpture did an actually good work yet also ultimately, towards the late video game there, the survivors likewise did really well in recognizing when to collect yourself and heal up and additionally seeing to it to look those breasts and also look for items.Uh restoring their things for the endgame. Thinking about these are with the forward there and also the patient. These are survivors that can restore their products and recognizing when to do so can be really vital too. We saw how vital that crawler truly was and also having the ability to open up the gateway for the survivors as the in the end as well as enabling the survivors to truly just you recognize, using the arm joint pad from the ahead for example when required, replacing his football with that elbow joint pad. So, I think that actually reveals the survivors were able to stay clear headed in the suit whatever was occurring in the end.They were

able to at the very least safeguard a tie to complete rounded one below with a four to four gore. So, a really good task on both groups here up until now. Yes, very great task from both sides. The hunter did a great work also attempting to obtain down the survivors as well as showing all the camping and also all and the mid game Mig and also Punk and Wall was extremely really impressive as well. Not not to fail to remember that the survivors I was doing an excellent work restoring their things by surging chairs as well as seeing to it that everybody'' s healthline is great and not like you understand in half wellness or very dangerous circumstance. So, what'' s the both sides as well as right now, we will be hitting a brief break. So, we will certainly see you after.

Keep silent when you hear this audio The fixed particles start to shake with the acoustic waves. Indicating they have acquired power. It might be a little quantity. Yet it'' s enough to straighten my thoughts. However the energy can additionally be substantial. as the setting sun revealed upon the last remainder, I saw a musical note gli dance airborne equally as they anticipated activities spread my life energy as well as pressed me up a pedestal till I might smell the scent of skill in the air.Aroma is me

but it'' s me. Once it discolored, it cast me right into the void. Where the light from my eyes extinguished. The light sparkles with my fingers and also onto the white keys as I proceed creating, hoping the tune factors me in a direction in the reflection. I see what should have happened. He shines golden. Just they first anticipated. Stay silent Fixed fragments start to eliminate Great energy requires an adjustment in the trend as well as pushes the world. To absurdity. Do you think? eliminate off feet survivor but FT doing effectively on the survivor side adopting a time match and GA Survivor doing great too for the connection nearly choosing a three retreat but still FE Hunter obtained the upper hand and also simply like secure that title excellent task from both teams and also now we will certainly be entering into round two of the video game as well as rounded 2 going on, with Rama being a connection, rounded two is still considered like, it, it primarily indicates like, you understand, starting over for both teams.

So, today, like, we will be seeing GH as well as FD eradicate an additional round to see that will certainly be the one getting benefit right here. So, Lishi, what do you think of these two teams? Yeah, Marks. It'' s much like you said, in round one, it was an actually close fight between the survivors and seekers of both teams right here. Both of them placing on an actually terrific program for us today. So, I'' m thrilled to see how they'' ll carry out in round 2 today but it'' s actually anyone ' s game. Um like you claimed, it'' s basically a reset. Considering we'have an incorporate round one. So, we ' ll have to see both teams remain to attempt to provide it their done in rounds two as well as 3 turning up following considering that this is a finest of three suit below. Uh yeah, truly interesting stuff thus far. Um those of you who are checking out in the chat, allow us understand what you believed around rounded one until now as well since as we stated previously, there are some pretty awesome giveaways going on.I think I discussed the dedicated audiences giveaway and the NM coins but basically, the leading 10 devoted audiences with the highest possible points will really get identity 5 rewards bags with merchandise which is very interesting and afterwards, for the NM coins, those can be used to buy really special benefits as well in fan indications from casters as well as VIP front row seats to the individual voluntary agreement November Grand Finals Tournament. So, some truly great rewards that you have in store there and all you need to do is communicate and proceed to comment in chat and also reveal us your support for these groups today.Yes, and not to point out, we likewise have the giveaway of two Skins and one A skin politeness of Sunny Kim twenty-three. So, do look at Mellow Mellow ' s Facebook page to examine it up and also we ' re now going right into the match we'have Neil Pancake as the hunter right here with GH side Nehru Skyfall little kid very same line up same very same line up from both sides right here and also now going right into BO two which indicates that the hunter will have 4 bands and also the survivor can have 100 band so today we see that the map here is Shore Village extremely interesting choice this map is a map that can have a great deal of cooperation particularly from characters like Priestess and Plaything Seller. Today, we are seeing, you recognize, Paincake is selecting a band of patient and forward.Very, really fascinating pick, I intend. I never, I never ever actually see individual being prohibited on the

first, like, for, for, for the initial man choice because normally it will be bands like, you understand, CF ahead, as well as right currently, the survivor going in with a carver band, what do you believe would certainly be the survivor they would choose, Didi? Yeah. Intriguing to see the individual and the forward B band but we did see the survivors play those earlier today. So, you understand, pancake, pancake simply sharing his regard for those survivors there as well as eliminating those variables. I suggest, it is an extremely open map. So, that does play it enter play right here because patient can just change really much with his hooks as well as ahead there, obviously, always a really meta secure there. Um so, taking away those variables there for the survivors. We do have some respectable choices for those survivors to come into play as well. You recognize, I was going to discuss perhaps Sierra as well as Priestess however the survivors right here have in fact been available in with the mercenary at once, a truly strong rescuer who can also go across long ranges with his elbow pads along with the prospector here. So, drawing out one of their specialized picks with this miner. I ' m actually delighted to see you once more what the miner is able to pull off in this play right here. Nino Pancake remaining to prohibit the survivors that can just go across really large ranges has actually banned the toy seller who can additionally do a truly excellent task in aiding the group with synergy in addition to providing the mercenary as well as other staff member with additional items. So just doing away with that variable also with this band right here. Well, we are seeing a toy vendor ban as well as after that, GH survivor adhering to up with a professional dancer. while what a shock to see Dancer really due to the fact that charming denser will be curved in VO 2 but after that now with Nino Pancake prohibiting toy emergents so that implies the professional dancer system could be brought out and seeing mercenary and also miner as the initial counterfeit below I expect GH desired a much more protected but likewise with an alternative that brings up their system like the miner and right currently complying with up with a professional dancer this might make that system extremely solid maybe putting packages near tiny boat to duplicate this a lot more stronger and also now we will be awaiting a needle pancake to make his last span.Probably a survivor that is extremely secure, stiff, like patient acrobat. What do you assume Lichi? Yeah, I wouldn ' t be amazed to see Nino Pancake Ben, among those characters and it appears like you ' re right, Marks. So, no pancake here. Uh coming in right here with the acrobat band as that last band. Removing a very flexible personality that has actually been picked really frequently in competitions today and also in the previous days. So, we ' ll see what the survivors do to make up for that absence of those personalities that are outlawed right here. Will certainly they choose an added support character. We ' ve seen various other advocates enter into play here like the Mail carrier. We have'seen others like the entomologist but they they still have the seer and the priestess as well to select from relying on their method here. So, I believe a great deal of various options for for the survivors to consider, you understand, also can consider something like barmaid or psycho therapist however that ' s actually based on what they assume the hunter will play too. Uh but actually below in with the mail carrier. An additional personality oh possibly the postman will need to wait and also see right here. but potentially no it appears like they ' re actually going to switch'to a bar mate below. So getting a healer on their team to possibly counter

some quite meta seekers nowadays like Desire Witch as well as Clark and also also the Hermit.Wow. Truthfully, very fascinating pick from the survivor side below. It ' s really, it ' s very intriguing to see that both Sia and Priestess were not outlawed however both of them weren ' t selected by GH. That means that GH is focusing on various other characters much more than like, you recognize, the typical CMP requirements, right? As well as now, we see needle pancake going in with the wax artist choice. Currently, wax artist is an extremely deadly personality in terms of chasing. If anything not done right, the survivor might simply go like extremely super rapid as well as now with prospector dancer and I seem like wax artist does have a chance in this pair up in fact because both of them both 3 of like all 3 of the here they put on ' t have much mobility besides professional dancer having a small little dancing that can like perhaps draw a little bit of distance from the hunter yet like overall I assume musician does have a better chance in this what do you what do you think Li Chi? Yeah I definitely as well as it makes a great deal of feeling now why the Hunter decided to prohibit those personalities like the Toy Vendor the individual you recognize, generally batting the ones that can pull a lot of range here, leaving the survivors with choices with survivors who possibly extra comfortable with looping as opposed to transitioning here.But we do see now the generate option screen is up as well as female professional dancer appears like is selecting the shack area with miner on the huge boat. mercenary on the little watercraft in Bar Made in a central area here with Neato Pancake. Considering spawning in the corner here between the shack and the watercraft. To ensure that does leave a women dancer as an at risk very first chase

option if you understand Pancake decides to enter that direction right here. Yes however we do know that Professional dancer right right now he she is in that suggests that the system is currently up. She is probably mosting likely to like deploy all her boxes in the shack location and with all the sluggish boxes that is going on I think it will be rather for wax artist to go on with the pursuit.So we will see what the wax artist has to pick below. So, today, right into the game, Waxart is and also today, embracing the professional dancer pay. Will he be damaging the box? First, yes, he will be breaking the box as well as today, going in with the chase for the professional dancer. No, choosing to quit on Professional dancer and also opting for one more target. We see that the bomb mate as well as I stated, that ' s the mercenary there and also today

, locking the cipher at middle and proceeding the quest with Barmate.Now, Lichi, exactly how do you think this is going to end up? Yeah, I believe, you know, Barmaid may attempt to loophole around this area right here and if required possibly shift over to the Shack area yet we ' ll have to see just how Nino Pancake can use this wax right here. Uh there are some high wall surfaces around this location right here. So, if Barme can remain around these high walls area, it may prevent lock beginners from collecting box almost as rapid Yet it appears

like she might really be transitioning to where the women dancer has established these boxes and right into the shack below. We do see Blink is up for Nino Pancake right here who has a Trump card as well as detention construct opting not to go for insulins or blocking the window here.Does make use of the blink quite early right here as well as misses out on actually this appealed bench maid that ' s able to battle each other away using flywheel there too. And they ' re just going to mind game around these home windows. Yet we see the female professional dancers boxes make it so reduce that despite the fact that the bar was actually iced up there. She in fact had the ability to stand up before wax musician could strike. Resembles a swing is can be found in as well as Barmaid will certainly be taking some damage quite early in this video game. Cellar is here though so we ' ll see if she chooses to continue looping here where the boxes are being utilized successfully or eventually try to transition away before after that. Yes as well as today we see that'the battle is transitioning away however I assume she will be proceeding looping around Shaq as well as right currently obtaining the like obtaining the blood restored great job from the side below and also the dancer system is really functioning quite possibly. those 2 slope boxes. ah the has the ability to trend like loophole around shank pretty successfully I would certainly say and also today we'see that the bombing plane is attempting to obtain another white wine another which I think it worked and also right now is simply trying to buy as much time going in with an additional drink as well as I think she will potentially look better due to the fact that this is such simply such a great place for looping below Lichi yes definitely real and also having a look up at that oh really Barmaid dropping right below in the finally. So, Nino Camp Pancake is able to get the very first down however what these boxes here is even slowed as he makes his method over to a rocket chair and resembles he ' s in fact package musician is actually deciding not to chair bench maid in the basement but instead to bring bench house cleaning over to one of these other chairs. Possibly heading out a bit also to disrupt the cypher at the coast area here where little young boy is. Yet searching for at the cyphers, we see that there ' s just two cyphers continuing to be. So, with the initial survivor on chair with 2 cyphers continuing to be. The survivors certainly have a benefit in the video game play here. Okay as well as today is going in for the rescue. What would take place? And now obtaining a full wellness rescue really excellent job in getting the body obstructs. So ah has like a space to kite however then Nino Pancake not going for Bombay adopting little boy here at ah the coast.

I believe he is very pressured by the cyphers due to the fact that the cyphers nearly done. As well as today with battle as well as mercenary both being half held and also they are able to heal up as well as now little child will certainly be tackling the kite. And also we see right here the is in fact examining on an additional website for really extremely rapid activity on the survival side understanding that he they needs to such as renovate one more and also great bomb.Very extremely excellent task from the wex artist below obtaining the bomb down as well as possibly iced up the the dancer and also obtaining a hit and also today very great work. Oh obtaining the and also immediate down. Wow. Extremely really smooth controls from the Seeker right below. And right currently we have a prospect. The prospector adopting the harassing job? No, entering for the chat and today, we will be seeing a female professional dancer in the conversation, but still it is still first chair, so, I think everything is still excellent for the survivors, what do you believe, Vici? Yeah, definitely survivors do have a benefit right here, we see that in fact they had the ability to manage this rescue as, you understand,

pancake goes a lot more prioritized on damaging the music box there, and now Miner is actually pretty complimentary to just remain to pester as well as support, because you know, with just one cypher left at practically 90 %. They primarily have the room to simply keep pestering to keep that women professional dancer to life up until that cypher progression is stood out. Uh Rockstarters doesn ' t have a great deal of lucks on the survivors but they do simply need to be a little careful of when they decide to stand out that cypher to ensure that Nino Pancake doesn ' t create a situation where he has no attack recuperation by doubting someone using utilizing the the ability there. However we do see that he is remaining to chase the little boy as well as on the other hand that cypher I anticipate need to be primed here. Yes, and also right now, going in for the pop, really great work from the survivor side, obtaining the, the rate increase for Little Young boy to enter into the home window, yet they ' re still getting the feat from the wax and also women dancer will be down on her 2nd chair.I suppose there will be somebody going back to ah, prevent the Seeker from going to eviction, and also still, like, and killing an additional survivor, as well as today, would the wax musician alter his profession to teleport? No, I mean not, and this would certainly be a 3 run match from the'really good work as well as I expect the seeker is adopting a protected one kill. Undoubtedly, actually great work on the survivor side, controling the entire match, actually demonstrating how efficient their women professional dancer method remained in this group compensation right here and also showing the value of female dancer in a an event meta nowadays.So, really amazing to see that come out from the survivors and you recognize, there was a great deal of little details in there too like specifically when they use the flywheels to dodge specific hits and and the end, I believe there may have been a joint pad enjoying play also for the last kiter there. So, just simply a buy enough time for that to to stand out cypher at an optimum time. So, actually great job from the survivors there both from in order to kite at this out yet also supporting from the teammates. We saw the miner likewise come in with some pretty precise magnets there towards completion as well that enable them to acquire adequate time for that cypher pop.Yes, I would say that the harass from prospector is truly an essential factor because without the harass, Denzel wasn ' t able to transition to a secure spot and without the dancer wouldn ' t able to reside on for that lengthy also. So, great work to the prospect and also let ' s not forget Hunter too. The Seeker did an excellent job in trying to ferret out that initial survivor yet after that, going in like to the professional dancers boxes and doing all that doing all that, you understand, using the to restore back the health and wellness. Honestly, the survivor did a like very really great task and really great job on them from obtaining the three run getting of advantage for their team. So, we will certainly be going right into a short break today and also we will see you later on. remain quiet when you hear this sound. The fixed particles start to shake with the acoustic waves. Indicating they have actually gotten power. It may be a small quantity. Yet it ' s sufficient to correct my thoughts.But the power can also be you As the setup sun shone upon the final rest, I saw a musical note glimmering in gold as well as dancing airborne equally as they expected. The activity spread my life power and also pressed me off a stand up until I could smell the aroma of skill in the air. Fragrance is me. as soon as it discolored, it cast me right into the void. where the light from my eyes snuffed out. The light shines via my fingers and onto the white keys as I continue riding, hoping the tune factors me in a direction. In the representation, I see what ought to have happened. He glows gold much like first anticipated. Stay silent the static bits start to fight Excellent energy forces a change in the tide And also pushes the world. To absurdity. Do you believe? And welcome back ladies as well as gentlemen. We are back to identify sector twenty twenty-two. Extremely, we, we had just witnessed an incredible round two first fifty percent with GH doing so great on that complimentary retreat. Utilizing that professional dancer at Shaq to be'able to as lengthy as feasible as well as getting the really excellent result of three run. Excellent job here, Lichi. What do you believe regarding all this?Yeah, I was actually delighted to see the women dancer pull that off with the music as well as the bar house maid being available in with such a good kite to start us off with rounded 2. So, we see that GH is leading in rounded two with a three to one point matter yet it'' s not over yet. The stress is on feet to attempt to turn this around. Their hunter accessing least a 3 removal or when possible for eliminations here but with round one being a connection, we will have to see just how rounded two transforms out right here and possibly whether or not.Um we'' ll have to see just how rounded three and also round 2 play out below in this best of three competitions. So, yeah, simply on feet to do their ideal in this round asking their their survivors right here to do their best to transform this video game around for them and also to return those points. Yes, that'' s extremely absolutely and please do not please do not fail to remember, women as well as gents, we have a giveaway taking place right now of 2 S skins and one A skin politeness of Sunny Kim twenty-three. So, to the visitors of individual voluntary agreement, if you wish to stand a possibility in winning the giveaway, do examine Nello Me Facebook page and we do have dedicated customers giveaway too with like just interacting and leaving a remark at the remark box will make you, like points, to ensure that you can obtain like, merchandise and goodie bags, as well as also the NM coin program also, Lichi.Yes, absolutely. Make sure to communicate as well as to reveal your love for these teams and show your exhilaration for this tournament today since it sure is a really amazing one. Um actually up there amongst all the competition matches. So, we ' ll need to see what happens currently. Um FT right here yes, feet right here survivors turning up below. I was a bit confused simply now however actually excited to see what they can do since round one was so close. I wouldn'' t be surprise if round two additionally transforms into an actually close match with how points are presuming. I'' m truly excited to see what ' s in store. Yes as well as also like athlete survivors were doing a great job just now with the ahead like offering the stun at the end video game and also allowing them having a possibility to even obtain a tie. That resembled wow. That that is certainly like a moment that you know need to be highlighted.And likewise like with

all the efficiency and also the collaboration from FT. I feel we have a lot to anticipate here from the FT survivor set, however allow ' s not ignore GH Seeker also, being just one of the very best seekers in SCA, like Sechu has actually been an extremely, very hunter as well as every person in SCA like, in high tier, everybody just knows his name, very, excellent gamer, as well as yes, we will be entering into the now with Seeker being Sechu and FT Survivor, LMM, XP, dragon and also DDT as well as the map will still coincide lake side village.So, allow ' s see what the seekers initial band will be.

