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Sign up with the Fubo Sportsbook promo code “ROTOWIRE” and get a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000. As an added bonus, new players will get a free month of fuboTV as well. This is one of the best promotions available, so be sure to take advantage in states that Fubo Sportsbook is able to operate in.
Fubo Sportsbook is a live betting specialist that offers an exciting user experience and a generous two-part welcome bonus. The fuboTV service allows users to stream live sports from a long list of heavyweight broadcasters, including CBS, ESPN, FOX Sports, and NBC. The idea behind Fubo Sportsbook is to link the app to the streaming service, allowing customers to place in-play wagers on the games they are watching. It is described as a “holistic, hyper-personalized betting experience” for sports fans.
The Fubo Sportsbook legal app is live in Arizona and Iowa. There were initial plans to roll it out into other states, as the company secured market access deals in Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. However, it has now changed its strategy, and it is now seeking a partner after deciding against going it alone. In the meantime, anyone in Arizona or Iowa can benefit from a sign-up package, which we have broken down below.
Sports bettors will be welcomed with a $1,000 risk-free wager at the Fubo Sportsbook app, thanks to the Fubo Sportsbook promo code. That is in line with the sign-up offers at the best sports betting sites like FanDuel Sportsbook and BetMGM. Yet Fubo Sportsbook goes one step further by adding a free one-month subscription to fuboTV, making it an attractive deal.
The Fubo Sportsbook promo code welcome bonus is available in Arizona and Iowa. To qualify, you simply need to click the “Bet Now” link below and create a Fubo Sportsbook account. That should take no more than a couple of minutes, as the sign-up form is simple. A minimum deposit of just $1 is required to claim the Fubo Sportsbook offer, and you can then place a qualifying wager at minimum odds of -200.
If your first bet wins, you keep the money. If it loses, you will be reimbursed with Fubo free bet credits, up to $1,000. The free bets are broken down into increments of $200, plus whatever excess funds match the original bet. For example, if you place an unsuccessful $425 first bet, you will receive two $200 free-bet tokens and a $25 free-bet token. Whereas if you place an unsuccessful $790 bet, you will receive three $200 free-bet tokens and a $190 free-bet token. The Fubo free bets have a modest 1x rollover requirement.
Mobile sports betting operators need to offer appealing sportsbook promotions to build up market share. Arizona and Iowa are two very competitive markets — each state has 18 rival sportsbooks vying for attention — so operators like Fubo Sportsbook need to provide a compelling incentive to sign up. The Fubo Sportsbook app team has risen to the challenge, with an intriguing welcome bundle for all new customers that use the Fubo Sportsbook promo code.
The Fubo Sportsbook sign-up bonus for new users is divided into two parts: a risk-free bet, up to $1,000, and a free month of fuboTV. You can claim the bonus in just a couple of minutes. Click through the link below to the Fubo Sportsbook website, create an account, and download the Fubo betting app. You can then place a qualifying wager to unlock both parts of the Fubo Sportsbook offer. 
The main part of the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code offer is a risk-free bet. You can place a risk-free bet of $1 on any sport at odds of at least -200. If the wager is successful, you will be paid out in full. If you lose, Fubo will refund you with free bet credits matching your initial wager, up to a ceiling of $1,000.
The free bet credit will be paid as a single Fubo free-bet token if the refund is for $200 or less. If it is for more than $200, the bonus funds will be divided into $200 increments, with any remaining funds credited as one free-bet token — such as two $200 free-bet tokens and one $100 free-bet token if your first bet was an unsuccessful $500 wager. The tokens have a 1x playthrough requirement. You can then cash out any profits you earn from free bet wagers or use them for more wagers at the Fubo Sportsbook app.
If you do not have a fuboTV subscription, you can try it out for free for one month via the Fubo Sportsbook promo code welcome bonus. It allows you to stream NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and much more, as fuboTV aggregates coverage from the country’s leading broadcasters.
Any Fubo Sportsbook app users that already have a fuboTV subscription will simply not need to pay their bill for one month. The Fubo Sportsbook team will email you with details of how to unlock your free month’s subscription after you have activated the Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer.
The Fubo Sportsbook app does not currently offer any additional bonuses for its existing users. It is still a new operator, so the main focus has been on recruiting users as opposed to retaining them.
It should launch some Fubo Sportsbook promo code offers for existing users in future. We will update readers with details of any recurring and weekly Fubo promotions as they become available — but the sportsbook needs to find a partner and nail down its strategy first.
Fubo Sportsbook does not currently offer a loyalty program. Once again, this is something that could be added further down the line, after the company has finalized its strategy and worked out the best way to expand.
If Fubo Sportsbook launches a loyalty program, you will be awarded points for placing wagers. These points can be traded for bonus funds, at a rate determined by the online sportsbook. Additional perks are also generally available for loyalty program members at online sportsbooks.
The Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer gives you a risk-free bet, up to $1,000, on a sports bet of your choice. However, you should keep in mind that the potential refund is paid in site credit, not cash. Any free-bet tokens you receive, if your risk-free bet loses, will have a 1x rollover requirement, but the free bet amount will not be included in your payout.
For example, if you place a $200 bet and it loses, you will receive a $200 free-bet token. If you then place a winning bet at -110 odds, you will be paid $181.82 in profit. The $200 token is not added to the total return, which is a standard term at U.S. sportsbooks. This means you would be required to place a winning wager at +100 or longer to claw back the money you lost on your first wager when using the Fubo Sportsbook promo code.
If you are betting on a point spread or a total, you may be tempted to move the line by a point or two in order to get the odds up to at least +100. That is known as selling points, and it is rarely a good idea. It can be difficult enough to hit a bet with the standard point spread, let alone a tougher alternate line. You might be better off simply placing a bet at -110 and accepting a smaller overall loss — $18.18 on a $200 bet, for example — rather than trying to be to break even or get ahead with your free-bet token.
