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Let’s play a game of chance: What are the odds that your gaming website is being targeted by bad bots? Imperva research suggests they’re higher than you may think. Imperva’s 2022 Bad Bot Report reveals that 53.9 percent of traffic to gaming and gambling websites comes from bad bots. With the remarkable volume of transactions on these websites, it’s little wonder, then, that fraudsters and other cyber criminals leverage sophisticated automation to target them. But how exactly are they targeting this industry, and what are they attempting to achieve by doing so?
Now more than ever, online gaming and gambling services must remain vigilant in protecting user accounts and their balances from account takeover and fraud. Unscrupulous competitors and other nefarious actors are also using bad bots. They scrape betting data, which they then use to capitalize on unique content, perform electronic arbitrage, and create an unfair playing field. If that’s not bad enough already, such aggressive web scraping can also lead to application denial of service, and a poor user experience as a result.
A Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Bot Management, Q2 2022 – Imperva offers bot management that is as adaptable and vigilant as the threat itself. Our Advanced Bot Protection solution is capable of mitigating the most sophisticated automated attacks, including every OWASP automated threat. It leverages superior technology to protect all potential access points, including websites, mobile applications, and APIs, providing you with various response options for bots. And most importantly, it does so without imposing unnecessary friction on legitimate users, maintaining the flow of business-critical traffic to your applications.
Imperva Advanced Bot Protection is part of the market-leading Imperva Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) solution. Start your Application Security Free Trial today to protect your assets from automated threats.
See how BETFRED, a leading UK bookmaker, used Imperva advanced bot protection to reduce traffic from 40 million page requests per day to 15 to 20 million across their digital platform, without impacting site performance for legitimate users. Get the BETFRED case study here.
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