The band of the two survivors. It can be anything yet we are seeing dancer and also seer right here. Wow. Considering the match recently, simply outlawing the professional dancer on the go to stop that knotting from occurring, Richie. Yes, we saw how efficient she truly was in the previous round as well as listen to understanding extremely well from experience with their own group here. Simply getting rid of that variable instantly. As well as it will be the survivor side as opportunity to prohibit the Seeker currently. So we ' ll need to see are they going to attempt to ban that bonbon that claim you drew out in round one? Or will they be opting for a various target here? However it is going to be the Bonbon.They did see how well the Bonbon was played and understands how well Seiju has actually played Bob on a previous and also chooses to simply

remove that variable too from Sechu ' s character swimming pool. So, definitely delighted to see what new Seeker SHU will certainly be taking out in rounded 2 today as a result of this advancement. Yes, as much as I recognize, Seychell is quite experienced in his sculpture too. So, we could be anticipating a sculpture right here as well as today, survivors are sharing their first 2 pick and also plaything vendor. Currently, locking in with the toy seller system. Now, this is a new attitude for survivors like as opposed to picking the rescuers, they would certainly pick system initial because you know there ' s a great deal of option for rescuers and also today, one of the most important thing will certainly be the system which is the toy vendor right here.So, securing in right into that option, excellent job on the survival side. Ariana, we will certainly be waiting for the 3rd band of the survivor.

Now, not to mention Bombon is a very intriguing band also since Bombom may not be so strong on Shore but the survivor side just offering Sage with the regard that he needs, you understand, simply outlawing off that bomb sphere, get rid of any kind of opportunity of him using his incredibly solid personality to ah secure like really great outcomes. Now with all the all the like picks going on like what do you believe the 3rd band or like you understand the picks will be Yeah, I wonder to see that below. I feel like for feet survivor side, they could use another rescuer amongst their their myths there. I mean, occasionally, we do see the plaything vendor can be found in with Ty Turner however that ' s normally a pretty certain situation there.Usually, it is far better to have another rescuer among the group as well. So, I wouldn ' t be shocked if we see something like a board or a mercenary come out From their side as well.

However from Sechu ' s side right here, we do see the prospector being outlawed here. So, eliminating the prospectors chance to find in. We do have the forward can be found in instead. So, frequently, we do see prospector being selected even rather than ahead and now that we wear ' t have prospector as a choice, not a negative suggestion for FT to find in right here with the phone who can be a component of this system here in a method, you understand, forwards football if ended.He can get additional products as well as with plaything vendor having the ability to supply items, this might can be found in handy. Uh the onward here can additionally do a truly good job of sustaining the colleagues on this map too and naturally, we have Barmaid being a fan and therapist in this group. I believe previously in the last round when discussing it, we chatted so much concerning the female dancer yet we additionally can not discount exactly how bench maids to wines or at the very least among the white wines there enabled her to heal up and also to be able to proceed to kite and also loophole around that shack area. So, has actually certainly shown her toughness in the meta as well.So, we ' ll need to see just how the continuing to be bands and also picks play out right here for the hunters as well as the survivors. Yes, really remarkably actually. Professional dancer and also prospector both were survivors from last round that did like an amazing task.

When currently, is just prohibiting every little thing. Now, we see that the last band is acrobats which leaves like which leaves the feet survivor with a whole lot of options actually. They can go with like a survivor like an individual or perhaps even priestess as priestess is not prohibited right here. All of us know that priestess in Shore Village is also very really solid before ever before sleeping community. Uh and with the international site being like like existing, it will certainly be an excellent plus for the survivor side here but that likewise suggests that the decoding progression will certainly be a bit slower.So, all of it depends on what the survivor desires due to the fact that in in the existing fashion, we Monday that have typical decoding rate yet like really extremely fatal kiting skill like the client acrobat yet with acrobat being in the band today I mean the only

option that feet has would certainly be patient if they wish to select like an excellent kiter. Yes, certainly real yet we see it ' s the entomologist that gets selected over right here by feet survivor side. Marx, you did discuss that Sechu has a very strong sculpture. So, I wonder if FT survivors are additionally thinking of that sculpture, keeping that sculpture in mind too when they choose to opt for that entomologist pick here.Uh so, we ' ll have to see how this plays out due to the fact that I really feel like entomologist is very much a personality that counters some particular seekers yet there ' s also particular set of seekers with that aren ' t as worried of her. But among those hunters being the Bonbon is already banned'. So you know, picking the entomologist to counter the carver could quite possibly thrive in FT ' s favor right here. Yes, as well as Rhema with Anto'being the last choice. It ' s actually not such a pleasant pleasant team com for Sculptor to be played. So, I ' m not truly sure what kind of hunters they will bring out yet honestly, the survivor did a really excellent job below getting the because after the bomb bomb ban, Ento will certainly be more viable to play as ah'like they will not have seekers like Bon Bon that will like destroy the the bugs in secs and also we need to forward here like with the apprehension as well as not to discuss ah toy merchant with the very great aid so I feel like overall this team comp is really very versatile as well as they can function effectively if like all the gamers were simulating good. So today waiting for to make his last choice for the hunter. Ah Maybe anything in fact like a farmy. Uh it might be oh we are seeing a hermit pig below lychee. Hermit pig rather of sculptor. I think great choice from Seju here in fact. What do you assume Lichi? Yeah I believe Sehu here certainly adjusting a bit.

Uh both of the survivors picks in addition to Hermit being a common event choice nowadays. Um actually Statu did highlight the hermit back in day one of individual voluntary agreement and also had the ability to manage an actually excellent rating of a 4 there. So, selecting the hermit here can potentially become quite possibly for them. I was additionally thinking in the back of my head, what takes place if they decide to simply choose out a bloody queen right here versus this group come but no, is they 2 here being available in with a various personality that can also use their abilities once they have them to cross extremely huge widths this map. Uh reduce the cypher progress here.I do think that hermit sometimes comes under the to problem right here if he ' s not able to catch up to any one of the survivors at the actual beginning of the match. So, that very first kite really holds a great deal of weight when playing against a hermit and if the survivors do truly well in their interactions. Um in their synergy and also coordination and additionally having the ability to buy enough time keeping that very first kite spread out problems

when required, after that, it might possibly be difficult for the hermit to capture up as well as down someone in this game right here. Yes, as well as right now, going right into the spawn areas, we see Anto at Shag with Barmate near the near the center here we forward a tiny boat.Ah to think of being in the safest place at Large Bose. So chose the edge of the map that makes entomologist setting a prospective target to the seekers. So Ichi what that do you think would certainly be the initial target that the hermit would pick? Yeah, that ' s actually intriguing below. Really, Barmaid is a pretty solid counter to the hermit occasionally. Um, if you, if you put on ' t chase bench house maid initially, she can keep using her white wines to heal herself, and afterwards container damages for whoever is kit here whereas if she does wind up being the very first kiter, she can still make use of those white wines to recover herself but possibly Hermit can ' t try his finest to down the barmaid before she ' s able to use them also much.So, we ' ll see what Setu chooses to do here as we enter into the suit. Yes, currently going into the match, we have going to show let ' s see the personality below effrontery as well as detention, Really intriguing selection from the seeker below. Uh right currently, the hermit will be going into middle ah who do you have below between FG Dragon which is the bar companion. So it appears that Barmate will certainly be the very first target here every person getting the red color polarity and also right now Barmit will certainly be starting her kite near the area. And we see that the hermit is attempting to ah trick the bombing right into going near the hunt the seeker and now obtaining the first shot and also I suppose that he will be obtaining hit however no. Using the rate increase to escape the hunter and right now entering into the pallet. Obtaining a pallet struck an excellent job from the Honda side. That is a great mind game right there and now will be transitioning into huge bull and also I think toy sellers ah board will be up there as well as flying in to big boat.Wow. Great work from the ah from the survivor side right here yet wow. Hermi sharing the flying round and well ah responded to that collaboration. Now Lishi what do you think like the scenario is going to be? Yeah we do see that Barmaid is trying to recover up this struck with their red wine gear whereas the colleagues did you know take several of that damages earlier on. I do think they need to be a little bit cautious here. Troy Merchant right here is really becoming the next target as well as is going to take a struck below with entomologist and a few of the others additionally taking a little of the damages. I was going to say they do need to be a bit of mindful. A bit cautious here.The blink entering into play. And after that the toy vendor now flying onto the watercraft below with Hermit again making use of those orbs to simply proceed to use them to obtain into the watercraft and also go across that pathway obtaining closer and closer to the survivors. So, really great application of the plaything development propels yet at the same time, we see how the hermit is able to counter that each and every single time here which is extremely outstanding from Sechu recognizing exactly how to respond to those plays as well.Flymail here entering into play. We do see Troy Seller is down sadly there.

So, Keep Chu is mosting likely to opt pick up that toy seller as well as considering the survivor side, they do need to be a bit mindful as what I was saying earlier since taking the damage is definitely great to enable them to extend the very first kite yet you need to make certain you don ' t enter into a circumstance where the rescuer might be at danger of not having the ability to carry out any saves right here. Wow, incredible task from the hermit site.Getting the hit on that so, making the toy merchant down,

very, really smart step there as well as now, we will certainly be looking at the Oh, nice shock from the, from the hermit right here and also today, entomologist is down as well and also flying back with the orb and getting, still getting the rescue done but Barmit will certainly be decreasing as well as I really feel like this is a great trade from the hunter side because entomologist is down as well. That implies that it ' s a double down despite having also if the rescuer like is still alive. Wow. Currently, that is something that any kind of hunter, like, not, not, none hunter can do

, yet it ' s only, the, can do. which ' s most definitely real. Any type of other hunter may not have been able to counter those survivors placed there specifically those well-placed catapults yet had the ability to do so and also with the entomologist being down, this also reduces down their decoding. We do see that they are getting recovered with the barmaids a glass of wine but in that situation there, you understand, forward went to a situation where he had tanked a little bit of damages in very early video game. So, in order to draw off that rescue, they were required to divide up that damages with the entomologist inevitably needed to go down there. But we do see is really switching targets onto the entomologist as a plaything vendor is about to fly off on the other side right here. flying off such a big distance from both and right currently entomologist will be taking the pursuit as well as we see that the onward has changed his polarity due to the fact that like if he hits the entomologist that has the red polarity that implies it will certainly be a GG for the ahead below as he ' s mosting likely to be down and right currently sharing heaven orb and hitting the entomologist oh not hitting but obtaining a blink.

wow this is double damage for everyone right here.And today, Hermit will certainly be continuing the pursuit we we see the getting the lightning bolt like getting the lightning shot on the just that is until now as well as now I seem like it will be the fatality of the entomologist right here obtaining the shot while is doing amazing ah with his hobby right below as well as today 2 individual are down I seem like this is a this is a like it ' s extremely safe to state that this is a win match for the hunter here yes Seju currently getting the 2nd survivor on the chair there with forward down having the exact same polarity. We do see that he is being healed up by the bar house maid as well as I imply, on the silver lining

, at least he can be healed up to complete wellness below yet this just means that they ' re not sending anybody over to rescue. They ' re additionally not translating either and we do have three ciphers staying on the map to be stood out with just two survivors alive at this moment to be able to translate and also and rescue and also walk around and do things.So, certainly a really challenging place from the survivors to find back from also ahead back and also try to get one survivor out. This might be a truly tight spot there. I believe they ' re just going to have to they may have to, oh, sending in the forward right here to utilize all his possible football to possibly enclose and make the rescue but this is basement right here and also the yeah, the hermit, can you just come in as well as stun for an early down this also creates the bar house cleaning to go right down too. So, if if the Ford can even manage this rescue, the survivors are going to be really tight spot ahead back from this.

Wow. Obtaining them down after giving the blue polarity to the onward below as well as now going waiting for like like capturing both survivors in basement to ensure that they wear ' t go out so easily and trying to offer polarity to them as well so that they can be stunned as well as today offering the hit to forward.Now, every survivor currently is very extremely harmful in regards to their wellness. So, really excellent task from the hunter side here as well as today, he will be continuing the chase to no going to onward right here, an adjustment of time kids. If he puts the red polarity on forward, this might be, they, they could both suffer, like, really huge loss, in terms of the health, as well as right currently, everybody will certainly obtain, damage, very good job from the hermit side below, and today, having the red polarity still on. So, later on, I would state they will certainly be able to hold up against one more strike as well as everyone will be down Vici. Yes, certainly. And we do see the hermit right here does have blink up once more also, whether Statu desires to make use of that, or conserve that for later will be identified yet we

do see right here Herman already flying out as well as back on the entomologist that is dead on chairs so stay tuned just wishes to make certain and also utilizing that blink there simply to make certain to obtain that entomologist down and this really causes the survivors giving up below so Seshu below declaring a for survivor removal this is a four survivor elimination or GH below undoubtedly revealing can be found in and showing their dominance in to here.Um survivors did try actually difficult but as we can see right here, Sechu below simply really controlled Well, Sei Juice Anchorite doing a tidy kill on feet Survivor. Very excellent work. Um a bit of mistake on my part, I believed that the survivor will certainly have the ability to withstand one even more hit however obviously not, they were both down ultimately and they considered giving up. Currently, Anchorite is a character that is quite brand-new to the video game and I really feel like Survivor hasn ' t truly found a way to counter it as well as with in in like really knowledgeable hunters that put permit, they can do a really great task with it as well as potentially getting that four kill Ichi.Yes, definitely Marks. I I believe my preferred component was actually the hermit. Having the ability to utilize their ability as well as those orbs to counter the survivors plaything merchant system that you were speaking about below utilizing those catapults to continuously gain range around the huge watercraft location. Uh it was actually to see that happening from both sides there and now, we will in fact be going into a time-out prior to we go into rounded 3. So, that was a great deal of exhilaration but take this time below to soothe yourselves down, get some snacks and also drinks, as well as we ' ll be back for round three before you know it. Stay quiet when you hear this noise. The static bits begin to shake with the acoustic waves. Showing they have actually gotten energy. It may be a small quantity. Yet it ' s enough to correct out my thoughts. Yet the power can also be massive As the setup sun shone upon the last rest, I saw a music note glimmering in gold as well as dancing airborne just as they anticipated. spread my life energy and also pushed me up a stand up until I can scent the scent of ability in the air. Fragrance is me. Yet it ' s for me. as soon as it faded, it cast me into the abyss where the light from my eyes extinguished.The light lusters with my fingers and also onto the white keys as I proceed riding, really hoping the melody factors me in a direction. In the representation, I see what need to have taken place. He shines gold. Simply like initially anticipated. Remain silent as well as hear this sound. Fixed bits. Suggesting excellent power compels a change in the trend and also presses the world to absurdity.Do you believe

