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The second week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split will bring a match between FlyQuest and 100 Thieves, both of whom are tied at the top of the standings. 
The first LCS split of the year has gotten off to an incredibly close start, as five teams are currently tied for first with 3-1 records. Two of them are FlyQuest and defending champion 100 Thieves.
FlyQuest started the split with a winning streak of three games, taking down Counter Logic Gaming, Golden Guardians, and TSM respectively. This streak ended against Team Liquid last week, leaving FlyQuest with broken momentum coming into a week in which the squad also faces Dignitas.
100 Thieves will enter the week with greater momentum as it took down Evil Geniuses in an important match to close off last week. This was an important win for 100 Thieves who didn’t have a good Lock In tournament despite being the defending LCS champion. 
The rebound from 100 Thieves in these first weeks of the spring split really shows a progression from the team. Compared to FlyQuest, a lot is expected from a 100 Thieves team that didn’t make any substantial roster changes in the offseason. This leaves 100 Thieves with an edge, which should show when going up against the revamped FlyQuest roster. 
In a meta where the bot lane is often in focus and with hyper carries often taking over games, the key to victory for 100 Thieves will be shutting down Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen. Despite the great start to the split for FlyQuest, the team still seems fairly one-dimensional compared to the likes of 100 Thieves. 
So far, it has been Johnsun who has done most of the carrying and that can be shut down if 100 Thieves puts its focus on the bot lane. 100 Thieves has a solid bot lane that can likely stand its ground, but with help from jungler Can “Closer” Çelik it could end up being hard for Johnsun to make an impact. 
For FlyQuest, the team will have to have several potential carries on the map to come out favorably. Mid laner Loïc “toucouille” Dubois has already shown his skill on a champion like Zoe and will have to be another carry threat for FlyQuest to withstand the individual skill that 100 Thieves brings to the table.
Because of the difference in diversity, 100 Thieves will have many ways to approach this game. The team currently has carries in all lanes, leaving them with the upper hand right from champion select. FlyQuest will have to look towards comfort picks as the raw skill will likely be an advantage for 100 Thieves.  
FlyQuest roster: 
100 Thieves roster: 
100 Thieves will be one of the hardest tests for this FlyQuest team so far this split. FlyQuest already showed weakness when facing Liquid last week and now another top team will be waiting. On paper, 100 Thieves has the better roster and should also have more synergy built up compared to FlyQuest. This will naturally be hard for FlyQuest to overcome, leaving 100 Thieves as the big favorite for this match. According to the standings, there is still a chance for FlyQuest to make an upset, but it will be a really risky bet. 
If 100 Thieves runs with the victory then odds of 1.36 can be gained while FlyQuest is placed at odds of 2.87. The odds had to be higher on FlyQuest to make it worth the risk, so we are going with 100 Thieves in this one
The match between FlyQuest and 100 Thieves takes place on Sunday, February 20.


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