Another interesting approach is to simply sign up and place a $1 bet. If it loses, you get a $1 free-bet token, giving you a chance to win your $1 back. You also then get a month of free fuboTV, which is worth $70 — not bad for a $1 bet.
The Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer comes with just a 1x rollover requirement, which is attractive. You also have 30 days in which to complete the requirement, whereas rival sportsbooks often give users just 7 days, so the wagering requirements are easy to handle at the Fubo Sportsbook app.
Most sportsbooks require a minimum deposit of $10 or $20 to qualify for the welcome bonus. You only need to deposit and wager $1 for the Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer, and you get a free month’s subscription at fuboTV as part of the package. This is a great Fubo Sportsbook offer for casual bettors with smaller bankrolls.
You only need to hit minimum odds of -200 for the Fubo Sportsbook bonus offer. That covers all standard point spreads and totals, and most moneylines and prop bets as well. It only excludes heavy favorites and extreme alternate lines — and any markets with odds beyond -200 may not be worth wagering on anyway.
Some sportsbooks will pay the refund as a single free-bet token, if you claim a risk-free bet bonus. That means you only have one shot at recouping your initial deposit and investment, and if you place two consecutive losing bets you are left with nothing in your account. The Fubo Sportsbook bonus offer breaks the refund down into up to five free-bet tokens, allowing you to spread out the risk and improving your chances of winning.
The free month of fuboTV elevates the Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer above the sign-up bonuses provided by rivals such as BetMGM and FanDuel Sportsbook. It is a very impressive streaming service, and you get to try it out for free if you create a Fubo Sportsbook account with the Fubo Sportsbook promo code ROTOWIRE.
Fubo Sportsbook is currently available in two states:
You can claim the Fubo Sportsbook promo code ROTOWIRE offer in either of those states.
Fubo Sportsbook has secured market access deals in Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and it also inked a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers to launch in Ohio. However, in an earnings call in August 2022, its CEO David Gandler revealed that “we’re not planning to go out and actually launch” in those markets. The sportsbook has decided to review its strategy instead, and it may team up with another sportsbook or potentially become an acquisition target now.
Fubo Sportsbook covers 10 popular sports: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, soccer, MMA, boxing, and motorsports. If you want to bet on other sports, you will need to look elsewhere, but this sportsbook covers the country’s major sports leagues in detail.
The focus is on live betting on big games. The Fubo Sportsbook app synchronizes with your fuboTV subscription, so it can recommend in-play wagers on the games you are watching. There are some interesting pre-game and futures betting options too.
The Fubo Sportsbook promo code offer can be used on any NFL games. However, Fubo Sportsbook does not offer specific promos for NFL fans. It is however, one of the best NFL betting sites for football fans to wager on.
Online sportsbooks often launch their most generous bonuses as the Super Bowl approaches. If you return to this page in February, we will update you with any Super Bowl-themed Fubo Sportsbook bonus code offers.
You can also use the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code on an NBA game. There are no specific bonuses for basketball bettors.
You can place a risk-free bet, up to $1,000, on an MLB game if you sign up with the Fubo Sportsbook promo code today. We will let you know if any additional MLB Fubo offers are launched.
Hockey fans can wager on NHL games after downloading the Fubo betting app. Additional NHL bonus offers could be available in the future as well.
Fubo Sportsbook offers a streamlined list of deposit methods:
Credit card deposits are not permitted in Iowa. Fubo Sportsbook recommends ACH as the best method for withdrawals.
You can fill in a web form if you need any help from the Fubo Sportsbook customer service team. A member of the customer support team will respond as soon as possible. There is no phone line or live chat service. The sportsbook does have a comprehensive online help center, and a bot can search through it for you.
Fubo Sportsbook offers one of the best sign-up bonus bundles on the market. The $1,000 risk-free bet comes with simple, appealing rollover requirements, and the addition of the free month of fuboTV makes the offer even better.
Fubo Sportsbook has a slick, easy-to-use mobile app, which is perfect for fuboTV subscribers that want to bet in-play on the biggest sporting events each day. We recommend trying it out and redeeming your one month free of fuboTV today.
Sign up with the Fubo Sportsbook promo code ROTOWIRE to reap the benefits of the great mobile app.
The Fubo Sportsbook app is legal in Arizona and Iowa. There were plans to roll Fubo Sportsbook out in other states, but the parent company is now seeking a partner after it made the decision “to no longer go down the wagering path independently.”
The best Fubo Sportsbook promo code can be found by clicking through the link in this article. The offer provides new users with a risk-free bet, up to $1,000, plus one month free of fuboTV. If your first bet loses, the Fubo sign-up bonus gets you a refund of up to $1,000, paid as free bet credits, with a 1x rollover requirement.
You can click our “Bet Now” link to cisit the Fubo Sportsbook website and redeem the Fubo Sportsbook promo code ROTOWIRE. Create a Fubo Sportsbook account, make a deposit of $1, and wager on any betting market at odds of -200 or longer to qualify for the Fubo Sportsbook welcome offer.
The promo code for Fubo Sportsbook provides new users with a risk-free bet, up to $1,000, which comes with a 1x rollover requirement. When you have played your bonus funds through once, any profit earned via the Fubo signup promo code will be paid into your general cash balance.
You will not need to enter a specific Fubo Sportsbook promo code, so there is no need to search for any form of Fubo promo code Reddit users are passing around. Simply click the link we have provided in our Fubo Sportsbook review, sign up for an account, and place a qualifying bet of at least $1 to unlock the Fubo Sportsbook bonus offer.


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