? As well as welcome back girls and gents. We are back in identification 5 arena 20 22 as well as we simply witness an amazing round on VO 2 with GH controling the field with Hermit. And also today we will be entering to round 3 with GH obtaining the top hand right here with 8 to one. Now this will certainly be a really really hot match for FT here since not only do they have to win, they have to access the very least one side to have 4 eliminates to get 5 mark advantage and also at the very least one established to obtain like a 3 points to even out the marks.So, for feet

survival side, it is either you obtain 4 kill and four run or you get four kill and also three run which will align the scores however also after that it'' s mosting likely to be very hard for feet below. What do you consider this team? Yeah, after that today, we will certainly be taking a look at rounded three below going in. I assume with GH having such a large advantage, I would say that GH ought to simply be sharing the safe alternative as well as not trying to make use of seekers or survivors that is not so exactly how to say, like, not so high-risk, like seekers like carver can be a risky character if you intend to secure the tie. So, what do you assume concerning this Nichie? Yeah, I certainly believe this is a truly tight spot from for feet to recover from here. Uh especially knowing that with GH as well, CHU does have a great deal of seekers in their mix that they can take out in this following suit also and also seeing how the suit went versus the Anchorite, I wouldn'' t be surprised if they proceed and outlaw the hermit yet that does leave them to respond to a great deal of difficult hunters in order to turn this around also and likewise puts a great deal of stress on their own seeker to try to of actually far benefit in this map as well.So, I'' m interested to see just how this match will turn out both sides have revealed us a truly excellent initiative up until now coming in right here both with a great deal of really exciting plays. But you understand, GH actually revealed us their supremacy in round two as well as I'' m delighted to see just how they'' re going to perform in rounded 3 right here. Yeah and also with GH having such a large benefit, it will be really hard for feet to draw out their full capacity as they they need to remain in an extremely setting, like, you recognize, extremely stressed setting now as, they need to obtain excellent result like Seeker getting 4 kill, Survivor obtaining 3 run or 4 run.So, in spite of that high degree of stress, I hope that both sides can execute like well and also offer us like, you understand, exciting pair up and also nice plays. So, we will see just how this all ends up and also do know that we have a giveaway right below of two as well as one A skin politeness Sonny Kim, twenty-three. So, viewers of individual voluntary agreement, if you want to win, you can like go have a look at Nellow Meadows page on Facebook to have a far better suggestion of exactly how the giveaway functions as well as also we have faithful customers giveaway with the leading 10 legal representative visitors with greater point.Highest factors

can get IDB reward bags and merchandises as well as likewise the coin programs too, Lichi. Yeah, I heard there'' s some actually exciting benefits in store. So, make certain to maintain engaging and keep revealing us support in the conversation for whichever groups you'' re rooting for or for both groups if you like. Uh due to program, a lot of us are just fans of these a great deal of these groups and players out there. And yeah, let your voice be heard since this is an actually exciting suit that we have below today and also it'' s simply going to obtain far better and better as this competition goes on. Uh so, we'' ve seen some really outstanding place this so far but like you were saying marks for FT I here I wish they'' re not as well prevented entering this round and can simply go in clear headed with an attitude of giving this their all here however we do see that FT'' s survivors are going to be up first with GH ' s Hunter Sechu up first right here too and also this map is mosting likely to be the red church with the hunter can be found in right here with their bands currently Yes, treasures is really rather an equilibrium map for both survivors side as well as seeker side.So, GH side, we have CHU as well as FT side being LMM, XP, Dragon, DDD. Normal, the, the normal right here and today, CA 2 is prohibiting professional dancers, sear, and also ahead. Well, we'' ve all seen the effects of professional dancer at the last row in Lakeside Village and it was extremely great to be truthful, like the participation with Bomit was simply so amazing that he, she'' s able to recover her health once again and once again with the dovelin. So, I would certainly be delighted to see what sort of other systems the survivor group like needs to reveal. So, right currently, we see that the survivor side is outlawing Bon Bon as well as Bloody Queen. Both really strong hunter on stage 2 side as well as they will certainly be entering the survivor selects now. Not sure what they will certainly choose. Uh we do see that the priesthood is not bad.So, there may be a possibility for priesthood to appear. We place'' t truly seen priestess in the competitors field for rather a long time remarkably Yeah, that'' s certainly real. Uh whether she is banned instantly or whether she'' s just not chosen, it ' s been actually surprising to not see a priestess at all until now yet certainly, Red Church is among those maps where priestess can really use that main church location to establish up assistance sites for both herself and also her teammates to use in a kite.Though in spite of being a small map, she most definitely has truly solid usages on this map for wouldn ' t be surprised if feet does make a decision to pull that out this moment. We do see that being available in right here with the bands? State pick Bon Bon has been eliminated right here along with the Bloody Queen has been eliminated as a variable here. So interesting option of feet to outlaw those two personalities. I suggest we haven ' t seen Bloody Queen truly being played out so much'but they probably it involves the survivors they make a decision to select or simply acknowledging Bloody Queen as a truly solid Thai seeker there has actually prohibited Bloody Queen right off the bat. This does open stage 2 ' s hermit that we saw last time along with some other possible hunters that Sechu has like Carver and others in the mix below. Yet we do see survivors additionally being available in below with priestess as well as the prospector below who we have actually enjoyed to see thus far in the tournaments avoiding some key plays in in the previous event so far.Yes no. I was rather a good pick, rather fascinating I would certainly claim, like fascinating pick from the survival side due to the fact that as we can see, the survival side is going for like the system pick first. So, picking the priestess and also the prospectors to secure like the system will go on excellent and also right now, we see CHU banning mail carrier to reduce the overall translating speed. So, safe to claim that CHO might choose a hunter that is very scared of rapid decoding and could be a seeker like artist or maybe also like last round Yet who knows? So with the postman ban I would mean like higher chance it could be a an artist because Sechu ' s sculpture is not out yet however all of it depends upon what the survivors would choose.And with the schedule of many rescuers below. Actually the survivor is not scared of picking the rescuer at a later timing because like there ' s so much choices for you to select. Like mercenary, initial officer, serious keep and likewise for the priestess choice right here, we do see that last time during IVF FPXCQ did a very good job with the priesthood system which lead result in numerous groups like not copy however like following their approach of doing the priestess websites in church and also that ' s in fact a really great add on as well as it really lengthens the cutting time of the survivors below. So, I assume survivors are off to a good beginning below, Nichi. Yes, I definitely concur, Marco. We have actually seen that priestess gameplay with FPXCQ as well as a great deal of other groups below adhering to suit.Uh really using that middle church structure to their advantage right here and with the prospector pick right here, I really

kind of like the miner pick as well. Not just have we seen exactly how crucial he has actually remained in this tournament thus far, however having a stunner really develops additional possibilities as well as Prospector is one of those stunters where his magnet is able to regener unlike survivors like Enchantress that are or sorry onward here that does use his football can utilize it effectively however additionally will run out of it at the end. So, Amp tries to see the prospector entered play below. We do see the bar house cleaning being selected once more. I wonder if they are still selecting Bar Maid as a prospective counter to claim pick Anchorite. As we saw last round, although they weren ' t able to pull it off last round, probably this round, they can return and attempt their finest to make use of bench house maid ceiling abilities to counter the hermit the most effective they can but Like you discussed, Marks, Saint Juice still does have the sculpture and others among the mix.So, bearing in mind the endgame here, seeing what Setu can do below to attempt to intend for something like a tie for their team might be currently putting them in a good setting. Yes, for GH GH Huntersai, all he needs is a connection to you understand, as well as he can just leave it off to the survivor side here and also now, we see that this hunter did mercenary as his last ban, outlawing the stable rescuer in the survival schedule. So, now, the survivor will certainly be going out for his for their 2nd selection which is initial officer. Currently, very excellent choice from from the survivor below since very first police officer is likewise a really very excellent rescuer as a whole. having both watch, the Poseidon watch that can hypnotize the seeker and allowing the seeker confuse on where he is real, like where he truly is, although getting a dual dump, he is still able to carry out the rescue with the five second, five second tight turner, so extremely excellent selection on FT survivor side below, as well as also Barmate, in fact we, we, we have actually been seeing a whole lot of farming these days, like, also simply currently, I seem like there ' s like a great deal of rounds is shown. To ensure that that simply means that, like, the, the current bath of, like, it ' s actually working extremely well for, as well as, it really like, boosted the rate of showing up in the lodging area, as well as right currently, is sharing the hermit pit liche.Yeah, we did see exactly how well Zetu finished with the hermit in'the previous suit. Certainly a really practiced hermit player with exactly how accurately they were able to aim their orbs as well as just understand all the counter approaches

to the hunters to the survivors systems there with the hermit. So, certainly a little bit of a threat on feet ' s side by not prohibiting this herbit below. Offering themselves a second possibility to probably retrieve themselves in this match against Anchorite yet we ' ll have to see however yeah, this is additionally truly amazing due to the fact that I am thrilled to see exactly how Situ will perform with the Anchorite below. Will we see that same level of supremacy and also expertise? I definitely believe we'will certainly however in regards to exactly how the survivors will certainly have the ability to counter this, I ' m also curious to see if they ' re going to bring out some various approaches as well as are able to change from what took place in the previous match.And of course, Li. Um I would state that the survivor band Bonbon and BQ due to the fact that they'really need to win and also for a win to happen, they require to factors like Bonbon or Bloody Queen to ensure that they have the ability to safeguard like, you understand, win or above. It ' s either win or like, you know, win or lose it all. So, now, entering into the generate place, we have Priestles between setup of the system, Bomit being a Shaq and also prospector being at Red Rug'as well as with initial officer at the site below as well as today, we will be waiting for the hunter to decide on where to generate. So, there is a few choices that the hunter can select. Among it is being corners of and even the graveyard. So, going in with the graveyard pig right here. Well, has fairly a great deal of choices to choose from either from the priestess

or the miner. What do you assume about it Lichi? Yeah, absolutely a number of different options below yet I seem like despite who he chooses to choose, the survivors are going to wind up rotating in the direction of the center church. So, you know, I wouldn ' t be amazed if the hunter does go for Kosis in proximity. In this situation, yet regardless, I assume they will certainly end up somehow mosting likely to the church where the priestess is mosting likely to be establishing those assistance websites. Yet here we are becoming part of the suit below with Sechu ' s Hermit bringing below a up down build right here as well as Marx, what ' s going on in this suit now? Yes, going into the match, Seicho is preparing to chase after the individual in the center which would be the'priestess, I believe, yet prior to that cleaning up the field, tidying up the royal residence that my have a benefit on the survival side here.Right currently, entering to that website, not exactly sure what the residence is going to do below but going to the big breakable and we have the prospector right below, I think. So, I intend that the prospector will certainly be embracing the first first target right here for the and also now, obtaining that immediate shock, extremely good job from the getting the very first hit. Wow, that is an extremely quick hit and also today proceeding advancing with the quest. Uh I would state the hunter will be selecting to make use of a various polarity. Yes, which is heaven one as well as today, they are forced to utilize they are compelled to transform their polarities to blue to make sure that they can aid cancel the damage from the prospect Alicia. Yes, we do see that the very first damage currently entering into play below as well as Miner with a magnet below able to acquire a little bit of time but not as well much SHU had the ability to hug that wall and also they ' re simply mosting likely to mind video game around this location right here yet Blink is up for Sechu.So, we do have to maintain that in mind. The survivor does need to keep that in mind as they are kiting right here too. we ' ll see exactly how they ' re able to do because miner below does have that blue power on him too. So, Barbaid did help him take that hit that he just obtained and was able to utilize that site by the priestess to change a little additional away here.So, really taking a shortcut below, the hermit makes a decision to go straight right into the red church as well as pursue the priestess right here that likewise has that red power on her as well right currently. Yes, and also today, Herme will be proceeding with the pursuit of priestess, quiting the miner and right currently, miner is getting increasing the battle below getting the bring back of health and wellness back and also now continuing with the catching of Priestess. Priestess is currently half health and wellness now and also with noone having the electrical energy with the exception of first police officer, it will be secure to say that they will be going with a blink quickly obtaining the down really very excellent task from the seeker here.Uh would certainly there be a basement chair? Yes, there is as well as will the hunter be choosing? Nope. Not going for the cellar as well as chairing near a cypher to make sure that he can bug devotees at the very same time lead sheep. Yeah, we do see there are four cyphers staying however versus a seeker similar to this, that is rather regular here. Barme did have to take a struck here however appears like she might in fact be going in. Oh, possibly for a rescue however the hunter had the ability to

beat her there as well as with no electrical power on her, currently, Barbie does have electrical energy yet it ' s not the same one as her teammates. So, they weren ' t able to container that hit with bench maid which caused bench house maid to decrease right there by that window.So, a bit of a regrettable circumstance for the survivors below where bench ma need to use her self heal at this time as well as right now here, we do see that XP is being available in here for a possible rescue right here. Uh needs to be able to still take a hit of as well as as well as is mosting likely to have the miner take that out without any issue as well. So, more than likely, we ' ll have the ability to draw off this rescue hero though.Hermit is delaying as long as possible with those chain feats right here and oh, the rescue being a a propped off right here as well as the tie turner being active too but the stunt entering play Marco. Uh we do see that the hits were tanked right here as well as currently Sagehu is on his means to collect this priestess who is mosting likely to be dead on chair when Sechu finds her. Yes however now Priestess is still ongoing with the escape from the hermit yet after that without any websites in hand, I feel like this will be a def of Priesta. So rather soon I think it will certainly be a done bargain for the priestess below as well as today. No everyone selected to body block for the priestess and letting the priestess having one even more opportunity to and also keeping that with with that one even more body impact I think the priestess is able to get an additional an additional opportunity of no wow state pick seeker is so great he went in with the lightning arm and after that with a little I mean like nothing more to stun the priestess as well as eliminating the factors of priestess obtaining an additional website to Kai such a job from the ah GH Seeker side here as well as today will certainly be on to locate his 2nd target. Yeah, that was an actually remarkable series of occasions there from Sechu ' s Anchorite. Being so precise with sending out and intending those lightning orbs, just like you stated marks over below, he ' s actually found the survivors who are recovering up. So, this might be a bit of a dire situation for the survivors right here since they were attempting to utilize that possibility but say she had the ability to sniff them out before they completely recovered up. So, he is now able to throw away one of the first police officers watches. been going after, while going after bench friend who is in fact going to go down here right into the church. Uh we do see an initial policeman running by right here. So, Barmaid self heal is already gone. Sechu has chosen to pursue the first officer and also utilizes the blink in this case actually closing in on the first policeman as well as handling to down the first policeman too. My goodness right here. Uh Barmaid has remains in a tough place right here without any self recover. Prospector, the only survivor still standing and at half healthier. So we may see Sagehu go back and get the bar housemaid here and also potentially have 2 survivors on the chair. This is leaving the survivors in a very challenging setting ahead back from considering their win objectives in this game.Marks. Yes, and now, miner is embracing the rescue and I mean without lightning or for the herbital shift to. Uh I mean no. Getting in the the feat, were he able to get the things rescue? Oh my god. Obtaining the hit yet still wow. What? There ' s so much things taking place below. Wait, offer me a second. Oh my god as well as prospector, is that everybody is down as well as this will be a 4 kill match now. Wow, that is so intriguing to check out. Um making use of the fee attack to prevent the prospector from utilizing the flywheel and yes, it did occur yet Seiju struck striking the striking the conversation rather but prospector going in with a magnet feat as well as after that, one more stunt that terminates the attack healing and it it results to Everyone being down. Wow. So much points are going on but still is so excellent and so clean with the Seeker four kill. Yeah, being able to utilize so several approaches there to aid in the camping along with the chase. That was incredibly excellent there and keeping that 2 survivor removal, GH is the champion of this first compare of today ' s IVA tournament.So, that suggests that GH will be advancing on into the winter season brace below. Meanwhile, we place ' t seen the last of we haven ' t seen the last of FT either because they will certainly be falling into the lower bracket there, however we will have have the ability to see them in a 2nd possibility. And also taking check out the statistics below, Marks, what do we see here?Yes, we see that the priestess has actually been kiting for 99 seconds, and prospect the, being the 2nd highest with 93 secs of tiding, and also we see that all the survivors in addition to the have a really high decoding development too and also Anchorite having thus lots of strike hits, attack hits of 13 with just 3 palace damaged, that suggests that Anchorite actually, Anchorite is in fact hunted at, does not count a lot on pilot damaging actually, as well as today, we will, with all the important things that was taking place recently, I really feel like, the hermit was truly doing an excellent work, also, when they were trying to body block for the priestess, in hopes of priests getting their sites, so they could, they can longer time. But after that Kermit sharing the first ability of the ball that can shift to a place to another.And to offer Priesters that red polarity as well as sensational her with heaven polarity later on. It was so smooth from the hunter side and also it was a great job from the hunter to such as get rid of the from obtaining longer. So I feel like Sechu is really actually he definitely has a great deal of experience with hermit and also absolutely doing for him in this competition. Yes, really outstanding task. Once once again, from both teams below but once again, when again, congratulations to GH for ultimately taking this event. It was incredibly exciting to see from both sides right here. I found out a lot from simply enjoying this in the audience right here and also that means that marks, we will certainly be finishing up this match yet it ' s not over to for today.Uh you as well as it ' s not over for individual voluntary agreement. So, we ' ll be seeing both of

these groups once more later today, we'will be seeing MP versus TNG. So, those of you that are listened, see to it that you come back for that competition yet up until after that, we will certainly be taking a brief break here. So, truly delighted to see these other groups compete when we return. Have an excellent break everybody. Stay quiet when you hear this sound. The static particles start to shake with the acoustic waves. Showing they have actually gotten power. It may be a small amount. Yet it ' s enough to straighten my ideas. But the energy can also be'you As the setting sun revealed upon the final rest, I saw a music note glimmering than dance airborne equally as they expected. movements spread my life power and pressed me up a stand until I could scent the aroma of talent airborne. understands me. once it faded, it cast me right into the void where the light from my eyes extinguished. The light sparkles through my fingers as well as onto the white keys as I proceed creating, wishing the melody points me in an instructions in the representation. I see what ought to have taken place. glows golden much like they initially expected. Stay quiet Fixed particles neatly a small hill. Great energy requires a change in the tide. And pushes the world.To absurdity. Do you think? Quick. Just go. Go. Now, those tickets.

Sorry, I can just get it. copy. smooth sea. a long lasting night without end in view. Even the stunning light fell short to pierce the darkest dream. Noir, the Melanist family has no demand for useless people. Producing a perpetual motion maker. is like being entraped in a continuous desire. Reality expands from these sketches Broadening brand-new years of useless initiative. Hello there, every person as well as welcome back to Identity Five Arena twenty

22 November edition. I ' m one of your casters right here today. My name is Lee Chi and with me today,'I have our co-caster, Marks. actually delighted to be here with Marks today. So, we had a really amazing round previously today between GH and also feet with GH continuing there but also for today, proceeding to our following right away. It ' s going to be crazy Penguins versus Touch and Go. So', truly excited to see these two teams here today. Yes, and entering into the schedule right currently, we see MP having more rule as their hunter and also for the survival side, they have no Anomalie, Shuni, as well as LC. Every one of them are veterans from previous competitions specifically Moru, being among the, one of the leading seekers in SCA and also MPLCA MP Shuni, MP Siru, both great survivors ah in general.Uh abnormality is an a new name to me here. So, uncertain exactly how he will execute and also we have train Awi

Sama right here. As well as what do we have right here, Lichi? as well as this is TNG at Touch and Go. We carry the seeker side for you as well as FUI below and also on the survivor side, we have Riona, Kat Carey, Hollow, White, and also Wolfie right here. So, actually excited to see just how Touch and Go is going to do today versus our Mad Penguins.Yes, that is very real. Honestly, touch as well as go is fairly an amusing name due to the fact that like in

Malaysia, Touch and Go is the method we spend for tolls and you know, the method we have our e-wallets, it is all based on touch and go. So, me as a Malaysian checking out the name is quite funny to me as well as like, it ' s very hard for me to commentate appropriately when seeing that name however after that, jokes apart, MP being a very solid team that has got numerous excellent outcomes because like the start of like IDV competitors that might trace back to twenty twenty like you know twenty twenty, 2021 and also TNG being a new team I mean however with experienced survivors and seekers in it. I really feel like this will certainly be a really intriguing pair up as well as I would certainly be really delighted to see just how both groups will certainly play out. Yes, that ' s for sure. I know we ' ve seen some truly amazing matches earlier today. Um so, delighted to see what these 2 teams have in shop for us and if you are a follower of these teams, be certain to let us recognize in the chat who you ' re rooting for as you can make those commitment factors as well as those coins there to aid you in your efforts to get those giveaway prizes.So, make certain you ' re communicating and commenting in the conversation. But also for currently, back to the game below. We are mosting likely to go right into the bands and picks. It resembles we are on ever before resting community for this suit right here as well as tomorrow as the seeker going first for MP has come out with a priestess ban on ever resting community. Pretty typical ban that we ' ve seen many times thus far. So, we ' ll see how this remains to play out in this restriction as well as select scenario below. Yes and also something about competition is they actually actually like this guy ever before sleeping in community even if it ' s such an excellent map for survivors to do ah cooperation and for the hunter side it ' s very good for them to utilize like several of the seekers like Desire Witch and ah Artist is a very good choice also so it could be ah it is a really excellent map for both survivors as well as hunters as well as Rena sharing a choice we have Mercenary and also Postman right here currently choosing Postman to boost up the total decoding speed mercenary as the typical stable rescuer, great choice as well as really stable pig I would certainly claim from touch as well as go here.And today we will certainly be waiting on Moro to do his second band of the Survivor. Yes, without a doubt. Uh postman there being able to compose somewhat for the mercenary slow translating

rate there. So, really fantastic combination to see there from the survivors. On the other hand, Moru below has already can be found in with the second survivor restriction right here and also it appears like this is going to be a client restriction. So, removing that survivor that on a map like Ever before Sleeping does have a great deal of excellent factors that he can make use of to monetarily hook. As an example, hook right into the graveyard and also simply get a great deal of so love to see exactly how this plays out below Marks any type of first ideas, exactly how any type of initial sensations concerning just how this is playing out thus far for either side? Well, checking out the band pick today, we see that hasn ' t really chose a system yet.Uh that might be like the plaything vendor or like something that, like, you know, dancer is'also a choice as well.

So, is TNG not sharing the system selection? That suggests that they have, like, they have the, like, they have the choice to determine like what type of system they want relying on the bands and also choose and today, we are seeing a denser pick right below. So, taking place the later side of choosing what the system will certainly be. I assume TNG is doing respectable job at it as well as although with Morul prohibiting the person, I still think that there there could be an opportunity for TNG to select extremely strong titles such as acrobat or perhaps even a that has not been seen today. Yes, that ' s without a doubt. Acrobat as well as Barmaid being quite much essential picks in the metas nowadays. Uh having the ability to do really highly against a number of hunters. I believe it ' ll all depend upon that Touch as well as Go thinks Moru is mosting likely to play below. We have actually seen Moru do actually well with Hunters like Bon Bon in the past in addition to Damaging Wheel although not as usual in today ' s meta.But on the survivor side, it ' s actually going to be the ant aquarian that obtains chosen below. Touch and go, they have, they'do have an antiquarian specialist in their group right here and honestly, a quite brand-new personality to the event scene. So, I ' m actually excited to see what they can do with this and how this plays out however on Morrow ' s side, making a decision to choose the damaging wheel right here which is among the hunters that they ' re definitely understood for. So, you understand, Maru here being a'really experienced damaging wheel especially on this map like sleeping. Marx, exactly how do you really feel about this freaking wheel break this group compensation here? Well, we all know Boru has been like, you know, like the king of damaging wheels considering that such as this, the start of the competitors, however in this particular team com, we ' re flying wheel resembling an aspect here, I seem like it would be very hard for Poland to truly execute his ideal given that like, Flywood can actually respond to a great deal of points from Poland, like, rather the snap, or the manner in which he can despite the survivors, every little thing can be squashed with flywheel and that is just a large frustration to the plant pollen right below as well as now, seeing antiquiriot, antiquarian is likewise rather excellent in countering the pollen and with professional dancers reducing the plant pollen down also in actual form.Now, that would be a huge issue for the Poland. So, right now, entering into, look, spawn location, what do we have here, Lichi? Yeah, it looks like the survivors below are a little bit everywhere yet we actually have the antiquarians spotting at the corner two-story house. Um a mail carrier in the graveyard, a mercenary in the center right here, dancer at the graveyard dungeon spot with Maru ' s breaking wheel spawning closest to the triangle survivors below, the antiquarian, the dancer, and also the mercenary here. So, with a pair various alternatives near yet we ' ll have to see who Amoro determines to target below. Do you have any type of ideas, Marco? Do you assume she ' ll pursue the professional dancer at initial or someone else since, you understand, the other ones are type of expanded in in particular structures there. Yes, truthfully, I feel like the seeker is being placed at an extremely tight spot since if he goes as well as go after the professional dancer, the professional dancer will be entering into a graveyard, I believe, and also if he goes for antiquarian, he would be like, entrusted 3 survivors decoding like complete rate and also right now we are entering into the game.What do we have here? Right, we do see that female dancer below shows up to be the initial target for Moro ' s Damaging wheel

. So, women dancer here currently putting down the boxes as well as compeling the damaging wheel to transform back right into wheel kind as they mess around this area here. There is a window left for female professional dancer to continue to damage play around this location. We do see that she has one spike on her currently however had the ability to put down one more box. Unfortunately, did get an additional spike here. So, breaking will including on the specifications rather quickly but does have to lose time damaging these boxes right here which can allow women professional dancer to transition to a location with some fresh pallets as well.We do see that Hollow the Side Aquarian here really maybe coming in for some early assistance. intriguing to see the Anticarian come in here rather beforehand. Yet maybe requiring the breaking wheel to transform back right into wheel yet no, he is going to attempt to capture up. Does have blink on you understand, it ' s a part of the his arsenal below but able to use that breeze really not the snap. The trap there to trap the professional dancer here and also having the ability to save the blink. Just have to beware a little bit for the Ant Aquarian here, Marx. So, fly without being made use of right here to prevent that standard hit and we just see Morrow is going to remain to attempt to stay clear of the intercarrian as he grabs this women professional dancer. Wow. Extremely great track from the Poland side here and as well as Hollow ' s impressive use of flywheel squashing that it struck. It was all extremely well done due to the fact that Moru was making use of a battery charger tank but Hollow still like, you know, holding your horses awaiting like the hunter to get the hit and now, making use of a breeze to get the to 25%wellness and today getting one hit from the mercenary as well as I believe Anticar will be going overhead.No, not going for a hit rising to wheel kind and proceeding the chase on the dancer, I suppose, yes. Yep, and we do see the flywheel being used by the professional dancer below, yet does get damaged once by the damaging wheel already. Antiquarian proceeding to remain in this area below simply to give extra support. Uh, could be a valuable for support, however once again, that ' s one last survivor there, translating in damaging wheel, does have blink. Oh, the blink here results in a missed out on hit. Unfortunately, for Mauru, so he is really forced to transform back right into the wheel type to proceed going after these survivors here and also it ' s going to try to see if he can get 2 for one below as he wheels right into both the dancer and also the antiquarian including extra spikes here. Uh does change back to the human form to ensure that he can make use of a stop.His at complete existence currently so has that complete variety of capacities as the damaging wheel below and also obtains that emo professional dancer on the 2nd chair. We do see 3 cyphers below staying for the survivors to stand out. Marks, what do you think? This is looking like up until now. Exactly how do you really feel? I feel like although the bling stopped working but then the Poland had the ability to still get the dancer in time yet then like nevertheless the the coding development has actually currently resembled like that that error that bought a lot of time for the survivors as well as right now the survivors although three cyphers I believe all cyphers need to be fairly a lot we see WhatsApp were having 35 %progress here as well as one having eighty-eight I believe so ever before the the translating progression is a whole lot actually and also we will see what the vintage has to use below since everything relies on the anti-quarion ' s efficiency on just how she can harass the wow. Using the the adhere to squash the the AOE damage from the plant pollen. Extremely good job however still getting a terror shot. Wow. This is extremely, this is looking great for the seeker right here. Yes, and we do see the Edge Aquarian. Oh, sadly obtained caught there by the damaging wheel placing an excellent trap in that narrow area there. So, had the ability to get the women professional dancer on chair and also eliminate it with the anticarian being down but actually the Ace in the hole, the profession swap can be found in below to become the peepers and simply dropping the peeper by the antiquarian to reduce down decoding as this damaging wheel tries to go pressure to other survivors but ultimately in the end, besides the chair that Ant Aquarian.So, Breaking Wheel right here seamlessly orders the 2nd survivor and puts a 2nd survivor on the chair below. The various other survivors are both injured and are quite expanded from each so this could be possibly a little a difficult scenario below. would certainly you see mercenary coming in here. So if Morrow determines to wander off quite away that does give the option to rescue as well as we do see that happening right here

with Mario remaining to pursue these survivors here who are required to make use of every device in their set to do their best they can to prevent the damaging wheel as well as spread out his interest here Marks. Well as well as now we are stating that Moru is returning to go after on this postman right here however Mail carrier having a fly view. There ' s a there is a prospective for even more rook to miss out on the breeze however no going back to form.I seem like this is looking pretty poor for the survivors below since the seeker can simply keep utilizing his high wheelchair to locate the survivors and the survivors all being in such poor condition. Uh it will be very hard for the survivors to regain back. Oh. Wow. Evading that stick here from the Antiquarian and getting the hit. Now, that is what I call mind video game right here. Ladies and gentlemen, great task from below. Yeah, that was fairly an intriguing

play. We saw the antiquarian really, I believe, destroyed among the traps that are by the damaging wheel with our ability there however ultimately, was placed on the chair by the damaging wheel that has now turned his focus over to this cypher being decoded by the mail carrier right here. So, the mail carrier does have quite a bit of spikes but not able to make use of that flywheel to evade that breeze below and also goes right down on the train tracks. Maru positioning these peepers to reduce down the healing in addition to slow down the cypher development nearby. At the same time, we do see that antiquarian and also mercenary are the ones to life. and Aquarian simply having run for her life while mercenary right here being the one standing does have OLO pads delegated deal with so has the ability to evade this hit for now.

He ' s mosting likely to have to shop as much time as possible for the postman to recover up but decreasing right here as a result of a very well-placed catch by Morrow ' s breaking wheel.Indeed, Maru definitely should have that title of being called one of the best splitting wheels in the region. Message here currently standing up and tomorrow is just mosting likely to go after him preventing that dog by the postman right here and also enclosing distance as long as possible. mind gaming around these pallets but just go straight for that hit and downs. The mail carrier near Antaquarian cypher actually marks.This is fairly intriguing currently. Yes and also today with Mercener with Postman being made use of up, and also mercenary having really slow in herself, like in her, in her self heel.

I seem like this is looking great for the seeker as well as most possibly it would certainly be a tie as well as above ah leaning on towards ah the win situation I think as well as now all 3 survivors are down the chi. Excellent task from the hunter side right here however mercenary still increasing not providing up any hope below as well as going back ah I suppose that he ' s mosting likely to recover up the postman but having the effrontery that means that the recovery rate will certainly be slow monitoring

if the cypher is being translated or not going back to the survi today, Lichi. Yes, certainly and also recognizing that the ciphers are not being worked with, simply returning around to find whichever survivors he can. At this factor, both survivors, neither of them have self heal, have departure course left. Mercenary does have one even more arm joint pad to collaborate with, yet this palette below is already ruined. So, there ' s just thus far that he can precede Moru captures up to the mercenary below. Postman there, attempt his finest to decode with a deciphering letter on that other cipher. Yet, I wear ' t think he ' s able to pop it far.We ' ll see if Poland chooses to grab, does choose to grab the Merc, will certainly he

chair the Hireling, does decide to chair the mercenary or really no, drops the mercenary, it looks like. Postman there was able to stand out that cypher as well as recover himself to full wellness at the very least. Murrow below does not have detention. So, this does offer the postman a little of a possibility to shop some time below but by dropping the mercenary and not sharing the mercenary, Murray here actually just basically needs to get the article guy down before the mercenary bleeds out which is mosting likely to take quite a while. So, absolutely mosting likely to be'a really tough circumstance for the postman to try to kite completely till the mercenary bleeds out here.Yes, honestly, I seem like a mistake here from a survivor. The suggestion is you either like pop the cipher after the mercenary is being examined to make sure that you have an opportunity to go for the dungeon or you wear ' t pop at all and await this pollen to put down as well as pop the cyphers at one time to like make sure 2 individuals can stand up at the same time. However no, like standing out the cypher quickly and right currently, like Poland will be in a very optimum setting to chase this postman right below because mercenary has actually currently used his self heal.So, today, Moro has no anxiety into capturing this mail carrier. He might just take at all times he desires and also this will certainly be GG for TNG side already since MP here is safeguarding the 4 kill leeching.

Yes, absolutely. Mail carrier is making rather a worthy initiative to kite this out. We see that 3 spikes have actually currently been used to the mail carrier as well as Maru here, all he requires to do is to provide Mail carrier that final strike. As they close in right here, Flywell being utilized actually extremely well by the postman there to evade that regular hit. however we do see there that they'' re just going to proceed to mind game around this 11 pallet location.

Rowe right here has actually had some pretty good catch tosses so far yet was unable to do so. This moment but finally downs the postman right below near that S scheme cipher and with the survivors not having any self heel left Mail carrier'' s simply going to be selected up as well as chaired as well as this is absolutely looking very a lot like a four kill secured for the breaking wheel of of Morrow below we do see Mercenary right here is making that initiative to crawl yet in the long run survivors surrender right here so congratulations to Morrow here from MP having the ability to use that damaging wheel and also play that damaging wheel so well here. I feel like those controls, I was simply amazed during, specifically on that second story, they'' re so close to the side, Maura had the ability to regulate that breaking wheel so that the damaging wheel had the ability to diminish. So, really impressive here however allow'' s take an appearance at these match statistics right here. Antiquarian below drawing off a very long kite along with the other survivors. Um sort of occasionally what occurs when you are reducing versus a breaking wheel.Uh yet generally, extremely amazing Match the soft drinks off today, Marks. Yeah, as well as with Breaking Move being such a hunter that is countered by the issue now, Morrow is not worried to select it up and also doing such a fantastic well, a terrific task on the damaging wheel. I really feel like it is absolutely like a well-deserved title of being one of the very best in breaking wheels in the SEA region. So, extremely, great task from both sides and also great task tomorrow on getting that poor kill. Currently, we will certainly be entering into a brief break. So, we will see you later. Keep quiet when you hear this sound. The fixed fragments begin to shake with the acoustic waves. Indicating they have actually obtained energy. It might be a little quantity. Yet it'' s enough to correct my thoughts. However the power can likewise be significant. As the setting sunlight shone upon the final remainder, I saw a music note twinkle dancing airborne equally as they expected.

activities spread my life energy and also pressed me up a stand up until I can scent the fragrance of talent in the air. understands me. Once it discolored, it cast me right into the void where the light from my eyes snuffed out. The light lusters with my fingers and also onto the white secrets as I continue riding, hoping the melody factors me in an instructions. In the reflection, I see what should have taken place. glows gold just like they first expected. Keep silent fixed fragments start to shake Wonderful energy forces an adjustment in the trend as well as presses the globe. To absurdity. Do you believe? Quick. Allow'' s go. Allow ' s go. Susie. a long lasting night without any end in view. Also the amazing light stopped working to pierce the darkest dream. Noir, the Melodis family members has no demand for pointless people. Developing a perpetual motion device. is like being entraped in a never ending desire. Reality expands from these sketches Increasing that he is an useless effort.

Hello, everybody. We are back right here with Identity 5 Arena twenty 22. I'' m your wheel Leeche and also with me today is Marks and we are returning with rounded one 2nd half of MP versus TNG. So, we just saw an actually amazing very first suit to start us off today with this compare right here between these 2 incredible teams. Uh and it transformed out to be a 4 elimination from the Seeker side. So, was really honestly, that was so stunning to see. So interesting to see exactly how well Moru'' s breaking wheel carried out in today'' s event. How are you feeling regarding this, Marks? Yeah. Um and also he morals like oh despite like Poland being such a personality that is counter by the meta however MP like Moral still choosing the Polympic and also doing such an excellent task. It shows like just how much skills Moru has and often it'' s truly not a survivor ' s fault but after that like Morus Seeker I I I know directly and ah I do know that he plays effectively on damaging rules.So, props

to him for doing such an amazing efficiency and also right currently for TNG as the hunter side here as well as with MP as the survivor, I do really feel that with MP being of like MP survivors being an extremely strong back shield also. He they might endure the anxiety and also possibly obtain a tie or something to be able to obtain advantage from this round. Yes, certainly they do have an extremely strong survivor schedule too. A really seasoned one right here yet we are mosting likely to go into the bands and also picks here. So, same exact same as previous fifty percent of this round. Right here, we have Ever Sleeping Community as our map pick as well as on TNG'' s Hunter side right here, we have B as the seeker rising initially with MP side here. Their survivor schedule, Zeru, Anomaly, Shuni, as well as LC.So, initially up, very first point, we have the Hunter below banning the priestess on this map as normal marks not a surprise there. but we'' re going to need to see how else this plays out right here. Uh which Hunters Free has in their repertoire. I'' m not completely certain. But certainly a bundle of possibilities for both sides below. Yes and also for MP MP has a very solid priestess gamer Shuni and also since of that I intend like it'' s additionally as a result of like you recognize the research study is simply an extremely deadly character in this guy. And also today we see that the MP selected mercenary as well as dancer as their initial pick. Um protecting a rescuer as well as the system too. So great work yet not picking characters like Sear. Uh I do really feel that for sear, it'' s hard for him to get involved in the system. So, perhaps for MP side, they would not be picking Sear and allowing Fi had actually had like having the opportunity to ban CSO, they might choose like, you know, various other characters like maybe Person, Acrobat also a plaything vendor actually.Yeah, that ' s definitely true. What you said there, Marks concerning possibly not betting the, if this year ' s not prohibited, perhaps even the'survivors won ' t even select this year, they ' re prioritizing, like'you stated, developing that system, a developed around that female professional dancer chose there. We do see that Fee has can be found in right here with bench maid as the second band here. So, bar maid has been pretty strong in the meta just recently. We have actually seen her been able to do an actually excellent work in a range of matches whether it'' s against the Dream Witch, versus the clerk too, various other solitary hit seekers, and also even hermit as well as having the ability to be a healer.So, simply removing that variable right here for the survivor side. Uh I am I wonder to see here what else they will certainly select to supplement this professional dancer as well as mercenary below on the survivor side. So, they do have a great deal of different options here yet I ask yourself if they ' ll choose more really below. I was mosting likely to I was'mosting likely to state, are they going to choose even more supporters or can be found in with harassers as well as we do see below the miner remaining in play below, Marks? Wow, selecting a possibility. I wouldn ' t anticipating that to be honest since not to claim miner'resembles really unusual to play in the preliminary however I feel like they might choose even more steady characters like Person Acrobat however, they they do have a like a gamer in that that plays miner and prospector in is quite all right also. Uh looking at the Seeker bands, prohibiting a bombing, I do really feel that fee could be considering playing a solitary hit hunter here whether it may be desire witch or a bloody queen or also a hermit actually because as we can see from the past rounds does oppose like a huge counter to Hermit.So, we would certainly need to see what the hunter has set up for the survivors and also today, we will certainly be waiting for the last restriction of the hunter. right? As well as it seems being available in today. This is an acrobat ban on the side of the hunter here. So, just doing away with an additional potential second rescuer and a very strong kiter on the survivor side here but it does expose various options for the survivors like you discussed, Mark ' s. There ' s options like the individual for example or if they believe that the hunter is going to pick a solitary hit hunter, possibly they could come in with something like a psychologist. So, really interested to see what they ' re going to do to to provide that counter right here as well as you additionally discussed Marx the Hermit, a hunter that we have actually seen in today ' s competitions earlier today. Uh between that initial compare of GH and also FT as well as in previous days of today ' s competition, he ' s just been such a solid force in events now in this IVA competition right here and also in fact on the survivor side right here, we see the medical professional coming in as a possible healer the survivor ' s side.What do you think of that, Marks? Wow. Truthfully, I ' m unsure why the choice of medical professional due to the fact that normally if there ' s a medical professional'choice, it

would indicate that there is like a particular hunter'that fee is excellent at, that could be counter by the medical professional. So, hunters, they are counted by medical professional Dream Witch, Hermit, then there ' s also Metalize. I ' m, I ' m truly not exactly sure what for you to play since I ' m not truly, I put on ' t actually recognize what kind of hunters he plays, but then with doctor below, there ' s likewise fairly a number of seekers that can counter it, allow ' s say for a carver and a bonbon.Doctor might not also be able to stand an opportunity against these seekers. So, choosing medical professional would certainly'be rather a risky option yet if they know what they ' re doing, it will certainly be great as well as right currently, we are stating wax artist pick below, Lichi. Yeah, so we were both truly curious to see what the center has in their personality swimming pool and also it ends up being the wax musician. So, I think this is quite interesting below and I wonder to see to understand if possibly a had some intel on possibly various other hunters that they were attempting to utilize that physician to counter below however probably a touching ghost seeker also being quite flexible and adaptable perhaps drew out the wax musician after seeing what MP survivors made a decision to choose right here. Though wax artist, I indicate, we have seen box musicians be played by a whole lot of solid seekers in Southeast Asia. Um yet he is strongly countered by particular characters that can perhaps pull a great deal of distance here. Although, not all the in this team police have the ability to really transitional kite without the assistance of various other characters. So, I ' m curious to see just how this will certainly play out here, Marks.Yeah, and for webs musicians right currently, with this choice, it will be, like, it will place the survivor at an extremely negative like look, let you know, like extremely bad is benefit. Um, and also right now we will be considering the area place right here with Mercenary at the middle as well as miner dancer going to the side and also with Doctor being at Graveyard, the best in a map. And for west artist he chose to opt for the edge dual tale Linchi.Yeah, this is quite curious right here to see the generate at that edge. This leaves him with the prospector as the nearby target below. So, we will have to see that the hunter determines to prioritize as probably not mosting likely to review that mercenary in the center. So, we will see if the seeker determines to choose that

prospector in the distance or make the expedition to graveyard to go after the doctor however that does leave her time to change and also kind of around some areas where there ' s a great deal of wall surfaces and o to block the wax there. As well as Yeah. Actually, we are going to go directly right into the tournament, Marco. we do see right here that the wax artist has an insolence and also detention build here as well as currently simply on the prowl right here for the first survivor is making a beeline for that graveyard area where the doctor is does find out several of the various other characters, some of the other gamers right here including the female professional dancer that has actually left some boxes around as well as Elsie ' s miners. So, really, no, it ' s mosting likely to determine to pursue miner here who is making his way around this these wall surfaces right here which potentially leaves the wax artist with some room to add some wax onto the prospector as well as enclose some range. We do see that the buck rises has teleport though, not blink. Prospector right here being available in with a magnet however does it obtain iced up? Takes that initially hit and is attempting to transition away. Once again, teleport, not blink on the wax artist side. So, he is going to need to attempt to reach this miner on foot right here Margaux.Ah oh wow making use of the flywheel to squash the wax the wax, like, the wax done, excellent task from LC side. That is an extremely smooth move right there. As well as now, using the mud bomb to avoid the pellet from like, prevent the survivor from rising the pellet, and also today, the miner is down, as well as I would certainly claim this group comb is quite

vulnerable, if, without the support of dancer, every person is just a one-man kinder, consisting of the medical professional actually. So, if they put on ' t use the professional dancer below, it would certainly be really hard for the survivors, like, to also like, kite really long versus this wax musician. Yeah, that ' s definitely real and also we do see that Schuny ' s mercenary here is currently in the area simply crouching to trigger tonight ' s but does also expose himself. So, mercenary seems seems coming in below for that rescue.A box musician with a basic strike enabling mercenary to draw off this rescue without taking a double down. Miner right here with a great magnet that really stuns the wax musician for quite a lengthy time. Uh box musician, you understand, has the ability to somewhat respond to stunners in a way however has the ability to accumulate enough wax onto the miner and also in fact prop the last initiative prior to

the tie turn also finishes. So, this does permit the wax artist to really chair the prospector right into the cellar area right here at the corner residence as well as additionally Dollar ' s artist of note does have complete presence already. So, curious to see exactly how this camping will opt for TNG ' s Hunter right here due to the fact that superstars with complete presence in a basement can be a little bit tricky for the for the survivors to go after the rescue in any way. Uh so, we ' ll have to see if they choose to to sacrifice below marks or or dash. But'it looks like sacrifice is what ' s going to happen here. Yeah honestly marketing would certainly be the very best alternative below due to the fact that like with mercenary not having any kind of Titan and also no noone having any kind of Titan actually.It is quite difficult for the person inside basement to in fact dash. So marketing below is the very best alternative since you know it doesn ' t actually affect anybody ' s health and wellness, everyone ' s healthy right currently and everybody has adequate tools. Right now for the it will be best if he can teleport to the physician and also he does it right currently as well as he on the chase, on the Medical professional Ragnal

Vici. Yes, physician right here a little unprotected against the wax musician right here. Uh that wax bop unfortunately was not able to obtain the physician way too much'yet is now taking a great deal of'rocks from the box artist utilizing a flywheel to anticipate in a prediction below however ultimately, box artists below able to down the doctor near the graveyard location and also obtain her 2nd survivor on the chair extremely promptly below, Marco. So, that was a quick 2nd chase right here from the wax artist. We do see that there are 2 ciphers continuing to be on the survivor side and Mercenary seems coming in place for a possible rescue too. Does have one elbow joint pad left however does not have tie turner. So, this can be a bit of a dangerous circumstance right here also if he does manage the rescue here. Yes, as well as right now, physician will be proceeding with the kite. Well, great rescue from the mercenary recently really as well as today, this rescue most important thing is to delay as much time as feasible. Oh, however physician getting that performed with the

dual bomb, very good task from TNG Hunter side. Uh obviously, he understands effectively how to manage a wax artist and also that is an extremely extremely good step by him. As well as now, I think he is sharing at the last cypher which is, oh my god, this will be a transforming factor, Lichi. Yeah, and blocking the last cypher in fact with this wax right here not allowing them to proceed to decode as well as both survivors remain in the vicinity here.So, the medical professionals additionally, the chair is rapidly gaining a time below so they will have to determine how to make this rescue occur along with proceed to deal with that cypher but no wax art is simply mosting likely to keep blocking off that cypher stopping them from decoding at all as well as securing some of the survivors in area also right here with that said wax I assume they are trying to body block a little bit for

that physician yet sadly the medical professional was still wound up dropping here 5 wheel usage by the dancer to prevent dropping too yet the mercenary here Simply continually incapable to decode due to the wax musician continuously sealing the cipher right here. Uh a large sequence of occasions right here however ultimately, the doctor is mosting likely to be gotten and also chaired as well as up for removal while the mercenary decreases afterwards postponed damages is over. Wow, Marks. That was a long sequence. Uh very a whole lot occurring right there with that said sequence of events. Yeah. yes as well as right currently we are seeing on the chase on the women professional dancer right here.Honestly, keeping that rescue from the mercenary, with the, with the doctor, I think, and also yes, the doctor. Um, I intend that the physician should be going into graveyard to stop sharing to figure out that is near, you recognize, that is near here the geisha, yet then medical professional not dying like, close sufficient, like, inside graveyard, it led the hunter have an opportunity to get a four kill here. So, this is a prospective 4 kill match for the hunter. Yeah, absolutely. Um yep, the area that the the survivor went down there, the physician decreased there, definitely allow package musician to go and also camp that last cipher, specifically having that ability that normally enables him to seal that last cipher, wound up being such a harmful position for the survivors to be in. Yet as we see below, the women dancer had a syringe, did not totally heal yet, yet must have be primarily healed now, as well as does use that last little bit in order to recover herself, teleport was used by the Vox musician to get closer to the chair here, and also the rescue was carried out. So, we do see that mercen right here will certainly remain to run by the cypher.No no progression able to be made on that cypher that ' s continually sealed by the wax musician currently. Mercery again will certainly be dropping as soon as that once that delayed damage mores than. Is placing himself near that cypher trying to pop it but no was incapable to pop it in time. We did see that development on the cypher was around 91 %. So, did need more than a couple of faucets there as well as is actually unfortunate yet the mercenary will be going on you know, the chair potential as well. Uh not fairly yet as TNG ' s Seeker there is going to determine what to do as well as does end up swelling the mercenary. We ' ll see if they do chair since that last cypher is pretty has a fair bit of development however decides to simply drop the mercenary below and potentially go go after the female professional dancer right here, Marx.Yes. Uh huh. Checking out this entire match, I honestly assume that the team com is actually not up to the same level versus a wax musician due to the fact that we have the doctor as well as the prospector here. Honestly, without the'teamwork of women dancer, it is very hard for them to be able to kite and It is it is kind of true because simply on Miner wasn ' t able to hold up against the attack from the west musician throughout the very first kite. As well as all right allow ' s deposited, like, you understand, benefit, disadvantage from both group coms.

Truthfully, just now, they ' ve had a possibility to go with a prime and rescue, yet then as a result of not, like, due to passing away near the cypher, wax musician obtained the chance in fact, as well as he had the ability to he had the ability to get the possibility, like, get the possibility and also chair near the cypher this caused such as this situation right here which is three kill and near to a 4 kill yes, without a doubt as well as we do see that, the wax artist there obstructed'off the cypher prior to making the mercenary battle out there, Hireling did attempt his best to get right back there to the cypher, however once again, Wax artist just being able to utilize his skill to seal off the cypher before the Mercenary even got there, prevented that cypher from being stood out as soon as again.And female dancer in time did get a perfume here. So, she will be trying to stay active as long as possible. Potentially try to kite this out till the mercenary totally hemorrhages out. Yet that is mosting likely to take fairly a while. Mercury does have self recover as well.So, I mean, that is a choice for them to use the healing also to obtain up as well as and still try to get that cypher pop somehow yet it is mosting likely to be a challenging scenario for the survivors right here and we do see box artist choosing up the mercenary as well as simply bringing him away from that cypher there that has so much development on it and also just dropping him also further from that cypher to stop that cypher from being stood out if mercenary does self heal.Yes, and right

currently, it seems that the wax musician is simply patiently awaiting opportunity to kill this female professional dancer right below. And also today female professional dancer is being very patient as well, not being also money grubbing on the cyphers, running away, going into graveyard, an excellent job below. Although remaining in such a drawback for MP Survivor still chose to not quit. Since just one retreat. They only require one getaway to be able to get like a vantage in this certain match. So, for them, like, the most effective alternative is most definitely to get like a minimum of a one escape in like in spite of such a negative situation taking place now.

And right now, we see that the dancer is trying to kite as well as the mercenary will certainly be recovering up as well as running far from the cypher, great task from the mercenary since that will create an opening to the survivor side to ensure that the white standing has no teleport but then like he has to cut the cipher also. So, I would certainly claim 100 seconds of outdoor camping decipher below because he has no teleport now, Nichie. Yes, that'' s certainly real as well as Mercery was able to flee for for now. A female dancer, at the same time, does have complete health as well as might remain just close adequate to be neighboring if wax musician does wander off also far.She may go towards a cipher there. Uh meanwhile, we'' ll see Mercenary opening up an upper body there which is concept to at the very least obtain himself some things. Perhaps even a syringe to recover himself up or some products to aid help him with the kiting there. Um women professional dancer now had the ability to make her method around however the wax musician was able to catch up before she had the ability to get any type of progress on that cypher. So, we will certainly be proceeding the chase onto the women professional dancer right here and did utilize that for fragrance there however wax musician using the hot wax in a little a combination there. Had the ability to get one appealed the women professional dancer. We Mile Mercer here. Really, pop that cipher before the wax musician was able to secure it off. So, now, we are in an end game placement with 2 survivors to life at Endgame below. And also Fragrance being used by the mercenary in a very clutch setting there to be able to take added hits here from package musician that has apprehension. Teleport still has 13 seconds until up and also women professional dancer is functioning at that gate.So, we'' ll need to see if Dollars musician can safeguard one extra kill here in this very limited endgame Oh my god and we see that the dancer has open entrance currently. So, this is a one escape for the survivor side right here. Wow, extremely unfavorable for the seeker side in fact since the hunter had like so much possibility to opt for a 4 kill yet after that ultimately, the survivors did so well and it resulted into ending up being a 3 kill rather than a four kill.Now, I wish to state about just currently when Denso was using the fragrance. So, he he the dancer fragrance when she went to 90 plus wax as well as when the wax musician use the hot wax, she was, like, she fragrance back however she fragrance back with ninety-six wax and also when when the warm the when the hot wax is up, it applied damage to her promptly. That'' s why you see the instantaneous fifty percent wellness being made. And right currently, considering the stats here, no, we are not mosting likely to consider the statistics. Uh nevertheless, extremely good work from both sides here as well as I seem like the wax musician did a great task as well, Lichi Yes, that'' s most definitely true.We saw a truly strong game from the wax artist below. It was great to see the Seeker from Touch and also Go just be able to be adaptable acknowledging that the physician might respond to a few of their various other seeker keys right here as well as taking out the box musician identifying that the wax musician would be solid versus this group comp and playing that to their benefit. So, truly amazing to see that outstanding performance in a round 1 here.

We do see that MP have the lead right here but TNG did get themselves on the scoreboard with three factors in round one. So now, we will be taking a time-out but prior to you recognize it, we will be back with round two. So, stay tuned. Keep quiet when you hear this sound. The static bits start to vibrate with the acoustic waves. Suggesting they have actually acquired power. It may be a tiny quantity. Yet it'' s enough to correct my thoughts. However the energy can likewise be substantial. As the setup sunlight shone upon the final rest, I saw a musical note glimmering in gold and also dancing airborne equally as they expected.Movement spread my life energy and pushed me up a pedestal up until I can scent the scent of ability in the air. Roman was me. when it discolored, it cast me right into the void where the light from my eyes extinguished. The light shines with my fingers and onto the white keys as I proceed riding, hoping the tune points me in an instructions. In the representation, I see what must have occurred. He glows golden Just like initially expected Remain quiet. the fixed particles begin to combat Fantastic power requires a modification in the tide and pushes the globe. To absurdity. Do you believe? Proceed.

Allow ' s go. Go. Now, those tickets. a long lasting evening with no end in view. Also the dazzling light fell short to pierce the darkest desire. Noir, a melodist family members has no need for worthless people producing a perpetual motion maker. resembles being entraped in a never ever ending desire Fact expands from these sketches. Expanding that he is of fruitless effort. and also we are back with identity 5 arena twenty 22 November version. I ' m your caster Hira Liche and with me today is my co-caster Marks. So we simply ended up round one in between MP and TNG and also what an amazing round one that was. Uh we saw some really impressive gameplay below from wax artist here in addition to some truly good video game play from the survivors too however in the end I believe both teams hunters you understand had the ability to really show a really controling efficiency on both sides.So, very excited ahead in with such a strong round one and interested to see what these teams have are going to bring in for us for rounded two right here. Just how are you feeling concerning all this, Marks? Well, I ' m sensation excellent in fact. Um checking out TNG Seeker doing such a wonderful work recently with the the camping of the last cypher and also the survivors were doing very great like turning up this last cypher as well as choosing a one retreat. They surely did protected benefit for MP and also now they ' re having like a one factor benefit which provides them the suit point here as well as right now we will be delving into round 2. Well, let ' s not neglect, well, we have some exciting news for you people. So, do keep in mind like there is a giveaway continuous right now for 2 Skin Facility one A skin thanks to Sunny Kim twenty-three. So, the'audiences of individual voluntary agreement. So, if you wish to, if you desire to know more about this, do go as well as examine Nello ' s Mellows, Mellow Mellows F Facebook web page recognize more about the details. Yes, absolutely. Um there ' s a pair of steps you need to do however they ' re pretty easy, you understand, simply sharing the livestream, subscribing to Sunny Kim 23 as well as making sure to comment on what skins that your interested in as well as which'groups that you ' re supporting.So, definitely'go have a look at that free gift there and also in addition, we likewise have some other prizes on the line simply by interacting and commenting in the you can possibly obtain NM coins as well as utilize those to buy unique fan indicators from the casters along with possibly a VIP front row seat to the IVA November Grand Finals Competition which appears actually exciting as well and also the there ' s likewise the top 10 loyal viewers giveaway going on below as well which can permit you to acquire an identification five goodies bag complete of goods. So I did see Nello his web page. They ' re unboxing a great deal of goods earlier. Perhaps,'several of that product might come from you around, visitors. So, make certain to have a look at those interesting free gifts that remain in store. Yes, and also today, preparing to go into the suit, I'' m really excited to see what both teams have in shop for us. So, with TNG Hunter and MP Seeker being so, controling in like both rounds just currently. I am rather delighted to see what their efficiency will certainly get on the following round and let ' s not fail to remember the survivor'as well as they were doing respectable as well.Uh I keep in mind that MP survivors were doing an extremely great task in kiting the wax musician and additionally like or in spite of having the negative aspect from the TeamCom, they had the ability to get a one retreat which mostly like and also like which mainly safeguard the benefit for MP right here and also TNG survivors like although obtaining a four kill in the last round, I am fairly delighted to see what what efficiency they would like give the table because we do see that there ' s a anti quarantine on the just currently which we put on ' t really see generally. So, extremely amazing picks from TNG site, so I, as well as I will resemble, I desire, I need to know more regarding what they have in shop for us. Yes, most definitely true. We did see that antiquarian which is truly exciting as well as I ' m interested to see if we will certainly see her in round 2 too yet initially, we are'actually going to have MP survivors up versus TNG ' s Hunter below. So, we simply saw an actually amazing box artist from TNG ' s Seeker however we additionally presumed Marco that the wax musician is not the only hunter that we right here can play potentially having something like The Hermit another character on the line since MP was so particular with countering with that doctor pick in the last round.And indeed we see the hermit being outlawed first point in this round here. So getting rid of that variable entirely the hermit which has been such a strong and also present variable in this IVA event thus far. Yes, and right currently we are seeing a acrobat and onward picture, really common option from the survivor, one being an extremely strong kite and also one being a very solid harasser and considering the band simply now, a band of hermit, that implies that flea is an excellent, like, it ' s possibly like specialized in hermit and for this reason, why the medical professional images currently? And now, we will certainly be waiting for a cost to make his 3rd band and also I really feel like if this map choice was from MP, after that they, they, they ' re doing a great work, because, not just does, not only they can prohibit hermit, however it also limits the performance of wax artist.Meanwhile, MP Moru having a great deal of hunters in his toolbox that can do well on ah', arms manufacturing facility, it will be very helpful for them. So, MP Moru has Burleigh Queen and likewise Dream Witch to work with. So, I ' m fairly fired up to see what type of Hunter Morrow will bring up and we see a person band below, Richie. Yes', interesting selection to ban the patient here as well as the elderly as well as women professional dancer. So, this is a little bit of a different

approach that we saw as opposed to the last round. Actually, it ' s been fairly a while considering that we ' ve seen us below be outlawed or played, I would certainly claim, which is rather intriguing nowadays to see him dropping lower in concern in those picks than to some of those either very steady picks extremely system-based choices like you ' re speaking about with the female dancer system and every little thing like that.Meanwhile, on the survivor side, we see that along with the acrobat and also the forward right here, we additionally have the addition of bench maid. So, bar maid it does counter the hermit yet a hermit is outlawed. Barmate can likewise be made use of to respond to single head seekers as well as seekers like Clark as well as Fantasize Witch particularly. So, curious to see just how this will certainly play out right here. If Free does choose to a solitary talent scout or'not due to the fact that with the seer being prohibited this type of recommends that perhaps it may be a solitary hit hunter below. Yes, as well as today, we are sharing a postman restriction. Um considering the restriction in general, if they ' re prohibiting postman, that suggests that it is a seeker that is frightened of fast decoding progress.So, it can be a hunter that is very strong in camping like artist or bonbon. Um When it comes to a seer band, I am uncertain if that ' s to like, if that ' s since the seeker is frightened of single hit seekers, however maybe since that in arms manufacturing facilities right here is the main fan, so obtaining that ban was required as well, and also today going with the entomologist choice. Currently, I ' m rather worried for MP survivor hip jump, due to the fact that what if, you understand, free seeker chooses like a hunter that counters entomologist like Bong Bong.Yes, that ' s certainly real. We ' ll need to see if this hunter has Bon Bon within their personality swimming pool below as well as ends up it ' s in fact the artist below. Uh perhaps also anticipated by MP if they selected to bring out that entomologist specifically to respond to the sculptor right here as well. Um but it does kind of make feeling. Carver is additionally rather countered by postman. So, that is a bit make feeling why the mail carrier would certainly obtain prohibited there by the sculpture too. Uh meanwhile, in terms of the various other survivo right here, you know, sculpture does have the potential to chase quite a range of survivors yet it truly depends on how accurate those statues are and also I ' m sure if we is pulling out the sculpture in this type of set, they are effectively exercised with a sculpture.So, I ' m interested to see exactly how this is going to play out for the sculpture along with the survivors there. Yes as well as taking a look at the group composition right here, I still really feel that the survivor has fairly a little bit of advantage due to the fact that being an arms manufacturing facility, this map brings a great deal of benefit to survivors like entomologists and also acrobat. So, now, entering into the spawn area right here, what do we have, Lichi? right? It looks like bench house cleaning is mosting likely to be spotting near the factory whereas'the acrobat generates near the shack forward between as well as ahead in fact and also bench house maid I assume being the closest in location to where the sculptor was which was near the gate there.So I wonder who sculpture is going to target first, you understand, entomologist is not really a simple target whatsoever. A dancer perhaps a bit a lot more palatable but those boxes can absolutely be actually irritating on a map like arm factory below where there ' s also a lot of pallets and transitional locations to deal with. What do you assume Marco might might this play out below? Well, right now, checking out the TeamCom, he, she, she can either go with a survivor like Ento or Ento or Bormate or go for acrobat to such as get rid of among the Titans here and also today, we are seeing a chase as the first target

right here. So, choosing a, choosing a sort of personality refrains it reduce the decoding yet additionally like, it, it ' s, it ' s, it ' s okay, truthfully, like, compare to changing the forward as well as the acrobat, Barmit is taken into consideration quite an excellent target for the sculptor.Right, as well as we do see Barmaid without a doubt, Sculpture is surrounding her, and is already able to get an initially hit, yet, whoa, the onward right here can be found in with some football and also pressing back, however unfortunately, unable to do high as an artist, had the ability to down the bar housemaid, very quickly in the vicinity with another standard hit here, or it is the one in danger as well as has the ability to narrowly evade that hit. however take a look at that football usage. That football is entirely consumed by that ahead within this very early video game duration below and sadly additionally wasn ' t able to get Barmate a whole lot of added time. So certainly unfortunate below. I think he could be seeking one more object out of the breast eventually. likewise my apologies there. I I think I was calling female professional dancer out earlier based upon what got on the display. But it ' s actually bench housemaid that is in this suit as we and currently we see right here the O word possibly coming in for a rescue yet without any does have an elbow pad to replace his lack of a football here.Entomologist does be available in with her with some support however the ideal last initiative is currently propped on bench house maid below. Um so a little regrettable right here but Ty Turner is triggered to at the very least give her time to flee from the main location as well as far from the teammate cyphers. So really early video game down right here for the carver Margaux. Yes, very unfortunate on the misplay below from the onward. Um making use of such a huge section of sphere yet not getting the stunt and likewise terminating the assault recuperation. That is unfortunate on the survival side and additionally the rescue that was quite unfortunate as'well since entomologists coming in with the assist as well as forward coming in with the rescue but still obtaining struck at the end. That implies that the decoding development will certainly be really, extremely, extremely sluggish as well as today, it will be a great idea to market but Artist still has the top hand because the decoding development is so sluggish. So, she has even more time to hunt for survive like for her 2nd target and also like it ' s less complicated for her like to have even more time to like target the next survivor however the just good idea regarding the survivor side is the hunter has not is not completely existence yet.So, it ' s not such a big anxiety when kiting the carver but still I do feel that Hunter has an edge in this specific pair up. Yes, definitely Marco. As well as we do see right here the forward is presently obtaining targeted by the sculpture, not nearly as terrifying when he doesn ' t have any type of football here and also is already cracked also. One more chip can be found in below, not a complete existence chip yet a very exact home window chip by the artist revealing the ability of TNG sculpture player right here. One more chip coming in for the forward and also a last one here. So, this ahead right here coming down to a pair of sculptures as well as is going to currently take place chair near this corner where the manufacturing facility'is. So, Artist in fact didn ' t have to utilize Blink throughout the chase either. Still has the Blink in hand and is currently mosting likely to be able to utilize that full existence to apply added pressure to the cyphers by not just tossing the carve there however likewise having those vehicle objective statuaries. We do see that entomologist is doing her ideal to prevent those sculptures as well as is secure in the meantime with a good quantity of delegated aid in her security as well.Meanwhile, Shunie right here, the acrobat remains in the vicinity does have a tie turner to deal with. Now, but this is a full existence carver. So, quite a tight spot regardless. Two cyphers are continuing to be on the map too as well as they are letting the ahead transcend fifty percent. We ' ll see if Schuny determines to embrace rescue right prior to fifty percent or otherwise. This could be a bit limited here. Yes as well as now, the acrobat is going for the rescue and perfectly done dodging all the statuary and Rena embracing a really excellent rescue

below. Uh coming down the stand you and getting the hit on the forward great job from the artist. The 2nd chase just now on the forward was really extremely incredible. using a battery of statuaries to protect against the autumn from cutting and also breaking down every little bit of health and wellness he has. And also from that from that point on is generally a GGE well played for survivor here since like Hunter the Hunter obtaining down 2nd target like the second target so quick despite our full presence that indicates that the cypher is truly really not enough.And I presume that this cypher here I don ' t believe it ' s that much. It ' s possibly like maybe twenty or thirty and even possibly a new cypher Yes, most definitely a great deal of progress cut out for the survivors yet to needing to decipher that last cipher and also we do see right here Carver currently on the move chasing after the acrobat as the following target.We ' ll see if this acrobat can acquire sufficient time however sculptures enclosing swiftly below as well as has the ability to get that basic hit on the acrobat knocking the acrobat down. Sculptor below seems to be leaving the acrobat on the ground for currently just trying to identify where that entomologist is any of those vehicle drivers are being deciphered however has spotted the entomologist extremely near this area. Uh the manufacturing facility right here. So we ' ll simply see Carver remain to loop around and also attempt her best to chase after the entomologist that is scampering on those fees and also able to utilize those charges to block off the carver ' s path.Still getting one chip damage though from the sculptor ' s autoim statues right here. So'with any luck the entomologist can kite enough time for the acrobat to be able to prime his self pickup and we do see that acrobat undoubtedly uses that self heal whereas entomologist remains in a rather a harmful setting as a mind video game around these pallets below can she make it to the following spot? Resembles she'will be hit as she attempts to vault this pallet here. So entomologist is dropping. Acrobat is back up.But quite away from any kind of cipher there. So TNG is simply mosting likely to pursue the acrobat and keep changing targets, trying her finest. Uh the carver attempting her finest right here to get a four elimination circumstance here. What do you assume is is mosting likely to happen, Marco? Do you think that sculpture is going to have this for elimination in the bag or do the survivors have any kind of dealing with chance in this suit? Well, most likely for the Hunter side, I think extremely gently, he will certainly be obtaining a four kill because today both survivors selfie has actually been consumed and also as I stated, recently, I, the cyber progress is in fact not that much.As you can see

in the manufacturing facility just now, it was just 20 to 30. So, it will certainly mean like, this, this, the survivor has to weep for a long period of time and also versus a complete visibility sculpture, that is simply physically difficult, I would state, because, all right, now, going to teleport to the, who'' s this, the entomologist right below, exact same point since, both of them consumed their self heels, so like eliminating any person would be a great selection for the artist below, as well as now, the major top priority for Carver is to simply prevent the cypher from being decoded, so, right now, that is what the carver is doing, as well as getting the chip struck from the, from the entomologist right below, as well as entomologist getting the down, and also right now, simply chasing that mercenary and also they will be a four-kill matching group. Marco actually remarkable task by the sculptor right here. Uh TNG sculptor to safeguard a four kill going right into rounded two. So TNG truly revealing that their seeker is to be respected is to be absolutely be feared as well as be admired for their skill here with a selection of hunters.Now we understand that Sculptor remains in the mix as well. Let ' s take a look at these statistics right here real quick. So we do see that the seekers the survi try to consist of the hunter around a min. Each of them virtually and the hunter there having 7 knockdowns, a horror shock. Ultimately, as we saw, a force survivor elimination.Getting TNG in advance with

five points in rounded two. So, MP currently has a pressure on them to attempt to find back with ideally one more five points if feasible however if not, at the very least try to complete those factors as long as they can as well as compel that as much of an advantage as possible going into round three. Yes. Um excellent task from TNG Hunter being able to secure that early down as well as additionally a good job at the camp there like obtaining the bomb right into down so that she won ' t be able to 2nd kite as well as additionally doing a mid video game with the battery that statue able to take down the ahead extremely swiftly. So, very very smooth moves from the seeker. I do feel that this seeker is quite good in regards to controls as well as he can be a very top tier gamer in SEA probably. Uh not sure who he is yet I do really feel that his controls are really on factor as well as the method he like walks about as well as tries to find his like his chance to down the survivor. Generally, great job from the Hunter side and likewise survivor side.They were doing a wonderful work as well. Like embracing like the the rescue as well as trying their ideal to kite. Whatever was doing every little thing was going fantastic but you recognize collection of unfortunate events occur and also the being able to catch the possibility as well as simply protect in the four kills. So, props to both side as well as additionally congratulations to TNG Seeker for to be able to get the 4 kill. Yeah, absolutely an actually impressive work on both sides thus far. We will be going into a time-out though and also when we return, we will proceed with round 2 2nd half. So, remain tuned as well as we will be back soon. stay silent when you hear this sound. The fixed particles start to shake with the acoustic waves. Suggesting they have acquired energy. It might be a tiny amount. Yet it ' s sufficient to correct out my thoughts. Yet the power can likewise be huge.As the setup sun revealed upon the last remainder, I saw a musical note glimmering in gold and also dance in the air equally as they expected. review my life energy and pushed me off

a pedestal until I could smell the scent of ability in the air. Roman was me Once it discolored, it cast me into the void. Where the light from my eyes snuffed out. The light lusters through my fingers and onto the white keys as I proceed riding, really hoping the melody points me in a direction In the representation, I see what should have taken place. He shines gold. Just they first anticipated. Keep silent. Static particles begin to combat. They begin to saliv the whole hills. Great energy requires a change in the tide and also presses the world. To absurdity. Do you think? Hello, everyone. We are back with Identity Five Arena twenty 22. This is your Castor Leeche and also with me today is my co-caster, Marks and also we are back to the game.This is MP versus TNG. Round 3, sorry, round 2, second fifty percent. So, we had a really interesting initial fifty percent of rounded two until now. We had the ability to see a really strong sculpture from TNG ' s Hunter Fuy

there and also actually unexpected to see that however also truly amazing to see that sculpture draw off such a great score of a four-man removal. On MP survivor side, they did attempt their finest against that sculpture there however because of a few misplays beforehand, regrettably, was unable ahead back from that in the end.So, we will have to see exactly how MP s Seeker Moru is able to help them return from the scenario below. Um however I ' m excited to see exactly how this will play out. Yes, truthfully this situation now, not looking too helpful for MP yet we have much more as the hunter as well as depending upon more guidelines efficiency, I seem like it will greatly impact the outcome of round two right here. So, everything depends upon what Moru does as well as right now, we will certainly be going into the band choice session, DG. Yeah, I ' m interested how this will play out since we do recognize that in round one, Moru had a really solid breaking wheel as well as is absolutely recognized for that breaking wheel. However, on a map like Arms Manufacturing facility, be a bit difficult to play that damaging wheel here which I think you might have even stated earlier, Marks, yet actually, the sculpture is going to be the one being banned.So, possibly, touch and go additionally believed about this map and also thought that, you know, on this map, maybe Breaking Wheel is mosting likely to be a little bit more manageable or maybe extra origin is less likely to play damaging wheel. So, determined to go with that sculpture band rather here and also in the pics here, we do see that they have picked the ahead as well as the women professional dancer to choose while Moru hair has been the entomologist the postman. What do you think of all this up until now, Marks? Well, I do really feel that initially, Hugh will be opting for a sculptor choice yet since he curved the entomologist however Sculptor getting prohibited on the various other hand. So, that indicates that Moru need to find various options right here as well as with ahead and also professional dancer remaining in the pick for TNG survivors. Excellent task truthfully for being an excellent rescuer and professional dancer being just one of the primary fans in armspectory. can say she is as essential as a seed in this certain one, because, due to the fact that dancer is extremely, very, like, she can carry out extremely well in this map, as well as right currently we are looking at the 3rd band which is the person here.Um, unsure what moral would be using, yet after that, like, from the appearances of it, maybe, what ' s that called? It can be a camping base hunter, like Bon Bon. So, I assume for TNG survivors, the main top priority is to respond to that bomb on workplace as well, because, you understand, as we, as we all recognize, precepts is extremely very harmful as well.

Yes, that ' s extremely real, Marco. Uh the survivors certainly need to keep'that Bon Bon in mind because in the previous couple of days, Mora has actually additionally pulled out Bonbon before. Actually, yesterday in day two, Morrow played Bonbon I count on every suit and obtained a 3 survivor removal each time as well.So, certainly extremely solid keeping that. Bonbon is likewise really flexible in bringing different characteristics depending upon the circumstance. Uh typically does bring detention yet we have actually seen him take out teleport bonbons, blink bonbons, and also change the other attributes on the Persimoto tree as well. So, really experienced with that Bon Bon and also absolutely something that the survivors can ' t pass over at this point absolutely have to look out for it. Uh I ' m interested to see what the survivors will be doing to supplement this forward and women professional dancer right here. What do you assume Marco? Well, they be for advocates with additional kiting personalities. What might they be considering below? I seem like largely they may consider going for a acrobat pit unless like if they have various option choices in mind and of course as as I anticipated here it is an acrobat. Um even if acrobat is so good on kiting and likewise he can be thought about as a rescuer too and because of the adaptability they like you understand he ' s able to have an extremely high rate of being pick to be up for the event here.And today Taking a look at the vapor comb, it ' s looking pretty excellent with onward professional dancer as well as acrobat. These three characters can all cooperate with each various other with onward during the bother and also acrobat as the main directing character and also dancer being the being the survivor that brings'out all the assistance. And also now for even more policy due to the fact that outlawing the postman that indicates

he might go for an outdoor camping base seeker however hunters like it ' s really simple for the survivor to get Thai or also one retreat. So, I seem like he might have to second, like, assume two times of what he ' s ready to choose, due to the fact that playing a bonbon, okay, it is a comfort personality for him, yet will he have the ability to secure that four kill? And we do see that the last band is a seer, as well as that indicates that he might not go for a bomb bomb, yet instead something'that is a single hit hunter. right? That does provide us a great deal

to consider below. Both the entomologist as well as this year being outlawed. And also with'the person I can ' t help but question possibly also a clerk being taken into consideration within this mix here. I put on ' t recognize. It ' s it ' s a bit challenging scenario for Maru here due to the fact that like you stated, he ' s extremely solid with Bonbon however Bonbon, we commonly consider as a connection seeker that can accomplish a three kill in the appropriate problems but getting that for survivor removal occasionally is still a little bit challenging also for the finest of Bon Bon gamers available. So, keeping that in consideration, perhaps, Morrow is'also'adjusting and adapting to the scenario and considering what other Hagers take out here in'order to gain their group this advantage, bring them to as close as 5 points as he can get in this match here.We do see the survivors right here have actually been available in with a bar made pick. So, Barmaid right here being an extremely strong pick being a capability to heal herself in addition to the colleagues below possibly greater than once, even two times. So, what do you think of that, Marco? I I do think Barmaid is you understand, actually up there nowadays in the meta. However could they be responding to any kind of specific hunters from their viewpoint here? Well, okay, having the methods

that Moru is going with a solitary 800, right? So, extremely clever option on TNG readied to select the because nearly all the solitary hit seekers as well as for the choices below, he can be, oh, selecting a clerk. I was going to state he might be going with like solitary hit hunters like Desire Witch or like Bloody Queen or all possibilities to be truthful but him going for a clerk, that suggests, alright, since staff is a really generic personality, everything depends on the hunter ' s efficiency of this particular below contest. So, exactly how excellent this player is will be how great this club is. If you obtain what I indicate, as well as club can come to be like club can kill can have fun with any team lining as long as the efficiency good. So, I ' m very delighted to see what kind of performance Moro has in store for us. Yes, definitely really excited below to see Mauro ' s clerk as well as on this map in arms factory, where Wonder really has to get this benefit right here. Um likewise really delighted to see on the survivor side what they can do below with that bar house maid, having that added insurance policy against the clerk, could potentially truly aid them out below and also they do have that female professional dancer that I ' m thrilled to see what they can do with that female dancer right here. We do see that the women professional dancer is spawning in the direction of a manufacturing facility location which can be a solid area to put those music boxes. On the other hand, the bar maid is at Shack forward in a main area with the acrobat right here sort of in between locations type of outside the manufacturing facility between the manufacturing facility as well as the other ruins there. So, we ' ll see exactly how the staff chooses their spawn position and also it seems closest to the barbate right here. What do you think of exactly how this looks below and works Wow. Moral must picked like among the very best place right here in the in the in a small location because if he select to generate near front gateway, that would mean that he, he can ' t chase like, all, all of the personalities, due to the fact that the answer would certainly be, in the factory, and also acrobat would certainly have transitioned to some, someplace, also more ways.So, that select was so good, and it ' s the closest to the, so certainly will be the initial target. Yes, as well as currently we are getting in that match there with a very stately skin used by the staff here and also we do see that the qualities right here brought our apprehension as well as Ace in the hole there. Clerk now on the move for the very first target. This will be TNG White who is bench house cleaning indeed at the Shack Area already enclosing very closely as well as it gets that appealed bench house maid. My benefits, a very early appealed the bar friend below that does have a wine that she won ' t drink to attempt to recover herself up as high as possible. But more here is going to remain to go after this bar housemaid who is mosting likely to be taped as she votes at scheme. So, we ' ll have to be careful of that in the future during this kite. Luckily, is at the very least able to heal as much as complete health. So, this is type of a reset in this kite below for both the hunter and also the survivor. We do see that the clerk has actually brought exhilaration as her quality below to guard against the forward perhaps and also is manages to obtain another hit on'bench housemaid right here. So, starting with another hit and will proceed to pursue that bar house maid as they shift over below. Yes. Oh my benefits. Ahead being available in with an excellent feat and I'believe that ' s a fifty percent sphere feat, long stunt from the forward in fact as well as right now is still sharing the with the kite thing below and I believe the bomb is still has another, another red wine that he can use for the boosting.Uh right currently, the club having the recording for the scheme and oh doing the mistake below, not recognizing what a bomb help is, TG. Yeah. So, utilize that taping there to shut out the home window however in fact, the bar made there being on the various other side. Staff did manage to hide her red light a little yet was unable to reach bench maid who is actually presently being recorded below going down on the pallet. So, Clark just uses partnerships that to raise that palette back up but still not capturing quite up to the bar primary right now. China mind game extremely hard around these pallets below however Staff until now has actually not been able to catch up the bar housemaid. So, it ' s been an excellent work on mermaid to be able to mind game thus far against the clerk however ultimately, she does decrease to that hit.We do see that 2 cyphers have currently been stood out. Three cyphers staying as well as some of those may already have progress also. So, now we have the bar housemaid on the initial chair, exhilaration still available for the clerk to use must the forward choose to go in for any additional sense here. He does have a connection turner as well as we do see Hollow coming in below in area for a rescue possibly. Yes as well as now onward will certainly be going if the rescue with in the chair right currently. honestly this is looking extremely good for the survivor'side since both cyphers are being deciphered as well as having a tight turner right here. Today for opting for great work here as well as now will certainly be continuing with the kite.Will she be able to kite like surpassing the limited turn of time. This will all cause the bomb race performance as well as right now for getting a double down. Very unfavorable right here for from the survivor side Linchi. Yes, forward. Sadly, dropped right there and also Clark, oh my benefits, switching straight to Blink. In order to try to capture up to this bar housemaid right here, yet I was not able to do so.So, it ' s going to videotape bench house cleaning as well as remain to pursue her in this chase below on foot, getting a tear shock on the barmaid as she goes across over this pallet. So, does manage down the sparmaid in the end. Onward is also down however Barmaid is going to be the one selected up and place on the chair. Um in the meanwhile,

we do see that dancer has in fact popped one more cipher. So on the survivor side, they actually only have one cipher staying whereas Barmaid, this is her second time on the chair, does still have one life left on the chair.While forward picked himself up using self heal. So they are going to send over one rescuer over right here that has the full health and wellness. Oh. Well, Ahead, it appears like it ' s still going to potentially remain in the vicinity too. We ' ll see how this winds up being played out below. If they are able to get the Cypher Prime in time, however we do see the acrobat in below coming in with the 2nd connection turner and all three survivors are below. They ' re trying to body block. Staff however was unable to obtain that struck on bench maid. Acrobat coming in here for additional support. He ' s the one dropping on last initiative and also the staff continually attempting to stall that cypher development as high as possible.But it ' s mosting likely to transform her focus back to these survivors hiding here ultimately.

In a feat enters play. Acrobat is down yet the various other two are still standing below. Marco, the acrobat is going to go be gotten as well as place on the chair however this does enable the bar housemaid to flee completely free. Yes, as well as right currently, with getting, like, obtaining to'leave away, she will certainly have the ability to blend that Dublin and also obtain herself back to full wellness, and also I assume she will certainly be going in for the rescue too. So, looking excellent on, like, from the, like, on the survival side here, truthfully, that double down, just currently, although, will put the survivor in a drawback, however even more rule altering the profession to a blink, which restricts his possibilities of endgame', so, we do have to bear in mind that TNG ' s objective right here is to just get one getaway, if I ' m not incorrect, yes, one retreat to like,'safeguard the badge factor right here, as well as, it will be better if they have a connection and also above, so, honestly, this is looking extremely, great, for the survivor side.Yes, indeed and also it looks like women dancer there currently has that cypher practically topped as the ahead below will certainly be embracing that last rescue, leaving the bar house cleaning in placement to possibly help either with a cipher or to decode the gate below, onward below did draw off that rescue, Barmaid is mosting likely to be, sorry, the acrobat is going to be speeding away, does have some added bombs to collaborate with to permit him to aid with that last kite and also Clerk here actually utilizing the blink right before the cypher pop. Sadly, this implies Acrobat is able to get right back up and also defeating away.Clerk will certainly do her finest to reduce that gateway over there yet if they have two'survivors servicing that gateway, there may not be much that the court can do. She ' s going to need to attempt to chase after this acrobat and the acrofat does have bombs to collaborate with. Staff, on the other hand, once more, no blink, no teleport to function with. Can ' t she obtain to this entrance at the very least and also try to down a various survivor near the gateway. We do see female dancer has those boxes established up for her support right here and Moru right here is simply mosting likely to mind game around these pallets with the focus, try to ascertain on that female dance that really avoided that and now, another pirouette treatment to go on preventing the hunter.And again, at the home window here, Mario right here was unable to expand long enough to obtain that my benefits right here marks Will certainly Moore be able to protect at least one elimination for MP Oh it ' s extremely hard to claim truthfully. Today we do see that the dungeon is appropriate close to cat carry as well as this is an extremely poor situation for the seeker as a result of an international it it won ' t indicate a five point downside to to survive the the'seeker as well as right now going in stopping working the window block as well as today adopting the junction this is a bad run for the sun term.exactly how unfavorable I would say for an extremely great task on the survivor side doing so well in the starting actually.Yes, the survivor ' s eye is proceeding to bring their team with here versus this very effective staff that, you recognize, has a lot of possible however however, dropped to the survivors truly excellent battle here, I would certainly claim. They had some actually excellent mind games around those pallet locations and also it just took a staff a long time in order to obtain those downs needing to switch target midway through as well. now right here, you know, we are finished with round 2 and look at that score for round 2. TNG right here with 10 points here. Both a 4 survivor retreat as well as four survivor removal from their side. Truly carrying that momentum attempting to turn this around because they did have the disadvantage in round one. So, we ' ll see if TNG has the ability to advance with'that amazing energy that they have right into round 3. At the same time, for MP side, they are mosting likely to need to collect yourself below as well as generate some approaches to do whatever they can do to attempt to transform this around in rounded 3 in a positive means for them. Currently we will be going into a time-out. So, we will see you later.

Stay silent when you hear this sound. The static fragments start to vibrate with the sound waves. Suggesting they have actually acquired power. It might be a small amount. Yet it ' s sufficient to correct my thoughts. But the energy can additionally be you As the setup sun shone upon the last remainder, I saw a musical note than dancing airborne equally as they anticipated. read my life energy as well as pushed me up a pedestal until I could scent the fragrance of skill airborne. Roman was me. Once it discolored, it cast me into the void. Where the light from my eyes snuffed out. The light lusters via my fingers and onto the white secrets as I continue riding, really hoping the tune points me in a direction.In the representation, I see what should have taken place. He shines gold. Much like first anticipated.

Keep quiet the static bits start Excellent power forces a change in the trend and also presses the globe. To absurdity. Do you think? Hello, everyone. We are back to Identity Five Field 2022 competition. I ' m your Castor Leeche and also with me today is Marks. So, we ' ve obtained with 2 rounds of this pair up until now in between actually solid groups, MP', and TNG and also what a competition match this has actually been. MP can be found in below with the benefit of the begin in rounded one taking rounded one yet TNG was not discouraged by that and able to come back with a truly excellent rating of ten points. Getting both a four survivor removal and a more survivor getaway on their side.

Which is just wow. So excellent. So now we ' re going to head right into rounded 3. A little of a difficult circumstance right here for MP'yet there are going to need to try ahead back from that while TNG is going to need to attempt to ride on with this energy below. So truly exciting things right here Marks. Yes ah for MP side right here they are clearly in a disadvantage ah taking into consideration the the factors of the game yet then I feel like ah there ' s still opportunity for MP to turn the tables since if they win this round they will still consider ah MP winning so the just the only means for TNG to win is to get a win on this match or get a tight tie which is not which is not so easy compared to one kill as well as one escape.So ah honestly this might be any individual ' s game and also I ' m expecting what the two groups will certainly bring to us. Yes, absolutely MP does have their work reduced out suitable them in this round here however if'they can simply focus on obtaining a win as well as completing round 3 with a total win, then, possibly, this is a little bit more of a feasible objective for them below entering into rounded three yet thrilled to see what they have in shop for us. Every match here thus far has actually been really interesting no matter what occurs. So, I assume for us, we ' re simply actually delighted to see some game play here from top-tier seekers and also survivors having the ability to pull this out. Um I ' ve simply been continually astonished this entire day. Learning so much from both the hunters as well as the survivors that have been playing. So, it ' s simply been an employer to be here, honestly. Yes', and also now, prior to we get involved in the game, allow ' s not neglect some giveaway that is taking place. So, do keep in mind that there is a free gift of 2 Skins and also one A skin thanks to Sunny Kim twenty-three and to the audiences IVA.If you need to know even more about'the giveaway, do most likely to Nello Mellow ' s Facebook web page for more details and there ' s additionally devoted viewers free gift and also coins program, all that points. Just do communication in the

remark like you recognize, in the remark section. Just obtain'active as well as you would stand a possibility to'win a really good prize at Sliche. Yes, truly interesting prizes that are being offered. So, make sure to obtain those communications in and also currently, we will be entering into the Van Peg right here. So, this is round 3 very first fifty percent. We have Touch and also Go ' s Survivors up initially in this round with MP s Hunter Moru up initially for MP s and appearing originally with this priestess band as soon as possible. Supplemented by the onward here for Maru. So, doing away with 2 extremely solid, very meta characters instantly in addition to a female dancer here.Uh some one more actually prominent character that we ' ve seen in this tournament and also being utilized extremely efficiently by a lot of different groups. We ' ve even seen her made use of earlier today. Yes, as well as now. Map here. Yeah. Below ' s the moonlight below for context. Yeah, due to the fact that it would, it would be extremely strange if they ban Priesters on Arms Factory. That ' s much like, that ' s simply weird. As well as today, going in'with Priestess Forward, female professional dancer as the band and also TNG here outlawing sculpture as well as breaking wheel for the Hunter. Well, all of us understand that breaking rule is very solid in to ensure that ' s for certain, Ben, and Artist being a hunter that'might possibly four kill. They are mosting likely to eliminate this factor here. So, which, which leaves much more for the decision of perhaps a bonbon, perhaps seekers like Bloody Queen, we do understand that, Morrow had a badge in Bloody Queen prior to, so I ' m, both of them are Thai base hunters, so letting them out which indicates that they might, they would not, danger so large in additionally getting like, you recognize, a 3 kill of, or, or a four kill, like from the Honda side right here, so excellent band from the TNG survivors, and today, we will be awaiting PNG to make their pay on the survivors. Truthfully a great deal of a great deal of option for them to choose. They have the toy vendor as well as likewise like personalities like Patient Acrobat which would certainly work very very well in this map. Yes, that ' s certainly true and also we do see acrobat being available in below ideal from the begin equally as you anticipated, Margo. Uh as well as the mercenary can be found in here to supplement. So, coming off with two stable personalities at once. We ' ll have to see if they continue to choose stability or if they ' ll take out some extra tricks here, we do'bear in mind that they tried the antiquarian earlier today as well.So, she can likewise do some pretty interesting points on this map as well yet I absolutely agree marks with what you stated. Outlawing some truly strong personalities that protect against Maru from playing these 4 K possible characters right here. on a map similar to this too', having the ability to play something like Damaging Wheel and simply zoom around the map in addition to personalities like Sculptor

that have some type of far map control. Uh preventing those hunters can be truly beneficial on a map like Moonlit River Park as well as it really as for hand here.Is he mosting likely to go for that Bon Bon which can be a little bit hard to use a big map like Moonlit. He has actually played teleport Bonbon in the past before. So, if he does go Bonbon, I wouldn ' t be shocked if he chooses teleport on a big map similar to this however again, possibly he ' ll decide to choose a different seeker below that has natural capability to go across that big distances across the map and we do see right here coming in for that ban, that survivor, the mail carrier, is mosting likely to be prohibited following on Maruside whereas the survivor side chooses the embalmer choice below. So, definitely an an additional actually good character on this map below, Marks. Yes, TNG never ever, like, never ever stops working to shock us with, you recognize, these sort of like characters like as well as I think it ' s a very good choice for them to select emboma in fact due to the fact that as you can see from this band choose right here, Morrow is actually screaming, I ' m mosting likely to play Bon Bon due to the fact that you understand, with the priestess forward and also mail carrier as the band, it is highly likely that will certainly be choosing and also to choose like.So, if the survivor side pick and bomber right here, Bombing plane would certainly most likely select a teleport as their profession. So, that would, to put it simply, lower down the, the pursuing capability of Bombom because he is forced to take a teleport instead of a blink. And today, having bomb it as the last ban. So, Barmate after the aficionado is likewise an extremely solid ah a bomb crawler if played correctly. Allow ' s say if she is like looping around the station, it will be very hard for the bomber to catch and also with the regularly reviving of health and wellness, it will be extremely helpful with the catch as well as now going in with the last choice of client. Excellent selection from TNG side honestly since both 2 titles are very extremely strong and also with embomber having the ability to change from one place to another with the coffin as well as with mercenary as the secure rescuer here.Very really secure versus this Yeah, this puts Mauro into such a hard position, I seem like, due to the fact that which among these survivors is a simple target right here, truly, none can be taken into consideration very very easy targets due to the fact that even if you go after the embomber that doesn ' t have really any type of things to aid himself kite, he can still utilize that casket to stop Barbon from having an opportunity to camp in all, which is among Bobon ' s staminas below. Um, also, you understand, forcing the Seeker to possibly

need to bring something like teleport also. We can even see the roller coaster entered into play on this map to allow the survivors to obtain a lot more distance between themselves as well as the bonbon.So, no matter that Bonbon chases after, I mean, Acrobat is so strong on this map. It has numerous leaping factors and person can just draw much ranges far from Bonbon and also use distinct hook areas also. So, I simply think that this is this is mosting likely to be such a hard scenario for Moru no matter what traits he decides to bring here. Yes, and also nevertheless with the quenching result and also to teleport to the which is the very easy, most convenient target in this team com right here. Don ' t forget that Embomber has a casket and also with the casket like being able to change from one spot to the various other, it is nearly impossible for the minute to acquire an easy target. So, I would be, I seem like the advantage is on the survivor side right below as well as likewise in the map like in Mole River Park. Place area is a huge element and you see everybody is selecting an area that is really solid with person entering the station and remaining in initial stop.Yes, most definitely real as well as we do see Mauru ' s Bon Bon here is going to pick to spawn at the second stop. So, somewhat near the acrobat but also has the possible to go after the embalmer yet going to very first quit does have the roller rollercoaster to function to the advantage if Bonbon is unable to obtain them off the roller coaster with those bombs there. So, this does offer the survivors fairly a little bit of possible and placed Samaru right into a little bit of a difficult scenario right here in trying to go after down the very best target possible. But we will certainly be getting in the match now. Maru below with the extremely adorable duck skin of the Bonbon. And also we do see that on the profession side. He has actually brought insolence and also apprehension. A bomber here already putting down a casket as well as taking that roller coaster to the second tale. Okay. 2nd stop immediately. This does enable him to shift right into the 2nd story location and also potentially loop about. However no besides not to interrupt his teammate and instead goes for the outside taste area taking a struck here and a doubling back. Sadly taking a little bit of a longer detour below. As well as in fact going down to the remote bomb. Wow. That was a very fast down from Moru ' s Bonbon below. However however the embalmer does have a coffin to deal with. It is quite near to this location though. So I wonder to see if the Obama will certainly decide to for that casket or not at the moment.And we see below that the goes for the coffin. So, what this implies is, they are not intending to rescue this embalmer after the casket because for TNG right here, they simply require to play safe. So, the most effective, the ideal, the very best selection is that they market the embomber here to, you know

, stop like all the unnecessary getting the, no, not obtaining the remote bomb hit. Oh my god, that was such an extreme minute. I ' m so sorry. Yet after that still going in with the pursuit and also getting the bomb hit. Great task on Morusai getting such exact bombs. And as I claimed, I believe most probably, they will be choosing a sell due to the fact that all three survivors are very solid by themselves,

and also what, what their prime, their key aim is to get at the very least a tie, so that, like, they could obtain the, like, the win of this match, so, for them, marketing would be a really evident selection right here. Yes, that ' s absolutely true. May as well not feed the Bon Bon any type of existence or camping possibility here.See the acrobat is crouched in that second story area just to trigger. Tinnitus kind of around this area'. At least Maru does have teleport so they do need to safeguard against that a little below. And now we see the Bonbon is on the chase for the next target below. Uh not a very easy target for certain. The Hireling is the one closest in area. However we do see that Maru is turning his screen a little. Regularly examining the cypress to see if there ' s any type of cyphers drinking or any other targets close by. And also does identify out the patient below that has three hooks left, can also hook over to the last quit there as he shifts. So, a little of a difficult place to function with for the Bonbon yet Morrow

is enclosing range quite quickly below. Likewise has an eye on the cypher just in case they ' re able to see that trembling yet makes a decision to commit to the individual for the moment as well as does obtain one chip on the individual for now.A remote bomb entering into play right here however not able to get another damage. Still eyeing those cyphers range, Will Morrow make a decision to maintain chasing this person right here or will we choose teleport? I think, you understand, none of these survivors are truly easy targets right here. So, we ' re actually coming in to use map pressure onto the mercenary that ' s translating here and also the teleport entering into play after losing the mercenaries elbow joint pad is mosting likely to pursue that that acrobat over right here near the 2nd story. Wow. Uh Marco, what do you think of all this taking place right here? What ' s going to take place, do you think? Well, the prime, like the best option for the fomo right here is to definitely teleport to this acrobat because

using a telephone which which will certainly that the is enclosing distance with the survivors. So, contrasted to individual with had currently like, you understand, acquired huge range from the bombard. It ' s far better to teleport however right currently, Acrobat going in for the train which indicates that, that suggests that the target is lost and has to begin around once again looking for his various other targets Which will be very hard for the bomb one here.Very excellent task on the survivor side to be sincere. Yeah, excellent task by Acrobat. Being able to use both tale to make that loop there, use the bombs to decrease the Bonbon and after that take that rollercoaster just to gain additional distance knowing that the Bonbon no more has teleport in hand. Bonbon currently here is mosting likely to remain to go after feline bring the acrobat but needs to break this pallet here. Still has a little in the method before he can reach this acrobat that does have one extra bomb to function with. That he ' ll be utilizing now isn ' t a little a harmful health and wellness state as well as this remote control bomb is mosting likely to remove the acrobat here.We do see that there are two cyphers staying on the map that are currently being deco by the survivors.

So, mercenary is still at half wellness. remains in the location, as well as does have Ty Turner also. Bobon is going to chair this survivor near Hireling Cypher but this could simply permit mercenary to run around the area and also ultimately come in for a rescue below. So, we ' ll need to see just how much of a benefit Amuru has the ability to gain by outdoor camping but no, he ' s not mosting likely to camp. He ' s mosting likely to simply go in advance and also teleport right away over to this patient on the 2nd tale location over here.Patient is mosting likely to shift over to God combination tackle the second kite. Much more right here in with the bombs and oh miss getting that appealed the individual that is going to just knock down this palate onto the Gar 26 ' s head here. So, on what the chase Marco, let ' s see how this plays out over below. Oh, yes. Push-button control. Entering play. Yes, excellent task from Morocco sniping down the patient with the remote bomb. Honestly, really wise choice for Moro right here opting for the teleport as opposed to camping. I was going to claim the only opportunity for Moro to be able to win is that he could able to quit the rescue from the missionary, yet then today, we can see is mosting likely to decode one more cypher and also things are going excellent on the survivor side, and right currently Hireling is choosing totally free rescue really, excellent task, as well as today it ' s, things are going like, extremely excellent, effectively for the survivor side, and right currently, I assume that, they ' ll have the ability to stand out really, really soon.Yes, we see that push-button control bomb being utilized, however however, the cyphers were currently topped and the survivors were extremely fast on that particular pop there, to make sure couldn ' t come by and down the acrobat or select him up and we do see that sorry the client there. The patient is the one obtaining gone after as well as will proceed to be around this area. Regrettably, falling short that hook right into the health center right there to acquire also much distance. Uh unable to get too much distance but uses the flywheel to evade that standard assault and also simply continue to lose this bonbons time placing that stress on Waru who does have teleport in hand. Will certainly he decide to remain to chase this patient below or will he possibly take a wager to teleport to this entrance. That is the question of the day here, Marks. Wow, what a good job for the patient flywheel to getting that joint pad as well as being able to extend the cut a bit longer as well as this will permit both the staff member to obtain a tie below, I believe. I

assume both survivors have the ability to get out and yes, DG, this is much possibly a Thai for the survivor side.Very good work from both sides actually and also Truthfully, for moral deaths, nothing much that he can do due to the fact that this group com is simply such a big counter against it, truthfully, as well as right currently, we see Ted Carey being What? What? What? He mosting likely to. Yeah. It ' s a 3 kill. Oh my gosh. What just occurred right there? The acrobat was basically out eviction, practically secure however didn ' t leave right now however, was captured by the Bonbon before he could leave as well as crawl out. Bonbon there. Oh my benefits. Maru seizing that ability to take a bit of a, you understand, a little guaranteeing that the other survivor, firstly, was out eviction and after that, making that teleport, taking that gamble to teleport there, really, it repaid. He had the ability to strike the acrobat in such a way that the acrobat was not hit out of eviction. As well as then that enabled him to get the acrobat prior to he crept out. It ' s sort of difficult often to remember that the moon that River Park entrance is very long. Like right outside that gateway location and you need to type of truly stand quite way out there to prevent being caught by the seeker and also really unfortunately there.Acrobat was chaired ultimately allowing Moru to turn this Thai circumstance into a win. My benefits Marks. Wow. What a heap of events actually. I I'I would certainly never anticipate this to be a three kill suit actually. Honestly, Survivor as well as and the Hunter They both did so well as well as this team, Group Kong was doing such an excellent work against as we can see from the very early video game and also the mid video game. Bombing plane was having a tough time discovering Bomber was having a difficult time chasing his initial target as well as likewise sniping down his 2nd target which shows like how excellent TNG did on their BP right here. However very unfortunate occasions occurred and the acrobats appears to be like you recognize detained by the bomb on and also bomb the bombing plane had the ability to obtain a reward here.So, great task on even more side below. And also today, we will certainly be entering into the brief break. So, let'' s stay tuned for even more amazing NDB matchups. Keep silent when you hear this audio. The fixed bits begin to vibrate with the sound waves.Indicating they have actually obtained power. It might be a tiny amount. Yet it ' s enough to correct my thoughts. Yet the energy can also be huge as the setting sunlight revealed upon the last rest, I saw a musical note shimmering in gold and dancing in the air just as they expected. movement spread my life power as well as pressed me up a pedestal until I could scent the scent of skill in the air. Roma is me But it'' s Once it discolored, it cast me right into the void. Where the light from my eyes extinguished. The light shines via my fingers and onto the white secrets as I continue riding, hoping the melody factors me in an instructions in the reflection, I see what ought to have taken place. He glows gold. Simply they first expected. stay quiet when you hear this sound The fixed fragments begin to eliminate it may be a tiny amount. Great power requires an adjustment in the tide and also pushes the world. absurdity. Do you believe? Invite back women and also gentlemen.This is the identity five arena 2022 competition here and also I ' m Lee Chi with me today is Marks. Our groups here today are MP versus TNG as well as we remain in round three 2nd fifty percent. The really last match of today ' s event. So extremely amazing right here. Really exciting collection of events taking place below. In the last set, we saw MP their Seeker Moru highlighting the Bonbon and achieving an extremely excellent rating of a three person here. Maintaining MP in the game right here. So, as we see from ball game, MP one round 2, TNG one, round 3, whoever wins round, or sorry, TNG one, round 2, as well as whoever wins round 3 is going to be the champion overall below. However, if they obtain a depending upon the factors that they get in round 3, if it was a tie scenario really with TNG getting one more 3 factors, after that, they'' re really able to sway MP. So, for TNG, their seeker is currently mosting likely to require to attempt to get score of a three whereas MP is mosting likely to attempt to simply win this round for their group here.Yes, as we

can see from, like, the suit simply currently, wow, what a lots of occasions in fact, I was so shocked that, the, like the bomber had the ability to protect that last ability from the acrobat and reaching restrain him in the manners, and that was all simply like, everything occurred so abrupt, as well as it was so shocking to me that whatever took place, like that, yet nevertheless, both groups did a fantastic work, as well as let'' s see what, this last pair up has in store for us. Honestly, really thrilled to see, because this will be the last suit of, our IVA for today so I really wonder what sort of seeker TN TNG would certainly use and what kind of stimulates they will bring to us on the table right here. definitely great deals of laughs flying as these two groups collide in today'' s really exciting tournaments. Uh make certain to share your excitement as well in the chat as a pointer we do have some prizes in store for those that engage and comment and also are able to obtain those points and also use those factors as well as coins.But here we

are going to go right into the bands and choices. And also as we ended we are once more on Moonlit River Park. So we saw some rather fascinating plays on this map in the last round. As well as I'' m excited to see what ' s going to take place in this 2nd half here. we have on TNG side, we as the seeker, who we'' ve seen, do an exceptional task today. So, I'' m thrilled to see what they have the ability to draw out in this match right here and Mad Penguin survivors also. Coming in here with the bands currently, we do see that seer, Priestess, and the Miner are being outlawed below instantly, Marco. Yes, very standard bat from the Hunter actually. See a priestess resembling both solid personalities in the medal now. So, batting that be a great selection as well as betting prospector well we do understand that MP has a prospect to play in this so banning miner would certainly be a great option and likewise to get rid of the harassing variable there as well as for the survivor side they will certainly be prohibiting Hermit and also which is both of these really strong seekers so with both his seekers that was made use of recently we oh wait no he still has a sculpture recently best yet I'' m very excited to see what kind of Seeker Charge will certainly utilize in this round as well as right currently we will certainly be waiting MP survivor to choose below and today sharing mercenary and also dancer securing with the system appropriate here.Ah as most of us understand MP is excellent in their professional dancer system also and honest in fact they were the very first in SEA to actually use the professional dancer system when professional dancer was truly like professional dancer wasn ' t really matter. They were'currently utilizing it as well as they in fact great outcome making use of the dancer really. Yes, and also she does have a lot of good fall points on this map also to use her passive capacity in addition to her ability to support the teammates as well as her kite with those music boxes. So, definitely excited to see what MP can do with this female dancer below in their lineup. Um as a pointer, MP just needs to obtain a tie in order to win today'' s pair up year whereas TNG'' s Hunter is in an area where they have to access the very least a three survivor elimination. So, that might their mindset right here as they enter into this this last match.Would you see

the acrobat here has actually been selected as the last not the last male yet among the following bands below for the survivors. Acrobat being such a versatile character on this map. Having numerous strengths too. At the same time, for the survivors, they have actually gone in with a forward here. So, both the mercenary and also the forward coming in right here into play being secure picks along with the female dancer here. How feel concerning all this, Marks? Honestly, looking at what the survivor is selecting, it'' s really obvious that they are choosing a very steady pick, like mercenary, forward, Evil one, very solid rescuers, and also a very great in kiting also, and also when you see these 2 characters being played, it'' s like, generally, they are trying to select a connection actually. And also today, evaluating by the last band, yeah, which is a patient, I, I, I type of anticipated this band really, due to the fact that, if, MP is able to pick a patient, this teamcom will certainly be so fatal, and also complimentary may not even be able to counter this point called.So now with the person being prohibited, excellent selection from charge yet do note that ah MP still has a great deal of selection of selection to select from like plaything seller is likewise extremely excellent in this pan, specifically in her own self kitting. So, if MP wants an option for them to be able to kite well, plaything vendor could be, may be that selection, you recognize? Yes, that ' s absolutely really real. Um a great deal of different alternatives that select however Plaything Merchant is definitely a truly solid one on this map. I do have to question if they'' re going to select any kind of details counters to these hunters thus far. You recognize, we do understand Anchorite and also Wax musicians are already prohibited. We do have the carver right here that has actually not yet been prohibited. So, if we does have that as an option, we do see the survivors being available in with an entomologist pick below.

So, potentially bearing in mind that carver that Hui has here as well as choosing a very particular counter to the sculpture. I will certainly claim though it is a quite huge map and also although Sculptor simply have the capability to control cyphers far better than some hunters it still occasionally can be a bit tough. So, you understand, carvers typically bring blink possibly periodically can think about other characteristics relying on the map here yet if we decides to go pass up blink for one more attribute like teleport or exhilaration, it can potentially hold up the match, held up the the pace of the match here as well. So, I'' m interested to see what they'' ll select as their attribute because obtaining complete visibility is so important for a sculpture in order to acquire that benefit in the future with the outdoor camping and with the chase.

Yes as well as a good tease the survivor here choosing entomologist as I'' ve said the the objective below is for them to select a survivor that can kite for extremely long. So obviously entomologists excellent option too. And today going in with the artist discomfort. Well Not a big surprise, I would state, because, you know, if we use Carver in just currently, so, alright, really, great choice I would certainly claim, however, for this group com, I would certainly claim the survivor has the top hand, due to the fact that Dancer, if, if Professional dancer was not targeted at the start, she could be very deadly when versus an artist as well. So, all of it relies on how they select their spawn locations, due to the fact that in generate place is crucial, since there is numerous, like, strengths right here, like, page, like, allow'' s state if individual remains in, like, you recognize, 4th stock, that would certainly be really harmful, and also Now, in this situation, it will certainly be entomologist resembling in

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